Bloons Tower Defense 4

Thu, Apr 2, 2009

General News, Up and coming

First off, yes there will be one. Secondly, don’t get too antsy just yet, it’s in the pipeline but it’s a heck of a long pipeline. After the release of Bloons Tower Defense 2, there was much noise about a third installment. It was a big project as we wanted to make it significantly better than it’s predecessor. When Bloons Tower Defense 3 was released there was relative quiet on the BTD front, fans had and were wrapped up in the BTD3 and enjoying the many new aspects and replayability of 3. But by now, almost 6 months after the release of BTD3, the fever pitch is growing again, with us getting numerous and sometimes desperate pleas for Bloons Tower Defense 4.

Now given we have many fans of BTD3 we don’t want to let down with a second rate sequel we will be taking our time on this one. One thing we are considering in the interim is a track expansion for BTD3…

Keep your eyes open for further updates on both.

New Screenshot here.

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  1. Yes Im Am Says:

    That’s great, the other ones were fun =D

  2. a fan Says:

    good to hear! keep up the good work! :)

  3. Tejesh Says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for BTD4!

    Is there any way you could make the maps bigger for BTD4?

  4. Chris Says:

    We’re working on a bunch of ideas including a scrolling play area…

  5. Hydoablaster Says:

    Anyway you can make a exp. system? The more bloons a tower pops the more you can spend to upgrade it?

  6. Pokemon Fan Says:

    I really love this in all but you guys should make a game console called Kiwi Defense. You guys should consider making a 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th and then one called the forces of the bloons characters. Well im a gamer and i enjoy computer games.

  7. andrewtc Says:

    i was thinking about a bloons tower defense builder that would be great

  8. Pokemon Fan Says:

    fart lol

  9. Pokemon Fan Says:

    That was just something my 5 yr. old brother did but it was funny.

  10. Bloos TD fan Says:

    Can I ask a question?

    Do the Jungle Drums of the Monkey Beacon (in Bloons TD3) Boost Spike-O-Pult’s Shoot Speed?

    Anyway, cool idea.

  11. Team Canada Says:

    I am an all time boons tower defense fan. I’m so glad there will be a TD4. Can’t wait.

  12. Stephen Says:

    To answer your question, Jungle Drums boost attack speed of all towers.

  13. Johnywilko Says:

    I can’t wait :D

  14. Team Canada Says:

    Can we expect to see new types of bloons?

  15. richy Says:

    im wondering do you have a estimite on how long it will take to make btd4 and you people have done a great jobon btd1, btd2, and btd3

  16. Tony Says:

    I can’t wait for BTD4… :3

  17. richy Says:

    in btd3 or btd4 will you plz make something to pop the m.o.a.b. bloons, idk on how expensive it would be its just on the higher levels it gets really hard because of them

  18. Chris Says:

    Jeez. This is a tricky one. The best I can say is hopefully before Christmas!

  19. richy Says:

    thanks for the estamite and GOOD LUCK!!!

  20. Team Canada Says:

    You guys should make 100 levels rather then 50 levels.

  21. Ryst0501 Says:

    Awesome guys cant wait im deff looking forward to it

  22. warra Says:

    ya! you what would be awesome? sandbox mode with custom track building!!!!!

  23. Sonic Blue Says:

    What date is bloons tower defence 4 live?

  24. Sonic Blue Says:

    When is BTD4 released?

  25. Jin Says:

    Can’t wait! BTD3 was the best thing that ever happened to my lunch hour. :)

  26. oaz Says:

    When it will come?

  27. levidiki Says:

    on bloons tower defense 4 you should have a monkey upgrade called machine gun so the monkey can shoot faster.

  28. soccerchic09 Says:

    BTD3 was good so I think BTD4 will I can’t wait :)

  29. braddrew Says:

    hahah your all fags

  30. levidiki Says:

    you should make a demo version of bloons tower defense . like have one level so we have something to do in the summer. and i think it would be cool to have challenge mode for btd4….

  31. daniel Says:

    ya i really want a demo version for the time we will be waiting i will pay like 20$ it not that hard for u is it?

  32. stanbob Says:

    i think it would be awesome if BTD4 didn’t just have one really good and value for money tower as on BTD it was dart monkeys, on BTD2 it was cannons and on BTD3 it is blade shooters. Also i think they should invent something that is basicly a pineapple but explodes as soon as you place it that would cost 45 and monkey glue should be cheaper.

  33. stanbob Says:

    i also think laser vision should pop lead bloons

  34. levidiki Says:

    i think it would be the best thing for btd4 to have money interest because getting money is hard. also i think there should be special items for each level

  35. Drahcir Skywallker Says:

    I think laz0r vision should pop more, cannon price should be raised, and supermonkey price should be lowered. All my BTD3-playing friends use nothing but cannons.

  36. Drahcir Skywallker Says:

    And also, Braddrew, you really need to get a life.

  37. Drahcir Skywallker Says:

    Sorry for the triple post, but Braddrew, I do believe your website domain name is registered by a floral design company.

  38. ramrod Says:

    I play this game with a bunch of friends and one major suggestion. We had the idea of a tower thats sole reason would be a MOAB blimp breaker. It would obviously have to be extremely expensive, but I think it would add a lot to the game.

  39. Georgia Says:

    Bloons is so good! Towerdefense three is great so i can’t wait for no. 4!!!!! :D

  40. afielding Says:

    meanwhile you take your name from Star Wars…you’re not one to talk…

  41. tehdarkness2 Says:

    you should make a lightsaber monkey that would be awsome

  42. tehdarkness2 Says:


  43. tehdarkness2 Says:


  44. the one who knows all Says:

    you all are putting your hopes to high! you probably didn’t even do every track on every difficulty! did you? ( on every bloons tower defense) hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

  45. tehdarkness2 Says:

    i have completed all btd on all difficulties
    too easy -.-

  46. tehdarkness2 Says:

    thats why i want to play btd4

  47. candleshype Says:

    cant wait amazing game
    u should make more ballons and towers!! ;)

  48. AntiScroll Says:

    The bigger maps may not be as cool as they sound… Once you have to scroll, it seems to make td games a lot messier. One thing I love so much about bloons is that you can see the whole map on your screen.

  49. levidiki Says:

    demo version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Chris Says:

    Yeah we’ve canned the scrolling screen but still managed a slightly bigger play area now…

  51. Shirc Says:

    I like the fact that one is able to prioritize target balloons to an extent on different towers; on later levels I was able to have a couple cannons and a Supermonkey targeting last and two Supermonkeys taking out the first, with upgraded tack shooters serving as filters as well. However, I would like to request consideration be taken for an increase of targeting priority capability: I very much wanted my cannons to target yellows on earlier levels when they were less common than on later levels. If each tower had the ability to target bloons of a certain color and ones above or below as well as first-or-last priority as well… That would create a whole new level of strategic options and perhaps would enable more difficult levels as well.

    I realize this is a lot, and would completely change that part of the game, but this is just a fan’s wild and crazy idea. Thanks for your time, and good luck with all your work.

  52. Chris Says:

    Not a crazy idea at all, in fact we already have improved targeting on our list of things to do!

  53. Team Canada Says:

    You guys should also include a challenge list. Example:Complete a difficluty without losing any lives. Or only use a certain tower. This would make the game much more fun from a fans point of view. Then you could unlock stuff from completeing a challege list. Please think about it.

  54. levidiki Says:

    yeah once you get the first level done with all the new things make a demo version for us to play during the summer …. lEvIdIkI

  55. masta0021 Says:

    You guys should try adding a feature where players could customize things, like what balloons will appear in what order, how fast balloon will be, attack rate of towers, etc. Then it would have a specific level code thing like what I see in some games. That way, you can challenge other players and compare scores/level reached. But I’m sure you already thought of that.

  56. Rick Says:

    A mini gun upgrade would be great if it shoots fast. and maybe a way to choose to leave out the m.o.a.b.s after you have won the game if you want to just veg and play.

  57. bigbadwolf Says:

    A track maker/editor would be awesome. ALSO make the START button a hotkey. a super hard setting would be good also, for re-playabilty.
    but , all in all, an great game.
    how about a partial cost/penalty for MOVING an existing monkey. instead of the “F—, i misplaced it!” sell and rebuy.
    looking forward to 4. monkeys unite!

  58. bigbadwolf Says:

    i agree about scraping the scroll idea. bigger screen is a better answer.

  59. stanbob Says:

    i find it very annoying if you misplace something too, so could you please try and work on that

  60. richard Says:

    it was good i do it in 1 day boold badboy ryan

  61. richard Says:

    you can play number 4 boold

  62. Mr. Bubbles Says:

    When the game comes out its going to be like Halo 4, for the computer. Everyone would want to play it. Its going to be the best computer game for a long time.

  63. Jani37 Says:


  64. Juggernuat Says:

    sweet BTD awesome thnx chris

  65. Saint Will Says:

    Should have the number of bloons popped alltogther in the corner like how many lives you have left

  66. Cameron Says:

    Mate, im a fan of all BTD’s, but i strongly believe interest should be earned for retained cash on a roundly basis. The proposed changes to target priority is a positive alteration, and consider possible structural changes to the game, such as that of altering the strength of the M.O.A.B’s.

    Cheers, much appreciated.

  67. John Says:

    Hi there, I think that there should be a bank where you deposit money and after each lv u would get 10% of what u put in the bank

  68. Ward Says:

    hey chris,when is it going to come out? Ive been wondering comment back

  69. Ward Says:

    Oh wait one more thing bloons is the coolest game ever!it is so fun.

  70. Cameron Says:

    Can u please make bloons TD for iphone. i would pay so much for that.

  71. Chris Says:

    Already in the works!

  72. Bakugam Battle Set Says:

    Nice site, interesting post. Have taken your feed.

  73. Pudas Says:

    Bouy Tim Bouy

  74. Dro Says:

    sweet. this game is tight, I can’t wait for 4.

  75. zack Says:

    when does it come out i heard somone say it would on the 10th

  76. monki Says:

    I heard from an insider that in honor of Memorial Day , the new
    BTF4 will be released sometime over the weekend.
    Will try to find out more

  77. Chris Says:

    Not memorial day, not the 10th, unless you mean tenth month, being October which is probably more likely. This is a HUGE project and we’re not going to sacrifice quality to get it out earlier – sorry!

  78. btd4 Says:

    faster i want it by june

  79. levidiki Says:

    dont listen to them . make a really good won i really dont care how long it takes but for summer we should try getting a demo with a couple levels and modes with everytheing……

  80. Funstevo Says:

    Man this will be awesome i loved btd3 so much i was addicted to it.thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing to make this game.good luck.oh yah and may i just make one request. please make a demo for the game thanks bye

  81. BTD SUPER! Says:

    could you add a custom item maker because it would be really good and more fun

  82. Someone stupid Says:

    I think you should ad at least five new towers like a Gas monkey or a monkey that throws bombs and maybe make the super monkey air strike drop TNT or some other bomb down as they fly by so it looks more visual.

  83. btd5 Says:

    and a chain gun

  84. Anonymous Says:

    You should make a BTD video game like Wii, Xbox, DSi or something.

  85. levidiki Says:

    that sounds like a bad idea

  86. jake Says:

    i noticed you dont have the lifesaber in any games it should be in the fourth as a weapon

  87. Chester Says:

    We need something to pop those stupid M.O.A.B.s!! :)

  88. Will Says:

    I think there should be an achievement system similar to the one on xbox live, you should get different amounts of achievement points for different challenges.

    Also, I have an extremely good idea about a ‘talent tree’ similar to the ones on the game World of Warcraft. You basically get a talent point after you complete each level and you can put that on a talent tree to get different things. It is very hard to explain unless you’ve seen one before, here’s a link to one:

    Seeing as I will probably forget about this comment board very soon, if you have any comments or questions then email me at

  89. danny Says:

    u shound get exp to level up and un lock more upgrades ad monkeys and there shoude be a monkey tha has a flame frower

  90. Christopher Says:

    Cool, I can’t wait, I wonder what is new on BTD4, you rock Ninjakiwi, I hope the will be other blons, other towers and more!

  91. Christopher Says:

    You should do a monkey with machine guns, flame throwers and do tutorials. And also should do a bomber monkey that launches Pineapples

  92. Funstevo Says:

    hey there right that would be cool if you made a machinegun

  93. ROman Says:

    pliss give me bloons towe defense 4

  94. Chris Says:

    First and foremost, I love what you do. Seriously though, where in God’s name are those ‘bloons trying to go? And why in the name of the Lord don’t they float over any artillery (monkey-based or otherwise) to get there??

    Even more seriously, I love what you do.


  95. Chris Says:

    Thanks man!

  96. Rebexsa Says:

    Am so addicted to BTD3 one more gold medal to get and then I’ll need a new distraction… Maybe I can try and get past level 60… that would be nice. Looking forward to the next one, take your time, make it AWESOME!!

  97. Chalmers Says:

    Your game has made my work life actually enjoyable! Thank you NinjaKiwi.

