New Ninja Kiwi Game – Bloons Super Monkey!

Mon, Feb 15, 2010

General News

The Super Monkey from the Bloons TD series has been a force of his own ever since he first appeared in TD2 with his Epic Range and Laser Vision. Almost single handed he could turn the tide against the forces of the Bloons.

Now, after much persuasion he’s been given his own spin-off game (a spin off of a spin off!) Bloons Super Monkey. We’ve always been big fans of Raiden and there is an awesome port somewhere around the web called Raiden X.

Given we have such love for our Bloons monkeys we don’t like the idea of any obvious harm coming to them. Making a Bloons/Raiden type of game presented a fairly large obstacle, and that is making a fun game without the ability to get hurt.

The objective is to pop the required minimum Bloons each wave, and for your efforts you’ll be awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal. Fail to reach the minimum and it’s “game over sonny”.

As the stages progress the game becomes increasingly trippy as the multi coloured Bloons swirl around the screen. Be warned: do not attempt to play this game under the influence of anything other than adrenaline.

Play Bloons Super Monkey now!

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183 Comments For This Post

  1. Jonah Says:

    Another first comment! woot!!!!!

  2. Jonah Says:

    it isn’t popping anything…

  3. jakxtream Says:

    3 post.

  4. Matt33 Says:

    Awesome awesome! It stole my night away haha
    Very very fun game guys, well on. I managed to break the 100k mark, so that was neat. It is so satisfying to see all those white pop images near the end in those compact bloon shapes..

  5. Alex Knows Where You Live O_O Says:

    I wish you could continue from where you left off, I lost on wave 3, stage 3; I couldn’t trust the arrows anymore. Still, great game! Bloons rocks!

  6. Jefe Says:

    Great game, but too short! I just got all upgraded and it was over!

  7. - Says:

    Why can you guys beat the game but I can’t? Why can I not get past level 3-3? Help me! You guys need to make easier games or I will stop playing.

  8. - Says:

    Never mind my last post, I was stupid. What you need to do is upgrade everything very evenly, and try to get the triple laser beam (near the end) quickly while still upgrading evenly. My mistake was only upgrading the top row of upgrades.

  9. Fabrízio bs Says:

    the game freezes in stage 5 wave 3 , but next the game returns and I finish it. Great game !

  10. Superfly Says:

    Sweet game, number 4 all-time score… just saying. Prob get booted off the top ten within the week though.

  11. Isaac Says:

    I hope there is a #2 of bloons super monkey but if there is it probly wont be 4 a while.

  12. BigOto Says:

    Bloons Super Monkey #2 should include a difficulty level setting like BTD did, so even beginners can win.

  13. Isaac Says:

    if # 2 comes out then the last upgrade should be sun god.

  14. Isaac Says:

    also the creating of bloons super monkey would slow the progress of bloons tower defence 5!

  15. Isaac Says:

    also the creating of bloons super monkey would slow the progress of bloons tower defence 5.

  16. Isaac Says:

    srry did not mean 2 say that twice if u would chris will u delete 1 of them.

  17. cool dude 55 Says:

    You should beable to buy stuff with mochicoins. Also, I know this has nothing to do with bloons super monkey, but on bloons tower defense 5 you should beable to create your own bloon.

  18. cool dude 55 Says:

    I don’t Know about any1 else, but I saw the jungle drums upgrade for the monkey beackon.

  19. cool dude 55 Says:

    (need to finish my sentence) in bloons super monkey.

    p.s. sorry about double posting for the sentence

  20. not telling Says:

    too short.

  21. btd_and_pp_lover Says:

    AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I <3 it.

  22. Fabrízio bs Says:

    104.000 points ! (first play)

  23. btd_and_pp_lover Says:

    I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. bsm_and_sinta_ Says:

    I’m the same as btd_and_pp_lover. BTW Please DO NOT put in premium upgrades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    sorry, it cut the end.

  26. fan Says:

    them SHOULD PUT premium upgrades.

  27. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    OK, how about a poll?
    Who wants premium ups?
    Who doesn’t?
    I definitely do NOT. They ruined my BTD4 experience. That’s why I am now bsm_and_sinta_luvr rather than btd_and_pp_lover. (bsm=bloons super monkey)

  28. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    BTW This should be an action game and a bloons game.

  29. hurly Says:

    the darned hi-q ads are eating up all my ressources, I got a framerate of about 0.5 fps… what’s with that?! c’mon!

