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Thu, Dec 15, 2011

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Play Bloons Tower Defense 5 here


Bloons Tower Defense, or Bloons TD as we now call it has evolved a lot since the first version, for those that don’t remember or never played Bloons Tower Defense this is what it looked like:

Now, bear in mind that that game is now more than 4 years old, and at the time was a pretty sweet game. So sweet in fact that Stephen and I (was just the two of us at the time) cranked out the sequel in 3 months. Bloons Tower Defense 2 was an effective update for fans that were already crying out for more, we added in a new tower, the Boomerang Thrower, and a first for TD games, on track placeable items, glue and roadspikes.

Coming nearly a full year later was Bloons Tower defense 3. And this was the big one. We had hired our first artist and my own art “skills” were retired. Bloons Tower Defense 3 was a huge hit for us and got more plays than both previous versions combined. This was the version that the first iPhone version “Bloons TD” was based off (developed by our Scottish buddies Digital Goldfish).

The step up from BTD2 to BTD3 was huge. More towers, more tracks, and more awesome. How to top that?

Well, we knew we had to deliver and with our team and expertise growing we threw it all into Bloons TD 4. It took another year and all our hopes and dreams plowed into it. Again, the result was a great success with fans and critics alike. Now raising the bar with each successive release is all well and good. Hell, we strive to do that for you all. It’s quite literally our business to do so. But the downside to that is when you look at a game you’ve released like BTD4, and you say. That’s it, that’s perfect. Topping that becomes quite a high stress sort of challenge.

So we let it ride for a while, released an expansion pack to tide people over. The thing is it doesn’t go away (that’s actually super awesome by the way) and you have to confront the challenge head-on at some point. So, back in the beginning of the year we started planning and by March 2011 we were under way.

What you see in Bloons TD 5 is the 5th game in the series but I wanted to talk a little about the journey here and now the end result is available for you all to play. Here’s an image by the way so you can compare with ol’ BTD1 above:

What’s new? Bloons TD 5 is launching with 16 towers each with 8 upgrades. The upgrade path splits at level 3, so there are 128 towers if you look at it. Of the new towers aside from all the seriously awesome new upgrades, there are two completely new towers, the Sniper Monkey and the Ninja Monkey. Sniper is awesome at preventing leaks early on and his later upgrades allow him to dominate bigger bloons solo. The Ninja Monkey brings a clever and fast firing ally to the table in the beginning stages. He can see Camo Bloons off the bat and once he’s mastered “Bloonjitsu” his quintuple shot is a sight to behold.

Activated abilities is also something new we’ve brought in. Each tower on one of it’s level 4 upgrades has an activated ability. Some of these are very powerful against a single opponent (ie a MOAB), while others like the Ice Tower’s “Absolute Zero, affect the entire screen.

The monkeys also brought in some friends this time in the form of “Special Agents”. These guys can be hired with “Monkey Money” which is earned through in-game achievements such as completing a track. Special Agents like the “Angry Squirrel” can be placed in game to give you a big leg up and allow you to save for more pricey towers off the bat.

How much Awesome can you handle?



Lastly, I want to say a special thanks to all the people involved in the development of the game.

For a disclaimer I should add that everyone on this list probably did more than I give credit for.

Josh Catt – Josh is the programming lead for BTD5. Thanks to him for pulling this together through scope creep, deadlines and the sheer enormity of pulling this together.
Scott Walker – Scott is our super awesome executive producer without whos organisational brilliance we’d all be in a crying heap. Scott steered when we needed it, chipped in everywhere and played a pivotal role in hauling this sucker home in time for the holidays.
Chad Edwards – Chad was our extra 0.5 of a developer when we really needed it. Bloons TD 5 was a big job for one developer so Chad suffered through shifting sands and project hopping to help pull things together.
Tamihana Greaves – Artist. Tamihana had the unenviable task of tackling the new tower art and he really nailed it I reckon. Such an iconic IP needs to evolve with a lot of sensitivity to its history and the end result is much more character while being undeniably BTD.
Warwick Urquhart – Artist – Warwick brought a new life to the tracks and pulled together the all important and awesome intro animation.
Derek Wu – Artist, UI and sound design.
Jonathan Hopcroft – Ninja Kiwi login programmer
Lee Grey – Sound design
Tosh Baird – Ninja Kiwi login database design and virtual currency system lead developer
Curtis Keeble – Artist – had the tricky task of doing all the things no one really wanted to do, like 140+ upgrade icons and ability buttons.
Phil Dron – Art and UI support, Phil has a great knack of doing cool UI but also great special effects enhancements, we used these a lot for the towers super abilities.
Tim Haywood – Outsourced composer – use him in your game if you want more awesome – here.
Stephen Harris – My awesome brother and really the genius, often annoyingly inflexible, wizard behind BTD. The first 4 versions and the legacy wouldn’t exist without his game design awesome.
Chris Harris – Just me.

So, if you’re still reading this far, I release you. Go play Bloons TD 5 now and enjoy.




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  1. altobloonx Says:

    I played BTD 5 today, and I like the graphics. Why isn’t there a spike tower or a specialties?

  2. Cheesecake Says:

    BTD5 Is an AMAZING game. It can get VERY hard, though.

  3. Jacob Says:

    I LOVE TD4 on the iPhone, I’ve beatin it in everyway possible, in fact, i liked it so much i’ve beatin it more than twice already, along with the Bloons TD3, pleasse tell me this one is going to be on iPhone? I played it on the computer and i loved it, please put it out on the app store, i promise you won’t regret it, SOOOOOOOO many poeple will buy it! please?:)

  4. Pester555 Says:

    I believe you can successfully say you’ve had another successful Bloons game. My only suggestion which got partly addressed in BTD5 but which I’ve had for a while: Make multiple fast forward options. Right now, I’m on Round {some large number over 200 here that I can’t find out about due to a bug where when I purchase continue after losing the round number doesn’t increase} and even on fast forward, it’s taking a VERY long time for each round to finish. It makes me feel awesome though, because it makes it literally seem like a MOAB is a Pink Bloon at regular MOAB Speed against three dart monkeys with no upgrades at the beginning of the track, while a ZOMG feels like a MOAB, with my five Monkey God Temples and a Sun God waiting impatiently to be upgraded. Saying my career rank is 54 already, I’m starting to think I’m addicted.

  5. Stackman Says:

    This game is the best yet!

  6. Tanner Says:

    You should make it like it is on Iphone BTD4 (which it seems like you might be leaning away from), where you beat everything on Hard difficulty, then you get upgrades for free, OR you can buy them. Also make new levels buy-able or something.

  7. BigOto Says:

    Nice, once again I am looking forward to playing this weekend! I remember how amazing it was to play BTD4 more than 2 years ago, and pretty much everything that happened that day because it was so eventful.

  8. Jaysawn Says:

    I keep dropping connection :/…dropped like 4 times in last 20 minutes..very annoying when trying to play.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    And now, the question on everyone’s mind: When do you start thinking about BTD6?

  10. David Says:

    @Anonymous: No!!! That’s on nobody’s mind you fool! This game just got released and we’re all super psyched! Except greedy punks like you…

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Is BTD5 Going Up On The App Store? If So, When?

  12. Keegan Says:

    This game is too hard!

  13. bobby Says:

    anon dont even go there XD

  14. BTD5 FTW!!! Says:

    This without any real challengers, the best game on the web!

  15. blonnsboy(MYNK) Says:

    @altoblonnx – They said that they will be updating the game with new towers and tracks…including the spike factory.

  16. DavidB123 Says:


  17. Raffy Says:

    AWESOME GAME, GRAPHICS, TOWERS, BLOONS, AND COPMANY!!!!! i love the btd series and even though i don’t play the other games such as sas: zombie assault I still love NINJAKIWI! \m/

  18. Milps Says:

    1 thing I really don’t like the new banana farm thing I hate having to hover over the bananas to get the money I don’t even buy this tower anymore please change and make iPod version please other than that perfect.

  19. Milps Says:

    Oh yeah and there needs to be more ways to make monkey money like every time you beat a round instead of just the first time, extera every few rounds you beat (like 5 every 10 rounds), maybe even a daily bonus. :)

  20. Lollie Dot Com Says:

    No matter how many times I log in it refuses to recognize I have 1400 mochi coins. Please correct this. I’m not buying more until I find the ones I’ve already bought. Thank you for your assistance.

  21. Fortanono Says:

    I hate the new version of the Banana Farm.

  22. Lennon Says:

    @altobloonx – maybe?

  23. jonzz Says:

    why cant i logg in with my acc on BTD5? :S

  24. Doubleflash Says:

    Love the new game! The different upgrade paths will make this version a lot more challenging. Besides more awesomeness, BTD5 seems to be a lot more efficient with Flash. You’ve got another winner.

    The premium stuff and the new NK Coins don’t seem to be working. Any idea when those capabilities will come on line?

  25. Say+Yeahhh Says:

    chris i try logging in so my stuff would save but it just wont. Do you mind helping me?

  26. Dustin Says:

    Pls Pls put this on the app store i would pay anything for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. canomonkey Says:

    WHy isnt there a spike factory and loved the game sooooo much

  28. bambamman Says:

    i just beat that one witht he moving piece. its hard good thing i have the dartling. tip buy dartling that saves you from buying to guys

  29. Pohppy Says:

    Amazing game hands down, you guys did over and beyond what i thought you were going to bring. Great job.

  30. Warrior20195 Says:

    Why cant I use my mochigames account for this game? It might just be my terrible computer! please respond

  31. Stephen Says:

    We’ll be looking at new ways to earn monkey money over the coming weeks/months along with new updates and cool btd5 stuff.

  32. zach Says:

    guys,i have a problem.when i go to but the triple lives,i click o.k. then the game freezes

  33. Brett Says:

    Chris, you’ve made yet another successful poptastic adventure for us all. BTD5 has to be the most addictive game currently on the internet- and maybe the most difficult. Its amazing to see how bigger each edition grows, and I think the 5th will hold nearly 2 1/2 years of excitement and extra goodies for us all- I’ve only just started playing on Wednesday, and I just recently defeated the ZOMG! You’ve never failed to disappoint us, and I doubt you and the Bloon team will- so pat yourselves on the back, you’ve created one of the greatest, challenging games that will keep us begging for more. The variety of towers and upgrades, the fantastic artwork, the special abilities and secret agents, and the perplexing story of a group of monkeys who are at a constant fued with an army of savage balloons are all the ingredients used to create the best tower Defense game to ever be presented with such awesomeness. I speak for all of us when I say thank you!! :D

  34. mark Says:

    how do u use a item in the inventory

  35. mark Says:

    please help me

  36. Anacondaz Says:

    It’s not loading, noooooooooooooooooooo. I WANNA PLAY BTD5!!!!!

  37. Captain Steak Says:

    After playing BTD 4 and completely beating it, I just asked myself how in the world can you improve on this awesome? After getting the early release and playing through some of BTD 5, I am just blown away. All I can say is that NinjaKiwi did it again. The graphics are incredible. Each tower with the animations is great. The new abilities rock, I am still working on testing them out. Have not used the special agents yet, but still am blown away by this game.

    Thank you for the amazing games.

  38. BTD1,2,3,4,5 and eventually to be 6 fan Says:

    Hey I was BTD1,2,3 and soon to be 4 fan and BTD1,2,3,4 and soon to be 5 fan. This game is fun.

  39. JimmyJohn Says:

    Will not load, any reason? Id appreciate some help with getting Bloons TD 5 working. thanks.

  40. Konrada Says:

    Holy crap, amazingness.

  41. Killer7151 Says:

    This game is FANTASTIC! I didn’t think you could improve BTD4! The only thing I dont like is how you have to manually collect banana’s from banana farms. Its annoying having many banana farms and some minigun monkeys (Dont know the name, dont use them) since you have to move your mouse all over the place. Also, its a little too hard, even though I like a challenge. I LOVE how you have to level up your towers to be able to get those upgrades. I also find the ability upgrades not as good as the other upgrades, but much more strategic. The Sniper Monkey’s money crate drop is excellent. The fact you can change the Monkey Ace’s flying area is a cool new feature. A BTD6 would probably be impossible to make, since this one is EXCELLENT!

  42. gooey man Says:

    when’s the 6th one coming out?! just kidding!

  43. Information4U Says:

    Okay, people, stop begging for BTD6, Spike Factory, App Store, etc. First off, BTD1-4 may have been associated with Mochigames, but BTD5 is NOT. I repeat, BLOONS TOWER DEFENSE 5 IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH MOCHIGAMES/MOCHIACCOUNTS. You need to make an account on NinjaKiwi, which is easily found in game. There’s the link to BTD5. See that little black bar at the top of the game window? Not the browser, the game. You register or login there. Mochicoins are worthless in BTD5.
    Next off, BTD6 and the App Store. Okay, seriously guys. Can you be patient for just a bit? It’s not gonna be out in the App Store for a while, and then BTD6.. Okay, that’s just not right. This game just came out 2 days ago, and already you’re asking for a new version. What are you?
    Spike Factory. That’s coming in a later update/expansion (hopefully).
    I hope that solved your problems.

    Bloons Tower Defense 5 is way better than I imagined it. I love the new layout, and the music. Oh, the music! I just love it. I like the main menu screen, with all the different things on it. The problem with the “Towers” one is that it’s way too spoilery. It shows all the towers and upgrades. Yeah, you find out what it is and try to earn it. But it’s better if it’s a surprise, no? Okay, back to the review. Love the game, love everything about it, though I am a bit disappointed about the Spike Factory. But I see why you didn’t add it right away, because there would be an uneven amount of towers and the new ones are definitely more exciting than old ones. The artwork is fantastic, I like the approach. I expected it to look realistic as the change from BTD3 to BTD4 was, but it’s all cartoony, but not super simple like the other games. The new Banana Farm was kinda disappointing, but it makes it much more challenging. Gotta love a challenge.

  44. Killer7151 Says:

    I found a problem with ice towers. When you buy the fourth upgrade in the first path (Viral Frost) “Bloons are frozen so cold that they freeze other bloons that come in contact with them, spreading the freeze like a virus”. This can be a huge problem with regen bloons. When a black regen bloon is frozen, it can regen into a zebra bloon still frozen. This lags the game like crazy if your ice tower is near the bloons entrance. I got up to round 78 with not one bit of lag. I bought viral frost and entered round 79 (45K RBE) and after the MOAB type bloons arrived, the game started running less than 0.1 FPS. I was in the round for ~20 minutes with barely any progress, and the only way to end it was to use my Super Monkey Storm secret agent. That took 2 minutes to clear the level. Could this PLEASE be fixed? :(

  45. George Says:

    Is xtremely awsum but some few minor glitches:

    1st. when u click on spikes on the clock map, the screen goes white
    2nd. ninja coins do nothing
    3rd: if u buy the sun god temple it disapears

    fix these and it will be awsomer than ever!!

  46. Alex Says:

    Chris you should really put this on the app store you could make thousands$

  47. travis Says:

    for some reason EVERY time i log in it says that there’s an error of some sort. i click TRY AGAIN , login AGAIN but the same thing happens!!! :( i click forgot p/w type in my email , go to me hotmail but the p/w doesn’t come up. and when i registered it said it was seuccesful and so i whent to validate it. but the validation thing wasnt there WTF!!!!! so my Q: WTF DO I DO!!!

  48. shadowlink13 Says:

    My computer is slow so I tried to play BTD5 but it gets to game mode stops and ! comes help me please.

  49. Stephen Says:

    Yeah we’re going to review how viral frost works, which is a shame cos I love it :)

  50. hahahaha Says:

    Free save please~

  51. DavidB123 Says:

    Help! My computer lags on me when I click any of the buttons! Please fix this and give me the game requirements!

  52. DavidB123 Says:

    Please bug-check and glitch-check for the players’ sake. :cry: And please give me the Bloons TD 5 requirements!

  53. Warren Peace Says:

    Listeen to yorselves BTD5 is perfect the way it is.
    -The banana farm is better when you upgrade it to path 2 Monkey Bank
    -The secret agents are not there for towers they are there for rewards
    -And I dont want the Spike Factory. It was too overpowered
    Unless you are going to release more tracks, dont touch a single thing, Chris

  54. Fortanono Says:

    Dragon breath is awesome.

  55. btd5player Says:

    how do you get more nk coins? just asking.

  56. MortarsRule Says:

    Why didn’t testers get free NK Coins? “Not only that but wll give you some NK Coins so you can try out some of the awesome new BTD5 premium stuff.”


  57. Aidan Says:

    How do you get more Awsome coins?

  58. Patrick Says:

    What is the ninja kiwi symbol followed by numbers that is to the left of the gold symbol? any way great game but add the road spike tower.

  59. necromancer10 Says:

    Although I’m OK without the Spike Factory, are you going add it to BTD5 in an update? P.S. The game is ULTRA EPIC!!!

  60. Konrada Says:

    Level 86 is impossible x_x
    The only things I had were Dragon-Breathing wizards all around and lost. But the ZOMG is a great new addition to the MOAB family! :D

  61. Thurlo Says:

    So, will you make the old BTD4 tracks available for BTD5? That would be really cool.

  62. Miles Says:

    Ipod version?, IPOD VERSION? You guys are worried about getting btd5 on the IPOD when ANDROID doesn’t have ANY BTD games at all?
    Greedy bastards.

  63. DavidB123 Says:

    @Miles: Watch your mouth, dadgumit!

  64. DavidB123 Says:

    I’ve found a bug in the Towers menu:
    The Ice Tower’s XP is negative!? :?: :shock:

  65. 203995014 Says:

    And you didn’t know you can download flash for android… Dude seriously that’s why they didn’t make it for android you can play it online.

  66. Amphy23 Says:

    I’ve found something odd. Sometimes when I use the ‘Road Spikes’ it pops 11 bloons instead of the 10 it says it’s supposed to.

  67. Konrada Says:

    Very excellent game, I’ve reached all the upgrades for each tower and I have to say, EPIC. They are very unique, especially the Summon Phoenix for the Monkey Apprentice/Wizard.

  68. Nathan Says:

    BTD5 = awesome!!! Luv nu banana farmz & grafix. Monky money = awsemz2. P.S. : Can u add impoppable mode?: higher prices, 1 life, and 90 rounds 2 pass.