    I wish I could see the amount of time I’ve spent playing BTD3 cause I want to show my boss and freak her the f out.

  98. name Says:

    make a super moad with 500 hits to pop and 1000 bloons inside

  99. Anonymous Says:

    That sounds like a pretty crazy idea. I think just plain M.O.A.B.s are enough.

  100. Anonymous Says:

    I think a Bloons DS or DSi game would be cool.

  101. wiggles3000 Says:

    this game will be great ive spent countless hours on number 3 and hope at one point comes to the xbox live arcade or community games as it would then be a franchise much bigger and in my opinion better than those other community games

    keep up the great work


  102. best fan of btd(edgardo). Says:

    the idea of team canada is very good,if you do that,the prize for beating the challenge should be a new tower or track,and it would unlock another challenge,and should be 5 or 6 upgrades.

  103. worrior of bloons Says:

    WOW this sounds great! i think it is a good idea to take ur time so it will be alot better and to u guys. ( just think if they take there time than the game will be alot better take longer and satisfiy ur bloons tower deffence needs and trust be i am eager for when it comes out but u have to be logic) thanks for reading! :)

  104. Anonymous Says:

    I think this was suggested earlier but it is very annoying if you misplace a tower. Maybe, for a small fee, you could be able to move a tower, but only to a position within a certain distance around the tower.

  105. Team Canada Says:

    This thanks goes out to (best fan of btd(edgardo). We thought it was a good idea to. I hope Ninja kiwi includes this or similar.

  106. Mr Duck Says:

    There should be a ninja monkey that throws ninja stars!!

  107. tehdarkness2 Says:

    there shuld be a triple shot upgrade
    and a laser monkey >:D

  108. Anonymous Says:

    Your question has already been answered with the Super Monkey Laser Vision.

  109. nun ya Says:

    when will bld 4 come out i love the sequels!!!!!!!!!

  110. DoMiNo45 Says:

    Bloons Tower Defence 1 was good enough! DONT MAKE 4 AND WASTE UR TIME :o
    nah jks. lol.

    Well good luck in making No.4 Chris, my dad loves the game i swear.

    -You should make a larger viewing area
    -A ‘move tower’ option
    -And, no offence but get rid of the Monkey Glue, it doesn’t do much.

    ANYWAY I CANT WAIT. Yer that demo sounds good. maybe you should. :P

  111. worrior of bloons Says:

    hey guys heres a suggestion well 1st off i agree with anomonys there should be a small fee to remove towers and place them some where else for a certain distance. 2 i think the super monkey should have new powers and maybe have like a monkey that throws little daggers that can go strait threw the bloons at his angle. it would be cool so thanks for reading and hope it comes out soon and also to DoMiNo45 monkey glue is useful it slows the bloons down so if there is a yellow and u are just starting than u can slow it down and so ur monkeys can pop it bye :) :P (o) (o)

  112. Felipe Says:

    As a Bloons TD 3 fan, I have a couple of ideas for TD 4: Why not make some upgrades available based on the number of bloons a tower shoots, instead of money-only upgrades? This would create new strategy ideas. My second idea is: allow us to move towers from round to round. Third idea would be for a “continuous mode” (kind of like desktop TD pro). Thank you for such a wonderful game!

  113. jdog Says:

    i think if you want more challenge they should create a bloon that can damage your towers or a bloon that can go off the path and take shortcuts

  114. agz Says:

    I broke Hard mode of the whole closed and got gold medals! I am in Hard mode to break 58 the highest clearance and you have to catch a know-how.

  115. Kyle Says:

    I made it to level 61. We need a more direct method to kill moabs. the only way i could make it to the last couple of levels was by getting the balloons then super monkey. The increase after 50 should be more gradual

  116. Team Canada Says:

    There should be a mode where you play as the bloons and its job to let them get across. The stronger the bloon the more money it would cost and so on. This would create a different strategy as to what bloons you would pick and what towers you would want to put them against.

  117. jdog Says:

    what about a tower that sprays in a certain area like a flamethrower

  118. tills Says:

    Team Canada, I like your idea. But it would be more interesting if you cpuld play against your friend. One guy is the ballons and the other have the towers. I think that could be a great succes.

  119. Team Canada Says:

    tills that is a cool idea to what you added on I like it. And From all the ideas I have read and what I have heard I can tell this will be the best one yet.

  120. somedude Says:

    is there maga monkey dude

  121. somedude Says:

    rifeal shot

  122. somedude Says:


  123. somedude Says:

    i have got the gold i all of the in hard mode

  124. somedude Says:

    and finnished them

  125. somedude Says:

    sonic boom viison

  126. ultimate yoshi Says:

    you should add a mega road tack that costs 3000 but cant dissaper

  127. ultimate yoshi Says:

    and also a mega super monkey that has vaporize vison as a upgrade

  128. ivan Says:

    miacine gun tower dude ?

  129. ivan Says:

    ultmate youse dude

  130. Elijah Says:

    I think the idea of making a 4th Bloons game will be awesome,and I would know of course because I’m a major gamer and I’ve played every single one of you games,but what I think is that you should make the upgrades longer and more powerful because only 4 upgrade I don’t think is enough,their should be at least 5-8 upgrades because that would make it more exciting and more powerful.Keep making games!!! :D :D :D

  131. Stapeo Says:

    When will the iPhone version be coming???!!!

  132. setyuk Says:

    ican’t wait so which year month and day is it coming out

  133. name Says:

    heater bloons will burn bloons and pop some bloons like the ice bloon please add a heat bloon for the monkeys

  134. Sam Says:

    Hey, I think hotkeys would be very useful addition to the game. Perhaps having N for next wave, S for sell, U for upgrade.. actually U wouldn’t work because of the 2 path upgrades. I’m sure there’d be a way anyways. But all in all it sounds like it will be a great addition to the bloons series :D

  135. c m Says:

    WOW! I’m so excited! this will be the best one yet for sure. i think a level editor would be awesome! also if possible please make a way to save your game because sometimes I’m playing in freeplay mode and just about to break my record, (lvl 70) but then i have to stop.

    bloons tower defense 3 was already amazing, so please take your time to make the fourth one even better. (i could wait years for it to come out cause it’s well worth it!)

  136. andrewtc Says:

    i have already thought the idea of a btd level editor

  137. levidiki Says:

    hey you should make this tower
    its like a monkey club house random darts shoot out of it
    and for tacks i think they should last forever because sometimes you waste alot on moabs and you use to much.
    also there should be interest…….

  138. Mr Duck Says:

    Maybe you could make a rocket or something that follows the path that the bloons take. :)

  139. freakyfree Says:

    can u make a machine gun monkey that can kill browns or m.o.a.b’s in one shot and cost more than a supermonkey cause it shoots ultra fast
    also from bloons u can get pac-bloons can u make this happen on btd4 as a bonus like tacks?

    -the freakyfree team

  140. btd ruler Says:

    and we shuold be able to make your own track dude please dude and rain bow tower

  141. btd ruler Says:

    6 up grades 2 new toweres

  142. btd ruler Says:

    dude that is so cool 1234 yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss

  143. mr. thrill Says:

    I think BTD3 is great and it would be better if (feel free to add on to the list if you have more suggestments)

    – Bigger and Smaller Maps
    – Create a Map
    – More towers (machine gun idea is cool but super monkeys are super)
    – I like the 2 upgrade idea :) keep it up

  144. Stevo Says:


    DEMO PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  145. Lucashi Says:

    what I think would be cool if the was a batmonkey that shoots batrangs and has a grappling hook that holds moabs until there destroyed or an imperial monkey that lets you buy castle where it occasionally allows swarms of mini monkeys come out to attack bloons.

  146. Anonymous Says:

    I understand the machine gun monkey thing, but isn’t that basically what a Super Monkey is?

    A level builder for MyNinjaKiwi would be awesome!

  147. Anonymous Says:

    You should have WATERMELONS. Watermelons, when placed on the track, like pineapples, explode when ready, then chunks of watermelon rind (the stuff on the outside) fly out kind of like frag bombs and pop more bloons.

  148. andrewtc Says:

    you should make a tower that is tougher than super monkey like giganto monkey or somthing like that also what would be a good idea is a pac tower were you can put a pacman on the track and you can control it to attack the bloons whilst the other towers are attacking and it can be like a tower just for 1 level like the monkey glue and road spikes

  149. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome idea, andrewtc! Pacman!

    Unless you are already like done with the game, please don’t set a realease date because we really don’t want you to rush this game. Please take your time cause it’s all worth the wait!

  150. bloons tower defense 3 strategic dude Says:

    when will bloons tower defense 4 actually be released i am dying to find out

    the dart monkey the boomerang the beacon the cannon the spikepult should all be upgraded the tack shooter is the best

    you may call me stupid but i like the tack better than super monkey but only when upgraded

  151. Kyle Says:

    demo please, 1 play area. In tower defense 3 i was able to make it to level 62-63 before failing. I think that is absolutely as high as possible. I think it would be great if:

    - beating level 50 unlocks higher weapon classes(to make it past 63)
    - get rid of sonic boom… and replace
    - get rid of monkey glue or make it more potent
    - larger playing area
    - more stuff i would post but im hungry

  152. Some dude Says:

    I’m kind of neutral with the spikeopult. I mean, no offense but it’s kind of boring and juggernaut is EXTREMELY expensive for such a simple upgrade

  153. Cheesetheif Says:

    this is kind of based off of kyle’s thing but you should be able to unlock more upgrades for the towers when you pass level 50.

  154. okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Says:

    like andrewtc said you should have a pacman like you put it down like road spikes or something but then you control where it goes with the arrow keys and it pops bloons!

  155. btd master Says:

    shot gun tower and knight monkey

  156. btd master Says:

    take your time and make it awesome 5

  157. btd master Says:

    10 maps

  158. kamiccolo Says:

    This is great news!

    Two feature I’d like to suggest:
    1. some kind of confirmation before you sell towers – it sucks when I accidentally sell a tower
    2. keyboard shortcuts – always handy

  159. Chalmers Says:

    Honestly, if anyone else makes a comment, please use correct grammar and spelling. I can understand about half of these responses.

    If you can take the time to learn how to be a “gamer” you can take the time to learn the language that we speak.

    And those of you who want to know when it comes out, read the earlier entries and you will find your answer.

  160. MEH Says:

    u should make a bow and arrow monkey

  161. DUDE Says:

    dude u should make a blitz monkey, when the monkey throws ice bombs and blows up half the map. =)

  162. lol Says:

    I got a lot of AWESOME ideahs!!!
    1.sandbox mode,100,000$$$ always handy :D
    2.track desighner,desighn your own track and then play it :D :D (you should also be able to play other people tracks :D )
    3.send wave,send any bloon and any number of bloons
    4.make it MULTI PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THAT WOULD ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheap towers like mines(same as pinapple exept a bloon has to go over it)
    6.when you click a tower,you should get an entire screen of upgrades!!!!!!!!!!!for example,i click on a dart monkey and alot of upgrades appear andyou can choose any upgrade.+ if you get an upgrade,its there again!!!i could choose faster shooting unlimited times :D :D ;D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D !!!!!!!!!!!
    7.there should be challenges,like start off with -500 with a free cannon XD or start off with 1 life or start off at lvl.10 like if you click there instead of lvl.1 youd start off with lvl.10 with the same lives,money and everything :D also another,you could have unlimitd money BUT for towers,you could only have pinapples and road spikes

    this is getting kinda long so im gonna make this in 2 comments

  163. lol Says:

    ok im back,by the way,if you like these ideahs and might publish them,tell me that on a blog ok?
    so now,
    (sry i was distracted for a while)
    8.another mode should be scenarios 1-50 scenarios and another is can jump to any lvl :D cant do a lvl more than:( once :’( :”( :”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"( XD crying
    9.NEW BALLONS :D a purple ballon should go VERY fast and only goes 0 mph at corners,a “ultimate ballon”has 100 blacks,whites,browns,10,000reds,blues,greens,yellows and 10 moabs :O :0 regular priced towers,like sniper,plasma gun,shotgun,monkey sword magic monkey (sniper has VERY HIGH damage and VERY SLOW reload and covers the ENTIRE screen////plasma gun shoots a big bullet that damages a few bloons at a time but VERY slow reload and little range////a gun that shoots a few darts at a time and fast reload/normal range////a monkey in shiny armour holding a sword that slices bloons,can slice and throw so mele and long range :) ////a monkey with that…weird majic hat and fast reload and normal range,shoots a white…thing that has many circles and goes around a bloon,closing in if you could imagine that.)OK I KNOW I SAID 2 COMMENTS BUT IM GOING TO THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:)

  164. lol Says:

    ok the third comment…
    10.>:)there are 3 boxes that show you wats wat,cheap wepons,normal towers and ultra towers :D in cheap, there are mines,pinapples and road spikes in normal,there are those other towers,in ultra(doesnt include super monkey) is everything AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUT ITS UPGRADED!!!!!!!!!!!THE SUPER DART MONKEY WOULD BE BETTER THAN THE SUPPER MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!its all there again and the upgraded super monkey would be called the mega monkey,it jumps all around the screen on bloons and pops alot of bloons and sends a shockwave,a grey1 so you can imagine it and once you upgrade it,it can shoot,once you upgrade it all the way,it sends a shock wave that covers the entire screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!itll also shoot an auto everything at the same time!!!!even the upgrades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so if you buy that shoot everything…thingy its like everythings upgraded on the regular thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND AUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so if you thought the super monkey was auto before,YOU SHOULD SEE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and for the stuff in the cheap,on ultra,super spikes would move and pop 1,000 bloons!!!!!!!!pinapple wouldexplode all over the entire screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and mines,well there normal EXEPT FOR THE FACT THAT THERE ARE A THOUSAND ALL OVER ONLY THE TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and 1 more thing,there should be another unlockable thing,like a diff type of road spike,it would look like a tiki hut,but once you put it down on the track,and once a bloon goes in,it wouldnt come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!it would literally popped!!!!!!!!like a black hole could be in there!!!!!if any bloon goes in,not 1 comes oun D: it can only kill 10,000 bloons though and its like lives,if a blue escapes,you lose 2 lives right?so if a blue goes in,you should be able to pop 9,998 bloons or you could just period pop 1 bloon like if a ultra went in than it would only be like 1 went in,since 1 did :) also you should upgrade the stuff before it ever conmes out,like on desctop armanda,creators,play it now to know wat im talking bout ok?????????yay i have good good ideahs :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. lol Says:

    ps.i stalled my self on that last one too LOL now,heres faces for no reason :) :( >:) >:( <:( =) <=( :b :s :] :{ :} :’( :”( :’) :”) :( :>) :<) **
    :O :0 :o yay faces!!!(i hope youknow i know alot more like…XD

  166. Mr Duck Says:

    Nice Ideas lol.