  30. Ashton Gray Says:

    I think You Chris should contact Nintendo and have a extra special version of Bloons Tower Defence for the Wii shop channel and name it Bloons Tower Defence Wii, and put other Bloons games on there like Bloons, Bloons Super Monkey(awesome with wii controls), and maybe new ones. My Idea of a cool Bloons game is Bloons FIGHT! That may seem stupid, but The Bloons Tower defence on the Wii would be cool! But not just a version of BTD4. I would love that!!!! PLEASE CONTACT NINTENDO!!!!

  31. cool dude 55 Says:

    When you win, you should beable to unlock a hard mode

  32. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    @hurly is there somebody in your offline life you can talk to who probably knows? Try blocking them…
    @cooldude55 I second that!

  33. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    oops… Don’t block the person, block the ads

  34. bria97 Says:

    i love playing this game so much i get really high scores its impossible i just love playing the game i am really addicted to the coumpter some think i am a coumpter a coumpter freak but im not i just lke playing lots of diferent games its so fun i dont think i will never stop at least not right now wowowowwowowowowowowowowo

  35. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    wow… also I feel in almost the same way! Only now I feel like doing something else…

  36. Daniel B. Says:

    My only problem with the game is that you have to completely restart upon failing a level, that’s extremely frustrating to me. I hate going a certain distance only to be forced to restart.

  37. ashmaster732 Says:

    SO cool! You should put “Plasma Whip” on BTD5.

  38. ashmaster732 Says:

    ashton gray, my name’s ashton, too!!!

  39. ashmaster732 Says:

    Any chance of “Bloons Super Monkey II”? :)

  40. cool dude 55 Says:

    it’s too soon for bloons super monkey II

  41. cool dude 55 Says:

    I JUST GOT TO BE A SUN GOD IN LEVEL 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  42. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    @Daniel B. My strategy is to buy stuff at the end of a wave, always the highest-pricing thing I can afford, but, if possible, I keep it even.
    @ashmater732 I second that! Also there could be a BSM2 someday,

    Also I think it is so cool how on stage 4 and sometimes stage 5 when you go into the brown circle it surrounds you and doesn’t leave until you pop it all.

  43. ????? Says:

    You should put all or most of the games on this site on disc for pc and/or other systems with all premium content.

  44. kk Says:

    for 4-1, if I upgrade the bomb to the 2nd last lvl, the MOAB will die too fast and even if I am able to shot down all the red bloon that pops from the two MOAB, I will not have enough bloon popped to pass the level. Please do something to fix this.

  45. jamie Says:

    this is great! whats next?

  46. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    Any more votes for my poll about whether or not to add premium upgrades? (PLEASE say no! JK… well, not really.)

    Also I totally agree with ?????!

  47. ????? Says:

    The mochigames login bar won’t show up for me for some reason…any1 have any suggestions?

  48. Andy Wiltshire Says:

    Where’s the developer credits?

  49. fan Says:

    that is a great idea Ashton Gray! but ninjakiwi team deserves money for all their job snf make an official ds or wii bloons game with the 60 percent of the money

  50. Tech-no Says:

    What did you think of the game andy?

  51. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    @????? try reloading the page
    @Andy W, I went there and it said the site dissolved. But then Bullet Proof Arcade showed up… just to let you know.

  52. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    Hey guys I found out that if you press Esc it pauses and you can press Esc again and resume!

  53. Andy Wiltshire Says:

    @Tech-no – no comment on the game design – seems well coded

    @bsm_and_sinta_luvr – yeah, we have moved on to bigger and brighter things with BulletProof.

  54. Tech-no Says:

    @andy Cool to see some rock solid stuff on there!

  55. Chris Says:

    @ Andy, developer credits, well we don’t really bother with them except with our splash screen…

  56. Chris Says:

    Snow lemmings is cool btw.

  57. Thomas Says:

    I’m very impressed with the game Chris!
    It does lag a bit but still good game!

  58. Thomas Says:

    Can you make a bloons super monkey 2?

  59. Thomas Says:

    Oh yah, and i know this is off subject, in btd5, can you put in…
    .more bloons
    .1 more upgrade for super monkey
    .A boss at the end of the game
    .a flamethrower tower
    .a track editor that doesn’t cost any mochicoins
    .and lastly, a bloon that is gold with 4 browns in it?

    THNX! :)

  60. Andy Wiltshire Says:

    @Chris – All good mate. Just curious and like to keep tabs on how you guys are doing.

  61. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    1. BSM2 sounds good! Just please no premium upgrades…
    2. I think there should be a plasma tentacle on the Monkey Ace or flying super monkey in BTD5.