  69. masterofthecats Says:

    The pineapple premium upgrade instead of immediately it delays by 2, not 3, the original, seconds

  70. BTD5 for the win! Says:

    EPIC! Such an awesome game! You guys really topped BTD 4 off, I just love this game. Just so you know there is a minor bug with the Operation: Dart Storm upgrade with the airplanes. Once you purchase it the airplane’s nose only faces to the right, like the planes that do supply drops. But besides that the game is great, I made it to round 108 on hard, but I quit because it takes freaking FOREVER for a round to go by. I wish there was a feature which like sped it up like 10x, and then went back to normal when bloons got past a certain point, so you could purchase upgrades and stuff so you wouldn’t die. Also, maybe you could add this to the premiums section, a third upgrade path for every tower! XD That actually would be hard, but that would be pretty epic if you could get these epic upgrades from them. But you probably would want the extra upgrades to be compatible with both the 3rd/4th upgrades for both the other paths. And one more thing, will there be a BTD 6? I’m just wondering, I could probably care less if there was a BTD 6 but if you do decide to make it, make a new blimp type, maybe a floating bloon factory? An F.B.F., that’s funny. Yes, that’s good, and when it’s destroyed it releases 4 ZOMGs. Well, I doubt you will read this, but if you happen to, could you please respond? I really would appreciate it. GO BTD 5!

  71. kotorplays Says:

    I loved the game but went to go back and play some more to get some of the last few tracks finished and could not log in to my account for the game is there anything I can do to try and fix it? When I go to log into it it just sits there I have never had any trouble before and I have been playing since the early access email was sent. Any help would be appreciated.


  72. simba Says:

    i can only get to round 88 and then i lose! and it wont let me login for some reason

  73. CoolKid Says:

    Everytime i get around level 10, some screen says ive disconnected and it never saves my progess. any help?

  74. Unknown Says:

    To fix the regeneration bloons, virial frost lagging issue; you should make it so frozen bloons can’t regrow, or something like that :)

  75. Unknown Says:

    I don’t think i’m the only one but I keep getting dropped from the game, and lose connection having to refresh the page everytime, thus not being able to save my game. It is to the point where it is unbearable to play, any help?

  76. random Says:

    when ever i try to sign in to ninja kiwi an error page comes up.please help

  77. dealerofdeath Says:

    The game is absolutely amazing!! I just wish for it to have those multiple fast forward features and other things that i dont dare mention cause you guys will probably take care of it in the updates

  78. Max Says:

    login wont let me login but it worked before
    also i have loads of those red awesome coins but what do they actually do
    banana farms annoying till you get monkey bank
    but apart from that the games EPIC!

  79. Stephen Says:

    Yeah we’re having an issue with the login system right now – everyone who can’t login or register can still play as guest though and experience the game.

  80. Stephen Says:

    We’re working on fixing the login system – some of you might have to play as guest for the next 24 hours while we fix it up good.

  81. Zario777 Says:

    I hope that fixes the saving system as well! It was working fine before, but now, all my work is in vain whenever I play! I have to unlock all of the <Rank 34 things again…

  82. Zario777 Says:

    Well, from Rank 30

  83. MortarsRule Says:

    Please can testers get NK Coins? You promised it in an earlier blog post.

  84. Meow5514 Says:

    Earlier today, I was playing BTD5 and the game wasn’t making me refresh the game every 5 minutes like yesterday. I got to round 47 and it froze, luckily for me my game was saved. So I refreshed the page, now I just get the message “Cannot connect to NinjaKiwi”. I would like this fixed so I can continue to experience the awesomeness BTD5 has in store.

  85. DavidB123 Says:

    @Stephen: Why is the Ice Tower’s XP negative? Should it be positive?

  86. Bloons Tower defence 5 Rocks Says:

    Chris Plese Fix the Huge Bug that everyones getting that u cant get to the ninjakiwi profile and i was at 36!! but now i never could get to it unless u fix this bug so read

  87. Max Says:

    what do the redcoins do… anyone?

  88. Red Says:

    BTD5 is awsome, I managed to get (with lotsa Technological Terrors and Spectres) to round 89, but it’s impossible, even with Big Bloon Sabotage and stuff.
    And about the login, will accounts lose their gold coins and monkey money or anything? I had a lot of gold coins to use, and NK coins too, I don’t want to lose them.

  89. daas Says:

    thanks Stephen I was just about to tell you guys

  90. james999 Says:

    hey i cant get on to my account beacause it wont load i waited a long time for it to load and it didnt anyway i refreshed same happened ant then i tryed the login page and it was down and yesterday it wouldnt save after about 9:00 am so possibly help or other people with problem.i also did many things for internet just in case but that didnt work! plz help

  91. SenorWP Says:

    Yeah, the login is a HUGE problem for me, it worked for the past four days and it just started to stop working. The stupid thing just keeps loading and loading, I swear it would go on forever if it was allowed to. Thanks for going to fix it, I can wait 24 hours. On a side note, this game is awesome, keep up the fantastic work.

  92. IPHONE!!! Says:

    Please get iPhone version! I would pay $10 or more for this game if it’s on the app store!

  93. edgwardoe Says:

    Yeah, I’ve had a similar problem as many of the other commenters. I will login, start a map, get to about round 15 or 20, and then it says that I have disconnected and I have to refresh the page to continue. However, seeing as though I do not save my game every level, I don’t get to resume at my current level progress, which can be very frustrating. Also, sometimes I just keep playing anyway, forget about my lack of connection, level up like 7 or so times, unlock a bunch of new upgrades, get monkey cash, buy agents, and then come back later only to see that NONE of my progress was saved. This can be INCREDIBLY frustrating. Hmph. So, in-game reconnection would be very nice

  94. Slash Says:

    Did any of you see my
    ” Ninja Tower” post?, because the one on BTD5 is an exact replica, but it was black at the time… :) i was very happy when i saw the tower and though
    ”Maybe, they did take my idea into consideration…” :P either that or

  95. BTD5 for the win! Says:

    What do you mean by early testers? Do you mean the one’s who got the sneak peek at the game, because if you do then we already got our coins, well at least I did.

  96. BTD5 for the win! Says:

    The number next to the ninjakiwi symbol on your profile bar are you achievement points, probably just to show you how awesome you are at getting achievements.

  97. Stephen Says:

    I don’t know what that means – can you email me a screenshot?

  98. garrett Says:

    Stephen, I REALLY don’t mean to bother you and all, but could you play reply and at least tell me if there is going to be a Bloons TD 5 for the App Store? You should contemplate doing that, I would definitely buy it! Soo, just give me some info about that, it would be highly appreciated! I love the PC version btw, keep up the good work. Thank You.

  99. Doubleflash Says:

    After beta testing SAS3, I know the whole NK crew works amazingly hard on these games. BD5 is the best you’ve done, by a long ways.

    It looks like the new NK registration and premium system is a much of a challenge as multi-player was in SAS3. Here are a couple of observations. I’ve made it to Level 30 a couple of times, but when I log in for the next game, I’m at Level 26. That’s no big deal right now — I’m still learning how BD5 works. But, eventually I’d like to be able to progress through the ranks.

    The NK Coin system isn’t working, but you knew that.

    As a suggestion, you may want to include an option for paying for premiums with PayPal or another international payment system. A lot of North American bank cards will not recognize payment systems based outside of North America. (Yea, I know that sucks…)

    Again, thanks for a great new game.


  100. Chris Says:

    Thanks Doubleflash. Yeah we had some issues on the weekend but we’re getting on top of that. The payment stuff will develop over time. Again new lands for us to find our feet on :)

  101. Chris Says:

    There will absolutely be an iOS version of BTD5. Work has not begun however so don’t expect it before the end of 2012 at the earliest.

  102. cody Says:

    i was playing btd5 yesterday and i was a rank 25 when i come back to play today im a rank 12

  103. garrett Says:

    so it will be about a year until it’s released?

  104. Says:

    For everybody who is having a problem with purchasing premium items, i have the solution.

    You must simply click on the amount of coins you have once you have logged in. it will show all of the game upgrades, which you can buy from there.

  105. grimreaper Says:

    how do u get mochi coins ???????

  106. grimreaper Says:

    how do u get mochi coins?

  107. Fire Walter1 Says:

    OMG!! right now im at round 80on (easy though) no joke i some nk coins so i started a new game and i bought the 10,000 game cash that costs 3 nk coins and then i bought a super monkey and a banana farm and went from there. now I have 4 sun gods 2 super monkeys with plasma and 2 super monkeys with laser vision 1 robotic monkey banana farms (republics) and 1 bank. i have 194 lives and i lost 6 because i didn’t realize that sun gods cant see camo balloons. sorry i dont mean to brag though but im just really happy. I love this game i might be on the score board soon. by the way what round does the zomg come.

  108. SenorWP Says:

    *Sigh* I’m not trying to complain or anything, this is more of a warning to anyone who is going to play the game, do not upgrade to Monkey Temple. At the end of Round 100, I upgraded on of my Sun Monkeys to the Temple and it wiped out about 15-20 of my towers. Half of those towers were the Technological Terror upgrade for Super Monkey. I knew the temple “required sacrifice” but IMO, such sacrifice is extremely ridiculous. :/ I managed to survive Round 101 by selling all my Banana Farms and relying on a million Road Spikes. If you are going to upgrade the Super Monkey to anything, pick Technological Terror, I tested it out in Sandbox, and it is more effective in dealing with MOAB-class bloons than Monkey Temples are and it costs half of that of a Temple. Also, it’s blasts aren’t nearly as spread out as the sun god’s are. No doubt that sun gods are great, but I feel like they got a major downgrade. And the Temple… let’s just say I probably won’t use it again lol. On a side not, GREAT game. I have been addicted since I heard it came out. Been playing it for 4 days straight. Keep up the good work.

  109. Fire Walter1 Says:

    i just defeated the zomg on easy its tough but i handled it with my 7 sun gods!! im now on lvl 85 going for 100

  110. Chris Says:

    The sacrifice can certainly be heavy. Those who make the sacrifice will learn it’s lesson and plan more effectively. To that note, the Temple is enhanced by what is sacrificed so to go totally spartan on the sacrifice won’t work best either :)

  111. Chris Says:

    Sorry can’t say.

  112. Michael Says:

    >Please get iPhone version! I would pay $10 or more for this game if it’s on the app store!

    I would pay that much for an Android version… or just pay someone money to make it for me then give loyalties to ninja kiwi:)

  113. bad assassin Says:

    i love this game but it could do a little better

  114. Fire Walter1 Says:

    sand box mode!! and the nk coins when i bought ranks earlier today it didnt work im on round 90

  115. Fire Walter1 Says:

    i died on 92! because i got board and then i checked score board and 150′s!! nice game though!

  116. Doubleflash Says:

    RE: Login

    Looks like the login and XP logging systems are working this afternoon (Sunday in the USA). I played for an hour or so. The floppy drive icon in the upper left hand corner stayed green most of the time. I just logged back in. My XP info was correct.

    Looks like you whipped that particular glitch.

    Creating two upgrade paths for each tower was brilliant. It’s going to take a long time to explore BTD5′s possibilities.



  117. BTD5 for the win! Says:

    Actually the monkey temple is amazing, you just have to plan out having the tower in a spot in the first place, and you need to know what modifications you want. DON’T READ ON UNLESS YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW THE TEMPLE UPGRADES MODIFICATIONS WORK!!

    From my experience, the tack tower makes it shoot out blades much like a an airplane shoots out it’s darts, the glue gunner will make it shoot glue globs every like 2 seconds, the ice tower will make it shoot ice blasts, sniper monkey gives it infinite range, ninja makes it spot camo, and bomb towers make it more effective against MOAB-class bloons. Also either the airplane or dart monkey make it shoot out darts like an airplane tower. I hope this helps anyone who is wondering the best way to use the temple upgrade. (The modifications can be all be put together, with the exception of the blades and the darts.)

  118. BTD5 for the win! Says:

    Is it just me or when a comment is big does it take a really long time to get moderated? I guess you guys are being careful of spammers? Anyway, love the game, and I said a bunch more stuff about the game in my post at December 17, 9:11 pm. :) I think you might laugh at it, it sounds funny. Well at least to me. :)

  119. Stephen Says:

    Hey guys, we’ve fixed the login and saving issues people were having and since there were so many comments relating to that issue I decided to delete most of them. If you were having issues, they should be fixed. If you still have issues please email us at support [at] ninjakiwi [dot] com

  120. Max Says:

    im still confused over what the red coins do but if chris comments on this ill laugh.

  121. Max Says:

    red coins… anyone

  122. SenorWP Says:

    Hmm, you guys are right about the Temple. I realize I was being stupid, oh well, I’m still a noob at the game after all.

  123. BTDfan123 Says:

    Is it possible to make a money count for the banana farms? Like pop count but it tells you how much money it has made.

  124. DonLiri Says:

    im having a problem here. Everytime i save my progress , lets say im on lvl 30 and i save and then i shut my pc down and next day i start btd5 and i load the game and what happens after that is i see only a white screen. I see nothing else but a white screen covering the whole game , any ideas pls?

  125. altobloonx Says:

    Are you going to update with monkey glue?

  126. Bernardo Says:

    The game is cool, but the login system doesn’t work. I can only play as “guest,” even after receiving an email from NK saying the system was fixed. As I can’t find any other contact information anywhere on the site, I hope someone here can help. It gets really hard to have to start from scratch every time.

  127. grimreaper Says:

    I NEEEEEED MOCHI COINS PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ tell me how to get em. thanks

  128. bad assassin Says:

    where is the spike factory

  129. timmy Says:

    for some reason the game just gose blank and i have to refresh not able to save and some times i have to restart my computer and its a fast computer

  130. Vanessa Says:

    I play it alot but i can only pass it on 1 level!!! i really want more nk cash but oh can get very hard and thats why i cant pass it but if u can actullay unlock everything then your like epic!!!i wish it was like btd4 and only unlock the last upgrades wicth annoys me because i loose everytime because of it!!! oh well i enjoy the game,love the little thing it says at the bottem before you play a round,enjoy the epic graphics,love the little stops and pep talks it gives you on bloons and tower upgrades and the hole game is a big relif that its out now!!!

  131. lucian11 Says:

    what are the ninja kiwi signs for when you get an acheivment

  132. btd5isawesome Says:

    something makes me play it everyday
    i think its the awesome

  133. jes Says:

    can you make a online multi player game on this update? make it with editor ,choose 2-6 players and much more.

  134. Scott Says:

    My issues with login are fixed. This has returned to being the best in series tower defense game! That’s saying a lot.

  135. BTDfan Says:

    How do you get NK Coins?

    And could members get them for free, ones that joined before BTD5?

  136. Unknown Says:

    @altobloonx, I could be wrong but I believe they purposely left monkey glue out because people didn’t really need to buy the glue gunner cause they could slow down bloons instantly if they wanted to making the tower not as useful which is ashame because the glue gunner is an awesome tower. It also makes it it more challenging. Ty ninja kiwi team for the awesome game :)

  137. altobloonx Says:

    I like how the zeppelin -class bloons show damage, such as rips in MOABs, BFBs, and ZOMGs, and the gas leaks in ZOMGs.

  138. altobloonx Says:

    I like how the zeppelin -class bloons show damage, such as rips in MOABs, BFBs, and ZOMGs, and the gas leaks in ZOMGs. The MOAB Cripple of the Sniper Monkey hepded a lot to defeat these bloons.

  139. ZhouZhuoer Says:

    It take about 220 shot from the sniper monkey bullet that is upgraded to deadly percision to destroy a Z.O.M.G.

  140. BTDfan123 Says:

    Another question:
    Does the final upgrade in path 2 improve the tower if I choose not to use th super abilities?
    Like is the MOAB-Assasin any better then MOAB-Mauler?

  141. Bao Says:

    Hey really great game guys! Already wasted too much time on it haha.
    But just two stuff i think could make it even better:
    - a way to see all your tower ranges together
    - a way to check if a tower really is in the village’s range
    Well i don’t know if you will consider this.. Anyway it already is my favorite flash game!

  142. dan Says:

    i found out what the sacrifice for the Monkey Temple is-it deletes all towers in the sun god attack range

  143. CEE72 Says:

    A brilliant achievement, no joke. The most difficult game that can be made with your kind of coding. Congratulations on BTD5! The spike factory, gone, that was over the top anyway. Still a brilliant game and now rest after a hard working year. Congratulations, merry Christmas and a happy new year!
    |\ | ___ |\ | ___ /\ |/ ___ \ /\ / ___ O O
    | \ | | | \ | | /__\ |\ | \ / \ / | | Q |
    | \| — | \||_/ / \ | \ — \/ \/ — \______/

  144. CEE72 Says:

    The load of things were supposed to make this—> NINJA KIWI :)

  145. Warren Peace Says:

    Sweet Game :)

  146. Warren Peace Says:

    Also i have no problem with rank. im at rank 39 as a guest and i havent gotten any bugs

    (even if you get this ten times a day and i sound like im kissing up)
    Thanks Chris :)

  147. btd5 = awesome Says:

    Awesome game. is it going to be on iphone to?

  148. BTD5 assasin Says:

    when will there be an update????? i would love if you could:
    not mouse over banana farm
    every time a banana comes,
    get the spike factory back,
    all upgrades in sandbox (like i have rank 25 i go on sandbox and some upgrades i need to rank up or xp up),
    put BTD5 on app store,
    try to add 3 upgrade paths of 6 upgrades per path instead of 4.
    thats it from me plz ad them to an update. i love BTD5 its the most adictive game ever. writing on my nintendo 3ds =P

  149. Thor Says:

    BTD5 is an excellent game with the graphics, new towers, and the different ways you can mix up the towers with the upgrades but the only thing stopping me from saying that this is better than BTD4 is the format of the banana farm. In my opinion it’s better to receive all the money at the end of the round then to have to keep collecting them throughout the round which can be quite irritating at times.

  150. sam0131 Says:

    hey stephen, i have read that some people who got into the early access got the nk coins that were promised but i still haven’t got mine yet even though i got early access through my email. if i haven’t yet then maybe others didn’t either. i would love to hear if it might have been a bug in distribution or maybe a minor error. regardless I would love to know if it’s being looked into. if you have read this far thank you for listening to my issue and i hope it can be resolved some time in the near future. p.s. bloons tower defence series 1-5 are still the best td games out there that can keep me entertained through ages. XD.

  151. bt3fan1 Says:

    great game im kinda stumped on the clock level you know expert really hard and im sometimes to stubborn to sell any tower funny stuff really and i hardly use village and i wonder how many tower updates youll make but i hope for awesome and spike factory. oh and maybe if youre stumped for btd6 no rush you could just ask us for suggestions i have pretty good ones i can say i guess XD.

  152. bt3fan1 Says:

    sorry double post didnt see that

  153. hey hey hey Says:

    are the Special Agents permanent in the round or you have to buy then constantly

  154. Offline Player Says:

    Hi, I have dial-up and cannot play this game online,
    and I was wondering if you could make a downloadabled version for Computer soon, Thanks.

  155. woo Says:

    Can not log in!!! Quite heavy!!! I want to somehow!!! The game can not!!!