  167. I'm a scientist Says:

    1. sword monkey that throws knives/swords
    3.keyboared shortcuts

  168. lol Says:

    thx i thought of these a few weeks ago can you think of some other ideahs

  169. Ryst0501 Says:

    Sorry I havent been here in a while, BTD for the Iphone sweet how about for other phones that take apps like the blackberry storm? I will be getting one of those in the next few weeks still verry excited for it to come out please take your time to many games try to come out with new versions way to quickly and they usally suck.. but i have faith in you guys thanks for all your hard work chris and every one else!

  170. lol Says:

    its almost been a year since btd3 came out,ahhhhh good times :) keep up the work and i estimate the game will be out within 7 monthes by the most

  171. Stapeo Says:

    Somehow put apples into the game because APPLE + MONKEY = AWESOME

  172. Christopher Says:

    1) Do some more bloons like a Dark blue that has 10 blues inside or a pink bloon that is faster than rainbows and contain 2 rainbowas inside.
    2) Do monkey pineaple that creates more damage and explodes just when dropped it will cost 45
    3) Track designer will be awesome
    4) Create something that can destroy easy a MOAB
    5) Create rocket launcher it will cost 1,500 but it will destroy moabs instantly
    6) Do special. It will be a super version of every tower Ex: super glaive that can pop up to 38 bloons at once.

  173. okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Says:

    just to let you know, Ryst0501, phones with apps are called smartphones.

  174. lol Says:

    nice ideahs :D i think i can think of a few more,for christophers,you can have a very light ballon for 10 darks :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D and for EVERY COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!for the super glave,38 bloons, next upgrade should be ultra glaive wich should pop 200 ballons!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and only 1 hit for ultra glaive to a moab/rocket launchers should have a small range and only hit moab’s but super launcher should have screen coverage and auto bombs,bigger exploding and hits ANY ballon ;) (also for the ultra ballon i was talking about earlyer,if you use the light and dark ballon ideah than its 50 lights of every color!!! or 100 darks of every color and does not include dark and light moab’s =D but still,it includes moab’s and moabs shouldalso be dark and light

  175. lol Says:

    in this comment,i am gonna talk about difficulties,maps,speed and survival mode 9008)&**(&9&^7^75^$56#43@342@$1@#1423$@$%#^564%846%7896%&^p078_*9*890 first ill talk about maps,there should be a specail VERY expencive wepon for each map there should be a LOT of maps but ill make up a few >:)))))))))))))))a devil map where its all around a devils head and all the ground should look like a flat volcano with rinckles and its specail ability should be lava squirt,there should now be 3 little sprouts of water in the track then it should be “lava break and 6 bigger sprouts of lava come in, then it should be “almost eruption and the six sprouts begin to break but bigger and 1 more sprout then it should be burning island and the lava should now flood a little part of the track then it should be devils attack and lava starts poring outta the mouth,eyes,nose,holes from begginning and the hornes get 4X as long so the tracks longer!!! plus every 5 seconds the horns very quickly grow then go back to normal and when it grows,itpops every ballon :D :D but it only pops the ballon once and no matter how hard it pops it,it should pop,same think with lava; so for example if a blue ballon goes over the sprout,then it would become 2 reds,and if upgraded more,it could kill those 2 red and all the way upgraded,it could kill 1 dark moab!!!!!!!!ps. sry for not captilizing the moab

  176. lol Says:

    next is difficulties,on easy prices are same,you get all wepons to use emidetly,track is big and on lvl 1/ballons are same as other game than normal,stuff is more expencive,you dont have every tower(for instance,you dont have anything exept cannon boomarang,and dart monkey/it would be more stuff on normal though/you also wouldnt get other stuff till later the better the tower the later you get it)ok well you get the ideah of wat im trying to say right???cause im bored….so bye

  177. a person Says:

    DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!and a sandbox mode pleaese!:D

  178. BloonsRock! Says:

    each click of the mouse should be able to pop the balloon once (for example a blue balloon will turn red) like a tack.. so the faster you click the faster you can pop the balloons =)

  179. btd4 Says:

    can you guys who are making it add a featur saying buld a leval and another 1 saying build a tower that would b great wat would b even better is thai i could use the tower i made in a real leval now that would b AWESOME

  180. awesome amn Says:

    vary hard and vary easy

  181. a person Says:

    Hey,BloonsRock!.That would make the game a little to easy.but level modes very hard and vary easy is cool!;D

  182. a person Says:

    this page is long[er because right now XD]!

  183. a person Says:

    :C lol!

  184. level 75 Says:

    level 75 super monkeys and missale blades

  185. a person Says:

    give the monkeys levels!!!

  186. leave ninjakiwi alone!! Says:

    just let ninjakiwi do its stuff on its own accord

  187. Christopher Says:

    Yeah there will be an upgrade called rocket propelled glaive that will pop MOAB’s instantly, It will cost 1075

    Or there will be a upgrade to pop 50 bloons then to pop 100 then 175

  188. Christopher Says:

    Also sandbox mode and demo Plllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  189. N1ght Says:

    What would be really cool so everyone can enjoy? I would say take your time make it good and make it so its a blast playing it. I wish you the greatest encouragement and luck and let this game be the best ever. Good Luck and have fun :)

  190. Chris Says:

    Thanks for all your comments! (‘specially those ones telling us to take our time :P )

  191. MLE Says:

    If people can’t spell simple words they shouldn’t be allowed to make suggestions.

  192. frank Says:

    There should be a way to combine towers at a price. so a dart monkey and tack tower can serve as a tack monkey or spikeopault and a cannon could make the spike blow up at the end of its popping. this would be cool !! —–


  193. dude Says:

    many of the suggestions wouldn’t really work, it’s supposed to be in bloons, thats why a light saber or packman would make more sense.

  194. nintendo fan Says:

    you should release a finalized version of bloons tower defense for all game consoles. it should be the last version you make of BTD

  195. nintendo fan Says:

    you should make it 3d so we can see everything not just in 2d but 3d as well. we should be able to switch between 2d and 3d

  196. Hernán Says:

    Daleeeee quiero jugar ya nene!!!!!!

  197. tehdarkness2 Says:

    it wuld be awsome if the was a pacman bloon :D

  198. a Says:

    i hope that there will be a btd4:)

  199. Christopher Says:

    I got other Ideas :)

    1) Much more upgrades.
    2) A screen of all towers clasiffied into columns. Ex: ther’s one colums that is named dart towers that contains every towers with darts…
    3) A bloon with 1 of every bloon inside

  200. austin Says:

    i am a huge fan of bloons tower defence. i play it at school and my friends tell me ther e making a bloons tower defencce 4 i was so happy to here that. There should be more upgrades, better monkeys, different color baloons, more buyables, and prizes to win.

  201. austin Says:

    also 3d and a packman tower

  202. austin Says:


  203. austin Says:


  204. austin Says:


  205. austin Says:


  206. random name Says:

    i hope all you sad people die who have wrote comments acting like crazy fans who would rather spend their whole day i front of a computer making comments on something that hasn’t been releasd yet. By the way i can’t wait for BTD4 :| you can just see the enthusiasm of my smile.

  207. poo Says:

    poo poo head oh yeh!!!

  208. Btd4 plz Says:

    Oh how mature i would love that> sigh oh and hurry up and make it

  209. DarkKisame Says:

    Well I haven’t been reading through the comments, but I’m glad to hear a btd4 is on the way. 3 is insanely fun and I love playing on sandbox after the beginning is over, seeing how far I can get with all those damn blimps! :P

    I saw one comment about an exp system up in the start of the omg fest, and I would like to re adress that somewhat if it isn’t too late to be suggesting things for the game. I’m an rpg gammer, and an rts gamer, and those that combine the two are particuarily my favourites. Perhaps like the guy said increasing their exp by kill count to give perhaps mini boosts, ie fire rate and stuff, and then the more important upgrades like 2 and 3 bloon shot upgrades and longer range be kept to money. That’s just my two cents. Keep up the good work and yes, take yer time! :)

  210. CoMoMan Says:

    I have been a fan of BTD for a while.

    I understand that there is going to be a BTD for the iphone.

    Everyday I check to see if it will be at the app store.

    I was wondering which BTD it will be. The First or what?

    And I was also wondering when it will come out for the iphone. That way I can play when I dont have computer access.

  211. CoMoMan Says:

    And not to hurt anyones feelings or anything but the majority of what people are suggesting are already made in some sort of other way. And some of them don’t make any sense. Like having road spikes that last forever would be pointless because it would be the only thing you would need because it last forever…….

  212. Carbon Says:

    this sounds great man :) take your time and make it the best it can be i love the direction that BTD3 went in. dont try and add ne more twists or nething like that. keep it with trhe same concept. thx man!

  213. wassup Says:

    take ur time hope btd4 gonna hav gr8 quality =]

  214. RedBulit 20 Says:

    take you time and there should be upgrades like shotgun and machine gun or have some more cannon like items i like thhose

  215. Sadie Says:

    pacman bloon – awesome

    something to pop moabs – super awesome

    coolest btd ever – super super awesome

  216. CoMoMan Says:

    Pacman probably would make the game less fun.

  217. CoMoMan Says:

    I’m not going to make suggestions like tell you what to do. But I will say I’d like more maps towers. Space. And basically options. Change or prices or upgrades. I’d like a focus on curtain color balloons with spacific towers.

  218. paul2 Says:

    Ninja kiwi plz make large maps and tack bloons and expert mode and king bloon (Which has 2 M.O.A.B’s in it) and walls and a Tower that can pop any bloons in one hit (But it takes 20 minutes to reload)and the ranges farther (Exept super monkey)and moveable maps and more maps and a spinning monkey (slow and can still pop bloons and it can’t control itself) or somthing?

  219. Carbon Says:

    @redbuilt20, that is easilly one of the best suggestions ive seen here. relisatic with the shotgun, and usefull.
    where paul2′s was atleast 7+ suggestions, alot that are rediclous, and would take fun out of the game.

  220. Kevin Says:

    Make a MOAB carrier. It would take a lot of hits to pop and it will pop into six MOABs. MOABs are too easy.Make the game so hard that you need at least one of every tower cuz i hate it wern people keep using super monkey and cannons

  221. Kevin Says:

    Also add a hyper monkey, a power monkey and an ultra monkey. Hyper monkey can easily get through MOABs. Power Monkey can easily get through MOAB carriers and ultra monkey can face an upgraded MOAB. MOAB stands for massive ornary air blimp so ultra monkey can face POAB a powerful ornary aair blimp and than there should be a POAB carrier which will take a bunch of ultra monkeys and one of all the other towers to destroy. It splits into four POABs which each split into a two MOAB carriers. The ultra monkey has to be like 100,000 money and it’s upgrades must be madd expensive but the POAB carrier should earn some money. Every once in a while, a bloon boss should come.

  222. PeaceMaker Says:

    can wait for it to come out!!!!!!!!!!!! and whats with all the ultra and hyper monkey??? and the M.O.A.B carrier??? just simple towers should be added. their good ideas but its to much to pop :S

  223. PeaceMaker Says:

    but anyway Chris your a genius for making this game!!!!!!! thanks so much

  224. PeaceMaker Says:

    and one last thing whats up with (lol) scroll up. I think hes taking BTD4 too seriously. Im not being mean im just sayin. But good ideas.