  62. Konrada Says:

    Possibly the best game I’ve ever played.
    Awesome. :)

  63. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    I posted a comment there.
    Quote: This game is aweeeeeeeeeesoooooooooome!!!!!!!!!
    It caused me to change my screenname. It used to be btd_and_pp_lover.

  64. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    By there I mean on Flash Game News. Sorry for double posting!

  65. cool dude 55 Says:

    O.K. So another site gave a great review. isn’t that 1 step closer to a video game of the btd series or bsm (bloons super monkey)?

  66. cool dude 55 Says:

    Sorry for that post. Forgot which ninja kiwi post this was. I’ll post it somewhere else!

  67. Superfly Says:

    Why isn’t there a link for this game in the list of all games anymore? I know there used to be.

    I just want to be able to play it after it is no longer considered a recent release :)

  68. Superfly Says:

    Didn’t realize you can just go to the arcade link but I assumed it would be considered a “bloons game”.

  69. Games Says:

    Wow what a game

  70. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    I agree, Superfly. It should be a “bloons game”, and an “action game” (It says play this game under the influence of nothing but adrenaline!). And what do you mean it’s not under “all games”? I mean I know what you’re talking about, but it could be there somewhere other than where you looked. Also it is a featured game.
    Also that is a cool site Games.

  71. Therater Says:

    OMG THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER! Pleeeeese make a sequel! i beat it twice

  72. Therater Says:

    Plz? sorry for that comment

  73. Therater Says:

    at the end i didnt get the last upgrade in the top corner in the upgrade screen someone tell me about this upgrade

  74. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    The Death Ray Vision upgrade? It is like the laser only its thick and moves with you. Also it pops anything that’s there, not stopping at a bloon to pop it. I usually end up with Death Ray, 4 MOAB maulers, and 3 super plasma.

    Also, Chris, on stages 1 and 2 at the end of wave 3 on the side it says:
    Stage 1 (or 2)
    Wave 4
    What is up with that?

    Also I wish there were a 6th stage with more BFBs. And the “blops” are those little white things that rain on you when you pop bloons.

  75. Therater Says:

    Thx Last time i played, i ended up with 4 MOAB maulers, 4 sun rays, and 3 laser rays i never got the death ray (:

  76. Marty Says:

    How are people scoring 29+million on this game!

  77. Patrick McCrotch (pat) Says:

    I played the game! At my school today we had an assembly and i farted, and peed myself. later i got a swirley

  78. therater Says:

    Woot i got the upgrade Death Ray at the last level! can you imagine what that thing would be like on the first stage?

  79. therater Says:

    I dunno if you can get all the upgrades without cheating…

  80. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    @Marty they’re probably cheating.
    @therater That would be AWESOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I mean, on 1-1 there are these bloons in a row and the death ray would totally pop ‘em all!!!!
    Also you’re right, you need (a) cheat(s) to get all the upgrades. I can never get the 4 sun rays.

    Also can there please be a Stage 6? I want the 4 sun rays!

  81. Therater Says:

    I got 4 sun rays before but last time i got the death ray and i didn’t get the 4 sun rays by the end of the game.

  82. Therater Says:

    Anyone who postes that he got all the upgrades is either lying or cheating.

  83. Therater Says:

    bsm_and_sinta_luvr is right there should be a 6th stage

  84. ????? Says:

    I just found a way to pause on btd4…if you have google chrome(which i just installed yesterday)then click and hold the fast forward button under the W and right click it then right click on one of the options and it should pause but it won’t let you auto ff by clicking and holding the button and right clicking like on internet explorer and maybe another browser and it doesn’t always work so keep trying till it does.

  85. Therater Says:

    I have windows how do i do it with windows?

  86. ????? Says:

    do you have the google chome browser?

  87. therater Says:

    My search engine is Bing, i use Internet Explorer, i use also Windows. No google chrome browser.

  88. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    For BTD4 you can right click anywhere on the game screen and it pauses so long as you don’t click anywhere else. Click to unpause.

    And for Sinta if you hit Escape it pauses most things. Only snakes coming out of holes, spiders going down, stampers, and moving platforms are not paused. Just so you know.

  89. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    I just played this game and I was really close to getting all the ups. I mean, on 5-3 I tried to get as many blops as possible but I only got like 4790.

  90. Therater Says:

    thx im getting to like u

  91. MLW Says:

    To all of you saying it is not possible to get all the ups without cheating are wrong…I just did it. Once I figured out you could upgrade stuff in the middle of a wave it was pretty easy.