  156. Doubleflash Says:

    The sandbox is a real big help for working out how the upper-level upgrades work. The Sun Temple is awesome after you figure out how to give it powers with other towers. The sandbox is a good way to sort out the Sun Temple and the towers with “abilities”.

    It was easy enough to dominate BTD4 without playing in the sandbox, but BTD5 is a whole different deal… Great fun!

  157. ZhouZhuoer Says:

    It is awsome that they (mean who ever created the game) thought of the special agent. But I don’t think I will ever buy one (I accidentally bought an angry squirrel) or use one. Angry squirrel is pretty slow shooting (saw on the trailer) unless a bloon leaked. I would rather use the Ground Zero ability than a super monkey storm. I don’t how the beekeeper and bloonberry bush do. Now people who love BTD5 don’t get mad, it is just my opinion.

  158. ZhouZhuoer Says:

    In BTD5, if you buy the dreadnought premium upgrade. The grapes from monkey buccaneer will also pop lead bloons. Unlike BTD4, the grapes can’t pop leaded.

  159. DavidB123 Says:

    I’ve played the first intermediate track in easy mode and got to Round 52. After that, I got to Rank 24, and now I’ve found a bug with muting! Mute is unmute, and unmute is mute, and vice versa! :eek:

  160. ZhouZhuoer Says:

    Okay people, I found out what bloonberry bush do. Pretty cool, it won’t disappear at the end of the round, it will continue to grow spikes after they lose some from popping the bloon, and it cost only 50 monkey money (other one is super monkey storm), the cheapest special agent. I would recommend the bloonberry bush to everyone (except hackers).

  161. ZhouZhuoer Says:

    One more thing, if bloonberry bush use up all the thorn, it won’t disappear like road spike. So don’t worry about what if it use up all the thorn and disappear and waste your monkey money (I know that is a run-on sentence).

  162. ZhouZhuoer Says:

    On BTD5, you can press space key to able or disable fast forward.

  163. panda Says:

    you guys should add a spick factory to BTD5

  164. ZhouZhuoer Says:

    If you got the Splodey Dart premium upgrade on BTD5, and you upgrade the dart monkey to spike-o-pult. Even the spike balls will expode. Unlike on BTD4, only darts will explode.

  165. ZhouZhuoer Says:

    When you upgrade the ninja monkey to have the flash bomb. It will shoot a flash bomb after every three shurikens

  166. addicted 2 EPICESS/ninja kiwi Says:


    next time u make a new game addvertze it the day before u relese it


    u did such a good job i bet that 4 at least 3 years non greedy people won’t be asking 4 btd6

  167. addicted 2 EPICESS/ninja kiwi Says:

    if it has 2 reload everytime u save log off and on again the loging on scene might not work but if that happens just wait 4 a while(1hour)

  168. Anacondaz Says:

    I have a problem. Whenever I try to click on a track, then click on a mode, it just goes back to the mode screen. Please help me! I wanna play BTD5!!!!

  169. Jeffrey Says:

    LUV THE NEW GAME :D !!!! I tested out the monkey temple in sandbox mode against two ZOMGs and I didn’t realize how strong it was so I think that could take on 20 ZOMGs. I’ve gotten to Round 89, but for some reason I can’t register, it ate up my emails. So I play as a guest and I am Rank 34 and the game has NOT failed me yet. I must ask you Chris, what went wrong last year just weeks before BTD5 was supposed to be released? That has edged me ever since.

  170. Jeffrey Says:

    I don’t understand what the problem you are having is. If it sacrificed strong towers, it should be strong. Try it again sometime.

  171. Forrest Says:

    When i go to play everything loads find but when i click a map then a difficulty it goes to load the game then goes back to difficulty select again. Any help?

  172. ninjakiwi~man~709 Says:


  173. Hunter Says:

    when ever i play it, i go to the tracks, press a difficulty, but then it just takes me back to the difficulty screen

  174. Dip513 Says:

    The NinjaKiwi page is messed up on spelling.

  175. jeff gann Says:

    I really miss the individual monkey glue. Really dislike the way the banana farms work. Other than that its awsome so far

  176. Timothy Wouldridge Says:

    I can choose the play button, the track, and difficulty, but BTD 5 shows up, and then it goes back to the difficulty selection screen. Here is a better way of explaining it. PLAY > TRACK > DIFFICULTY SELECTION > LOADING FOR 1 SECOND SHARP > BACK TO DIFFICULTY SELECTION

  177. Phantom of the Bloons Says:

    You have a spelling error I think with ice towers. It says “ice shards: creates razor sharp pieces of ice on frozen bloons, THAN when popped,fly out and pop more bloons.” I think than should be then. Hate to nit pick on such an awesome game.

  178. ZhouZhuoer Says:

    When you upgrade the Monkey Buccaneer to Monkey Pirate with the M.O.A.B take down ability. The ability can take down more than a M.O.A.B or a B.F.B, it can also take anykind of regular bloon, like lead or ceramic.

  179. Bob marley Says:

    Release it on the iPhone pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls i loved btd4 on the iphone

  180. Josh Says:

    Just to ask but when is BTD5 coming for i pod/ iphones etc.

  181. charlie Says:

    does not work. get through title screen, go to play game, click a difficulty and then nothing happens…?????

  182. nash2nash Says:

    to ninjakiwi
    what are the red coins things on the top? what do it do? What can I use it for?

  183. Maxxers Says:

    Please come out for iPad soon!!!!!

  184. D-FENS Says:

    Gotta say, the new Bloons TD game is just fantastic. I was rather wondering how you guys could possibly top BTD4, and well, now I have the answer. I think I like every single aspect of this game, but most especially I like the dual-layered upgrade system, that was one thing I was (only a little bit) disappointed with in BTD4. I also love the new Tier 4 upgrades, no longer is the Sun God the only tower worth keeping around in the endgame. The ninja monkey is my new early-game favorite, taking over from the boomerang monkey in BTD4, and the sniper is just fantastic.

    My only real criticism would be that the new Sun God … well, he’s kinda creepy. I mean, really really creepy. But that’s all the negative I have to say, he’s still every bit as melt-tastic as before. I do also have a few concerns about the redesigned banana farms; they seem to be significantly less worthy than in BTD4, and requiring the player to move their cursor down over them to collect makes the gatling gun somewhat less useful. Though I do appreciate the rather wide ‘money magnet’ radius around the cursor. A suggestion: maybe make the gatling gun operate similarly to the mortar, in that it only tracks your cursor when you have it selected, and once you deselect it just fires at that last spot? I’m not sure if that’s necessarily the best option for players that like to scatter a whole bunch of them around the map, certainly. Just me thinking out loud, it’s still a very fun game.

    One other thing: I’m guessing you guys are going to set up a new track editor and track sharing subroutine in the game. May I suggest you guys make the new one significantly more robust than in BTD4? That was the only point in which I felt you guys kinda dropped the ball. Having a more robust setup where you can rate and maybe even review the other player’s tracks (heck, do the same thing with the vanilla tracks!) and allowing the players to grow some in-community fame would be even more awesomer. (I’d also like to suggest the ability for editors to insert custom music into their tracks to let them focus even more on specific themes, but I have no idea if that’s technically feasible, nevermind the possible legal ramifications, but I thought I’d throw it out there.)

    Keep on being awesome guys!

    …and bring back the Spike Factory, please!

  185. Stephen Says:

    @Phantom of the Bloons – thanks for finding this. It’s actually meant to say “That when popped…”

  186. Keith Says:

    Too answer many questions:

    1. This game will come out for iOS if you actually pay attention it says it won’t be out until next year Christmas time at least
    I think it was Chris or Stephen that said that
    2. The “Red Coins” are called “Awesome”, in which they are not money, but rather they are an achievement point system thing I believe ’cause that’s what it said on the forum
    3. And lastly, the Spike Factory is suppose to be in a future update
    If I’m wrong then please correct me
    Anyways, this game is Super Awesome Epicle and it’s Awesomeness level is 19.99999 out of 20, but that’s only ’cause nothing is as Awesome as The Guy, and my favorite towers are:

    1. Monkey Buccaneer – Destroyer (Not Mini-Airplane Ship) – Camo Detection – Premuim Upgrade Dreadnought

    2. Ninja Monkey – Bloonjistu – The other upgrade path 2 upgrades (Forgot What It’s Called)

    3. Boomerang Monkey – I forget which upgrade it was

  187. Keith Says:

    Also it would be great if you could make a downloadable version of Bloons TD 5 and SAS 3 ’cause SAS 3 takes a long time to start when I play ’cause I would get to the Multiplayer match finder thing and everybody would be waiting for me to load but not always and sometimes it doesn’t even load even on singleplayer and if I had the games on my computer I could save to my computer and sometimes Mochigames doesn’t connect or NinjaKiwi accounts either

    Plus if you could do that video earn coins thing that would be great ’cause alot of the offers don’t work

  188. diffbros Says:

    There should be something to accomplish, like a boss to beat the game. Put a giant bloon in the center of the map with many paths spiraling out from him. For one-hundred waves you have to protect from increasingly difficult bloons it sends at you. On wave one-hundred it sends the bloons after your towers and you have to destroy the boss before it kills all your towers. Please respond if you like the idea.

  189. 203995014 Says:

    yo guys seriously the track where the path constantly changes was frickin easy. that was the first advanced track i ever beat. that was one of the best days of my life!

    spoiler: if you don’t want walkthrough, don’t read on:

    first by ninja monkey where there is the gear and upgrade it to double shot and distraction.
    then buy sniper monkey and upgrade it to full metal jacket and camo goggles.
    then buy 2 more ninja monkeys at the end of the next curve after the gear. upgrade to double shot and distraction.
    then upgrade ninja monkey near gear to bloonjitsu monkey.
    buy 2 bomb towers at beginning upgraded to frag and moab mauler (don’t buy assassin)
    then buy 2 more ninja monkeys upgraded to flash bomb near ninjamonkey near gear.
    then just keep buying moab maulers at beginning of track until you win.

  190. Nathan #13 Says:

    For anyone who is looking for how to find free Ninja Kiwi coins, or someone who wants to purchase them, I can tell you how. First, log in. Next, click the black bar at the top of the game screen. Then, click on the little golden coin icon to the left of the number that shows the amount of Ninja Kiwi coins that you have. A screen should appear that shows you how to purchase coins, or complete offers to get them for free. You will either need to download something or give information to receive free coins. After you have earned of bought some coins, go back to the screen to purchase upgrades or other stuff. (If you are logging on and you already have NK coins, click on the black bar at the top of the game screen.) Also, Ninja Kiwi created their own rewards system and are not using Mochigames for Bloons TD5. This means that Mochicoins are useless in this game. If anyone has any questions, I will read your responses and try to give a decent reply.

  191. Anacondaz Says:


  192. Phillyflyer Says:

    How come it doesn’t let me play?! I click on the easy mode for beginner track and when the blinds close and open, it still remains on the same thing!! Please help me I really want to play but it’s not doing anything

  193. Phillyflyer Says:

    The game sounds like it’s pretty good, but I can’t play it I know some people have my problem too… Wait does it not work for some computers or something? Please give me ann answer

  194. lindon Says:

    omg i have 4 temple of the monkey gods and 16 sun gods with $96827 at round 105

  195. Jplow Says:

    Any word on new ways to earn monkey money? I have plenty but don’t want to use it on something stupid because I don’t want to run out.

  196. Unknown Says:

    There should be a Bloons Tower Defense 6! Who’s with me?

  197. Unknown Says:

    There should be a Bloons Tower Defense 6!

  198. AlairKrangFoonanwradfs Says:

    When I entered the game and clicked the “play” sign, I selected the first map and the difficulty is easy. But when I clicked easy, when the screen was blocked and shutted by the wooden walls with the moneky in the middle, when it went away, it just showed difficulty select again! It won’t let me play Bloons! All I can do is look around the village.

  199. ZhouZhuoer Says:

    I try out the beekeeper. It is good, but it seems it can only release one bee at a time. The popping speed are little too slow. If the speed were like glue gunner’s bloon liquefier, that would be much better. (Is liquefier a real word?).

  200. ZhouZhuoer Says:

    I got all three medal on all the tracks! I got $6100 monkey money!

  201. COD #1 assassin Says:

    i love the game but where is the spike factory ,and will there be a #6?

  202. diffbros Says:

    you should give the tack tower a hypersonic speed upgrade as a throwback to the glitch in the first game

  203. BestBtd4Player Says:

    :( :(:(:( I DIDN’T EVEN PLAY BLOONS WHEN THEY SHUT DOWN MYNINJAKIWI! JUST BRING IT BACK IM CRYING FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  204. BestBtd4Player Says:


  205. Bestgameeverbtd5 Says:

    Can you have a chat box in Bloons Tower Defense 5?

  206. Bestgameeverbtd5 Says:

    And can you get a Bloons Tower Defense 6?

  207. Bestgameeverbtd5 Says:

    And can you get a Bloons Tower Defense 5 Expansion?

  208. Bestgameeverbtd5 Says:

    And can u get a Bloons Tower Defense 5 Track Editor?

  209. Bestgameeverbtd5 Says:


  210. songalo Says:

    three days ago i played btd5 and i loved it but now icant´play any game of ninjakiwi except btd3

  211. lilymnky Says:


    ps i am also on mochigames

  212. Princeterror Says:

    Thanks for making this I’ve been playing btd since the very first one and I’ve loved them ever since. To show a bit of my thanks I’ve bought all the premiums. Keep working hard on your awesome content.

  213. Phantom of the Bloons Says:

    Yeh I think an actual glitch too. If your first tier sniper monkey is upgraded to level 3 and happens to be the one to deliver the final blow to a moab it turns ALL the ceramics to blue bloons. I don’t think a sniper monkey is suppose to be able to solo a moab. If any other tower gets the killing blow the bloons come out as all ceramics even if the sniper did 99% of the hits. BFB’s still turn into moab’s though like they should.

  214. Phantom of the Bloons Says:

    I found this out while on sandbox mode and seeing how effective the sniper monkeys are against moabs. Turns out if you’re lucky, they are super effective.

  215. Jeffrey Says:

    Idea!! I have an idea for a tower to put in later. (Don’t complain if you think it’s stupid, and no bad comments.)
    Scooter Tower: Moves in a sideways 8 or a sideways oval. Any bloon it hits (except leads and camos) are popped automatically.
    Path 1:
    Fixed Scooter (Makes the scooter faster)
    Hot Wheels (Makes the scooter faster and pops camo bloons)
    Razor Scooter (Faster, again, and instead of hitting ceramics 5 times it only has to hit them once for them to be popped)
    Regen-Sabotage Ability (For 10 seconds any regen bloon that this tower hits will permanently lose it’s regen status, therefore taking less shots to pop)
    Path 2:
    Sparks (Sparks will follow the scooter and they pop two layers of bloons)
    Hot Sparks (Sparks can pop lead bloons)
    Sparkler (Sparks pop 4 layers of bloons, 5 layers of camo and regen bloons)
    Firewall (Sparks follow even longer behind tower, pop 8 layers of bloons, 10 layers of camo and regen bloons)

    Hope You like it.
    Also, my sister has an idea for a bloon.

    Broom Bloon- This bloon travels with a broom, sweeping ice and glue off any other bloon it touches, very fast, releases a lead, not released by anything else.

    Hope you like the ideas.

    Please comment @Jeffrey for any problems.

  216. Jeffrey Says:

    Also I think I found a misspelling in the game. I don’t mean to be picky, but after round 8 it say “bloons are more organised” Which should be “organized”. Don’t mean to be picky.

  217. Zario777 Says:

    If you guys really dislike the new Banana Farm, then upgrade it to the Monkey Bank. Problem solved.

  218. ITouchFTW Says:

    I want this to be for ipod touch and iphone it’ll be awesome gonna get an itunes gift card just for it and make monkey money and all upgrades an in app purchases BTD5 is Great

    i hope you release it

  219. 203995014 Says:

    there needs to be an ios version! i’m willing to pay 15 dollars come on hurry up!

  220. 203995014 Says:

    oh yeah and guys do you see how much bloons tower defense has evolved!?!? in the beginning there are only rubber bloons and 5 towers only. it was possible to beat the game with only dart monkeys. now, they have 2 upgrade paths, 16 towers, road items, lead bloons, and blimps! this is awesome! favorite upgrade is ray of doom awesome upgrade

  221. Roger Says:

    I have just a few questions.
    1. in the expansion will there be a spike factory :D (i miss it)
    2. can we get a better fast forward button because im on level 112 right now and it takes for ever to get past the levels one by one.
    3. what is the little icon at the bottom right with an “I” on it …. i think im gonna feel stupid when i find out what it is

  222. TheMikeFoxtrot Says:

    @BestBtd4Player …. wtf are u even saying?

  223. john Says:

    i hate how the camo bloons are camo in all layers unlike the other versions where you pop the camo layer and then the rest is normal.

  224. The Moopie Doode Says:

    Ninjakiwi doesnt work with mochigames no more, thats why it doesnt work guys, if anyone is still wondering. Now you gotta make a ninja kiwi acount since cookie storage doesnt work anymore because of a computer updates. They said it was “to keep your computer safe”. Whats so dangourous about ninja kiwi games? C’mon, be real peaple!

    I have concerns and suggestoins for this game even though i dont got the sun god or any of that good stuff yet.

    1. How about bringing back the indivule glue puddles? They were real handy when the glue gunner missed and i didn’t have money for spikes.

    2. I will relate to another game. Maybe like on the game Bloons Super Monkey you can give the super monkey tentacles when it transforms to a Robo-Monkey?

    3.The new bannana farm system isnt too handy. The dartling gun aint as usefull when you gotta move your mouse to gather bannanas.

    4. Bring back the spike factory tower? Do you know how much money that thing saved me? It really helped those extra bloons that leaked.

    5. Last but….least (this isnt that important) you spelled bloons wrong……

    Otherwise, i love it!! I could play this and have fun and wait anotother 3 years for BTD6!!! Im sure all you guys are!! Im not sure what BTD6 will be like, this game is so great its almost impossible to get more awesomer!!! I can wait for BTD6 since this game has so much awsomeness.


    P.s. Awesome is an awesome word

  225. The Moopie Doode Says:

    I need a tranlator to read BestBtd4Player’s gibberish.

  226. 203995014 Says:

    oh yeah btw can you release iphone and ipad version together? it really pisses me off that i only have an ipad 2 and they only have ipod version…

  227. IloveBTD5 Says:

    I have the same problem as sam0131. I got early access but no NK Coins.

  228. WHY WONT IT LET ME PLAY????!!!!!????? Says:

    why wont it let me play?? i click play,i click the map,i choose my difficulty and it loads for like not even a sec and its stil in the choose difficulty menu i tried refreshing and restarting the computer but it still wont let me play. something u can fix????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  229. deinemudda Says:

    Please put this game on app store, i would pay ANYTHING for it! :D
    I love Bloons td 4, but td 5 is 10000000 times better :D

    NinjaKiwi FTW!