  225. carbon Says:

    i agree with kevin about the boss….not about ne of that oer stuff lol

  226. Jordan, ZANE ZANE LOOK :O Says:

    I know this has probably been mentioned but is there going to be a Bloons Tower Defense for the iTouch/iPhone. And hope BTD4 is going great remember haste makes waste! :7O

  227. paul2 Says:

    M.O.A.B carrier = Fun, hard game

  228. Red Bulit 20 Says:

    dont make a monkey that takes the fun out of the game either i would like another form of the tack shooter too like maybe add thermite too it
    i usually use cannons, supper monkeys and bomerangs.

    i finish most levels with only 8 things usually 1 tack shooter 3 fully upgraded super monkeys 2 cannons and 2 bomerangs (all fully upgraded) i got to level 68 with just thoose then i got a couple more stuff

  229. Red Bulit 20 Says:

    or maybe on the last levels the bloons can damage your towers if you dont hit them first there could be a super long range monkey that fires tinny little spread bombs but only fires 10 times each level

  230. Comoman Says:

    There is gonna be one for iPhone but my ? Is hen and which BTD?

  231. Thingy Says:

    Maybe you should show exactly where the center of the map is. And quarters and eights because I want to put my SuperMonkey in the middle of the map, but I don’t know where the middle is. And you can turn that function on and off.

  232. Thingy Says:

    Oh and one thing I forgot to mention. You could have a Full Version of BTD and have it have automatic updates on your comp, so you don’t need a Internet connection. And on the full version, you could have it so you can play older versions too. And you can make custom tracks on the Full Version too. You could make it so you can upload that custom track onto, and you choose the best custom track of the month, year, week, overall so far, so everyone can play those.

  233. BTD.ASAP Says:

    BTD is absolutely the most addicting game on the internet. I love everything about it.

    Been checking back for BTD4 for soo long- (I didn’t realize there was a blog post about it). I’m so excited!

    My humble suggestion: in addition to targeting first or last bloons, be able to point towers to target one fixed direction.

  234. kk Says:

    i enjoy btd3 but iv completed it but its still fun i cant wait for btd4

  235. kk Says:

    btd.asap. i think it is to

  236. Anonymous Says:

    pc game!!!

    btw, i like BTD.ASAP’s idea.

  237. lol Says:

    im still here :b

    anyway…………..heres another mode that i BEG of you to do
    (if you agree then copy and paste your name here)

    anyway here it is,you should make a speed up button that speeds up the game instead of everything going to slow cause its been 3 versions now………………..(if you wanna see my oter ideahs hen there not far up)also the mode is just a free mode where you can do anything(but not the stuff where you can make tracks or anything but you should install that too)to where you can skip to a lvl. and have any amount of money(in sandbox you shouldnt be given the choice to pick how much,like 10,000 cause others will put 999999999999999)

    you should also be able to skip to any lvl. :b

  238. tehdarkness2 Says:

    a lightsaber moneky wuld be sweet

  239. BTD.ASAP Says:

    agreed. a light sabre monkey is long overdue.

    it would suprise me not to see one in BTD4.

  240. SEAN Says:

    i swear i dont know if chris is your real name but if you were a girl i would marry you first of all the multiplayer 1 person bloon 1 person tower is very scechy idea(i dont like the idea)onather thing is do not let the bloons damage the towers i hat td games like that.some ideas i have heared and thought up. i love the idea of is shotgun tower i no its kinda like the cannon but i love the idea. towers can target certian colored bloons a massive ordinary air blimp killer like seriosly like on lev 56 theres like 10 moabs is hard( 2 hard )a overall bloon pop count <-1 of my fav ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do not make anything stronger than the moab unless u create a way strong monkey that can kill it!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 more things a tower that will atomaticly set a regular tacs on the grownd every 20secs or so

    ive seen a lot of typed faces after reading all these blogs but 100$ says mine is the best
    noob 4 life!!!!!!!!

  241. kingdom hearts junky Says:

    i swear i dont know if chris is your real name but if you were a girl i would marry you first of all the multiplayer 1 person bloon 1 person tower is very scechy idea(i dont like the idea)onather thing is do not let the bloons damage the towers i hat td games like that.some ideas i have heared and thought up. i love the idea of is shotgun tower i no its kinda like the cannon but i love the idea. towers can target certian colored bloons a massive ordinary air blimp killer like seriosly like on lev 56 theres like 10 moabs is hard( 2 hard )a overall bloon pop count <-1 of my fav ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do not make anything stronger than the moab unless u create a way strong monkey that can kill it!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 more things a tower that will atomaticly set a regular tacs on the grownd every 20secs or so

    ive seen a lot of typed faces after reading all these blogs but 100$ says mine is the bes
    noob 4 life!!!!!!!!

  242. kingdom hearts junky Says:

    so sry that was a big screwup cause of my bro sry bowt same post sean my bro im kingdom heart junky the post is mine not his

  243. mike Says:

    my ideas are:
    1.make a light saber monkey
    2.make a pacman tower
    3tack shooters should start out w/ only 4 shooters, then get 6, then 8, then blades, then upgraded speed+range.
    4.make all levels up to 100 cuz their to short.
    5.dont listen 2 what people say about moabs cuz their just fine.afterall they are the hardest bloon to burst.
    6.make a baby monkey tower that throws bananas, and upgrades to gorilla.

  244. mike Walton Says:

    ^^^^^^^ya boy mike walton wrote this above representing wayne nj^^^^^^

  245. Chris Says:

    OK everybody go here —>


  246. mike Says:

    poo and austin are major fags

  247. Big Oto Says:

    I would really like to be able to save games. What about that?

  248. mike Says:

    yea that would be great big oto

  249. Matthew Says:

    It keeps getting better and better. The teaser looks awsome!

  250. carbon Says:

    yea ide love a save feature. that a possibility? thats about the best idea that i have seen out of these comments.

  251. a person Says:

    show us another teaser!!

  252. Red Bulit 20 Says:

    oh maybe there should be a tower that earns you extra money and a glue thrower would be helpful

  253. bob Says:

    jeez can u just hurry up with it im gettin bored of all the other games

  254. harry cleaver Says:

    have you ever thought about maybe bringing btd to itunes for download on iphone or ipod touch?

  255. lol Says:

    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ PUT A SPEED UP BUTTON ON 4 IT TAKES FOREVER WITH OUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. lol Says:

    heres a cheat for 3 :b when your on lvl.46 or high like tat,it helps when you have 1 or 2 freeze towers upgraded/when its fully upgraded,it has good range and speed,so when the bloons come unfrozen,a milisec. later,there frozen again and you need snap freeze too for 1 part of this to work,once all of wat i said has ben done,get 200+$$$ then wait for your freeze tower to get wat seems like 10000000 bloons,then get 3 to 4 pinapples and blast away!!!reason for snap freeze is cause you cant make blacks explode even when frozen :c so snap freeze kills the black then you can kill the rest c: C:

  257. Annil Says:

    Lol got a few ideas for btd4 (if its not too late)
    Kamikaze monkey (trap)
    Sword thrower (tower)
    My face (its soo ugly) (jks but tower)
    Some of the towers from TD 3/2/1
    Banana bombs (trap, explode when bloon goes over it then splits into 5)
    And the logo for this website (Ninja kiwi) cost like 5000 creds but does ultimate dmg… hope 1/2 of these can be put in if its not too late

  258. MastaFowl Says:

    There is one thing that should obviously be included yet has not been mentioned…A NINJA KIWI TOWER! It would throw ninja stars when the bloons are far away and when they got close it would start a’ swinging his katana like mad! It would be real expensive tho. Another idea: flamethrower monkey! It would be close range but would do a lot of damage. Also u may have noticed that I mentioned close range towers. This is because all the towers are ranged towers. Make a couple of close combat towers for once, and about the iPhone version, don’t change it like u did bloons, just make btd’s 1,2,3,4 compactable with the iPhone. And plz, no stupid ideas like lightsaber monkey…

  259. Henryisawesome Says:

    OH YEH. Can’t wait for bloons tower defence 4. Gonna be so cool. ^_^

  260. lol Says:

    sweeeeet mike,chris add it

  261. yoshinaruto Says:

    I think super monkey should have a destrucion beam upgrade. It would be blue and pop lots of bloons at once. It would be very exspensive,but very powerful.

  262. yoshinaruto Says:

    I also think there should be a sandbox mode that gives you lots of money.

  263. lol Says:

    your right yoshinaruto,it would be like this for upgrades for a super monkey,1st path is all about range,2nd path is those upgrades and 3rd is the mega monkey(unlocks everything but the most expensive,see all about it a few comments above)but 2nd,would be like this.upgrade to laser vision/then tripple vision(3 lasers then next would be 4 outta his hands and eyes!!!)then plasma then double plasma!!!then ultimate beam(9,000$$$!!!!!!!!!!!)

  264. t Says:

    hey chris what is the estimated release date?

  265. bom bom fire power Says:

    i just want super monkey with flying power that would pwn and some nuclear wepons

  266. coolstar10 Says:


  267. coolstar10 Says:

    Got a couple idea of BT4, if not to late-
    Extra money after each level for not losing lives
    Need to upgrade the supermonkeys more, I’m imagining a supermonkey that shoots bombs at super speeds to mow down bloons (10000 dollars) or supermonkeys that shoots out ninja stars(can pop 5 bloons at once after plasma, or upgrade plasma to juggernut where it can hit multiple bloons
    -Flamethrower monkey sounds good, devastates bloons at close range, or a supermonkey that freezes bloons at superspeed
    Seeker bombs sound good, could pinpoint annoying yellow bloons, etc.- missisles that split also sounds like a good
    For the blade machine, upgrade blades to glaive blades
    Lastly we need some way to save the game
    good luck on game

  268. a person Says:

    make a boomerang upgrade that shoots 3 boomerangs at once!!

  269. lol Says:

    you should make a mallet tool,it would be in the cheap section(to learn more about that look at my earlyer comments :b):) HKKKKHKGKhkhgkgkkkkkkkkkkkKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkKkKkKkKkKkKKKkKkKkKkKkKkKKkKkKkKKkKKKkkKKKkKkKkKkKkKKkKkKkkkkKkKkKkkKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkKKKKKkKkKkKDMDLDM;DKLMVLDMS;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;KKKKKKKK////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////THE MALLET WOULD BE 75 PER USE BUT ITS(sry caps)strong and small itll take out a grou of bloons and a little range

  270. Hernan Says:

    Para cuando muchachos???

  271. Tony Says:

    Aw, schweet! I want to be the first to play. Hope we have a BTD5! =D

  272. MeesterMan Says:


  273. poofish Says:

    have a larger track and more rounds
    more things to pop the balloons
    have different limits to how many rounds there are like 25,50,75 etc
    more upgrades for towers like have 3 or 4 upgrades for the monkeys and cannons or any of the new towers you can buy
    be able to create your own bloons tower defense
    this is poofish logging of now
    bbfl with pooboy2k9

  274. Carbon Says:

    meesterman. one, dont use caps. two, thtt is a bad idea because the player wont know that the rubber bloons are, so they wont know how to beet them. so when they come around, they wont have the freeze bloon and the boomarang. so no nobody will agree with your idea.

  275. MeesterMan Says:

    Move the sell away from start. I once sold my super monkey with all the upgrades and didnt notice and hit start and lost because of it. ;(

  276. Ryoix Says:

    Hey I love 3, but what exactly is the monkey machine gun upgrade going to be?

  277. Ryoix Says:

    by the way i siriously agree with meesterman, move the sell and start away dude!

  278. btd 1,2,3,4! Says:

    you must master BTD3 if you want to play BTD4 it comes out July 22 2009 so master BTD3 first like i did.

  279. Bobby Says:

    When will it be done?

    Because ive heard rumors of July 20 – August 1
    (Not long now thought when ever it will be done)
    (p.s. Cant wait hee hee!!!)

  280. yoshinaruto Says:

    Bloons tower defence 4 should have some kind of super sonic monkey. It could be like tack shooter but shoot a sonic wave around it or shoot it forward. either way is still cool it would be powerful but it would have short range.

  281. lol Says:

    ya know how the monkey storm clears all bloons right?so heres a good ideah,you either make it pop moab’s to or a 1 that pops only moab’s!!!

  282. Christopher Says:

    If it’s not to late maybe you can get some of the ideas.

    Machine gun monkey (Faster than super monkey)

    Missile strike (Destroys Every thing on there path)

    An aircraft/s (Attacks enemy bloons)

    And everyone, remember. Random name is idiot.

  283. Marc Says:

    A Balista
    A Acid tower
    A Bonus money if no monkeys go at the end (all 3 turns)
    A Gun trooper who can move
    A tower who can create money like a mine
    bloons enemy

    A clown with a lot of bloons
    A bloon illusion
    A bloon who pick 400$ if he join the end

  284. Chris Says:

    Weird. No chance it will be ready by either of those dates, sorry!