  92. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    Um, I think you’re either cheating or lying. Maybe you played on a cheat site or lost and lied to feel like one of the crowd. Because I save up for ups and buy in the middle of the wave.

  93. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    Actually, I take that back. It is possible, if you try my strategy:
    Collect all the little white and blue things (blops) you can and save up for the lowest-pricing upgrade you can. Escape for ups, hit Escape a second time or hit “resume” to resume. Memorize the order of the brown-and-red strips on 3-3. On 5-3, hit Escape if you get 12000, 10000, or 5000 blops. I lived up to the above and scored 92781 with all the ups.

  94. Therater Says:

    Ill try sinta_luvr’s strategy, see what i get…

  95. Therater Says:

    Woot i got all the upgrades (without cheating)!

  96. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    I tried to say “Sweet. Congratulations, Therater!” but it wouldn’t work… What’s wrong?

  97. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:


  98. Therater Says:


  99. Therater Says:

    Right… Last time i tried to do the ???? comment it didnt show up… must be a bug….

  100. Therater Says:

    Click my name

  101. BigOto Says:

    It has been like a month since anything new on the site!

  102. therater Says:

    Why dont you SUGGEST a game

  103. BigOto Says:

    I mean they said there would soon be screenshots for upcoming games, and at some point later on, a contest for BTD5 ideas.

  104. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    Hi everyone! I haven’t been on in a while… was sick… but whatever, those are nice ideas! I think there should be a BSM2 (please no premium ups!!!) and maybe a second Sinta…

  105. therater Says:

    I agree in one way with Bsm and sinta luvr Bsm 2 would be great But what i wary about is that ninja kiwi has not made a REGULAR bloons game yet

  106. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    umm… there are regular bloons games! There are three in the series, five in the player pack series, plus Junior and Insanity…
    Anyway… Can someone please tell me how I can make friends on MochiGames without using a social networking site? Thank you.

  107. therater Says:

    Oh sorry i meant New regular bloons games

  108. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    Oh. You mean like Lots More Bloons or or Bloons Player Pack 6?
    And if you’re wondering about the YES! comment, that was “Yes! I succeeded in posting!” because when you said you got all the ups with no cheats or lies, I wrote “Sweet. Congratulations, Therater!” and it wouldn’t work for some reason, then I tried again and it wouldn’t let me post because “I said that already”. You know the rest.

  109. therater Says:

    Yes. Correct, That happened to me also the first time i made the ??? comment, AND CAN ANYONE ON NINJA KIWI FIX THIS BUG!?! I would love lots more bloons or Bloons Player Pack 6. And we need a new game. Something Blooney…

  110. ????? Says:

    If there ever is a lots more bloons then it should have some of the bloons for btd4 like the zebra bloon and the lead bloon and maybe upgradable bloons like tack shooter bloon to blade shooter bloon upgrade.

  111. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    I totally agree, ?????. And Therater, have you considered a Bloons RPG or multiplayer game?

  112. therater Says:

    Whaddaya mean RPG, like on nitrome?

  113. Therater Says:

    And yes, a muliplayer bloons game would be awesome

  114. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    By RPG I mean like if you role-play a monkey or something. And yes, I know, it totally would! Like if there were 2+ darts going at once… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Therater Says:

    And whoever got the most bloons popped wins that level! this is another idea for lots more bloons

  116. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    I know some people who would love if Lots More Bloons were made!!!!!! Not saying who though…
    Anyway, just sayin’ how some people around me feel.

  117. Therater Says:

    plz click my name

  118. BigOto Says:

    FINALLY new content (a new game)! I am really waiting for a new Bloons game however…

  119. Mathilde Hach Says:

    Nico is the funniest person on the show. This is my favorite show on tv! Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed reading it. I’m adding your rss feed to my Google reader, keep up the good posts!

  120. Therater Says:

    lemme check out the new game…

  121. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    Why doesn’t the new game have a blog or a how-to? I can’t pass 2…
    Hate it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Therater Says:

    heh… original as i thought… but the game is slow i got to 5

  123. Therater Says:

    To beat level 2 the sparkles above, below, left or right lauch him the way that the sparkles are going.

  124. james Says:

    is a good game.. wish it didnt lag so much though.. i suffer up to 4-5 sec lag in late game.. its basically unplayable

  125. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    Yeah, totally. Oh, on the topic of other games, BTD4 is sooooo popular in my school. I can see people playing it in class, not really paying attention to the screen…

  126. Therater Says:

    lags are all around us it seems there is the posting lag the laggy game dont save the princess… has anyone experienced any more lags as bad as these? hope not

  127. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    I BEAT THE BOSS IN SINTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I scored 57,000! Anyone want to beat that?