  230. john Says:

    Love BTD5. graphics great and gameplay is awsome aswell…. tech error but, i cant seem to log into ninjakiwi account, suggestions???

  231. stefan Says:

    pleeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase can you acept this idea ok here it goes i remember how bloons tower defence 4 has the spike tower well when you release it in bloons tower defence 5 i have an idea for an upgrade

    3d upgrade.spike truck a truck that goes through the track and leaves spikes

    4th upgrade.spike racer leves behind not only spikes that can pop through 10 layers of bloon but a trail of fire that lasts for 20 secends(special ability) i hope you use my idea

  232. Mike2288 Says:

    1. Spike Tower is much needed.
    2. There needs to be some way to get the game to stop lagging.
    3. I need more space for the Monkey Temple! IT’S HUGE!!!
    4. Super Monkey needs a 9th upgrade (like half a million dollars) but really powerful (like having 1000 Monkey temples with every thing)
    5. More Towers? YES!!!
    6. Mochi Coins should come to the new NK account, along with other features. I miss Double Cash. I spent good money, and now, can’t use it :(
    7. This is a maybe, but there needs to be like a bonus for the best BTD5 players. People who can beat round 200 with all their live intact. A reward could be nk coins!

    If Anyone agrees, please copy and paste, add below, and please credit me and yourselves and everyone else!

  233. Chapuz Says:

    Can there be added a “restart” button, at least for apopalypse? It’s quite slow to have all the time to go back to the selection site.

  234. Chapuz Says:

    Some funny comments -those that appear at the beginnig of some rounds – were better in BTD 4 and it’s really part of the game… Some of them can be copied or modified, or there can be new comments.

  235. stevenj505 Says:

    I have ideas for 2 NEW towers!The first one is the monkey tank.It has 3 postions that it moves to when bloons are nearby the spot.One upgrade gives it a gunner on top.The other is a dartgun (insted of shotgun.)A upgrade for it is bainet,giving it a knife attaced to the gun,popping nearby bloons.(to Ninjakiwi:)please read this,and if needed make changes.

  236. stevenj505 Says:

    I also think they should bring back the Spike Factory.

  237. BestBtd5Player Says:


  238. BestBtd5Player Says:

    December 29 2011 post in frachinse, i meant franchise.

  239. Jeffrey Says:

    OK I don’t know if this is supposed to happen or not but I was in sandbox mode testing out monkey temple and I sent out leads on it (while the rays missles and such were popping ZOMG’s) and the blades popped them so I think the blades can pop leads if tack towers have the ring of fire. I don’t know how that works so if this is a problem you need to fix it Chris and Steven.

  240. Chapuz Says:

    There is a bug with the glue gunner. When I upgrade it to the 6 bloon target with the simple corrossive, some times it glues some bloons but they don’t pop, just continue being glued till the end of the track. That’s a problem when there are lead bloons and it’s your primary lead destroyer.

  241. Jeffrey Says:

    YES!! I finally got a ninjakiwi account. I forgot that it said “registered” I thought it said “duplicate username”. YAY

  242. stevenj505 Says:

    Wouldnt it be cool if there is a “tower/map suggester” where you give tower ideas,upgrades,and maps?????

  243. Doubleflash Says:

    Cool! Looks like you’ve got NinjaCoins almost all the way there. Buying NK coins works with Google Checkout.

    But, so far spending them doesn’t. I tried to buy the “Everything Pack” and the screen froze after hitting the “Buy now” button. There was a lot of activity from Firfox’s plug-in_container.exe, but nothing happened on the screen.

    You’re really close!



  244. Fork12345 Says:

    For some reason I can’t go past one level without having to save, exit and begin again because the “go” button doesn’t reset after each level… Is anyone else having this problem and is there anything to do about it?

  245. Doubleflash Says:

    Update: I did manage to buy a premium with NK Coins. I just had to do it from within a game rather than through the Premiums screen. Looks like your new Coins system works pretty well.

    The Premiums are *very* powerful!


  246. BestBtd5Player Says:

    Bloons Tower Defense Results:
    BTD1: Meh
    BTD2: Getting warmer
    BTD3: Huge Improvment!
    BTD4: What could get better than this?
    BTD6: No where near and coming soon.

  247. BestBtd5Player Says:

    Rate your favorite bloon!
    Red Bloon
    Blue Bloon
    Green Bloon
    Yellow Bloon
    Pink Bloon
    Regrowth Bloon
    Black Bloon
    White Bloon
    Camo Bloon
    Lead Bloon
    Zebra Bloon
    Rainbow Bloon
    Ceramic Bloon

  248. BestBtd5Player Says:

    If you didn’t know, my old name was BestBtd4Player.

  249. mike Says:

    for some odd reason i can’t get it to save my progress. I have logged in, gone to start playing a level, and as soon as i finish a level or i hit save it says it can’t save (yellow save icon). what is causing this and how do i fix it?

  250. james Says:

    This game is really fun but i wish they had the spike factory that would totaly ROCK!!!!!! and you should make a monkey that hypnotizes the ballons so that it will attack the ballons behind it or something. and people who said they should work on BTD6 are retards because this just came out about a couple of weeks ago. peace our yo.-james

  251. james Says:

    its not fair to the creators because it probably took a look time to make the game so i dont think you should be asking for BTD6 or BTD5 expansion my verdict is to the defendant(creators).-peace out yo

  252. Idk Says:

    I agree with Jakob. This should decently be put on app store. For more reasons than I care to say. This game is epic

  253. pikkit Says:

    THE BEST EVAR!!!!!!
    But, easy mode needs to be a tic… easier. U can’t buy more than one of the really good upgrades like Spectre for the monkey ace, or bloon dissolver for the glue gunner, before you die regardless of anything you can do whatsoever. If I play on easy, it’s because I’m here to play a relaxed game, not click down road spikes like crazy and lose anyway. Really needs to have even cheaper tower tier 4 upgrades on easy or more effective tiers 1-3.

  254. 203995014 Says:

    i have ideas for new upgrades for spike factory. hope you like them. prices will be based on medium mode:
    path 1:
    upgrade 1: bigger spike stacks 350
    upgrade 2: red hot spikes 300
    upgrade 3: super factory: produces spikes 3x as fast! 2500
    upgrade 4: spike storm (please make this a special ability)10000

    path 2:
    upgrade 1: increased spike production 350
    upgrade 2: longer range 300
    upgrade 3: huge stacks: makes spike stacks have 3x more spikes! 2500
    upgrade 4: plasma mine: instead of spikes, throws plasmic mines that when touched by bloons, a few seconds later, BOOM! they explode destroying all bloons that come in contact with the explosion and dealing big damage to moab class bloons. 10000

    i’m not done yet. i have a new special agent idea too! please consider the monkey intelligence bereau agent! this agent is smart and does different attacks depending on the situation! i’m letting ninjakiwi decide what to do with this one.

  255. Bob de Silva Says:

    How do you pop lead camo bloons near the end of the game
    smile =)

  256. Nubbyzer Says:

    This is great, I’m thinking about getting the teleport app just so I can play I off my computer from my iPod!

  257. matt Says:

    when is bloons td5 Coming out on iphone and ipod ?

  258. dedwed Says:

    my btd wont work it keeps on stopping after the first level and the start button stays as the fast forward buttonn….got any awnsers?

  259. supergamer1 Says:


    Meercat spy

    allows all towers near it to see camo bloons

  260. Jeffrey Says:

    OK more new ideas :)

    I have had a whole bloons tower defense game in mind and I’m giving you the ideas.

    New Bloons-
    (Weakest to strongest)
    Gray bloon-Hence it’s name, a medium-speed gray bloon that is released by a lead and releases 2 blacks.
    F.O.A.L.B.-Stands for Father Of All Lead Bloons, Moves same speed as lead bloon, ABSOLOUTLY NO darts can pop this bloon, even if they are special darts that can pop any bloon type, you HAVE to pop it with explosions, not even glaves/boomerangs can pop them
    K.O.A.B.-Stands for King Of All Bloons, a VERY slow blimp that takes about twice as much shots as ZOMGs, but will pop some bloons around it when popped (because its not fair to take that many shots and still have to do it again), releases two ZOMGs, comes only in freeplay on Round 100, message should say “You’ve done very well but this is your last round”.

    New Towers-
    M.O.A.B. Mauler-Instead of a cannon, starts out at M.O.A.B. Mauler. Whenever it hits M.O.A.B.s they are automatically popped. Very short radius, can only be placed on water (it is on a floatation device).
    Path 1-
    Longer Radius
    Huge Radius
    All Map Radius (Self-Explanitory)
    Sabotage Ability (When activated, targets the strongest blimp on map, and rapidly sends rockets toward it until it pops

    Path 2-
    Faster Reload
    B.F.B. Mauler (Started out with as much damage to take down MOABs, now as much damage to take down BFBs)
    Z.O.M.G. Mauler (Really high costing, about as much as Sun God for Super Monkey)
    K.O.A.B. Mauler (Higher costing than Monkey Temple)

    New Secret Agents-
    Pihrana-Moves back and forth, needs more space at each end to put puddles, it “bites” bloons to pop them
    Multi-Tack-Shooter:Like a tack tower but has multiple shooting layers, can be upgraded twice, one for two more layers and the other so it shoots out fireballs

    Round 250-Snake:A snake that has to be shot 100 more times than K.O.A.B., releases a K.O.A.B.
    Round 325-Eagle:An eagle that takes 200 more shots than a snake, realeases a snake and a MOAB.

    Hope you like them :)

  261. Jeffrey Says:

    OK the 5th one just came out – not even entirely finished and people are already requesting the 6th one?
    Anyway, if you are thinking about the lag my blimp/towers will cause, I’m sure either A) it will be fixed or B) I DON’T CARE!! It’s an epic game and nothing can stop people from playing it… except maybe pizza and Dr. Pepper :D

  262. sheng34 Says:

    Can u have bloons td 5 on the app store(iPhone, iPad)??
    and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz get bloons td 6 and 7.

  263. sheng34 Says:

    And on Bloons td 6 can u have 32 towers and 10 upgrades?
    And more new towers?
    And the Spike Factory?
    That will be MUCH MORE AWESOME.

  264. sheng34 Says:

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make bloons td 5 connect to mochigames.

  265. Mez Says:

    There should be a spike tower with the level 4 upgrade that does 1000 damage to MOAB classes, or pop a whole ceramic. :)

  266. sheng34 Says:

    I’m Level 37 (Rank 37) in bloons td 5.

  267. Radim Kalma Says:

    Can you add version number of game for Bloons TD5 like it is in Bloons TD4 ( which is currently 1.30 ?

    Thank You. Excelent work.

  268. Radim Kalma Says:

    Am I getting money ( buy special agents) only when I finish track for example on hard *only* for the first time???

  269. BigOto Says:

    I’ve actually been having a weird issue where the games save normally when I click the save button, but the game seems to think it is still “saving…” which kind of concerns me. I know it does save because if I exit the game and re-enter it loads normally.

  270. BigOto Says:

    Never mind, it didn’t save anything now. Please fix the game saving, wasn’t it supposed to be fixed earlier?

  271. Jeffrey Says:

    @Bob de Silva

    Those, they are tough. I usually have like 20 towers and the wizard pops them but if you don’t have the wizard there are 2.5 ways:

    How to pop camo lead:

    Use meerkat spy or monkey town on bomb tower
    Use Path 1 final upgrade for dart monkey.

    So yeah those can be solved easily without using wizards or planes :)

  272. Jeffrey Says:

    I saw this tower on kongregate but no one ever completed it so I have ideas for it:

    (Ninjakiwi can name it, ill leave that up to them)

    A tower with a huge radius that produces spikes much like spike factory (this is how it starts out)

    Path 1 (Based off medium prices):
    Bonus Range-200
    Faster Production-350
    Super Fast Production (about as fast as ninja monkey upgrade)-750
    Entire Map Coverage Ability (like spike factory completely covers track in stuff, lasts 45 seconds)-2500

    Path 2:
    Spy (whatever name is here) (can spot camos)-450
    Pineapple Producer (now produces pineapples AND spikes)-500
    Glue blobs (Is NOT corrosive glue, adds to pineapples and spikes)-750
    Super Ultra Mega Bombs (now ONLY throws a VERY huge bomb occasionally, bomb is a frag bomb)-3500

    Hope you like it :D

  273. andykiwi Says:

    I’ve already beaten the game and i got to round 232. I would like to plaay it at shcool but its not in the app store. when does it come out for ipod?

  274. sheng34 Says:

    OMG! When the Sniper monkey takes out M.O.A.B It is only blue bloons instead of ceramic bloons!

  275. supergamer1 Says:


    Daily treasure chest

    Gives you monkey money daily

  276. Bloons tower defence 5 =cool Says:

    nk you are awsome!!!

  277. Cgar14 Says:

    Why cant I login into my account to play BTD5. This happened when it 1st came out and now its doing it again. Sucks cause dont want to play it unless I can login.

  278. JODOG Says:

    Jeffery thats an aweseome tower idea just seems OVER powered and like cheap now heh question is ninjakiwi going to continue this series and make a BTD 6

  279. JODOG Says:

    @sheng34 i say thats a bit overwelming i say maybe just add 4-8 towers on btd 6 and make the graphics a bit better cause btd 4 seems better btd 5 seems more cartoonish but its still pretty cool and do the path 1 and 2 thing and just maybe add an ADITION upgrade path like keep 2 paths 1 or 2 u can have 3 upgrades on each path then u got to pick path 1 or 2

  280. Supermonkey Says:

    Um… Alot of people are going to hate me for this but Chris and everyone just to run it by you, I have a new bloom idea…
    The Glazed Ceramic
    Like when you glazed a ceramic in real life you give it color.
    The Glazed Ceramic can go up to an outer layer of pink.
    Once destroyed like it is a pink bloon alone, 2 ceramics appear.
    It’s kind of like a small version of the MOAB of how 4 ceramics come out so you don’t have blimp after blimp in the late waves.

  281. twindrive Says:

    How long does it take to get a ninja kiwi membership? I’ve been waitino for 2 weeks. Since flash crashed I lost all my upgrades and have to rebuild my game.

  282. 203995014 Says:

    i found a bug. when i got viral frost it wasn’t viral at all. disappointing. i lost the game because of this

  283. sheng34 Says:

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone listen!
    I have an idea for an new tower!
    Juice Tower ($325,While the bloons are drinking the juice, it slows the bloon down. Does not affect M.O.A.Bs, B.F.Bs, or Z.O.M.Gs, Each splat of juice on the path can pop up to 5 bloons at a time and 1 layer of a bloon at a time, Each splat of juice can pop up to 6 bloons, can be controlled using mouse like dartling gun and can shoot fast)
    1st Path:
    1. Unlimited Range ($325, Its range covers the whole screen!)
    2. Apple juice (I have a new idea for a bloon. Apple bloon: apple bloon loves apple juice and when it drinks the apple juice it slows down 3x as its normal speed, Upgrade: $550)
    3. Juice Truck ($450, Dumps a loadful of Juice that can pop up to 20 bloons at a time and pop 11 layers of bloon at once)
    4. (Ability, Unlocked at Rank 40) Juice Rain ($1000, Rains Poison Apple Juice that goes to the nearest 1000 bloons on screen. Ability can affect M.O.A.B – class bloons)
    2nd Path:
    1. Poison Juice ($250, Pops 6 layers of a bloon at a time.)
    2. More Juice ($300, Juice can pop up to 20 bloons.)
    3. Juice Gun ($700, it is like Ray Of Doom(Dartling gun’s 4th upgrade) except it is all juice.)
    4. Juice Blasterz ($1300, The Juice Gun’s One Big hole to splat juice Splits in four hole.)
    Think this a good tower that can be new to bloons td 5 or bloons td 6?

  284. Kiwirew Says:

    I first discovered the greatness that is ‘Bloons TD4′ about… I think a year and a half ago now. Someone showed me the game and I started playing it, unaware that it was more than some run-of-the-mill web game. BTD4 was indeed a great game, and I spent many hours on it here and there. But it did have some bugs, and other issues that I was hoping would one day be addressed.

    Fast-forward to the beginning of this month (and the year), and I snooped around NinjaKiwi to discover that BTD5 was now existant. I can’t believe you guys didn’t promote the game’s launch more! (It’s not too late to.) After sitting down and playing BTD5 for a few minutes, it became clear to me that BTD4 had been topped.

    Its fresh new graphics, improved user interface, the addition of sniper/ninja monkeys, special agents and of course the regenerating bloons, makes this more of a leap from the last game than anyone could have hoped for. Especially for a free to play web game. I’m impressed, and if Bloons TD5 doesn’t put NinjaKiwi on the map, I honestly don’t know what will.

    What impresses me even more is just how many people I see on the high-scores lists for the Bloons TD games, and the ungodly high scores they somehow attain. I don’t know who these people are or how they got these scores, but they are a testament to just how fun the Bloons Tower Defense games are.

    Thanks for making the best damn web game EVER!!!

    ~ KiwiRew

  285. Wade Says:

    Like the game but after i hit Round 115 i was rooting for the bloons it took me 40+ minutes each round after 95 also i went from getting like 30Gs at 90′s to 10Gs if im lucky on 100′s+ but all in all the games great its a bloons tower defense duh

  286. sheng34 Says:

    Can you put Bloons td 5 on the Top 5 games at the right between the top and bottom right ads?

  287. Ryan Says:

    For some reason, when I finish a level, the GO! button won’t appear and the Fast Forward button stays on the screen. So, I have to save, exit, and resume my game for the GO! button to appear.

  288. eletearceus Says:

    plz help i tred to play it but after the black one loaded the other one sort of loaded but it disaperd plz i wanna play it

  289. Sasha Says:

    I LOVE Bloons Tower Defense 5!!!!! It’s my favorite game! Nothing is wrong with it!

  290. KHEV??? Says:

    could you please put in a definition button etc: low definition medium definition and high definition (normal) because to some players like me have slow computers and low and medium definition would speed up the game and make it a lot more fun. A lot of people would appreciate this.


  291. chris1966 Says:


  292. chris1966 Says:


  293. ilovesonic123 Says:

    It’s cool but needs the spike factory and more agents and more new towers and upgrades for special agents

  294. BloonGuy Says:

    Where are the glue blobs?

  295. sheng34 Says:

    Chris are you working on btd6??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  296. sheng34 Says:

    And will btd6 be MORE AWESOMER?