  285. BTD LOVER Says:

    I think that btd4 should be twice as good as the third btd.Just like in the third one instead of a wave of supermonkeys there should be a plane that drops bombs and destroys everything,it should be expensive.Also the monkey beacon should have more abliities.Just make a cool game like you allways do.

  286. Joomla Templates Says:

    Can’t wait to see this one… 277 comments shows a lot of enthusiasm.

  287. bloons addict Says:

    this is going to be a very cool game i hope t comes out soon

  288. btd4 player Says:

    … yaaay!!! im so excited that were gonna have a whole new btd! i suggest a monkey that moves around and is just like a dart monkey but better, and more money.

  289. btd4 player Says:

    btw, when is it coming out? hopefully before school?

  290. Trippy Penguin Says:

    dude what’s with the rubbery look? i preferred the old look a bit better…
    and what does the zebra bloon do?

  291. Jojo Says:

    It looks great!!! I ♥ it!!

  292. coolguy Says:

    looks cool cant wait

  293. biggley Says:

    my main concern is the lag i experience the more bloons that enter the track. it could be my imagination, but it seems like my towers are more effective popping the bloons without lag than with the lag. is there anything being done to lessen the lag? i mean id imagine its hard to lessen the lag as each BTD gets more sophisticated.

  294. Chris Says:

    It’s a good question. We’ve learned a lot since BTD3 and with the newer version of Flash player we’re pretty confident that we can control lag more effectively than in BTD3.

  295. ultra BTD fan dude Says:

    can’t wait for it Chris! oh,and,if you know,when will it come out? and i’m sorry if i’m asking for too much,but what about a list of the towers and stuff like road spikes please?

  296. Chris Says:

    We don’t have a release date yet, sorry. As for a list of towers etc, wouldn’t that spoil the surprise?

  297. ultra BTD fan dude Says:

    guess you’re right Chris thanks

  298. greenblob Says:

    I know we won’t be let down with btd4, but here’s a suggestion, i think you should be able to buy back lives, move around your weapons for a price instead of having to sell them and buy one again, and there should be a special move for each weapon, varying in price. also, you should make an option to pause during game play, because sometimes your called down to do something, and when you come back up, you’ve lost about five lives. otherwise, all of the btd’s are excellent!

  299. Red Bulit 20 Says:

    i agree with greenblob

  300. Red Bulit 20 Says:

    could you buy interest and like exra money for bloons and stuff like that like skills on btd4

  301. Dylan03 Says:

    I hope the Bloon Tower Defence 4 is as cool as it looks. Can’t wait to play it. The airplane looks awesome. I love it already. I hope the super-monkey shoots even faster. I like the idea of being able to pause like Greenblob mentioned.

  302. Dylan03 Says:

    I hope the Bloon Tower Defence 4 is as cool as it looks. Can’t wait to play it. The airplane looks awesome. I love it already. I hope the super-monkey shoots even faster.

  303. BTDallFAN Says:

    i loved all the bloons games in general EPICALLY the TD games…PLEASE MAKE A 4

  304. vvval89 Says:

    Three suggestions:
    Cyan monkey that throws three darts at a time.
    Blue tower that shoots lasers (or whatever those things that pop out of the blue bloons are =P).

    The last is a game improvement: ability to make your own levels.

    What do you think?

  305. ultra BTD fan dude Says:

    hey chris, i was thinking that since there probally is no time left for this idea, i was thinking you could maybe do this also for version 5 if there is one. you should have a mana bar and have spells for stuff like to instantly upgrade towers or spells that could give you back a certain number of lives or make the top number of lives to to 105 lives for example if your on easy mode. please repli. take your time

  306. biggley Says:

    hey, i was just kind of curious as to how BTD 4 is put together. Does the brainstorming come first, and then the track patterns, and then the towers? or, can you give some sort of insight as to how this process comes together?

  307. supr3me Says:

    could there be any way that the towers can make a combo, and… if you looked in onslaught2 you could get some inspiration :)

  308. Sarah Says:

    Will you be porting the BTD games over to the iphone/ipod as you did with the first bloons???!!!! Please. :)

  309. lol Says:

    ok,ive got another suggestion if not to late,(see my other ideahs up a few comments)you should have another coulmn that says”spells”and a long blue line across the front,that would fill up slowly every second your in a round and also when you kill a bloon,the bar would be for many things,the bar could also be a power generator,for example,it would take cannons power to shoot and the more they shoot the less energy youd have…and for that other spell list i was talking about should have upgrades for a certian ammount of energy,for example here is what it would look like

    spells coulmn
    get energy faster 100
    get a second bar of energy 2000
    get more of an amount of energy(for example,you have 500 energy and cant get any more cause thats the limit than you buy the upgrade and could have 100 energy or sumthing)
    and more stuff like that

  310. lol Says:

    will there b a light saber tower chris yes or no Please make one looks awesome

  311. Chris Says:

    The light sabre will make an appearance, but as an upgrade to one of the existing towers…

  312. Josh Says:

    i cant wait for BTD4 to come out i love your games#

    from josh smith
    p.s. im your biggest 10 year old fan


  313. lol Says:

    the light saber monkey will probably come from bommerang cause its still going in a circle

  314. tj Says:

    the light saber will probile come from the tack shooter because it shoots straight out

  315. super monkey Says:

    how about a boss on the very last level of the game where you have to hit it 250 times before it reaches the end or else it’s game over.

    P.S. the boss should be a super bloon that carries 3 moabs, 12 browns, 12 rainbows, 24 blacks and whites, 72 yellows, 72 greens, 72 blues, and 72 reds.


  316. Sum 1 Says:

    I agree with that post about the boss on the last level and can u please make sumthing like a swordsman monkey that has really short range but when upgraded to the max pops greens and under instantly and firesalmost as fast as super monkey. would have 2 be really cheap to buy but have an astronomical cost 2 upgrade…plz…

  317. Pokemon Fan Says:

    You should make a Tower that digs under th map and makes a earthquake and destroy all the ballons on that level and you should make it cost 945 dollars

  318. Hi Says:

    Try to make a sniper tower, that kills any bloon completely (apart from MOAB) in 1 shot. You should be able to select the target. It should be expensive and it should have a really slow firing rate.

  319. freakyfree Says:

    hi chris as many others have said i really think there should be a demo of like the 1st 10 levels of each difficulty and i think that tack towers should have a larger range area

    2. there should be a pac tower that eats bloons but it could be similar to a chain chomp in mario, they jump on a chain for something and 3seconds later lose interest and go back to its original posision, but then after another 3secs it wants to eat again!

    3.what exactly does the new gluer monkey do?

    4.can u tell us how many NEW towers or bonuses(tacks) there are

    5. can u not listen to any1 telling u to hurry up on your progress, Just take your time, make it awesome, and please TRY and release this year!

    I relise this is alot to comprehend but please reply soon

    - Superzapper of the freakyfree team

  320. R*STAR Says:

    HAY! how long now?
    its been a while u know!
    how about some estamit?
    make it a long 1! because on the supersmash bros. brawl site they under estimated TWICE!!! it pissed of the fans soooo much! so, give a lonnnnnng estimit would’ya? im guessing 1-3months till its out.

  321. Red Bulit 20 Says:

    theyre shooting for october

  322. turkısh boy Says:

    ı am dıe for bloons tower defende

  323. randome guy Says:

    yay October, thats my birthday what a present

  324. Team Canda Says:

    Some of the commets and the questions asked have already been anserwed you just got to scroll up a little and you will find your answer! As for the packman tower, Chris already said that wont be in Bloons tower defense 4. Unless they change there mind and include it.

  325. Team Canda Says:

    Oh and as far as a demo goes there probaly wont be one it would just delay the actully release date of BTD4.

  326. Killa Bro Says:

    i think u should make a completely different map,
    like shooting in the game were u aim and
    only have one tower-and you shoot the bloons.
    And u can upgrade the tower.

  327. Killa Bro Says:

    I agree to costomizing your own tower.
    I also think its a good idea to
    make your own track!
    BTD is kewl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  328. Killa Bro Says:

    and another thing,
    u should make way more tracks to choose from…
    im getting sick of playing the same tracks all
    the time, and my Highest level on BTD is 76…
    on easy

  329. Yocuppajoe Says:

    Awesome! It would be great if there were a new feature that allowed you to save what level you are on.

  330. freakyfree Says:

    catsssssssss i demand a cat tower!

    BTD rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  331. Christopher Says:

    What about a knife monkey?

  332. Killa Bro Says:

    YES, A KNIFE MONKEY!!!!!!!

  333. lol Says:

    THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!it would be an upgrade from the dart monkey,kill 50 bloons in 1 shot but very expencive!!!

  334. Killa Bro Says:

    And That Flamethrower idea
    It could be a MOAB Killer!

  335. curly Says:

    hello my other wierd frieds who have also decided to waste their lives and post on this sad blog!

  336. Killa Bro Says:


  337. Killa Bro Says:

    oh sorry

  338. Killa Bro Says:

    i dont care how long it takes for
    BTD4 to come out, just make it better than
    not that BTD3 isnt cool or anything!!!!

  339. sentaro Says:

    I think there should be a new unit called chop monkey it can throw a chomper that eats all balloons on the field at once throws 2 of them per round. (CATCH) IT can can only be placed at the end of a field.Cost $6500

  340. budenkai Says:

    I have always loved bloons td. all of my ideas are listed below.
    1 fusing unit: alows u to fuse any 2 units like a boomerang + pinnapple equals pinnapple thrower. Cost 4000
    2 time stoper unit cost 10000 hey i dont want to make my ideas to cheap
    stops balloons dead in there tracks for 10 seconds. Does not freeze ballons so monkeys can destroy balloons while frozen.
    3 Oz monkey cost 800 has three heads can turn into what ever you want such as three headed boomerang or 3x blade shooting tack.
    4body slammer cost 5000 pops all balloons in range with body slam.
    5 Rewinder cost 6000 can make all ballons on track go back to beginning 2 times per round.

  341. budenkai Says:

    my upgrades for all of my units are listed below. I also think there should be at least 8 upgrades for everything. but here are the starters
    For the fusing unit: 1 fusing three things cost 250 2 fusing 4 things cost 500 3 upgrade speed of anything you fused. cost 1000 4 gifting the fused creature with another ability cost 2000
    For the time stopper: 1 freezing range for 15 seconds cost 250 2 bigger freezing area cost 1000 3 freezing entire field cost 2500 4 freezing the m.o.a.b 3000.
    For the Oz Monkey: 1 upgrade to 4 heads cost 2000 2 faster speed cost 1000 3 lightning speed cost 2000 4 5 heads cost 3000
    For the body slamer: 1 bigger range cost 500 2 another ability cost 3000 3 triples it self for 5 seconds cost 5000 4 long strechy arms cost 3000
    for the rewinder: 1 shooting darts cost 300 2 rewinding time three times per round cost 5000 3 shoot blades cost 500 4 shoots chainsaws cost 3000

  342. GLaDos Says:

    First off, I LOVE BTD 1,2,and 3. Secondly you should have a story behind it. Like “Why are we popin bloons? (even though it’s fun to) “. Oh and we would love it if we couid make up our own levels. That way, if we beat your levels, we can make our own and BTD4′s fun will never stop!(unless you make BTD5…)So keep on working!

  343. pump it Says:

    I dont want the game to get to cheap with all of the new ideas everybody has so i want there to be a new ballon called the pumkin king balloon restores all ballons in its range back to there original form. (CATCH) it has no balloons in side it.

  344. budenkai Says:

    please respond to my ideas i would really like it if u put some of my units in the game pretty please

  345. btd4 fan rock Says:

    i thought of an idea a monkey that shoots needle tops spins 4 a certain amount of time pops balloons until it stops spinning

  346. cannon shoot Says:

    i want the option to create your own type of monkey but this must cost over 10000 otherwise it will be to cheap plz respnd

  347. bobulus Says:

    There should be a full screen mode. Super monkey plasma vision should just roll and roll till the end popping all bloons it touches. 3 pairs of upgrades per tower

  348. cannon shoot Says:

    for stuff like dart monkeys there should be weapons that u buy and then can equip to dart monkeys or something like that

  349. cannon shoot Says:

    I think there should be chainsaw monkey
    black hole monkey sucks in all balloons into its black hole(holds balloons in black hole can still pop them)
    gangster monkey has a pistol

  350. fayne Says:

    In btd 4 i think there should be different attacks like the spells u have to wait for the bar to load before u use different combat attacks

  351. fayne Says:

    i also think u should have other animals like instead of only monkeys (i still love them though) put bunnyes and kangaroos and dogs in the game

  352. ghbj Says:

    i want glass thrower I demand a glass thrower did i mention i want GLASS THROWER

  353. GLaDos Says:

    You should add a fan tower to blow bloons in a certain part of the track

  354. GLaDos Says:


  355. GLaDos Says:

    ThE CaKe iS A liE

  356. budenkai Says:

    how about using the smelly monkey he rotts balloons with his smell cost 1000

  357. lol Says:

    ive heard alot about differant stuff and here to help you,
    1.the fusion,just lokk at my comment about the fusion and that should help(chris we want to know if your gonna add the fusion and that also takes care of the magic for the new attacks :b
    2.differant stuff like the rotting monkey and glass throwers,what it could actually be is flame thrower and road spike thrower since theres a glue thrower and also mines for the pinapple buisness
    3.STRONG power ups,like the one that makes all the bloons go back to the begginning,there would be a tower for that and like you said would attack once you said so,(you should call them specail towers or manual towers that you command
    4.for the people who havnt read this yet here ya go,the flamethrower monkey isnt flame thrower its a glue thrower,inside the zebra bloon are blacks and whites and is imune to both cannons and freezes,sry but there isnt gonna be a demo,we dont have a release date but where hoping for october
    hope this helped

  358. freakyfree Says:



  359. Chris Says:

    Ok just a quick update, we now have a finalised list of towers and upgrades. Don’t worry I won’t tell you all what they are and spoil the surprise…

  360. budenkai Says:

    thanks for the comment lol i really appreciate it chris please tell me if your going to include my favorite the time rewinder

  361. fayne Says:

    u absolutly have to make my bunney plz i said i want my bunny PLZ

  362. pump it Says:

    Chris i want you to spoil the surprize plz i demand it

  363. Chris Says:

    - Fayne
    Nice thought but we’re sticking to the monkey theme for this one

    - Budenkai
    Not exactly but there is a certain upgrade to a certain tower that will offer something similar.