  128. Therater Says:

    ummm… randomly you post the weirdest and most overexaggerated comment ever

  129. Therater Says:

    but good score

  130. wow Says:

    I can’t wait for BSM 2 3 4 5….

    this game is way better than Bloons towers..

  131. Therater Says:

    yup wow your name describes the name

  132. Therater Says:


  133. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    Thanks, Therater. Also, I totally agree.
    Also, have you met that boss or seen videos about it? I have done both and he is TOUGH!

  134. Therater Says:

    umm i dont know what you are talking about

  135. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    In Sinta. Wizard Ixerron. If you play all the levels you see until the Great Hall, then go through all four wings, collect all the magical items, activate the switch in the South Tower, and go through the door at the top, there are two more levels, this time with an extra twist: The Barboolia can come in any minute. Then there’s the Throne Room, where you actually fight Wizard Ixerron, the final boss. If he kills you, you lose. If you kill him, an exit appears and if you open it you win!

  136. Therater Says:

    sorry to blow ur bubbles but im not a fan of sinta

  137. adrian Says:

    i ♥ bsm! just when i was gonna finish the last level i died!fun game guys

  138. adrian Says:

    hi! im new to this blog thing and hi!

  139. adrian Says:

    i am good at this! i beateed the game now! YESSSSA!

  140. adrian Says:

    yes yes yes yeeesss!!!

  141. adrian Says:

    hi now !!!!! hi now ~~~~~~~

  142. adrian Says:


  143. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    @therater nvm, doesn’t blow my bubbles
    @adrian What’s with the unnecessary xtra comments? We usually put it all in one comment so it doesn’t take up that much space.

  144. Therater Says:

    yah could u just hold them till later?

  145. therater Says:

    And + u already said hi

  146. Rex Says:


  147. therater Says:

    rly? why did u just make that comment? the second most overexaggerated comment ever

  148. therater Says:

    It went off the screen!

  149. therater Says:

    there are WWAAYY too many comments here how about me and sintaluvr move to knight elite?

  150. bsm_and_sinta_luvr Says:

    Sounds good, therater.

  151. Anthony S. Says:

    The game is amzing its incredbly addicting, you guys always make masterpieces when it comes to online games, but it seems you always make the same mistake, please insert a save buttom on the next version.

  152. Joshua S Says:

    I got past the whole game and it was awesome!There was a bunch of bloons and I got Death Laser Vision and the last level,you had to pop 14,000 bloons and I passed and won the whole game.That was awesome!

  153. Nathan S Says:

    I think watching my brother was awesome.The fourth part is a volcano part and a M.O.A.B came and shot out a bunch of red bloons everywhere.I also saw the last part was the space part.My brother passed everythingggggggggggggggg.It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Joshua S[again] Says:

    I got the score 60,000.Can you bet THIS!

  155. Drénay Says:

    Using the Wii internet channel you can play it on the wii.

  156. fan Says:

    i havent be here for looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (10 weeks later) oooooooooooooooooooong time, anything new?

  157. rdog15 Says:

    the death beaam of bloon melting thing whatever it’s called is the bomb!!

  158. fan Says:

    ????????? whatare you talking about???????????

  159. Rawr Says:

    Put this game in the app store please!!!!!

  160. Zasper Says:

    i found a iten in level one that let you to be a sun god for 20 seconds i think

  161. Rob Says:

    I love this game, but please make some more levels! Or release an editor for us. :)

    Thanks and kudos on a fun game!

  162. ümit Says:

    ferry good game you rank is 268

  163. ümit Says:

    sun god wat ?

  164. heyman Says:

    super monkey’s ultimade upgagd

  165. fan Says:

    heyman, it is not the ultimate upgrade, Note: i gonna change my nickname into Phoenix =)