  297. ilovesonic123 Says:

    the spike factory is needed so I’ll think it’s better than BTD4

  298. ilovesonic123 Says:

    the spike factory is needed so I’ll think it’s better than BTD4 and other games with bloons

  299. ilovesonic123 Says:

    BTD5 needs spike factory

  300. ilovesonic123 Says:

    BTD5 needs a track with a monkey temple that costs 100,000 and takes 100 towers to activate and is more powerful than monkey temples from super monkey

  301. lan Says:

    i have a problem. when i login, it says i was succesfully logged in, but when i close the window, it acts as if i never logged in

  302. lan Says:

    when will the special missions come out? im cant wait and i want to know!

  303. sheng34 Says:

    Did you read my new tower idea? The bloons will drink so much juice it will become fat and more fat…..
    Till it explodes!

  304. Adin Says:

    When do you update BTD5?

  305. Earl D Says:

    Ian and I have the same problem I login, it says successful I close the window and the login is not recognized.

  306. qwertyuiop Says:

    I thought freezing a regen bloon only immobilized it and it doesn’t stop the bloon from regenerating.

  307. chris Says:

    Why arnt my nk coins coming though plz some one help me

  308. Matt Says:

    I love this new one except it always says it looses the connection from Ninja Kiwi and the spike tower is taking a bit but if it is being put in I am happy … (and “premium” content always upsets me because I do not have any money for it and when I think of flash games I like to think of free but I guess it kinda does help with making more updates for the game) … :)

  309. Muscat9 Says:

    Another great Bloons TD game better then any other td game made! But no spike factory and monkey glue that’s sad! Otherwise great game!

  310. sheng34 Says:

    I click on a offer to get NK coins and It is worth 7 NK coins I did the offer what it says to do and I finished the offer but I did not get the 7 NK coins! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ help!!!!!

  311. sheng34 Says:

    The comment was a :( .
    :( = sad face
    :) = happy face

  312. sheng34 Says:

    Wow it did not show a face when I was typing : ) or : (

  313. sheng34 Says:

    :( :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  314. sheng34 Says:

    I like the faces.

  315. sheng34 Says:

    But why Is the 50 MOAB Speical Mission On Bloons TD 5? They have that already on Bloons TD 4.
    And OMG! I’m asking and commenting so much!!!!!!!!

  316. sheng34 Says:

    OMG = Oh My Gosh

  317. sheng34 Says:

    login at the at my blue name. Just click it if you need to login.

  318. Mazor Says:

    How can you possibly top this magnificent game?!?!

  319. jplow Says:

    What is up with taking away the monkey apprentice? First, you raise the price, and now you make them super weak and useless? It makes me not want to play…

  320. sheng34 Says:

    Can there be a iPad tab?

  321. sheng34 Says:

    I Meant iPad Games.

  322. sheng34 Says:

    Why do people keep typing “BestBtd4Player” instead of “BestBtd5Player” in comments?

  323. chris Says:

    good game love it

  324. BTD5 IS OWNAGE Says:

    I love this game!!!!! I love how you made every tower have a use even late in game: unlike last game where it was basically just super monkeys, dartling guns, and spike factories. BTW all you people who think this game is hard, use dart monkeys. They are the best tower in the game(on the 2nd path). I’m serious. Again, love it!!!!!!

  325. dhy66 Says:

    I would like to buy upgrades except every time I click on get NK coins it says “your data was not found” even though I am logged in

  326. Bob Says:

    Everytime i get to round 10 it freezes. It doesn’t say go it jus says the fast forward button. I try to save but it doesn’t work either. can you please fix this

  327. Blucan Says:

    Could y’all do me a favor and reinstate the spike tower? thats the only thing wrong with TD5.

  328. jd Says:

    dumb ass refresh the page

  329. Adin Says:

    Why did you get rid of spike factory?

  330. Woody Says:

    Can this be a daily challenge?

    Name: Supernatural Beings

    Start out with 5000 money and 200 lives. Track: Mt. Magma
    Only use Apprentinces, Monkey Villages, and Super Monkeys. Also, Banana Farm and Spike Support. Agents are on!!

  331. Damon Says:

    This is the best game on computer ever but why is it taking ages to load (around 10-15 mins for it to load WHY?

  332. BTD5 is deleted??? Says:

    can anyone help me resolve a problem; i go onto the ninjakiwi site, cllick on ‘Bloons Tower Defense 5′ but there is no game, and the URL has /deleted/ in it. What’s going on? Please replt with any helpful comments or say if you are having the dame problems. XD


  333. LTK23 Says:

    A good daily challenge would be start with 1000 money on monkey circles and win beat medium with only ONE upgraded tower. ALL others must be left unupgraded.

  334. CesartheSanchez Says:

    Chris, would you please bring back the BTD5 teaser site?

  335. bloonstdfan999 Says:

    Yeah i’s Jeffrey i’ll be going by my username now but I have to say, I used EVERYTHING I had and quite a few secret agents I had and STILL LOST in the BEGINNER HARD difficulty. I think that maybe someone should fix this soon.

    New Secret Agent idea:

    Time Bomb:
    Kinda like Monkey Storm but it’s not.

    Place this in one part of the map and after 3 seconds it will explode in a radius about the size of Super Monkey’s Super Range (Super Range, not Epic Range, then it would be overpowered)

    Does 1000 damage to MOAB class bloons.

    Hope you like it :)

  336. Loki here I come Says:

    Hey… Has anyone else been screwed out of playing after you select your mode? I mean, what happens there? You select your difficulty and it freezes. What the **** (BAD LANGUAGE ALERT! KIDS COULD BE BLOGGING!) So yeah. Who else has that happen to them?

  337. sarahsantitoro Says:

    Good News: 4 New Special Missions !!!
    Bad News: They aren’t listed with the other Special Missions.
    It still says “Coming Soon” like has before.
    I logged out & re-logged in; no change.

    Waaah!! Please help !!

  338. sarahsantitoro Says:

    Nevermind… It’s okay now – perhaps I pounced on it too soon for my logout/login to pick-up the SW update. Sorry I panicked. (She said, blushing.)

  339. sarahsantitoro Says:

    One down, three more to go…

    There can be only ONE — but now it’s gone. I’ll come back later and do it “for real” – w/o the Monkey Add-Ons. Now, THAT WILL be a challenge!

    BTW: It’d be VERY nice if you guys could provide a single toggle that would allow me to switch the *Entire* Monkey Add-On package on/off w/o having to click them each, individually… Gee, am I that lazy? You betcha!
    *** *** *** *** ***
    Later, that same day…
    My window was still up here & I see I forgot to actually post the above, so I thought I’d just add this in, too..

    The 1st Mission was great, but the 2nd, IMHO, has been totally unsatisfying. First of all, it’s #$&! expensive with no SA’s spotted for us. I used the “Continue’ buy-option a few times so as not to waste the $$$ I’d already spent in SAs (including multiple blue pyramids – darn, it takes a long time for those to activate)!

    Anyway, I’m really not interested in just buying my way through it, but I wasn’t interesting in buying ranks, either.

    …so I’m passing on this one & going on to the next.

  340. Mathew Says:

    HEY BTD5 CREATORS: awesome game, but you should make some updates and add new towers like u did in btd4, if too much work, just put in the spike tower again

  341. btd5 Says:

    Absolutely love this game! When will the new missions come out? Can’t wait till they do!

  342. Torin Says:

    are you guys putting the spike factory in btd5

  343. Torin Says:

    when are you going to put in the spike factory.

  344. ########### Says:

    Do release btd5 for iOS. Every time I play btd4, I keep thinking I can use a sniper but no.

  345. sharky333 Says:

    hi i’m a big fan of your games.

  346. sharky333 Says:

    hi i’m a great fan of your games. i play BTD 5 everyday.

  347. sharky333 Says:

    I don’t understand what Monkey Aces Operation: Dart Storm, more darts=win

  348. Me Says:

    Stop talking about BTD6 for gods sake you’ll be wanting BTD 42 but plzplzplz make for app store
    And also in later levels make like a hyper fast forward 20x speed cuz it lags alot

  349. Jeffrey Says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that spike factory is here!!!!!

    :D :D :D :) :) :) :D :D :D :) :) :)

    Keep up the good work guys!

  350. Slayer362 Says:

    When does btd5 come out for the I touch

  351. david Says:

    i couldn’t beat lvl 78 until i put a meerkat spy on my sun god. then i accedently clicked on a commercial and the page was gone and all my monkey money was gone… damn

  352. Tha Boss Says:

    it freaking says “organised.” freaking change it already. freaks.

  353. jb Says:

    u should bring back light saber thrower and make him a tower, instead of throwing it slashes its saber around.

  354. Uihjj Says:

    They should put something where you can make your own levels

  355. haretaman Says:

    uh…i dont know how to say this… but… how do you destroy an account(if possible)

  356. altobloonx Says:

    I got some special agent ideas.

    Hungry Chameleon:

    This special agent eats bloons very rapidly

    Sharp Porcupine

    This special agent shoots quills at bloons. The quills can pop 3 bloons each.


    It is a snake that that slithers around the track to poison the bloons.

    Attack Shark

    This special agent can only be placed in water but it can sabotage a pop of bloons

  357. altobloonx Says:

    In the next update, you should add a pause button like in BTD4 iPod/iPhone version, and you can pause for a limited time in apocalypse mode.

  358. splitter05 Says:


  359. 203995014 Says:

    Okay guys, I am really bored right now so I am going to waste my time making a guide for newbies on tips to playing this game some for each tower.

    Dart Monkey:
    it is a good cheap tower but it is useless in later rounds unless you have juggernaut or super monkey fan club… but if you do, it’s great! dart monkey can see camo and these pesky camo lead bloons can be popped by the juggernaut. it also has a huge pop limit of 100. and it is relatively cheap too. but the true power of the dart monkey comes out when you buy the super monkey fan club. super monkey fan club is expensive ($8000), but if get one with a bunch of dart monkeys (usually 0/2 or higher on path 1 is fine), it really destroys stuff. buy ten of these SMFC monkeys for maximum effectiveness.

    Tack shooter:
    tack shooter is an early-midgame tower with useful upgrades. if you are buying it in the early part of the game, get the tack sprayer. if in the middle, blade shooter and blade maelstorm is better.

    Sniper monkey:
    this tower is good for singling out powerful bloons, camo bloon detection, and in some rare cases, money farming. it has unlimited range so place really far away from the action.

    Boomerang monkey:
    boomerang is a great tower that can pop multiple towers at once with insanely powerful upgrades. glaive ricochet has an unlimitied peirce so it is great for destroying large crowds of bloons. glaive lord and you got some s*it killer there. bionic boomer is better for the midgame and a good deal too.

    Ninja monkey:
    good for early-midgame and good for camo detection, late game is bloon sabotage. great upgrade. camo detection, bloonjitsu.

    Bomb tower:
    bomb tower is for any time in the game, cluster bombs and bloon impact can do plenty to bloons but not too much to moabs. those are great for popping leads and stalling. moab mauler isn’t too good, but the moab assassin, if you can get it in time for round 46, can really save your a** for the next 10 rounds.

    Ice tower:
    Ice tower is good in many ways. most people don’t find it too good until you can get the later upgrades, but it works just as well as the glue gunner, especially with permafrost. path 1 is good for later rounds, while path 2 is good for mid rounds with large masses of bloons. combine that with the MIB and you would be kicking a**.

    Glue gunner:
    glue gunner can help you in the early rounds, and it has upgrades to make it more suited for the later rounds. the first path is good if you need to thin out the numbers of bloons and second path is good if you have too many bloons to deal with and you need to slow things down to make things easier. don’t buy too much though, as they will be worthless in rounds 60-85 or so.

    Monkey buccaneer:
    monkey buccaneer is an early-midgame tower. first path isn’t too good, but 2nd path can save your a** like the MOAB assassin. especially since it has camo detection.

    Monkey ace:
    monkey ace is good if you have large groups of bloons or if bloons are spread out. both paths can deal alot of carnage to bloons. but they don’t do much to moabs so be careful not to buy too many. specter rapes and ground zero destroys and saves a**es if you are about to lose or if there are too many bloons on the screen.

    Super monkey:
    super monkey is the best tower of all. it destroys everything and has insanely powerful upgrades. sun god is good for popping bloons while robo monkey is good for moabs. so on the short term, go for the robo monkey. they are good for beating the game. but the best upgrade of all is the temple of the monkey god. it is a waste if you don’t sacrifice anything but if you do, it BEATS THE S*IT OUT OF THEM! best sacrifice combo is 1 master of air 1 ice tower 1 glue gunner 1 village and around 7 moab maulers. plan ahead if you are planning on going on freeplay mode. nothing could possibly be better than the super monkey. the only weakness though, is camo detection.

    Monkey apprentice:
    when it comes to camo detection, monkey apprentice is the choice here. 1st path focuses on air spells and it blows back lots of bloons to help you stall. 2nd path, which is master of fire, is great for popping basically anything. camo, regen, or moab! especially since the pheonix can do plenty to camo bloons.

    Monkey village:
    monkey village can lower cost of towers so use it to buy powerful and expensive upgrades. it has many useful upgrades. it allows camo detection either path you go. it increases the popping power of nearby towers by 1. it increases range and fire rate of towers. but the best upgrades are upgrades 3 or 4. path 1 helps gain money from the monkey town and the last upgrade rapes as it attacks and lowers cooldown of special abilities. 2nd path allows towers to pop any bloon, so bomb towers can pop zebras or blacks, sharps can pop frozen or lead, etc. and the MIB call to arms really deals carnage to any type of bloon.

    Banana farm:
    banana farms are important to beating the game. it gives extra money and is very useful for getting those expensive upgrades like technological terror. path 1 for instant money, path 2 for saving for more money in the end.

    Mortar tower:
    mortar has unlimited range and you select a target for the mortar and it fires at that spot, so place far away from the action. path 2 is good for revealing camo bloons, so that can be used for camo detection. path 1 is just for destroying bloons.

    Dartling gun:
    this tower has unlimited range but it follows your mouse and fires where your mouse is so it is very useful for maps with split paths. 1st path for dealing s*it to moabs and 2nd path for bloons.

    Spike factory:
    do you use too many spikes? then this tower is perfect for you! it can pop camo and produces road spikes for free! 1st path for popping things really fast in the end, 2nd path for moabs and whole map coverage.

    I hope this guide helped and people can disagree with me but this is my opinion on the towers. have a nice day.

  360. simba50 Says:

    just putting an idea out there maybe in the next update you could add a sword monkey?

  361. Arceus567 Says:

    Chris.This is an wonderful game!But there is a problem :

    ”When you completed all the tracks on all difficulties,no more cash(much cash,tons of cash : 600$ and less :P ).Could you make an update like a monkey Casino with 3x spins for the first time and then 1x spin every day!
    P.S. The treasure chest for monkey money could give you more cash than 12,10,8,9 and so + sometimes 1x,2x or 3x spins on the wheel.The wheel should have 10 slots :

    1.1 NK coin
    2.3 NK Coins
    3.5 NK Coins
    4.Jackpot 10 NK Coins!
    5.50$ cash
    6.200$ cash
    7.250$ cash
    8.300$ cash
    9.2x spins
    10. MEGA JACKPOT – 10 NK Coins + 3x Spins + 500$


    When you would do this update,this game would be the HEAVEN!!!!!


  362. ha ha Says:

    ninja kiwi you should make a very hard mode where you have to get to round 90 or 95 and there should be a prize the prize should be you get to keep one tower forever than you can do it again but not get a prize more than once and only have 50 and no triple lives it may be fun please don’t make people buy it or make people unlock it. it should be really challenging


  363. haretaman Says:


  364. ha ha Says:

    ninja kiwi you should make a very hard mode where you have to get to round 90 or 95 and there should be a prize the prize should be you get to keep one tower forever than you can do it again but not get a prize more than once and only have 50 lives and no triple lives it may be fun please don’t make people buy it or make people unlock it. it should be really challenging


  365. 203995014 Says:

    damn my sister was playing on my account i let her and she accidentally bought 5 super monkey storms and a bloonberry bush. can you make it so that you can undo purchases? the bloonberry bush is helping me beat the new track but the super monkey storms? b*tch please.

  366. PacBrad Says:

    Bloons TD 6 release date: Hmm!

    I’m not very happy about the number of people thinking that BTD6 is a 2012 or a 2013. It might be a 2014…

  367. PacBrad Says:

    203995014, you cannot undo purchases. You cannot sell Special Agents. I think your sister is very sorry about this, but the good thing about monkey storms is that they do BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG damage to MOAB class bloons!

    Also, Ninja Kiwi will not make an “Undo Purchase” button on the Special Agents screen. They think you will cheat otherwise. It might be on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad version, special thanks NK’s buddies at Digital Goldfish.

    You’re risking it :O!

  368. PacBrad Says:

    This is your only hope!

  369. Terrell guerra Says:

    hey to the people that made BTD5 i was wondering if you can make a new tower i thought of this one. The train shooter is has 1 steam engine and 3 cars.T first train car will have a darling gun on it the 2nd one will have a tack shooter and the 3rd car will have a pineapple dropper and your able to make you track and have more cars and upgrade the trains to a disiel traing and a hightspeed train please re spond

  370. Bestbuds Says:

    ====To anyone preparing for the Special Agent Special Mission on BTD5.===

    I spent a long time saving up, and finally had the guts to do the mission, and ta dah, I passed it. But if I may offer you some warning, do not spend the bulk of your money on the BeeKeeper. He is definitely not worth the cost, you should spend most of your monkey money on the Trible Turtle. You don’t need that many Meerkat spies. Also, Bloonberry bushes are a great help. You may want quite a few, and place them at both ends of the switch map. Once they grow to the full 200 thorns, even if a nearly perfect MOAB slips past your defenses, it wont get through a few of those. Finally, do make sure you are ready. You will have to spend a lot of monkey money. Seriously, beat every mission on hard/medium/easy before attempting. It’s better to have overspent than to waste all that Monkey money and failing. Good Luck!

  371. 203995014 Says:

    wait never mind i realized that the amount of monkey money didn’t change at all. weird :/.
    this has to be a bug. ninjakiwi, please fix this. and if anyone else had the same thing happen to you then please tell me i f*cking hate bugs, even if it is a good one like what happened to me it takes away from the challenge :/.

  372. TivenicobS Says:

    This is by far my favorite game on the internet
    MAKE A 3DS VERSION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  373. PacBrad Says:

    If it is a train, then, it will have to be a Special Agent. Never heard of them?

  374. PacBrad Says:

    You can’t upgrade it or add more cars.

  375. PacBrad Says:

    The perfect cost for it is $125 Monkey Money.

  376. PacBrad Says:

    And also, you need to place a circle on the track for the train!

  377. PacBrad Says:

    I reckon that Bloons should be on TV!