  364. b.t.d Says:

    i love the idea of the body slammer unit from budenkai include it i said include it pretty please

  365. budenkai Says:

    thanks 4 comment btd

  366. gimme btd 4 Says:

    i want the fusion unit gimme fusing unit

  367. budenkai Says:

    thanks 4 responding chris so what about my units do u like?

  368. Chris Says:

    Remember we’ve already got the towers and upgrades sorted now…

  369. Killa Bro Says:


  370. budenkai Says:

    chris u rock gimme my fusion

  371. budenkai Says:

    i cannot wait till btd4 comes out im so stoked about it

  372. fayne Says:

    aw i want my animals

  373. fayne Says:

    chris do u know what zoids are?

  374. fayne Says:

    if u do can u put them in the game

  375. budenkai Says:

    can u still make changes to the list me and my buds btd , gimme btd 4,and fayne want to know

  376. Chris Says:

    Yeah we’re not adding/changing any towers at this point. Balancing the power of towers is pretty tricky and you don’t want us to re-look at all the tower types and push the whole thing back another couple of months now do you? :)

  377. budenkai Says:

    so did u put any of my units in the game at all

  378. lol Says:

    wow alot of comments since i last updated like 3 hours ago XD

  379. budenkai Says:

    take all the time u need i dont care if this game doesnt come out till im 40 i will still want to play it

  380. budenkai Says:

    lol u rock i loved all of your ideas do u like all of mine

  381. budenkai Says:

    chris oh chris where are u i want to know if u included any of my ideas

  382. budenkai Says:

    GIMME BTD 4 GIMME BTD 4 but take as long as u like

  383. freakyfree Says:

    lol btd4

  384. lol Says:

    budenkai thx,i love your ideahs,especailly the time backwards one and if chris adds the body slammer it should upgrade to heavyer slam and punching

  385. budenkai Says:

    thanx man the time rewinder is my second favorite my favorite is the fusion one

  386. budenkai Says:

    do u like legos lol?

  387. lol Says:

    sum what why?(omg i want btd3 to come out!!!)

  388. lol Says:


  389. pooperson Says:

    its july. why isn’t it out!!!

  390. lol Says:

    it isnt suppose be out yet…they dont know when it is gonna be out >.< but where hoping for october

  391. budenkai Says:

    lol do u know what beyblades are

  392. budenkai Says:

    btd 4 will be the mother of all computer games

  393. biggley Says:

    chris, i was curious… have you added any additional elements to the game that would require more user interaction while rounds are occuring? pretty much all user interaction happens only before the round begins, and the only user interaction during the round would be attacks against bloons that more than likely are going to escape. which really is disheartening.

  394. lol Says:

    no…but i know what legos are,or do i HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

  395. budenkai Says:

    lol beyblades are very powerful and kewl spinning tops i like to make lego ones they are really coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  396. Killa Bro Says:

    I have a really good idea.
    You could make a Super Bloon,
    its a red bloon exactly like a normal red bloon
    but when you shoot it a blue bloon comes out,
    and then shoot that and a green bloon comes out and then a
    yellow and black after that and the last one that pops it goes
    the oppisite way… the normal way so you pop the yellow and it goes black and then it goes back the other way,
    it dosent have to be exactly how i said it but i hope you
    like this idea

  397. chitman22xx Says:

    i think there should be a type of super monkey that can shoot cannons really quick and i think there should be a beacon that breaks M.O.A.B’s

  398. budenkai Says:

    sorry but hes done with the towers and upgrdes already
    ps: i love the backwards balloon that rocks

  399. budenkai Says:

    chris are u done with the making of the balloons

  400. lol Says:

    i agree with killa bro,that was geunios and i would probably never thought of hat so YOU ROCK!also there is gonna be a tower that pops moab’s just to let you know

  401. chitman22xx Says:

    thank god those things are so annoying if the game is taking this long to make then it hopefully it will be the best yet.

  402. budenkai Says:

    really do u know cost i cant wait to see it i really want to pop moabs and i thought of another idea 4 btd 5 if there is one it would be different color monkeys:
    red monkey: only pops red balloons
    blue monkey: only pops blue balloons

  403. budenkai Says:

    those color monkeys go all the way to the black and white monkeys and they are really cheap. they do not just pop the green and they turn into a blue they destroy there type of balloon.
    they are just for those reds that slip through and make u lose 5 lives it is really annoying
    red monkey cost 100
    blue monkey cost 200
    green monkey cost 250
    yellow monkey cost 400
    black and white monkey cost 500

  404. Jordan Says:

    Hey Chris I know you are nowhere near being done, and I hate to pester but,,, could you give us a rough percentage of how far along BTD4 is? If u cant thats cool.

  405. mike Says:


    u should make a rubber bloon because of the rubber tiles in the other games.this would b just like the ceramic bloons in td games because of the brown tiles in the bloons games.also like the lead bloons in the td games r cuz of the silver tiles in all the bloons games. they would be destroyed by using freeze towers cuz u should know that in real life if u FREEZE a RUBBER band it dosent stretch anymore. so it makes cents that it would kill it. from there u could have idk rainbow bloons come out. or a new glass bloon cuz of the rainbow bloons in regular bloons r always in glass boxes to keep them from rising.

    by bloons games i mean the regular bloons w/ the monkey that throws darts at the colored td games i mean bloons tower dwefence games 1,2,3,and soon to b 4th if that waz confuzing.

    thanx 4 reading and please comment about this fantastic idea.

  406. Wee Man Says:

    Yes That Was VERY Confusing Mike,
    But I get what your saying.
    Rubber Freezes and when it does u can explode it…
    blaa blaa blaa and so forth.

  407. warrior of bloons Says:

    Chris i dont care if btd4 is brought back a couple of months without any new towers or changing towers the game is pointless all you could do in the game is come up with new bloons and new maps thats it but the fans demand new towers!

  408. budenkai Says:

    punk monkey btd 5

  409. lol Says:

    cool ideahs!!!

  410. budenkai Says:

    we all want to know the date of when bloons td 4 is coming out plz respond also btd 3 is still really awesome and all but its getting kinda boring knowing about btd 4 uits all i think about

  411. James Says:

    Cant wait till BTD4, maybe on it you should put more tracks and more things to buy.

  412. Padaskoo Says:

    i cant wait for BT4 to come out

  413. Anonymous Says:

    Please set a release date!

  414. lol Says:

    gladios what

  415. darren Says:

    i liked btd12and3 i hack them so cant wait to hack number 4:)

  416. Chimchim930 Says:

    Hey Chris glad to see its almost happening mate! I can’t wait for it to almost come out. You remember me don’t you i was a moderator on myninjakiwi. And i have one request i haven’t been on myninjakiwi in about a year sadly :( and i wanted to the other day but someone hacked my account and changed my password and i don’t no how long its been like that. but anyways thats my reason for not seeing you guys in such a long time. Well tell Stephen that i say goodbye and goodbye to you too mate.. i know am at kongregate so if you ever wanna talk message me there… but for now i cant wait till btd4 and good luck!

  417. Chris Says:

    Hey Chim, good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your account on MYNK. We’re going to have to make some hard decisions about that some day…

  418. darkath11 Says:

    what is the release date. fix the graphics. what is the release date. what is the release date. what is the release date. what is the release date. what is the release date

  419. lol Says:

    alot of pplz have asked this so ill tell you,there is no release date for btd4…im sorry but were hoping for october :) im making a 100% guess…the 22

  420. BloonsLover Says:

    I love all of the three games they are truly amazing, I’m really looking forward to playing the fourth sequel. I hope the new bloons will be more of a challenge. So basically what I’m trying to say is great job, keep it up!

  421. Matheus Says:

    eu qeria saber onde acho o jogo bloons tower defese 4 e 5.

  422. morgan Says:

    chris i realy hope this is going to be good but take youre time dont rush i dont want to hate the game when i play it ok

  423. morgan Says:

    and dont listen to the people who tels you when is it going to be releast i dont care when its going to be releast just take youre time

  424. morgan Says:

    soz but for last i have got some ideas for you

    1.bannana bloon you put it on the floor and the bloons stop for 3 seconds or something but it costs 40g and it only stops 8

    2.hungry monkey that throws food at them

    3.pip monkey that spits lemon seeds at you

    thanks for eading my ideas i hope they will be on the game

  425. lol Says:

    a new ideah:make there be a few waves that does this once in the wave
    make some evil towers come out,if you have 1 super monkey 2 cannons and 3 spike-a-pults,then 1 su.2 ca.3 sp will come out,it would shoot your tower and theyd stop shooting for a few seconds D: (and upgrades do count…)_-_ -_-

  426. morgan Says:

    i love bloons tower defence 3 soooo much

  427. Jeremy Says:

    when will it come out?

  428. Wee Man Says:

    i think its october,
    thats what i keep hearing

  429. booboo Says:

    Whens it coming out cant wait better be good

  430. Your Much Needed Therapist Says:

    Wow….that’s alot of comments. Anyway, Chris, I was reading through and I saw that you had said that you had all the TOWERS sorted out. Well I was wondering if you had all the Bloons sorted out? If not I have a suggestion. It might be a little over the top, but what about a gold bloon that spawns two silver bloons that spawn two bronze bloons that spawn three M.O.A.B or something similar to that? Maybe I’m just a nut who loves a good bloon challenge, but please at least consider. XD

    P.S. Oh yeah and take as much time as you need. I’m willing to wait another whole half a year if it means the most amazing game ever! ;)

  431. Ryoix Says:

    i think you should add perks in btd 4 let me know what you think

  432. budenkai Says:

    in btd 5 i have an idea
    a money balloon that carrys 500 yellows
    an emerald balloon that carrys 700 greens
    gold balloon that carrys 1000 blues

  433. lol Says:

    budenkai,i like your ideah,let me keep diamond has 2,000 reds

    power bloon has a force field that cant be broken unles you …………………………………………………………………………………….and once its poped 1 of each bloon would come out (the ideahs of the big stuff…

  434. Matt Says:

    I think btd 4 should have longer tracks, harder bloons ‘ and a hole buncha new (and old) towers. i cant wait yay

  435. gtplayr Says:


    Can’t wait for BTD4!!!!!!! Thanks for all the updates…

    BTW, Captain Haddock RULES!!

  436. kingdom hearts junky Says:

    hey chris sry again about the large double post… i just want you to know i know a lot of peps are pressureing you 2 get this game done quick but take all the time u need it will be worth the wait oh yea dude i seriously think that if bloons tower def makes a 5th the next 1 should be for a system like the wii or watever theyve made by then

  437. chitman22xx Says:

    i like that gold balloon idea but if since m.a.o.b’s take away 96 lifes then it would be like impossible too win, u know what im saying

  438. rambatino Says:

    seriously how hard could it be to put btd1 and btd2 on the iphone i would pay alot of money for this though btd3 and 4 would be preferable but for the mean time i would suffice with even just btd1

  439. Gamin' Gal Says:

    To: chitman22xx

    I like Your Much Needed Therapist’s idea too. But I don’t think it’s an impossibility……Well I mean, it depends on the towers. If there are towers that can single handedly take on an M.O.A.B(which I’m thinking there might be after all the requests since the M.O.A.B first came out), then it wouldn’t be that much of a problem. But that just means that the golden balloon would be much, much higher up in the levels, because first you’ve got to get enough money to buy whatever tower that would be, and then upgrade it. So…’s not quite an impossibility. Just……ok well it’s really pushing it. So it probably won’t happen. But we can always hope, right? ^_^

  440. Chris Says:

    There will be BTD for iPhone, it’s based on BTD3 and will be out in 6-8 weeks.