    ^^ =D =) D: D= ;) ;( O_O T_T T-T

  166. Kirby Rider Says:

    Bloons Tower Defense 5 Ideas: Orange Bloon (Faster than a pink bloon, contains a pink bloon, RBE 6), Black Bloon and White Bloon v2 (Each contains 2 Orange Bloons, RBE for each 13, Black immune to bombs, white immune to ice), Lead Bloon (Immune to sharp things, but can be popped by something else, contains 2 blacks, RBE 27), Zebra Bloon (You have to pop with Sharp Things, Chemical, or Physical; RBE 27, Contains a black and a white), Rainbow Bloon (Fast, Contains 2 Zebra Bloons, RBE 55), Brown/Ceramic Bloon (Has 4HP, Contains 2 Rainbow Bloons, RBE 119), M.O.A.B (A monster with 250HP, RBE 667, contains 4 Brown/Ceramic Bloons), B.F.B (The marmosets check their closet for this blimp, 650HP, RBE 3100, contains 4 M.O.A.Bs), D.B.B (RBE 10223, 750HP, Monkeys check their closets for this blimp, Acronym for Destructive Big Bloon, even slower than B.F.B, Contains 3 B.F.Bs, White with yellow stripes, body looks like that of B.F.B, but with yellow stripes/pupils, different eye shape (eyes round), green eyes with yellow pupils, yellow triangles on back to look faster than orange bloon, two yellow propellers like that of M.O.A.B, Green Jet to make it move, but too weak to make it faster than B.F.B) And for Bloons Super Monkey 2: Orange Bloon (Contains Pink Bloon), Rainbow Bloon v2 (Contains Orange Bloon), and D.B.B (Blimp that has a jet that spurts out BLUE bloons, not red ones, has a humoungous load of HP, contains a pile of bloons, like that of the other blimps, but each bloon contains ANOTHER bloon)

  167. Kirby Rider Says:

    Sorry for double posting, but Nathan S., on wave 3 of level 5, the B.F.B arrived and shot out red bloons. I thought of D.B.B which shoots out blue bloons, not red bloons. That bloon’s a monsterous metallic blimp.

  168. J Says:

    Why does it stop giving me things at stage five wave 2 after the moab? I have a gold, but it just keeps scrolling without end………?

  169. GoodGuy Says:

    This may seem sort of picky, lol, but in the description it mentions Super Monkey’s first appearance in BTD2 – he was in BTD1 also with just the Epic Range upgrade, remember?

  170. DominoJr Says:

    I can hit 200,000 to 260,000 every game with no cheating, but I can’t see how folks are getting more than 300,000. I’m typing this as I play, so that those who can’t get where I am have a chance to do so. Strategy wise: As soon as you get your first 200 blops, get the first boomerang upgrade (hit escape to upgrade during a wave). Wait for 400 more blops to get Faster Darts. You should be able to accomplish this, AND get the gold 50% bonus in stage 1 wave 1. In stage 1 wave 2 get Plasma Tentacle as soon as you get 500 blops. Next, pick up the Plasma tentacle 2 at 1,000 blops. You should be able to get the gold bonus. In stage 1 wave 3 get the Double Boomer right away at 800 blops. You will be able to pop the whole wall of red and blue bloons and a lot of the green wall. Save 2500 blops for the double dart upgrade next. At the end when the snake formation of blues come down, stay toward the top of the screen so you can catch as many blops as possible. You will have your double darts and the gold bonus at this point. In stage 2 wave 1, Get your first missile upgrade first at 1500 blops. Next get the 3 Way Plasma at 1500 blops. You will pick up the gold bonus. In stage 2 wave 2, get 2000 blops and upgrade to Quad Plasma. You should be able to pick up the gold bonus. In stage 2 wave 3, get the twin missiles ASAP, then Quad Darts. You will get the gold bonus. In stage 3 wave 1, Get the smart missiles at 2500 blops. You will get the gold bonus. In stage 3 wave 2, get the quad missiles at 5000 blops. You will be able to get the gold bonus. By the way, the bonus adds points based on how many blops you have at the end of a wave. Now, focus solely on getting the three way laser upgrade at this point. NO MORE UPGRADES after that, because A) you don’t need more missile power, B)The last laser upgrade is nearly useless, and C) The more blops you have at the end, the higher your score. At the end of this wave you should have the first laser upgrade, and get the gold bonus. In stage 4 wave 1, the only way to get the gold bonus is to STAY directly on top of the blimps as they fly around. Wait to get the twin darts with laser upgrade until the end of the wave, so you get a bigger gold bonus. in sage 4 wave 2, upgrade to twin darts with laser for 6000 blops right away. You will get the gold bonus. In stage 4 wave 3, get the Triple Twin laser upgrage as soon as you hit 18,000 blops. I recomend stopping there with the upgrades, but I sometimes get the first MOAB Mauler upgrade. It always drags my score down in the end tough. Gold bonus is achievable throughout the rest of the game. Remember to collect as many blops as you can. You sometimes have to chase them down, but it’s worth a higher score in the end. My score at the end of Stage 5 wave 3 my score was 251,140 when using this upgrade strategy. Can anyone tell me how to get a higher score? Also, are the super bombs, ice cream cones, and sun god bonus’s completely random? Sorry for such a long post, but I haven’t found any strategy discussions anywhere else and I figured I’d start one here.