  378. PacBrad Says:

    (everyone might call me a **** blabbermouth, because I am continuously post comments on this blog)

  379. PacBrad Says:

    (don’t like swearing, I’m a wuss)

  380. 203995014 Says:

    no pacbrad you are perfectly fine you made me feel better about the extra special agents.
    oh yeah my computer got replaced with an ipad so does anybody know a flash browser for ipad that is not for 17+? i am 12 years old.
    I miss not being able to play btd5 :/.

  381. sheng34 Says:

    Guess what????
    There’s a glitch!!!!
    I switched to a different NK account


  382. sheng34 Says:


  383. PacBrad Says:

    BTD5 is coming soon to iPad. It will be available from the App Store probably late this year. It might be November or December.

  384. PacBrad Says:

    You know, I hate swearers and swearing. I’m having a big fuss about it.

  385. PacBrad Says:

    TivenicobS, it might be in 2013. May or June, 2013.

  386. PacBrad Says:

    Ninja Kiwi, you did a great job, but can you see the fuss about MochiGames in some of the comments above? I also have a fuss about swearing. Someone aged 12 (I’m 14 years old) wants to know what a browser can do for Flash on iPads and iPhones and iPod Touches.

    Also, I’m unable to play Special Mission because I apparently “have to Log In” and you’ve ALL (not some of you!) caused a problem with 8-15 year olds, and I’m one of them :( .

    Game Mode suggestion: Expert
    In Expert, you only have 75 lives and towers are almost at their original prices, but not all of them! The rest of the towers are super expensive, so be careful!

  387. GetIaid Says:

    Bought healthy banana’s but it aint working, says +1 life for each upgrade every round, yeah right more like nothing, please fix

  388. CesartheSanchez Says:

    I don’t know why but ninja kiwi didn’t yet put a barrel throwing ape agent in the game.

  389. CesartheSanchez Says:

    Bloons TD5 is a great game but I wonder if the Ray of doom works on monkeys.

    I think agents should have upgrades so the can prove that they are just as awesome. But the upgrades can only be brought with monkey money. And the upgrades should be cheap too. $1-$10 they have rights,…AND awesomeness.

  390. CesartheSanchez Says:

    PacBrad after reading of howmuch of a blabber mouth you are, I know exactly how you feel, beccause I am here to ask ….. WHY MUST MONKEYS BATTLE BLOONS?!?!?!? Sereously I don’t get it…

  391. CesartheSanchez Says:

    Ninja Kiwi,… Are you allowed to add any more premiums into any other game you make? I would think no because sombody would alredy purchase the Mega Monkey EP and now they would wan’t to purchase the new upgrade sepreate from the pack

  392. PacBrad Says:

    I have 10 problems. PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Why is there no Monkey Glue? For people who like Monkey Glue, they are complaining about it not being on BTD5. Complain rate is about 60 in 65. (12 in 13) I’m not worried, I only use it on BTD2!

    2. They say there is a pause button. Why isn’t there a pause button? Complain rate is about 99 in 100. I’m one of them, I’m very upset. :( :( :(

    3. When will the Special Agent Pros come out? Don’t know the date? Have a guess! Complain rate is about 199 in 200.

    4. Why did you douse out of MochiGames? People are complaining, but you should not fix this. I just want to know why. Complain rate for Facebook users is about 599 in 600, and for the rest of them, 149 in 150, which is an average of 274 in 275. That was a dozy that was, giving up Mochi.

    5. iPhone version before October? Complain rate is 999 in 1000, that’s trouble!

    6. Why can’t you buy two Level 3 upgrades at once? Do not fix this, make a SPP that will allow you to mix two LV3 upgrades together to make a super-strong upgrade, utterly powerful! Complain rate is 2 in 3.

    You have resolved these, but please answer why you forgot them.

    7. Why didn’t the game release in the 15th of December?

    8. Why wasn’t the Spike Factory in the first version of BTD5?

    9. On some computers, why was there a bug that won’t let those players play the game?

    10. Why did you forget the hotkeys?

  393. PacBrad Says:

    Two more, for extra marks.

    11. Will there be a version for Wii, PS3, PS Vita, 3DS, DSi and XBox 360?

    12. Will you EVER visit (or have a holiday) in Australia?

  394. PacBrad Says:

    More things I’m complaining about.

    13. On Christmas this year, will you promise to dress all monkeys up into Christmas clothing (for the Ice Track only)?

    14. Why can’t Sun Gods (and TOTMGs) detect camos?

    15. Why did I get blocked from Special Missions? I don’t have a Ninja Kiwi account and I’m 14 years old!

    16. Why isn’t there a tutorial for Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and Rainbow bloons?

    17. Is there any other way we can get the wallpapers? Can we get it from the game? Add them to the premium store for 5 NK coins each.

    18. Can we have reviews for new towers and tracks etc? eMail me at any time (and I’ll keep it a secret).

    19. Can you please let us save our games (as a guest)?

    20. Is there going to be a BTD6?

  395. PacBrad Says:

    PLEASE answer question 14 because I’ve just failed round 78 with a Sun God, Glave Lord, Ninja Monkey, Blade Shooter, Tech’ Terror and a Ring of Fire.

  396. lilhunter88 Says:

    i played btd5 and its alsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  397. PacBrad Says:

    Guess what else you’ve done wrong, on the clock track, you have written 7 two times!

    The number order is: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII (8), IX, X, XI, XII.

    The number order is not: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VII (again), IX, X, XI, XII.

    You’ve been counting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12. Not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

  398. PacBrad Says:

    Four more (because you have not answered me)

    21. How can I display this game in HD full screen?

    22. Where can I speed up the game even more? Where is the Super-Fsat Forward button?

    Both of the above, not there!

    23. How come you made grammar mistakes?

    24. Are you planning on banning Extreme track for guests? I really can’t do them, but I’d like them blocked on little kids, allowing them to: one, save their bacon and two, make their game-play easier.

  399. 203995014 Says:

    guys is it that hard to make an email account i got early access i made email right at the spot

  400. PacBrad Says:

    I still haven’t got my eMail yet.

  401. jesse Says:

    1. add more special missions the maps are to easy to beat on hard
    2. there should be challenges in the game like pop so many bloons in a week or something to keep you playing the game everyday or comeing back for more other than a daily mission that takes 10mins to beat everyday
    3. it needs more towers and upgrades for the towers

    thank you and the game is great just needs more right now

  402. PacBrad Says:

    And yet I keep on checking, still not there.

  403. PacBrad Says:

    Still no Monkey Glue.

    Still restricted for Special Missions.

    Still no time switcher (between x1, x2 and x3)

    Still some grammar errors.

    The clock still has 2 VIIs.

    Still no BTD4 tracks.

    Still no wallpapers in the Premium Store.

    And most importantly, I STILL DON’T HAVE A NK ACCOUNT!

    Guys, if you want upgrades to be separate towers, the answer is, no x3.

    That means:

    1. There will not be a tower that will shot MOAB Maulers and MOAB Assassins and more.

    2. There will not be a tower that is the Robo Monkey. If there is, then upgrading it will make it shoot missiles, lasers, darts, and plasma!

    3. THERE WILL NOT BE A SUN GOD TOWER, BECAUSE NO-ONE WILL AFFORD IT BECAUSE THE PRICE (on Medium) IS GOING TO BE $50000 AND THE UPGRADES ARE OVER $25000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. The Spike-O-Pult will not be a tower.

    And also, if I’m very clever, mix two level 3 upgrades together to get these! (which you can’t because a path will close straight after you buy another level 3 upgrade)

    Dart Monkey: Triple Darts + Spike-O-Pult = Triple Balls.
    Tack Shooter: Tack Sprayer + Blade Shooter = Blade Sprayer.
    Sniper Monkey: Deadly Precision + Semi Automatic Riffle = The Killer Gun.
    Boomerang Monkey: Glave Riccochet + Bionic Boomer = Super Monkey with Glaves.
    Ninja Monkey: Double Shot + Flash Bomb = Bomin’ Crazy.
    Bomb Tower (Cannon, some call it): Cluster Bombs + MOAB Mauler = MOAB Feeding Frenzy.
    Arctic Monkey (Ice Tower, originally the Ice Ball): Arctic Wind + Ice Shards = Super Fast Ice Shards.
    Glue Gunner: Bloon Dissolver + Glue Hose = Toxic Glue Hose.
    Buccaneer: Destroyer + Cannon Ship = Viking Monkeys.
    Ace: Neva-Miss Targeting + Dart Storm = Super Monkey Airship
    Super Monkey (here comes the fun one): Sun God + Robo Monkey = ????
    Keep reading to find out!
    Apprentice: Tornado + Dragon’s Breath = Wizard.
    Village: Town + Bureau = Monkey College.
    Banana Farm: Republic + Bank = Garden in the Bank.
    Mortar: Bloon Buster + Signal Flare = The Great One.
    Dartling (Gatling): Laser + Hydra Rockets = Tron Rockets.
    Spike Factory :) : Spike Balls + SHREDR = MOAB Cutting Spike Balls.
    Super Monkey (for real this time): Sun God + Robo Monkey = Technology Temple.

  404. robert alexander tolf Says:

    I have a suggestion for a new bloon type. It i called the target bloon. only towers that shoot/throw darts can pop this new bloon

  405. robert alexander tolf Says:

    I have an idea for a new bloon The target bloon only darts can pop these bloons I hope to it in bloons tower defense 1-5 have good evening

  406. robert alexander tolf Says:

    hey pacbrad quit your bitch’in

  407. PacBrad Says:

    Do you know my eMail account? How old do I have to be to have a Ninja
    Kiwi account?

  408. PacBrad Says:

    I haven’t got my mail yet. Chris, Stephen, send me my mail, please.

  409. PacBrad Says:

    You should know my eMail address.

  410. PacBrad Says:

    No robert alexander tolf, I won’t.

    Your idea of the Target bloon is not happening. Chris, do you agree?

  411. PacBrad Says:

    I’m not quittin’, ever.

  412. PacBrad Says:

    So, do you want Monkey Glue, or are you OK with the Glue Gunners?

  413. PacBrad Says:

    Again, still no Monkey Glue.

    Again, the clock has 7 written on it twice. I recommend replacing the Roman numbers with banana numbers.

    Again, you have no editor. Phil, why did you make *unfunny* English mistakes?

    Again, no time switcher.

    Again, restricted from Special Missions. Why am I restricted?

    Again, no wallpapers. You need to put those wallpapers in the Premium Store, for 5 NK coins each.

    Again, no BTD4 tracks. Why didn’t you include those tracks? Hint: You can put them in a Track Book called Retro Track where you can put all BTD2, BTD3 and BTD4 tracks in.

    Recapping the complaint about Level 3 upgrades and separate towers. Please scroll up.

  414. sheng34 Says:

    I usually don’t use Monkey Glue.
    Click the blue sheng34 to get to Bloons TD 5.

  415. PacBrad Says:

    About these Level 3 Mix-Ups.

    Triple Balls: Allows the Spike-O-Pult to shoot three balls at the same time. They all come in three colours, black, blue and red. Only the red ball can pop leads. The blue and red balls can pop frozen bloons. The black ball excels at crushing Brown bloons, although it can’t pop leads and frozen bloons.

    Blade Sprayer: You must be joking! Shoots 16 blades instead of 8. Makes it hard for bloons to dodge the blades. The blades are also sharp enough to cut leads in half.

    The Killer Gun: Pure killer. Shoots 7x as fast as a normal gun, and rips off 70 layers of bloon! Do you know WHY I said 70? Because it can do pretty good damage to MOABs, BFBs and ZOMGs when shot multiple times in a row.

    Glaive Super Monkey: He is the best out of the boomers and glaivers. Act like a Glaive Riccochet and Bionic Boomer, but shoots 3x as fast as a normal Boomerang Monkey.

    Bomin’ Crazy: As a Double Shot Ninja Monkey, bomb’s can now be thrown twice as often. What happens when the Ninja throws two bombs at once?

    MOAB Feeding Frenzy: Shoots a normal MOAB Mauler and when it explodes, it spawns 16 more MOAB Maulers! Useful on BFBs and ZOMGs.

    Super Fast Ice Shards: When the Arctic Monkey pops a red, it shoots VERY fast ice shards then is sharp enough to slice though leads! When a tower that can pop frozen bloons pop a frozen red from this tower, same thing.

    Toxic Glue Hose: Half bloon dissolver, half glue maniac. Shoots toxic green glue 7x as fast, faster than a normal glue hose. It can also glue MOABs, but it won’t do any damage.

    Viking Monkeys: Don’t you dare trespass this boat! It demands sacrifice all of the time, allowing their weapons to become stronger. Depending on the tower, the Vikings can get a new weapon or cannon, or it will just increase it’s range and speed. The good thing about Vikings is, that it will upgrade Super Monkeys into Sun Gods for a VERY big discount!

    Super Monkey Airship: Shoots 100 darts a once and aims at the first bloon with a *lot* of MOAB Maulers. You can change it’s path, but not it’s target.

    Wizard: Attacks extremely fast! If you upgraded this from Dragon’s Breath, then the fire will go further. You can turn Dragon’s Breath ON or OFF with this Monkey Wizard!

    Monkey College: Pays you 150 x nearby towers dollars at the end of each round. It’s teaching skills will allow the nearby towers to excel at crushing Browns and multiply their popping power by 10.

    Garden in the Bank: It’s a bank, with a garden in the back! Grows 60 bananas each round and acts like a Monkey Bank.

    The Great One: Shoots HUGE missiles and weakens the Regen bloons, forcing their regen speed to halve, making it easier for weak towers to pop regens. Combine this with Monkey College for a bigger blast.

    Tron Rockets: This gun came from the year 5000! Unbelievable! Shoots rocket made from neon and when it explodes, POW! Sparks will fly.

    MOAB Cutting Spike Balls: These spike balls came from the brand, SHREDR. These do very good damage to MOAB-class bloons. With it, you can upgrade it to make it more powerful. With this Mix-Up, you can buy all upgrades at once! This is the only tower that can have all 8 upgrades at once.

    Technology Temple: Shh, don’t say a word. This temple demands sacrifice all of the time, but not strong enough to grab the Vikings, because they are immune to it. It gives viruses to bloons every time the temple hits one. There are six weapons for this temple. Can you find them all?

    Please make a Special Agent called Upgrade Mixing Pot so that these upgrades exist.

  416. PacBrad Says:

    I hope you like these :D .

  417. PacBrad Says:

    Why isn’t there a walkthrough for Special Agent Pros? I would like to read a blog about it.

  418. PacBrad Says:

    I checked my eMails, again. None of them says: Chris Harris or Stepthen Harris.

    Are you still writing it?

  419. PacBrad Says:

    Pro for Upgrade Mixing Pot: Upgrade Blender (activates after 30 days)

    With this SAP, you can upgrade your Mix-Up to something new!

    Current towers:

    Exploding Balls: Explodes when used up, in a small radius, and a bigger one from the Red Ball. Comes with a green ball, that leaks Monkey Glue, and melts into Monkey Glue. *ABILITY* Ball Storm: Lunches 3 Spike Balls to orbit the tower, and slowly moves away from the tower. Recharge time: 5 minutes.

    Leaking Lava: Instead of shooting blades (and tacks!) the tower will create some flowing lava. *ABILITY* Lava Splash: A meteor falls and splashes into the lava pool, and spread the whole track with lava! One use only. With the Charge the Lazy Premium, it recharges for 10 minutes.

    Money Rain: *ABILITY* Wish you were rich? Now is your chance! This ability allows YOU to force bloons to pay tax and gives you a BIG $30000 jackpot! Not for immediate use. Use after 10 minutes. Recharges for 10 minutes.

    Glaive Monster: Creates 8 glaives that orbit the monster, and it can pop camos and has a popping power of 8. *ABILITY* Homer Glaives: The orbiting glaives will be forced to aim at bloons for 2 minutes. Recharge time: 15 minutes.

    Bomb Justice: *ABILITY* Shoots nothing but bombs for 15 seconds. Five uses only. Recharges for 3 minutes each break.

    Cruncher: *ABILITY* Sends in 160 MOAB Assassins at once, first time only. Any other time it will be 80. Recharge time: 20 minutes.

    Totally Zero: The Acrtic Monkey can now freeze MOABs. *ABILITY* Freezes all bloons on the screen, including MOAB class bloons. Three uses only, then it will still have the power to freeze MOABs. Recharges for 7.5 minutes each break.

    Raining Glue: *ABILITY* Glue all bloons on the screen, with toxic glue. MOAB class bloons are glued too, but won’t take any damage.

    Slaves: Forces 10 Viking Monkeys to give towers out of range supplies, increasing it’s speed, popping power and range, all at the same time. *ABILITY* Tunderstorm: Same as the Lightning Beacon’s ability, but lightning strikes more often, and shoots 150 bolts of lightning! One use only. Never recharges.

    Super Monkey Beacon: Builds a beacon that lowers the price of the Super Monkeys and it’s upgrades. *ABILITY* Super Monkey Siren: Ring it to see 25 Super Monkeys flying on the screen. Some shoot darts. Some can see camos. Some shoot lasers. Some shoot plasma. Some are Robo Monkeys, but they’re rare!

    Auto-Upgrade: Learns a spell that upgrades a tower automatically. *ABILITY* Earthquake: Slows down bloons by less than half speed. MOAB class bloons are half speed. It also crushes brown bloons, doing damage to their body.

    Monkey University: Gives you 1000 x nearby towers x three if there is 20 or more towers dollars. *ABILITY* Sketch Monkey: Sends a student who is trained to bring drawings to life out and draws three random towers that last for 15 minutes each. Recharge time: an hour.

    Unbelievably Ridiculous: Grows 7000 bananas every round. No ability.

    Fire, Fire: *ABILITY* Shoots a HUGE Mortar that pops all bloons on the screen. No monkey can be safe from shooting it, he always dies. One use only, Charge the Lazy not effected. The Mortar shooter dies after using this. No-one else dies.

    Tron Monkey: Just like you were shooting neon rockets does not mean you need to be Tron. The Tron rockets cover a very wide area every shot. *ABILITY* Tron Terror: Same as the Tech’ Terror’s ability, except that the range is wider by a long shot. Recharge time: 1 minute.

    MOAB Cutter Storm: *ABILITY* Do you mind if I do a Spike Storm with MOAB Cutting Spikes? Recharge time: 2 minutes.

    Shut Down: *ABILITY* Does not shut down your computer luckily, but it shuts down a MOABs, BFBs and ZOMGs and rewards a lot of money, more blimps, more money! It also shuts down the Temple for 20 minutes after use to recharge. The recharge time for the ability is 1 hour and 30 minutes.


    Mix 1: Parroting Moles are we? Digs out three layers of bloon!
    Mix 2: Plasma Beacon: Shoots a wave of 10 plasma rays! No ability.