    As for a tower that can take out a MOAB in one hit, nup, that would mess with the game balance too much. But there is some new stuff to help you out…

  441. lol Says:

    ok chris.thx anyways ^.^

  442. catman9876 Says:

    cool there should be a section when you can make the balloons and the comp makes the defence

  443. a person Says:

    well chris, did you remove any old towers?and my comments have not been posted lately

  444. Bobby Says:

    Lol…. Just a matter of interest, is there an exact release date? im like too excited and im getting excited wrtiting this yay BTD4!

  445. ectoman!~! Says:

    was up

  446. lol Says:

    there isnt a release date yet,but where its gonna probably be in october,maybe earlyer

  447. ectoman!~! Says:

    add ectoman he destroys everything every millesecond and he cost 1 pokedollar tehe

    no he cost 100,000

  448. ectoman!~! Says:


    i am


  449. ectoman!~! Says:

    oh and i like ~ (squigly) it my favorite letter

  450. ectoman!~! Says:

    powder game

  451. ectoman!~! Says:

    add pineapple launcher its a helicopter tha drops pineapples all over the screen

  452. Just.A.Friend Says:

    Is no one listening? They have finished the Tower list? No other towers are going to be created so suggestions could end now..

    Really excited for both the BTD4 and the app coming soon to the iPhone. Count me in on a buyer for that app.

    I also wanted to give a quick thank you to you and the team working on BTD4. I have played your Bloons series of games over and over and BTD still does not get old. Doesn’t seem as though you get too many thank-you’s (or not as much as you guys deserve!) and I would like to just say – thanks! haha.
    But take your time. It definitely will be worth the wait – however long that is!

  453. Chris Says:

    Thanks Just.A.Friend!

  454. budenkai Says:


  455. Jack Says:

    **Some1 whisperes to him about the bloons t/d 4 On the iPhone**
    Well… im getting it
    **Deletes all of the other stupid games**
    Woo hoo amazing
    Thanks Chris! the Bloons T/D series is AMAZING!!
    My Cuz said that they don’t make any sense …. but then i slapped him and told him to get lost… i would if i could play Bloons for 24/7 but i have to sleep -_- lol

  456. jone Says:

    please Sarah tell me how you get the hidden item

  457. lol Says:

    …ok…didnt really get what sarah was saying but i think she wants 5 secret towers in bloons T/D 5…

  458. morgan Says:

    i was asking myself these questions for a long time and so im going to ask you.

    1.what is the hardest thing to make in bloons tower defence 1,2,3 and soon to be 4.

    2.what do you have to do to make coputer games im only 13

  459. Fabrizio Boer Says:

    don’t make the bloons tower defence 4 more hard,please.
    and make a little level builder,in btd 4,at main menu:how to play ,play game,level builder,create a bloon(drawn,and others ,like hp,speed)my photos( when you are playing the game you can make a replay or take a photo),list of information about the bloons(red bloon :hp 1,speed:4,effect:no ; m.o.a.b:hp 200,speed 1 , effect:blow up four ceramic bloons…)and make a trailer video in site,please.


  460. pooperson Says:

    what are all the towers and how many times can you upgrade also do you have to download it?

  461. Name Says:

    u should make a ninja monkey :D
    and u guys r all stupid, the m o a b’s make the game harder, if there was an m o a b destroyer, the game would be too hard duhhhh

  462. Chris Says:

    No, it’s based on BTD3 (the iPhone version) :)

  463. Shane Says:

    you should tell when it will come out.

  464. Shane Says:

    you should make an arcade mode with unlimited money

  465. biggley Says:

    just wondering what aspects of the game have not been created as of today? somethings telling me youre more working on the nooks and crannies of the game right now than the major areas of it.

  466. pooperson Says:

    shane there working on it

  467. pooperson Says:

    i should change my name

  468. ?man900 Says:

    im pooperson

  469. ultra BTD fan dude Says:

    Chris can you pinpoint the predicted time it’ll come out?

  470. budenkai Says:

    in btd 5 there should be an intrest tower the more u upgrade the more money u get. example: first upgrade cost 1000 a red would be worth 2 instead of one a green is worth 6 etc

  471. budenkai Says:


  472. CinderellaGurl12 Says:

    This is so exciting to see a BTD4 being made, I used to play all the bloons tower defense games in school whenever possible, there so addicting! :)
    Thank you for all the work you put into all these addicting games you create!
    I hope to be playing the BTD4 game soon!

  473. david Says:

    please have a
    sandbox mode
    confirmation of selling weapons
    more simple bloons containing other simple bloons
    a survival mode in which you have a constant and non – stop stream of bloons
    the ability to save games
    a flipside mode in which you control the bloons and the map layout
    a two player game (1 controlls bloons, other controlls towers)

  474. levidiki Says:

    the flipside version sounds awesome

  475. Christopher Says:

    Hey Chris, can you please tell me what are the new towers :D

  476. Anonymous Says:

    You Should make it so you can target the bloons by the type
    so if the M.O.A.B. bloons come you can target them. Please take this into consideration.

  477. Delta Force Says:

    Sweet!!! I cant wait for it to come out! That would be cool if in the new one they had like a “zombie monkey” were it could shoot green crap thats more powerful than the super monkeys plasma vision ; )

  478. Delta Force Says:

    …or what if they had something bettr than monkey storm?….no…no, its not possible is it?…like a big huge bannana called “monkey bomb” that not only wipes out the whole screen of bloons, and blimps…but also puts like extremely powerful monkey glue to slow down the on coming bloons…….nah, thats never going to happen…

  479. Juggernuat Says:

    Sweet BT4 is going to be the best :D

  480. Munch Says:

    I’ve noticed that some of these suggestions are getting a little too powerful. For example, a tower (monkey, cannon, fruit bomb, etc.) that just wipes out EVERYTHING. Sure, it could be really expensive, but it stops the game being fun :/

    Not that you should stop making suggestions, a lot of them are excellent :D
    Just stop with the stupid ones, please ;)


  481. Frealigatr Says:

    Please, take your time. And people, haven’t you been listening to what Chris says? THEY ARE ALREADY DONE WITH ALL OF THE TOWERS SO DON’T SUGGEST THEM ANYMORE. Can’t wait,


  482. poohead Says:

    yo hommees
    cant wait for btd4
    i hope u take uir time and take brakes to poo and pee and eat and sleep so heres to all u cool dudes that are legendary at
    u r soooooooo sad jeeeeesus!

  483. apj4 Says:

    in btd3 the monkey storm was dead cheap and u could easilly do the game i hope in btd4 they dont hve monkey storm they have something much funner instead of a few monkey storms completing the game … no offense tho to the people who like the monkey storm … or well hope btd4 comes out soon

  484. apj4 Says:

    after btd4 which will hve more everything will there might be a btd5 which has even more stuff than before?

  485. d-man Says:

    there should be a pause button….restart round…(or the hole game):P
    the ability to buy weaponz…and equip them to monkeyz
    (thats just my idea chris….if ur done …dont change the game :P :) …and take ur time….)
    PS: Dont make a tower that killz M O A B in a couple of hits…thats wat made the other BTDs challenging:P..and more ….cooler upgrades:P

  486. emilien Says:

    on peu i jouer

  487. Btd4 plz Says:

    hi chris will there be a level editor i really want to know thanks :)

  488. lol Says:

    alright,im back and havnt heard from chris on the MOST POPULAR BLOG in a while…we wanna know this stuff kk?

  489. Chris Says:

    There will probably be a level editor. lol, what exactly do you want to know? If your asking about release date again don’t bother. I’ll tell you when we actually have one.

  490. Mello Jello Says:

    Somone had suggested the idea of a pause button, and a restart round button. I second that! I think it would be a really great idea because sometimes you just need to pause. I mean there are the pauses inbetween rounds before you click, “Start round”, but what if you have to do something before the round is over? Just saying. Please at least take under consideration…

    P.S. Take as much time as you need! I mean, you guys worked hard enough on 1, 2, and 3. We as fans should really consider ourselves lucky that you guys are doing a 4th. Especially with some of the comments on here where people are really being rude and telling you to hurry up….as if you don’t have lives to live and families to love and other things to do like eat and sleep…..anywho. You guys rock! So THANK YOU sooo much for ALL of the games you make! ^_^

  491. levidiki Says:

    agreed…… chris how many upgrades might there be for each tower. and is their going to be a flipside version… cause that would be awesome. and take your time…

  492. Matthew Says:

    I think it would be handy to have a checkpoint, so that if you get gameover you can restart from the level you just lost, or from a previous level.
    The game takes a long time to pick up, in terms of speed of bloons and amount of towers, so getting gameover on like level 49 is a nightmare.

  493. morgan freeman Says:

    hi i just got to tell you that bloons tower defence 3 is brilliant and i hope its going to be great but first can i ask if there will be a very hard aswell as a easy,medium and hard and the medal can be a platinum medal is will rock then i only ask this becaouse it will make the game much longer thanks you guis cant wait untill the realese

    P.S:if anyone questions my name becaouse the famouse actor well just to say im not the actor just another morgan freeman kk.

  494. mrmysterious Says:

    thanks for all the work so far!
    please do a flipside version (you controll bloons) if it isn’t too much trouble

  495. Tralala Says:

    I think that the flipside mode would be cool, if it’s not to much to ask. But if it IS too much to ask right now……then I’ll be willing to wait until BTD 5. ^_^

    P.S. If you make a BTD 5 that is. I mean. No pressure. *pulls out bazooka* LOL JK!

  496. lol Says:

    chris,i wasnt realy gonna ask anything but since you said that i have a few questions now.
    will there be a flipside version
    how many upgrades per tower
    will there be a sandbox
    how many levels are there
    will there be checkpoints

    i wanna know and other people do to so plz respond soon


  497. Chris Says:

    There won’t be a flipside version
    There will be a save game feature that will store 1 game save. You can save a game from the end of a level.
    there won’t be checkpoints
    there will be X upgrades per tower :)

    That’s all for now folks

  498. budenkai Says:

    how could there be no upgrades i dont believe u i wont be happy unless u say that there are weapons got it no happines here NONE! ps: take all the time need i want it to be better with good graphics so dont hurry up go at a snails pace for all i care i just want an awesome game!

  499. mike Says:

    X upgrades means ulimited upgrades

  500. mike Says:

    thanx for no “flipside version” that would be stupid and pointless

  501. mike Says:


    will there b

    rubber bloons
    lightsaber monkey
    a boomerang monkey returning

  502. excited!!!!!! Says:

    wow i am extremely excited but i think that you guys should stop making all these weird ideas you should trust his ideas plus chris you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway we are all excited.

  503. Chris Says:

    X upgrades doesn’t mean no upgrades, nor does it mean unlimited upgrades. It just means I’m not telling you at this point :)

  504. andrewtc Says:

    chris that sounds great and you do rock!!!!!

  505. lol Says:

    ROFL!NOT NO OR UNLIMITED UPGRADES xd OK!!!!!!!can sum1 explain how its funny… O.o o.O _-_ -_-

    anyway,i will answer all questions about ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!zombies…potatos…the color green or anything and ill answer any1s question

  506. morgan freeman Says:

    chris i knew that X meant im not going to tell you becaouse you put a face that was smiling at the side of it.

  507. mike Says:


    will there b

    rubber bloons
    lightsaber monkey
    a boomerang monkey returning?

  508. Chris Says:

    Rubber bloons – no
    lightsaber monkey – maybe :)
    boomerang monkey returning – yes

  509. FPS DOUG Says:

    BOOM Well if you are going to leave in the boomerang, ATLEAST make it useful. Who uses it to pop frozen balloons? c’mon.

  510. Killa Bro Says:


    Ok “lol”, answer this…

    how many M.O.A.Bs come in the 64th level? (thats my real highest level)

  511. Killa Bro Says:

    Hey “lol”,
    you said something about zombies, i know everything…
    (Like the book)
    in fact, no effence BTD fans but
    my fav game right now is SAS Zombie Assault 2,

  512. david Says:

    chris, is there any way to make the game not run so slowly with a lot of bloons? for me, it messes up the timing to the pineapples, and the towers become FAR less efficient.

  513. mike thinks that Says:

    u mean it lags?

  514. mike thinks that Says:

    everyones does that please chris can u make that better?

  515. mike thinks that Says:

    killa bro im soooooooooooo scared and u must be really cool by calling me a wang ur the one who obssesed with ZOMBIES WTF?

  516. Phantom Thief Says:

    Oooo I just got a good idea ice bloons for a new type of baloon. It will about the same speed at green bloon but when it gets poped it freezes ever bloon close to it. This might sound great but it could really mess up tack towers and many others when you get frozen bloons where you dont want them. Very easy to implement into the game yet, very fun. Also they are not effected by frost towers. You cant freeze what is already frozen.

  517. Phantom Thief Says:

    aww what the heck my above post sounds like im an idiot. sorry bout that. still frost bloons would be kool.