  171. High Says:

    My highscores:
    Highscore Target
    Wave 1-1 333 /150
    Wave 1-2 792 /500
    Wave 1-3 1172 /800
    Wave 2-1 2280 /1000
    Wave 2-2 1782 /1300
    Wave 2-3 3116 /2000
    Wave 3-1 4219 /2500
    Wave 3-2 5133 /3000
    Wave 3-3 4928 /3000
    Wave 4-1 4048 /1500
    Wave 4-2 5991 /3000
    Wave 4-3 9069 /4000
    Wave 5-1 10828 /3500
    Wave 5-2 20073 /11000
    *Wave 5-3 52228 /14000
    *For the last wave I got some bug so i got an unusual 52228 :)
    and the maximum score i got was 234875.

  172. sonofbdec Says:

    The link doesn’t work. It tries to link to Bloons Super Monkey in Action. It’s in Arcade now. ^_^

  173. video game guitar tabs Says:

    very cool. I will add a few of the songs onto my website and tab them out so guitar and bass guitar ppl can play them =]

  174. kaca Says:

    Salut tout le monde

  175. RebazFfs Says:

    Guys !!!!!! I found the best tacts in this game (for Iphone atleast).
    I got a score on 287,515 Points dude !

    Not ready to let you know about that tacts yet :P
    If someone break it i can tell :D

  176. DavidB123 Says:

    Ideas for Bloons Super Monkey 2:

    Black Bloons: Immune to Super Bomb and explosives.Spawns a pink bloon when popped. Pops=6

    White Bloons: Immune to Freeze Out.Spawns a pink bloon when popped. Pops=6

    Zebra Bloons: Immunity are by Black and White Bloons.Spawns a Black Bloon and a White Bloon when popped. Pops= 13

    Rainbow Bloons now spawn a Zebra Bloon. Pops=14

    Camo Bloons: Shots have 10% to miss.Spawns a Pink Bloon when popped. Pops=6

    Mirage Bloons: Shots have 25% to miss.Spawns a Camo Bloon when popped. Pops=7

    Shadow Bloons: Shots have 50% to miss.Spawns a Mirage Bloon when popped. Pops=8

    Invisble Pink Bloons: Shots have 75% to miss.Spawns a Shadow Bloon when popped. Pops=9

    L.O.L.Z.: Has tons of health and spawns Blue Bloons when hit.Explosion of Red to White Bloons appear.

    I.O.9.K.: Has megatons of health and spawns Green Bloons when hit.Explosion of Red to Zebra Bloons appear.Camo Bloons also join in the mix.

    The Bloon: Has a CRAPTON of health and spawns Yellow Bloons when hit.Explosion of Red to Rainbow Bloons appear.Mirage bloons now occupy in the explosion.

    Lead Bloons:Can’t be popped by boomerang,or darts.Explosives,lazers,and plasma pops it.When popped it spawns a Black Bloon. Pops= 6


    Saw a Disgaea advertisment today.

    lol dood

    By the way, The Bloon will first appear in the final normal level.

  177. DavidB123 Says:

    Sorry for double post.

    Ceramic Bloons now have 24 pops.The 10 shots don’t count in the pops you need to pass the level.

  178. DavidB123 Says:

    Triple post.XP

    Lead Bloons actually have 7 pops and I HATE Level 3, Wave 2.

    Someone should lower the pops to 2500.

    Kept dieing several times on that wave.

  179. DavidB123 Says:



    Tell me the difficulty of Stage 3 Wave 2 from a Red Bloon to a Ceramic Bloon.(Bloons Super Monkey chain)

  180. PacBrad Says:

    BSM2, here are my ideas.

    Levels 9-12 upgrades.