  420. firetruckmanla7 Says:

    if anyone out their can send this message to a BTD5 game makerbor let them see this message plz do

    dear ninjakiwi,
    i have a great new tower idea called the chainsaw tower that can saw bloons to make them pop. Also you can add upgrades like…….it can shoot chain from the saw at the bloons and or make it upgrade to double chain saw. It would be great and everyone would love it. Here is my idea of what it should look like it should have a jacket on and just like the dart mokey’s head band, the jacket sould change color also. Lastly addition upgrades i thought of was/is increase range, flaming chain saw, ABBILITY: where the monkey can move around the track and pop bloons. plz concider this awesome tower!

  421. PacBrad Says:

    No new eMails yet… I am missing it. Are you sending it t Hotmail or something that is not Gmail? I have a Gmail account!

  422. PacBrad Says:

    I checked my eMail continuously, and none of them said Chris Harris, Stephen Harris or any other Ninja Kiwi member’s name. SEND IT BEFORE I GO BACK TO SCHOOL!! (it’s tomorrow, so HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  423. barrito711 Says:

    dear ninja kiwi,

    i think a great idea for a new tower for BTD6 would be a flamethrower monkey. the monkey would have a jacket with a flame on it, and every time it upgraded, it would have an extra flame on its jacket. its jacket color would be red untill 3 and 4 on either side. on the right it would turn yellow, on the left it would turn orange. UPGRADES:Left 1: Longer Flame; more range, Right 1:Powerfull Flame; less time to pop a bloon. NOTE: flamethrower over heats. Left 2:Even Longer Flame, more range added; Right 2; Faster Cooldown, really this upgrade’s self explanitory; Left 3: Long-live Flames, no need for cooldowns; Right 3:Double Heat, two flamethrowers,can seperate arms like Robo-monkey; Left 4: Ring of Flames, a ring of fire is placed around the tower, also shoots darts; Right 4: Lil’ Flamo, tower has a sidekick with flaming darts. DOWNSIDES: none except for flame-resistant bloons. no weaknesses on 4 levels

  424. PacBrad Says:

    Too late guys! I have NOT got my eMail over the holidays, and now I’m back at school!

    Here is an extra chance: You can have 50 more days. You still have plenty of time to write the eMail. Think about it, because question 14 might not be your cuppa tea, the same goes for 20. 23 requires you to hire a corrector or two or three. Question 12 may be a pain in the -.

    During Bonus Time, answer these two as well

    25. Who will be the artist for Bloons TD 6 iPhone? Where is s/he from? I really don’t want Digital Goldfish to make this, rely on a different publisher. I’m counting on you!

    26. Fix this: Instead of gluing 1 bloon at a time, ___________ splatters 6 bloons at once.
    Recommended: Instead of gluing 1 bloon at a time, the gun adds a special splattering chemical to allow it to splatter 6 bloons at once!

    27. Fix this: First Green Bloons are coming next round.
    Recommended: The first 4 Green Bloons are coming up next.

    28. Fix this: Destroys all bloons within short radius of tower…
    Recommended: Pops all bloons within a short radius of the Robo Monkey…

    29. Fix this: The Super Monkey’s underwear, socks and logo will not match the cape colour if I upgrade it to 2-1 or 2-2.
    Recommended: Make the display and the tower look the same!

    30. Get an editor to fix other grammar errors. I don’t have any recommendations, but you can rely on a high school student if you like.

    Good luck, do NOT forget to send me my eMail!

  425. 203995014 Says:

    PacBrad Says:
    April 18th, 2012 at 6:02 pm
    Again, still no Monkey Glue.

    Again, the clock has 7 written on it twice. I recommend replacing the Roman numbers with banana numbers.

    Again, you have no editor. Phil, why did you make *unfunny* English mistakes?

    Again, no time switcher.

    Again, restricted from Special Missions. Why am I restricted?

    Again, no wallpapers. You need to put those wallpapers in the Premium Store, for 5 NK coins each.

    Again, no BTD4 tracks. Why didn’t you include those tracks? Hint: You can put them in a Track Book called Retro Track where you can put all BTD2, BTD3 and BTD4 tracks in.

    Recapping the complaint about Level 3 upgrades and separate towers. Please scroll up.

    They didn’t put monkey glue in cause they had no space and people could just use glue gunners.

    They spent so much time making this game, give them a break already

    What is a time switcher?

    You are restricted from challenges and special missions because they give monkey money and guests can’t have monkey money

    You don’t even have a ninjakiwi account

    Who gives a f*ck? They never put old tracks in their games

    The level 3 upgrades are split because they are unique and if they were combinable, then that would be overpowered (hint hint*). They are perfectly fine the way they are.

    Overall, no offense but I think your complaints are stupid :\

  426. 203995014 Says:

    Lol fail

  427. 203995014 Says:

    Dammit pacbrad give them a break already! And digital goldfish is awesome btw.

  428. Rhett Doerle Says:

    Valuable data and excellent style you got right here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up

  429. PacBrad Says:

    “They didn’t put monkey glue in cause they had no space and people could just use glue gunners.” They want it back…

    “They spent so much time making this game, give them a break already” I know, but what if they do an update that will be under my credit?

    “What is a time switcher?” A time switcher is a machine that can change the force of time. Winding it to x3 triples the time speed.

    “You are restricted from challenges and special missions because they give monkey money and guests can’t have monkey money” Ah ha, you didn’t know about the tracks.

    “You don’t even have a ninjakiwi account” I won’t until I get my eMail about how old I have to be. Do you know?

    “Who gives a -? They never put old tracks in their games” Watch your language!!! I wish there could be BTD2-4 tracks on there.

    “The level 3 upgrades are split because they are unique and if they were combinable, then that would be overpowered (hint hint*). They are perfectly fine the way they are.” No, Special Agent or Special Agent. Stirring two of those makes a real powerful and real expensive :) upgrade.

    Get it 203995014?! I answered!

  430. 203995014 Says:

    Monkey glue used to be very useful in btd 2 but now it sucks. It also needs to be easily accessible if they are going to implement it, and they don’t have any more space for that.

    Under your credit? Now that certainly is attention seeking.

    There are a few reasons why that tower is a bad idea.
    First off, this tower would be one of those towers where you would only need one of them.
    Also, it is overpowered assuming that it can slow time too.
    This tower is breaking the law of physics.
    Overall, this tower is stupid.

    They are encouraging you to get a ninjakiwi account.

    You have to be 13 or older to have an email. You are 14 and at age.

    Watch the parents suck video from smosh. It is very funny.
    And wallpapers would be pointless anyway

    Upgrades are supposed to help you in game. These upgrades you have also have slow recharge times which I doubt people will want to buy or keep playing. Yeah, I knew you were going to say it is impossible to get the temple before round 85. As a matter of fact, it is, with sacrifices.

    That is my rebuttal.

  431. 203995014 Says:

    *as a matter of fact it is possible

  432. PacBrad Says:

    “Monkey glue used to be very useful in btd 2 but now it sucks. It also needs to be easily accessible if they are going to implement it, and they don’t have any more space for that.” You know, there should be a feature that you can choose two of the following, Monkey Glue (like I suggested), Road Spikes, Pineapples or Flint and Stone (which should be in BTD6 as well). When you choose you level of difficulty, a menu shows up with all of the obstacles and lets you choose 2 ONLY! When you have finished planning, click OK.

    “Under your credit? Now that certainly is attention seeking.” Correct.

    “There are a few reasons why that tower is a bad idea.
    First off, this tower would be one of those towers where you would only need one of them.
    Also, it is overpowered assuming that it can slow time too.
    This tower is breaking the law of physics.
    Overall, this tower is stupid.” NOOOO! It replaces the fast forward button. It is not a tower or Special Agent.

    “They are encouraging you to get a ninjakiwi account.” Let me make an assumption: I have to be at least 15 years old to get an Ninja Kiwi account.

    “You have to be 13 or older to have an email. You are 14 and at age.” I got my eMail when I’m 11.

    “Watch the parents suck video from smosh. It is very funny.” How childproof is it? Web address?

    “And wallpapers would be pointless anyway” No, they wouldn’t.

    “Upgrades are supposed to help you in game. These upgrades you have also have slow recharge times which I doubt people will want to buy or keep playing. Yeah, I knew you were going to say it is impossible to get the temple before round 85. As a matter of fact, it is, with sacrifices.” (except for when there will be an Expert mode where stuff is mighty-expensive and you only have 75 lives, therefore you can get the Tech Temple and the TOTMG, you have to reach Round 110 to win it)

    “That is my rebuttal.” That is my return.

  433. PacBrad Says:

    *this is not impossible to make.

  434. PacBrad Says:

    203995014, we’re very competitive. We’re just like we’re playing Tennis!

  435. PacBrad Says:

    (except it’s with words) Who will get accepted first? Aaron, you’re scoring!

  436. fozage Says:

    my suggestion it to have monkey tank (a tower that moves around the map). logicly it will not move on or across water or on the track.the player can move it the same way as the mortar tower set his target. I hope you understand my suggestion and have a good time inventing the upgrades. your faithfully,

  437. sheng34 Says:

    Bloons Tower Defense 5 for the win!

  438. 203995014 Says:

    Ok that is kind of a ripoff of plants vs. zombies but it is a good idea.
    There is:
    Road spikes
    Monkey glue (ok, I admit it is still good, now if only you could upgrade them.)
    Fireball (launches a fireball at a certain area on the track explosion is small no timer costs 100)

    Road spike upgrades
    Path 1
    Bigger spike stacks
    Cheaper spikes
    Spike ball
    Spike mine
    Path 2
    Spread out spikes (spikes are spread out.)
    Thicker spikes
    Moab shredr spikes
    Zomg shredr (each spike does 9 damage to moans class bloons)

    Monkey glue
    Path 1
    Glue soak
    Corrosive glue
    Dissolving glue
    Liquefying glue
    Path 2
    Stickier glue
    Longer lasting glue (glues more bloons)
    glue research (glues twice as much bloons and are much cheaper, also slows more)
    Glue splatter (splatters lots of bloons)

    That is all I got

    No, you can have one you’re 14 you have to be 13

    Oh yeah they made an extreme mode and those upgrades would ruin the challenge

    This is getting very stupid

  439. Awesomeface88 Says:

    Who thinks there should be a Bloons RPG?

    Share your thoughts here:

  440. 203995014 Says:

    ninjakiwi thank you for fixing the lag problem for btd5 my computer usually sucks when it tries to play a flash game (even small ones like bubble tanks 2) and bloons tower defense 5 was already very laggy at the very first round. now, for some strange reason, it is liquid fast even at round 100~. this couldn’t be because of my computer because it still sucked at playing bubble tanks 2 which is literally a few thousand kilobytes. thank you now this game is even more enjoyable.
    my ninjakiwi forum account keeps getting deleted it is probably because i posted the wrong things at the wrong places and acted as though i knew all the rules (which i did but i should have acted like i was learning) but can somebody give me the rules?
    special agent idea: monkey intelligence bereau agent.
    it is versatile, but ninjakiwi can decide what to do.

  441. Stephen Says:

    When is this game coming to the app store?

  442. LinkinPark1027 Says:

    Daily Challenge Ideas:
    1. Single Tower Spree- Start with $2500 and make it to round 50 only using one tower type. Survive these brutal rounds on Easy on the Rink Track. Reward: $50

    2. Bomb, Ice, Glue, Dart- Recieve 4 free towers of your choice that are either bomb, ice, glue, or dart. Start with no money. Only Supermonkeys are available. Last to Round 60 on Easy Difficulty on onkey Lane Track. Reward: $60

    3. Lead this Way- Survive the 10 rounds with all lead bloons. Round 1 will contain 1 lead, Round 2 will contain 2 leads, Round 3 will contain 4 leads, and the number just keeps doubling. Start with $1500. 1 bomb tower free.

    4. I Play BTD5- Only Towers with the letters B, T, and D are available. Start with $650 and make it to Round 65 on Snake River, Meduim Difficulty to win. Reward: $100.

    5. Ultra Reverse Track- Survive 50 rounds on Monkey Lane, Easy Difficulty, but with a catch. Every round, bloons come from the opposite end of the track. Place your towers carefully, because former strategies might not work anymore. Start with $850. Reward: $75

  443. LinkinPark1027 Says:

    What is the highest rank you can get to? I am on 66 right now.

  444. someone Says:

    1. Spike Tower is much needed.
    2. There needs to be some way to get the game to stop lagging.
    3. I need more space for the Monkey Temple! IT’S HUGE!!!
    4. Super Monkey needs a 9th upgrade (like half a million dollars) but really powerful (like having 1000 Monkey temples with every thing)
    5. More Towers? YES!!!
    6. Mochi Coins should come to the new NK account, along with other features. I miss Double Cash. I spent good money, and now, can’t use it :(
    7. This is a maybe, but there needs to be like a bonus for the best BTD5 players. People who can beat round 200 with all their live intact. A reward could be nk coins!

    If Anyone agrees, please copy and paste, add below, and please credit me and yourselves and everyone else!

  445. someone Says:

    1. Spike Tower is much needed.
    2. There needs to be some way to get the game to stop lagging.
    3. I need more space for the Monkey Temple! IT’S HUGE!!!
    4. Super Monkey needs a 9th upgrade (like half a million dollars) but really powerful (like having 1000 Monkey temples with every thing)
    5. More Towers? YES!!!
    6. Mochi Coins should come to the new NK account, along with other features. I miss Double Cash. I spent good money, and now, can’t use it :(
    7. This is a maybe, but there needs to be like a bonus for the best BTD5 players. People who can beat round 200 with all their live intact. A reward could be nk coins!

    If Anyone agrees, please copy and paste, add below, and please credit me and yourselves and everyone else!

    (btw, I copied this because I wanted it too)

  446. LinkinPark1027 Says:

    I like the new tracks! They are great! Please make more, like a lot more. Also continue the daily challenges. I like that you use some challenges that users came up with. Create more fun special missions for users to play, and create a lot more special agents. And can the track on the Protect Monkey Town special mission be used as a gameplay track? You should make a special track where bloons come from a different end of the track every round. You’re doing really awesome right now, but create a lot more towers,tracks, daily challenges, special missions, and special agents. Keep it up NinjaKiwi, you guys are doing great!

  447. PacBrad Says:

    Let me correct a comment.

    1. Spike *Factory* *was* much needed.

  448. PacBrad Says:

    1. “Spike Tower is much needed.” It’s there now.
    2. “There needs to be some way to get the game to stop lagging.” Try muting the music and sounds.
    3. “I need more space for the Monkey Temple! IT’S HUGE!!!” It’s staying that way.
    4. “Super Monkey needs a 9th upgrade (like half a million dollars) but really powerful (like having 1000 Monkey temples with every thing)” No, it will be overpowered otherwise.
    5. More Towers? VERY YES!!! Spot on there.
    6. “Mochi Coins should come to the new NK account, along with other features. I miss Double Cash. I spent good money, and now, can’t use it.” NK has dropped MochiGames, so therefore you won’t be able to log on using MochiGames. If there is a popular demand, then it may happen. :) I got you there!
    7. This is a maybe, you’re correct. “There needs to be like a bonus for the best BTD5 players. People who can beat round 200 with all their lives intact. A reward could be NK coins!” Probably 1 NK per round, between rounds 201-400. You have to log on for it, though.

  449. PacBrad Says:

    Now for my list.

    1. Monkey Glue is much needed (for n00bs).
    2. Special Missions should be for guests.
    3. There has to be an 8-bit track (or two).
    4. The wallpapers should be in the Premium Store for 5 NK Coins each.
    5. There needs to be a Snake Mode (where there is a Snake of Bloons with reds on it, and it attacks with other Bloons) and an Expert Mode where you only have 75 lives and stuff is incredibly expensive.
    6. Facebook credits must be included. (and therefore you have to put BTD5 on Facebook)
    7. The Ice Tower must go and take a trip back to Antarctica. Replace it with the Lightning Beacon (suggestion is here:

  450. LinkinPark1027 Says:

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say how great the new special agents are. They are incredible. The pricing is perfect and they are a very useful idea to include. Some tracks, like Mount Magma or Lightning Strike have no water areas to place Monkey Buccaneers, while some tracks like the Archipelago track have very few places to place land towers. I want to compliment you on this idea. It is a very good one. Anyways, my hat’s off to you guys for creating the awesome new special agents.
    On other matters, I have noticed you guys have updated BTD5 a lot lately, so I figured I’d go ahead and share my ideas with you on what you might include on the next update. First and foremost, I think more tracks would be a very great idea. Maybe, create another track similar to the Archipelago track, where there is a massive amount of water. I also think it would be cool if there was a track that changed the end where the bloons would enter and exit every round. Second, I think you should create many more Special Missions. I have noticed that it has been a while since there were any new Special Missions. Special Missions are really fun, and a great oppertunity to get Monkey Money. Third, I would keep the Daily Challenges rolling. I think you should continue them. It is always very fun to log on each day and play a different challenge. I also very much like the idea of bringing back the Daily Challenges from past months with the Vault Challenges. I love to play past challenges that I have enjoyed. Fourth of all, I think you should include more Special Agents. I like the idea of having them to help you throught the game. Fifth of all, I think it would be incredibly cool if you guys could design some more towers. I like the towers that are already there, but they tend to get boring after a while. I would create a few more new towers to include in BTD5. I love to test out new towers and thier abilities. Well, that’s all of my ideas! Hope you guys read this and like them!
    Most Sincerely,

  451. Hannah Says:

    When i play it freezes all the time and then disconnects, no matter what internet browser i use… :/ help

  452. Aaron Says:

    Can you email support[at]ninjakiwi[dot]com with your issue?

  453. PacBrad Says:

    My eMail is in my OUTBOX.

  454. PacBrad Says:

    The OUTBOX is not my INBOX. The OUTBOX is caused by YOU not sending my eMail.

  455. PacBrad Says:

    Ha Ha said: ninja kiwi you should make a very hard mode where you have to get to round 90 or 95 and there should be a prize the prize should be you get to keep one tower forever than you can do it again but not get a prize more than once and only have 50 and no triple lives it may be fun please don’t make people buy it or make people unlock it. it should be really challenging Thanks

    I say: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but my Expert Mode will exist. I promise (yes Chris!)!

  456. cooler22 Says:

    a flame tower will be an amazing new tower

  457. Ninolopez Says:

    I wish btd5 have the new 2 tracks:
    The Grapes on Expert that has 5 paths on it.contains water
    The other one is Starburst on Extreme which has 10 paths! all contains sky.

  458. Ninolopez Says:

    I have again the idea! I like the 5 slot saves instead of 1 save only.If you load the game,you’ll seen saved game slots that you can used some past days.

  459. aaaaaaa Says:

    still, the have great challenges!! check the awesome 4/4 wizard lord!!(nerd)

  460. Chris Says:

    There will not be a BTD6, sorry.