    Green 9: R. O. D. with darts: Don’t even think about darts and a ray of doom. 60000 blops.
    Green 10: Wide R. O. D.: I wish I could have four eyes… 85000 blops.
    Green 11: Robo Monkey: Stop being super, be like you were (almost) Tron! 70000 blops.
    Green 12: Technological Terror: Green plasma around you? Popping bloons that are close to you? 150000 blops.
    Yellow 9: 6 MOAB Maulers: And now for my secret cannon! 15000 blops.
    Yellow 10: MOAB Assulter: What did the MOAB say when he hit one of these? Dam! 50000 blops.
    Yellow 11: Quadtrouble: The forecast said it was sunny but even worse!! 90000 blops.
    Yellow 12: UnstoppaMOAB: Outta my way!!!!! 150000 blops.
    Blue 9: Thunder ‘n’ Lightning: Very very fast and frightening. 10000 blops.
    Blue 10: Double Zap: Zzzt! x2. Got ya! 20000 blops.
    Blue 11: Powerful Zap: Not just four, but more damage to MOAB A-OK! 75000 blops.
    Blue 12: Thunderstruck! 12x more damage, which means 12x times more carnage. 150000 blops.

    Who can ever afford any of these?


    Zebra: Immune to missiles, spawns a pink. Rainbows spawn one of these.
    ZOMG: OMG he’s here! Spawns reds when hit. Spawns bloons totalling a RBE of 15000-75000. Jackpot!

    Multi-player and Saves

    Multi-player: Who’s the better Super Monkey? Choose a level (1-9) and battle for the best in one wave!
    L1: Be the first to pop 500 bloons within 1:30
    L2: … 1000 bloons … 1:45
    L3: 700 1:00
    L4: 2500 3:00
    L5: 2000 2:00
    L6: Pop 3 MOAB-class bloons
    L7: … 5 MOAB-classes
    L8: 8 MOAB-classes
    L9: 15 MOAB-classes

    You have preset upgrades per level.

    Saves: Remembers your highest score, before you submit it! You also select your starting stage (not wave!) between 1-9.

    Easy Medium Hard

    Difficulty selection: Pick how fast the game will go!

    Easy: Slow, 85% prices.
    Medium: Standard, 100% prices.
    Hard: Quick, 100% prices, higher targets.

    R. O. D. stands for Ray of Doom.

  181. PacBrad Says:

    Oh, I forgot the bloons.

    Red: Spawns 5 blops.
    Blue: Spawns a red.
    Green: Spawns a blue.
    Yellow: Spawns a green.
    Pink: Spawns a yellow.
    Black: Small, spawns 15 blops, immune to Super Bomb and missiles, not immune to Maulers.
    White: Small, same as the black but it is immune to Freeze Out and Chill.
    Zebra: Immune to anything hot and cold. Spawns a black or white, it’s random.
    Rainbow: Spawns a pink or zebra, at random, but a pink bloon appears more often, 3 in 4.
    Brown: Spawns a rainbow, after 24 hits. 1 hit does not count as a pop.
    MOAB: Has 600 HP. Spawns a *lot* of bloons when popped.
    BFB: Has 4000 HP. Spawns a *ton* of bloons when popped.
    ZOMG: Has 50000 HP. Spawns *millions* of bloons when popped.
    Camo (all of the above) : Hard to hit, fades in and out.
    Regen (all of the above) : Hard to pop completely, regenerates.

    MOAB-class bloons are immune to being camo or regen or both!


    Super Bomb: Pops everything BUT blacks and zebras.
    Freeze Out: Stops all bloons BUT whites and zebras.
    Chill: Slows all bloons BUT SPEEDS UP whites and zebras.
    Sun God: More powerful than an upgraded Super Monkey or Robo Monkey. Limited time.
    Bell: Calls all bloons.
    MOAB Assassin: Does 7000 damage to MOAB-class bloons.
    Heat Wave: Burns off a bloon layer every 3 seconds. Browns and MOAB-class bloons are immune to this. Although, browns will melt after the heat wave.
    Confetti: Rewards 1000 blops.
    Powerdown Shield: For 15 minutes, you are immune to powerdowns including Zap. GAME OVER won’t even come though your shield!


    Zap: Stunned!
    Regen Frenzy: Turns all bloons into regen bloons. Good thing MOAB-class bloons won’t change.
    Bloon Defence: Turns all bloons into camos. Good thing MOAB-class bloons won’t change.
    Pocket Money: Pay 1500 blops, for nothing!

    That’s all of my ideas of BSM2. Be sure to put my credit under “Game idea”!
    GAME OVER: Lose the game!!! Rare.
    Shield Breaker: Breaks your Powerdown Shield. Doesn’t work on Robo Monkeys.

  182. PacBrad Says:

    I changed my mind about my old idea of the zebra bloon!

  183. PacBrad Says:

    One more bloon.

    Lead: Always in your way, unless you have bombs! Spawns a black, immune to sharp things.

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