  461. PacBrad Says:

    I got that, thank you for the reply. Delete/Modify any comments (even my comments) that has got to do anything with Bloons TD 6. In the forum, make a sticky that says that BTD6 has been leaked/cancelled.

  462. PacBrad Says:

    Also, you even forgot to click the send button. I did not get my eMail.

    My address is pacbrad *at* gmail *dot* com

    I don’t have extensions such as *dot* au or something. Delete my BTD6 suggestions and a 12 year old and I arguing about BTD6, in both this post the Daily Challenge post.

  463. PacBrad Says:

    Sorry for the big grammar error in the previous comment. Correct it please.

  464. Nick Says:

    so i have been playing this and when i get into the higher rounds it stops my game and a white screen comes up with a ! on it and i cant continue my game when it happens its very irritating

  465. Bloon_Buster Says:

    I should think of an update where you get Ninja Kiwi coins and Monkey Money for completing an extreme map on the difficulty you were on. Description:

    Get NK coins and Monkey Money every time you win an extreme map on any difficulty! Get NK coins for a quarter of the XP reward, and Monkey Money for three quarters of the the NK coin reward. Easier to get Special Agents and Premium Upgrades. Go on! It’s NK coin ‘n’ Monkey Money time!
    BONUS: When you replay a track (Not Extreme), you get the same Monkey Money reward of the original!

    It should be on the 15th June 2012.
    Don’t write anything bad about me or I’ll give you a knuckle sandwich with extra knuckles!

  466. piegeon Says:

    I love this game so much makes me want to marry it XD joking um to the real thing i think you guys (ninja kiwi staff) should make at least 1 of the premium items free JUST 1 thank you good night.

  467. PacBrad Says:

    Bloon_Buster, you’re kidding Ninja Kiwi! They won’t do it, ever.

  468. Bloon_Buster Says:

    To PacBrad

    I don’t think so, tell Chris Harris instead! Everyday I’m shuffling.

    To piegeon

    You liar! They won’t do it. Ever. I’m about to give you a knuckle sandwich with extra knuckles.

  469. Bloon_Buster Says:

    Hey Christopher, I thought of an update where you get Ninja Kiwi coins and Monkey Money for completing an extreme map on the difficulty you were on. It MUST be on Friday 15th June 2012. What do you think?

    A) Yes
    B) No
    C) Maybe Later

  470. Bloon_Buster Says:

    P.S. The NK reward is 1/4 of the XP reward and the Monkey Money award is 3/4 of the NK coin award.

  471. demonixx66 Says:

    sweet game! cant wait for part 6 =]

  472. PacBrad Says:

    To Bloon_Buster

    I know Chris will say B) No, because **you are trying to encourage Ninja Kiwi to give us NK Coins and more Monkey Money**. Go ahead and dance to Party Rock Anthem!

    And to piegeon

    I agree with Bloon_Buster, Ninja Kiwi will say no.

  473. toonlink50 Says:

    There are people hacking monkeyMoney, Ranks, in game$$. I Know that you know about this because you banned my account for it. Can you please do something to put a perminent stop to it?

  474. Bloon_Buster Says:

    To PacBrad

    What update will it be this Friday? And do you see things before they happen?

  475. Bloon_Buster Says:

    What update this Friday?

    A) Get same Monkey Money reward of original when you replay a track
    B) BTD4 Favourites (PC and Ipad)
    C) Bigger Daily Challenge Vault
    D) Whatever you think (Until Sunday or Permanent)

  476. PacBrad Says:

    demonixx66, BTD6 is cancelled/leaked.

  477. PacBrad Says:

    D) Whatever they want to do, don’t demand them what to do.

  478. bloony guy Says:

    awww… i cant believe btd6 isnt coming!!!

  479. sheng34 Says:

    You mean there’s going no Bloons TD 6?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
    D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

  480. sheng34 Says:

    I did not mean to click on the portale lake agent!
    Please add an Undo button!

  481. Bloon_Buster Says:

    To PacBrad

    Specialty Buildings are Expensive! Are you OK about this? And when are NinjaKiwi making you get the same Monkey Money reward of original when you replay a track?


    To Sheng34

    They’ll never, ever add an undo button. If you didn’t mean to buy a Portable Lake, Don’t you worry. It helps make Special Agents PRO. So go ahead and play!

  482. PacBrad Says:

    My ideas leaked to nowhere….

  483. Bloon_Buster Says:

    PacBrad, Specialty buildings are expensive…

    Q. When are Ninjakiwi having an update where you get the same Monkey Money reward of the original when you replay a track?

    A) 22 June
    B) 29 June
    C) 6 July
    D) 13 July
    E) 20 July
    F) Ask Chris

  484. PacBrad Says:

    G) Never

    I decided to go for that answer. If you want to get Monkey Money quickly, then get a Ninja Kiwi account, and open the Daily Box once a day. That should help :) .

  485. PurpleCoin Says:

    Well there IS a spike tower now, but I like the BTD4 spike tower better.

  486. Bloon_Buster Says:

    To PacBrad

    Uh huh.


    To PurpleCoin

    Which is stronger?

    A) Spiked Mines – $11,900/$14,000/$15,120
    B) Spike Storm Ability – $5,530/$6,500/$7,020

  487. PacBrad Says:

    To Bloon Buster

    You not allowed?

  488. paul Says:

    we could have a new special agent of a jelly fish it shocks every bloon on the screen by butten and it hits one bloon at a time on its own and all bloons that touch it get shoked. and how does these new towers that help towers work the ones ut side of the games. i want to see more of this game it is amazing i have been telling the hole six grade about it and many of them have started to play i have seen these games go from fun too my favorite game in the hole world i have even got my dad addicted to it and i only wish to see it rise even more.
    and to all on this blog this game is a must play game and when you do trust me YOU WILL BE ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  489. Bloon_Buster Says:

    Check out what i written to PurpleCoin.

    Which is stronger?

    A) Spiked Mines – $11,900/$14,000/$15,120
    B) Spike Storm Ability – $5,530/$6,500/$7,020

    P.S. G) Never is not a real answer, sorry for not writing that down. What update will there be on June 22?

  490. david Says:

    if you start the round and then open another page it will speed up the round by abou x10

  491. PacBrad Says:

    A) Because I use it to help destroy MOAB-Class Bloons. I really like it.

  492. PacBrad Says:

    And yet there won't be a BTD6, even after I suggested the whole game :( .


  493. Bloon_Buster Says:

    To PacBrad
    Yes, but It's expensive ($11,900/$14,000/$15,120) and you have to be rank 45 to unlock it.
    To david
    C O R R E C T.
    To paul
    No way! I hope it's wrong. Chris hopes it's wrong. PacBrad hopes it's wrong.

  494. Super Monkey Says:

    WOW! Live?!  OMG!!

  495. PacBrad Says:


    I'm hoping a Jelly Fish won't even happen. paul, YOU HAVE NO CHANCE

  496. Bloon_Buster Says:

    More Tier 4's!
    Which of these are STRONGER?
    Dart Monkey
    A) Juggernaut
    B) Super Monkey Fan Club Ability
    Tack Shooter
    A) Ring of Fire
    B) Blade Maelstrom Ability
    A) Cripple Massive Ornary Air Blimp
    B) Supply Drop Ability
    Boomerang Thrower
    A) Glaive Lord
    B) Turbo Charge Ability
    Ninja Monkey
    A) Bloonjitsu
    B) Sabotage Supply Lines Ability
    Bomb Tower
    A) Bloon Impact
    B) Massive Ornary Air Blimp Assasin Ability
    Ice Tower
    A) Viral Frost
    B) Absolute 0 Ability
    Glue Gunner
    A) Bloon Liquefier
    B) Glue Striker Ability
    Monkey Buccaneer
    A) Aircraft Carrier
    B) Monkey Pirates (Or Massive Ornary Air Blimp Takedown Ability)
    Monkey Ace
    A) Spectre
    B) Ground 0 Ability
    Super Monkey
    A) Temple Of the Monkey God
    B) Technological Terror
    Monkey Apprentice
    A) Tempest Tornado
    B) Summon Phoenix
    Monkey Village
    A) High Energy Beacon
    B) Men In Black Call to arms Ability
    Banana Farm (Doesn't attack, but I'll go for this anyway.)
    A) Banana Research Facility
    B) Banana Investments Advisory
    A) The Big One
    B) Artillery Battery (Pop and Awe Ability)
    Dartling Gun
    A) Ray of Doom
    B) Bloon Area Denial System (Shoots 3 Missiles at a time, and has the Rocket Storm Ability)

  497. Bloon_Buster Says:

    To Everyone
    Uh Oh! More Expensive Specialty Buildings!

  498. PacBrad Says:

    You're right, I haven't even got one Special Building yet!

  499. andrew Says:

    @PacBrad, Neither have I. All I have is the space! By the way, I don't understand if you can only buy one building, if you have to buy more land for each building, or if you can buy as many as you want after buying the land.

  500. Bloon_Buster Says:

    What about the other comment above my previous one?

  501. denise Says:

    i keep getting cut off my game with an explanation mark. whats that about?

  502. Awesomeface88 Says:


  503. Bloon_Buster Says:

    To andrew
    Relax. Open the money box once a day. That's what PacBrad said before.
    To denise
    Read Nick's comment on June 3rd, 2012 at 10:34 am.

  504. suzuma Says:

    You need a ninja kiwi special agent who does karte really quickly to pop bloons or something.

  505. Bloon Banisher Says:

    I love the game, but will they make it into a FREE app. I think if they make it into a FREE app, they will get more players. 

  506. Bloon_Buster Says:

    Powerups through independence day, eh?
    You might not need to know what they are…

  507. chi Says:

    nice game, although i dont like that some of the specials (active skills) become glitched if you make a monkey temple god… cant be used anymore but still remain on the screen – even if you sell the monkey temple god tower…. sometimes it even blocks other towers skills to be used…

  508. Bloon_Buster Says:

    The Complete set of Special buildings made me very angry!

    Shouldn’t Chris make an update: (Break)

    For the 2nd update, Daily, you only grab a small amount of monkey money.

    Shouldn’t Chris make an update that you grab any number of monkey money between 9 and 1000?

  509. lottieloo Says:

    How do i get access to archive daily games beyond March 2012? Have completed all of January-February-March but no access to April- May- June. Please help.

  510. Bloon_Buster Says:

    To lottieloo

    Shut up. I hope they can only update the calander 1 or 2 months at a time!

  511. joel Says:

    I do not like this.I just passed the dockside track and it did not give me the 150 monkey money! and italso logged me out so I don’t even get the medal

  512. PacBrad Says:

    What happened to the editor? I used my favourite font on it, now it’s gone! Was it a trial?

  513. Aaron Says:

    It was messing up the posts too much, unfortunately. I liked it too.

  514. PacBrad Says:


  515. Bloon_Buster Says:

    On the Death Valley map, The Long path is Easy Peasy, and the Short path is Hard as Nails.



    To PacBrad

    I think you’re focusing on the updates.

  516. bhitghk Says:

    this is stupid why did you delete btd5 your f… man omg

  517. PacBrad Says:

    They didn’t. Check if your Internet settings are correct.

  518. anonymous777 Says:

    and now we have deluxe, so i guess thats what NK meant when they said no btd6

  519. Bloon_Buster Says:

    May Daily Challenges! What’s Your Favourite?

  520. ajay Says:

    i go on Bloon TD 5 but now it’s not working :( :/
    i tryed everything i thinked of!!!
    eny of you can Know a thing at will make Bloons TD 5 work :)

  521. ajay Says:

    if ya all Know (:o) you can tell me what to do!!! :|

  522. ajay Says:

    Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Now Out! Says:
    December 17th, 2011 at 12:45 am
    [...] Read “Bloons Tower Defense 5 – now live!” all, bloons balloons, bloons tower defense, bloons tower defense 5, btd, btd5, guide, levels, monkey, pop, powers, special agents, strategy, tips, tower defense, tricks, units, upgrades, walkthrough [...] :O :|

  523. PacBrad Says:

    I can’t play the game now.

    Every time I click the screen, nothing but “click to play on Ninja Kiwi” appears and I’m locked out, I’ve even waited for a while.

  524. PacBrad Says:

    Thank you, bug fixed. Delete the post above and this one too.

  525. Bloon_Buster Says:

    The solar system map was out yesterday! Amazing!

    The bloons loop through Neptune, Mars and Earth!

  526. Bloon_Buster Says:

    I mean, Uranus.

  527. Bloon_Buster Says:

    You know BTD5 Deluxe, Can Chris Make an update on BTD5 for the Monkey Engineer and the Bloonchipper with the same upgrades as BTD5 Deluxe?

    And the Non-BTD4 Tracks?



  528. Bloon_Buster Says:

    The Cruciable Special mission takes place in the stonehenge.

    With the deluxe update to the online version, put that in?

    If you put the BTD4 Maps, Difficulties and Challenges in, also put the Mix and match special mission (Ocean Road) and the Money Management special mission (Military Base) in.

    And the Mad Snowman, Watermelon splitter and the Monkey Farmer with the same pros as in the deluxe version.

  529. Charles Says:

    Where is my monkeymoney???

  530. Bloon_Buster Says:

    Mistake to September 2nd, 2012 at 2:52 am

    Not Uranus, Jupiter.

  531. Bloon_Buster Says:

    Self Repy to September 2nd, 2012 at 2:17 am

    Oh, and the Direct assault special mission. With same restrictions as the deluxe version.

  532. Bloon_Buster Says:


  533. Bloon_Buster Says:


  534. tyler Says:

    i love btd5 it has soooo mutch cool stuff

  535. chris fucker Says:

    this game is awsome and zebra bloons takes 49 pops ta diy

  536. Bloon_Buster Says:

    Thank you, tyler.

    Here’s what Chris shall put on BTD5:

    The direct assault special mission
    The cruciable Special Mission
    The BTD5 Deluxe Tracks (They’re Added to that version.)
    the Mix and match special mission (Ocean Road)
    the Money Management special mission (Military Base)
    the Mad Snowman, Watermelon splitter and the Monkey Farmer with the same pros as in the deluxe version
    the Monkey Engineer and the Bloonchipper with the same upgrades as BTD5 Deluxe

    YOU WILL BE ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t write anything bad about me or I’ll give you a knuckle sandwich with extra knuckles!

  537. NBC Says:


  538. Fareed Says:

    I love this game!
    I am on rank 68 and I need BTD6!
    Please release BTD6 faster and faster.

  539. slashback Says:

    this game is so awesome i just love it so much hope btd6 comes out cant wait =^]

  540. Bloon_Buster Says:

    To NBC

    Woohoo! To your thought!


    To Fareed

    Chris said no.

  541. Says:

    why i canot play

  542. sanisaki Says:

    wow that like look funny game, looks like I’ll give it a try.

  543. delninson Says:

    Extreme street track is impossible!I tried 23 times and I can’t win.

  544. Long Huen Chan Says:

    BTD6 will NEVER exist. Stop asking.

  545. Fareed Says:

    Someone asking that put it on app store.It is just going to release after a few days so please enjoy.

  546. Bloon_Buster Says:

    The Game’s on the App Store! Stop complaining!

  547. Martin Rogers Says:

    There is one thing you can do to top BTD5, and it is featured in the BTD5 iOS trailer. If they release a BTD6(Which I hope sure as heck they do), they should add the option of controlling certain towers in 1st person view. You could operate them by clicking bloons with the mouse.

  548. puiu mihai Says:

    more map,more weapon plizzz

  549. Alberto (Evilnort) Says:

    Hey in the game (BTD5) mentions that I can buy premium support with Monkey Money.
    By buying aids are they permanent or have a time limit?
    thanks in advance

  550. Jon Jon Says:

    On Mobile Version I once saw the Sandbox Mode When I entered the level “Space Truckin’”; On the top of the screen I saw bloon types.

  551. Benjii43 Says:

    NOOOO!!!!! I was at round 119 on BTD5 and the shockwave crashes!!!!! ughhhhhhh!

  552. Bloon_Buster Says:

    Chris, hurry up and set up an update with the Radadactyl, its pro, tracks, monkey lab you can spend your tokens in, special missions and heli pilot from iOS, btd5 deluxe agents, their pros, tracks, Bloonchipper, monkey engineer and special missions, btd4, iOS and expansion tracks and challenges, btd3 tracks, btd2 tracks and the btd1 track! When will you do it? And when will you bring back the monkey glue?

  553. zatch Says:

    In BTD5, there should be a ‘link’ ability for 100 monkey money per tower (ex: sniper=100 monkey money, can be linked with anything else), 150 for rank 2, 175 for rank 3, and 200 for rank 4. When towers that both have link capability (once received, link can be used indefinitely) are linked, they get a better affect. A tower linked on can be upgraded. (Ex: place tack shooter with link on ninja monkey, ninja can be upgraded for bloonjutsu, distraction, etc.) Rank 2 or more adds a bonus, for my other example, the ninja monkey would fire tiny tack shooters that would fire while being launched.

    Please take my idea into consideration.

  554. Bloon_Buster Says:

    I’d love that!

    But chris is gonna say No.

  555. aviv2000 Says:

    i have a new challenge for you:
    towers-only towers that their hotkey is W(tack shooter), A(ice tower), S(glue gunner), D(monkey buccaneer).
    track-archipelago(all the twists looks like the letters WASD).
    reward-your choice.
    thank you,

  556. Bloon_Buster Says:

    That will not be a good idea. I have a good idea:

    Radadactyl, its pro, tracks, monkey lab you can spend your tokens in, special missions and heli pilot from iOS, btd5 deluxe agents, their pros, tracks, Bloonchipper, monkey engineer and special missions, btd4, iOS and expansion tracks and challenges, btd3 tracks, btd2 tracks and the btd1 track!

    And monkey glue.
    One more thing: Monkey money prizes for completing an extreme track the same as how many lives you completed the track on. If you complete it without losing any lives, you get a jackpot as well. The jackpot is quarter of the xp reward.

  557. justindave Says:

    do you make in btd battles the dartling gun please!!!!!!! realease to btd battles please!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  558. justindave Says:

    do you realease the bloons TD 6 new tracks new towers new bloons and more urgrades

  559. Bloon_Buster Says:

    To justindave

    Btd5 battles

    Cool opinion.


    Incorrect he cant release btd6

  560. thebajancanadian Says:

    its so fun on the ipod

  561. thebajancanadian Says:

    BUT i really hate the new banana farm IT SUCKS FIX IT

  562. Notmyname123 Says:

    Is it possible to win this game? I just finished round 200 and I’m starting to feel depressed. I can’t even fit any more sun gods onto my screen and I already have 6 sun temples

  563. popboy109 Says:

    co op mnde is so good i love it so much i play with allys all day.

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