  518. budenkai Says:

    lol answer this exatly how many moabs are on the very lat level in btd 3 tell me that

  519. lol Says:

    budekai-ok there are 2 on the loast level :p also,i havnt seen you since a lnog time ago on sas zombie assult 2 blog!(and count them your self if you dont beleive me

  520. Killa Bro Says:


  521. a person Says:

    LOL is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  522. yash Says:

    Make it atlantic, the fish in balloons would look good under water in Bloon Tower Defence5

  523. Hectorc Says:

    make a crazy bloon where it travels at random and you cant stop it easily :)

  524. lol Says:

    nice ideahs all teens that read this!,i think that theres still ideahs for bloons,but towers outta the question :( sry pplz but bloons are still up I THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  525. Hopeful Says:

    I know you said that the list of towers and upgrades has been finished, so I wish I had noticed this blog earlier. I was going to suggest that the dart monkey had an upgrade like piercing darts, except instead of hitting two bloons it would pop a level two bloon in one shot (a blue).

    P.S. I hope BTD4 doesn’t become too huge because of all the suggestions crazy fans (like me) make.

  526. Hopeful Says:

    P.P.S. Perhaps my suggestion could go into BTD5

  527. btd45(i hope) Says:

    Maybe you could have like every 10 levels you get 5 lives back :) :) :)

  528. budenkai Says:

    lol i ment on the last level in freemode i know how many moabs are on level 50

  529. budenkai Says:

    and chris if its not to late u could also create different shaped ranges for the towers what do ya think of that.

    ps: lol sorry buddy about not showin for a while ive been busy.
    i just downloaded a stick animation thing like last week so ive been working on that. what do u think about my range idea?

  530. budenkai Says:

    if the balloon thing is still up i think there should be be a transporter balloon it transports randomly to different spots on the field
    and there should be a lego balloon it occupies 3 of your towers while they disasible it for 10 seconds
    i also think there should be a chicken balloon it stays at the begging of the field bt until u pop it it lays a egg balloon which carrys 5 yellows ps: chicken balloon carrys 2 blues

  531. Anonymous Says:

    Listen, everybody, Chris already said they already have the towers and everything planned out. And it’s definetely not time YET to think about btd5!

  532. lol Says:

    Chris Says:
    July 15th, 2009 at 5:58 pm
    Yeah we’re not adding/changing any towers at this point. Balancing the power of towers is pretty tricky and you don’t want us to re-look at all the tower types and push the whole thing back another couple of months now do you?
    this was a message that chris sent

    anyways,i like your ideah but you probably stole it from desctop tower defence :p

  533. Anonymous Says:

    btw Chris said that the lightsaber will be an upgrade to one of the other towers (which is @wesome)

  534. budenkai Says:

    i dont even know what desktop defence is

  535. budenkai Says:

    and by the way answer my real question lol a few comments up

  536. mike thinks that Says:

    to chris and ninja kiwi co creater

    chris said a while ago that we would be getting a new teaser screenshot in a week. its past a week. when can we expect a new screenshot

  537. mike Says:

    anonomys i totaly agree lightsaber monkey will be awesome

  538. Chris Says:

    Lol – which idea did we steal from DTD? If you mean the whole tower defense genre, Flash Element TD was the first Flash TD but Warcraft has had tower defense games way before that.

  539. Chris Says:

    - Ryan, you’re full of it. Goodbye!

  540. lol Says:

    chirs,sry…i didnt mean you…i meant the range with my peeps when the diff. range came into a comment…but he never played the game XD

  541. mike Says:

    maybe each range doesnt always have to be a circle. for example the spike o poltscould be a long narrow rectangle. the tack shooters could b like a stAR SHAPE TOO

  542. mrmysterious Says:

    could you make the tack towers / blade shooters not sometimes not destroy the bloons even when they are clearly in contact? there was a lone bloon which made clear contact with the blade twice, both times nothing happened :(

    also, what does the blade shooter do – i can see that it helps – but how/why?

  543. mrmysterious Says:

    hmm, very odd – i was playing btd3 – it got confused – i clicked on start round, and three times, it simple skipped the level!!!!
    also, does anyone else have the problem that some sounds simply go as the game progresses whilst others dont?

  544. revan Says:

    guys you dont need to suggest so many ideas i think they nowut theyre doin if they made such good games btw mrmysterious blade shooters are so they can hit bloons cuz they are so much bigger but yeah i see wut u mean they dont explain it very well.

  545. lol Says:

    mrmysterios,sumtin happened like that to me…there wasnt a start roundbutton,the next time it hapened i sold every thing and got monkey storm and it popped!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????!?!?!>?!?!?!?!>!>?!!;’!<LDkrojempgnki;BUM BUM BUMLALALAALALALALALAALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL

  546. revan Says:

    yeah that happened to me to and i was on lvl49 on hard 4 my 1st time lol

  547. revan Says:

    btw everyone MY NAME IS REVAN NOT F—ING RAVEN hahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

  548. budenkai Says:

    mike did u not here what everyone just said to me about that idea there are not changing the game

  549. levidiki Says:

    hey chris is there going to be interest

  550. Killa Bro Says:

    I really want to have a mode were you can make your own
    levels up. And i keep hearing something about a zebra
    bloon, what does the zebra bloon do?

  551. Killa Bro Says:

    Ah, thats better

  552. Killa Bro Says:

    no, click this URL

  553. natb72.7 Says:

    yeha what will the zebra baloon do??!!

  554. Jack Says:

    ***This is not about Bloons t/d 4***
    On BTD 3, if you get the monkey beacoon, so u get “The most powerful ability ever” Sell it and you will still have it… it worked for me, its kinda good, u get about 1400 for selling it so thats like 1 and 1/2 of the ability useage. ^^

  555. btd45 Says:

    Heres a tip for btd3 ok allways full upgrade and first you get a cannon(level 1) then another, then ice ball, then super monkey(lvl 27)then a monkey beacon(make sure super monkey in range) then you keep on getting super monkeys i got to lvl 56 with 7 defenses :O :O hope it helps

  556. btd45(i hope) Says:

    Hey That dude just stole my number! grrrr i fell so bad

  557. btd45(i hope) Says:

    anyways i can never get a gold on btd3 (btw chris have fun on btd4 dont make it too easy nor too hard take your time and hope its awesome) so could someone tell me how to please

    BTD rules!!! :) :) :)

  558. btd45(i hope) Says:


  559. morgan freeman Says:


  560. lol Says:

    morgan i know you!you go to my school…(ms.curtis class)

  561. Killa Bro Says:


  562. morgan freeman Says:

    lol, i go to the school in wales called bryn tawe im 13 yers old and i dont think i know you what is youre first name

  563. morgan freeman Says:

    and Bryn Tawe is a comp school and i dont think i know anyone called ms.curtis. sorry for giving my life story

  564. lol Says:

    never mind morgan…

  565. morgan freeman Says:


  566. Jack Says:

    can there be dart gun monkeys

  567. danny Says:

    please dont change any ethics about the game
    e.g hydro blaster asked for an exp system
    GOD NO
    u shudnt change too much at all BTD3 was awesome
    the only thing i think is a track expansion as u mentioned
    maybe one or two new turrets
    and possibly a campaign mode with some challenging levels with set amounts of money and stuff

  568. danny Says:

    oh and i seen some poeple bragging about gettin to level 56 ect
    my highest was 67
    tooooo many moabs
    never again :(
    plus best technique is tack shooters upgraded and rockets upgraded
    just like 2 of each tower
    then all ur moneygoes onto buying super monkeys and fully upgrading them
    then when things get tricky usually after buying your 4th SM buy ice towers for the entrance and keep the ultimate attack ready just incase

  569. N1ght Says:

    Hey Chris i’m hoping that everything is going as planned. Like i said again take your time. But would it be hard for you to tell the NinjaKiwi Community of a estimated realse date? Thanks a lot and I wish you the best of luck :) .

  570. Chris Says:

    Things are going well. I still plan to put up another screenshot at some point but not sure when yet, we don’t want to give away too much too early. As for release date, we’ll wait until we are damn sure we can do it before telling you it :)

  571. Killa Bro Says:

    I BEG OF YOU!!!!
    BTD 4 BLOG PAGE!!!!!!!
    SO PLEASE!!! :)

  572. santa clause tits Says:

    is there going to be interest

  573. Killa Bro Says:

    intrest? idk what that means but its free if thats what you mean.

  574. N1ght Says:

    Chris i’m very happy to hear about everything. I will bet $1,000,000 that this game will top all the games out there. Looking forward for a screen shot. Dont worry about realsing it to fast, use your time well. And GOD i still cant beat level 70 on BTD3 :) .

  575. lol Says:

    thx killerbro,i already knew about blog spot :b (but i got hacked and couldnt make another account…)any ways here are my top ten songs :D
    (no order of 1-10)
    dirty little secret
    say it aint so
    right round
    poker face
    here it goes again
    fire burnin
    sad and sorrows
    the cannon
    fish in the water(i think thats what its called…)

    waffle song(its so funny its cool)

  576. Fred Says:

    Oh man, I’m so happy to hear this. I just can’t wait!

  577. bloonschick Says:

    good to know. i cant wait cause when you beat all of the tower defense games it gets boring, so make it good!!! ;)

  578. imal Says:

    i cant wait,i alread beat all the levels on BTD3 and it will be good to have a nother challenge.

  579. super monkey Says:

    is the boss at the end of regular mode going to make an apearence chris?

    PLZ tell me! :( +:)

  580. Joshua Says:

    Can you guys have the monkey tower so it has unlimited upgrades or something so you can have the ultimate tower

  581. Tariq95 Says:

    i really really cant wait for BTD4

  582. CarpetBomber Says:

    First off… fantastic games. They never get old.

    Would it be possible to tweak the way a tower is selected when you are holding a pineapple bomb/spikes, etc…? When I’m trying to drop multiple pineapples to take down an MOAB I sometimes accidentally click on one of my towers by mistake and, by the time I get the bombs selected again, the MOAB has gotten the upper hand. Maybe you could hold shift while placing bombs which would prevent a tower from being selected, something like that…

    Anyways, I’m glad you’re taking your time with the BTD4. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

  583. lol Says:

    i agree with carpet bomber

  584. budenkai Says:

    lol hows it going i have been busy for four days on the same video on pivot stickfigure animater and ive had it for two weeks. now dont forget about my question how many moabs are on the very last level in the free mode in btd 3

  585. Rose Says:

    I’m glad tou learn you’re working on a fourth Bloons Tower Defense Game, and that you’re taking your time and doing it well. BTD3 was got me hooked on tower defense games and is one of the best out there.

  586. Demolition Man Says:

    Ok Guys, I made my Website, its not finished yet.
    And lol, your song you were trying to say was
    Smoke on the water, not fish in the water.

  587. Lesliehockey Says:

    Can’t wait guys, sorry about MyNinjaKiwi…I loved that place.

  588. lol Says:

    budekai-5!4 at end than 1 behing it!
    demolition man-thx,its old but good…yay!(guituar song) XD YAY!!!
    budedkai,ive seen that game!hard game…hope to see a link to the youtube page showing it soon!

  589. Chris Says:

    Stop filling my blog with stupid repetitive comments please.

  590. COD5 Addict Says:

    OMG, I can’t comprehend just how many fans this game has got! PLease hurry on the BTD4 otherwise i’ll get that board i may have to start talking to my wife again!!!!

  591. budenkai Says:

    sorry chris i was just waiting for lol to answer my question

  592. Jeff Says:

    How about a few more options as to who the Monkey shoots at? You have first and last, but how about adding things such as Largest (i.e. yellow before red)

  593. supermonkey Says:

    chris do you have the date of the apearance of btd4 yet???
    Is the boss at the end of the game going to make an apearance???
    Can you tell us the name of at least 1 tower???
    PLZ TELL US CHRIS! PLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  594. Tariq95 Says:

    I agree that BTD4 should have some new monkeys upgrade or anything.It should be great!

  595. revan Says:

    guys would you quit with the stupid questions to chris? u guys will see wether all these things are in BTD4 when it’s released

  596. Me Says:

    I can’t wait for this game!

  597. Danielzxzx Says:

    I have some great ideas for this game.
    1: There should be a map editor so people can make there own maps and play them. They can also summit them so other people can it.
    2: 4 modes of play:
    1- Sandbox mode: You choose all the settings. Map, how much money, etc. All the settings.
    2- Classic mode: This is just like the normal mode for bloons tower defense. Choose a map and pick a difficulty.
    3- Story mode: Play through the all new story mode with cutscenes.
    4- Multiplayer mode: Play against a friend.
    3: You have an option if you would like to have music playing.

    Okey, those are all my ideas for this game. Please comment back on your opinion for my ideas. I hope they get included for the game. One more thing, the email is fake. I don’t really have one but I needed to write this so you won’t be able to email me about this. Write it here.

  598. Danielzxzx Says:

    One more thing. About the story mode. It should be like challenges given but in story format with cutscenes.

  599. santa clause tits Says:

    to bad its too late for all that crap

  600. TickedOffCuzOfTheList Says:

    guys, they are way to far into the process to change things. quit making suggestions and quit the repetiveness. i’ll bet chris has the hardest job on the bloons team cuz he haz to read all of our stupid contents.

  601. Lesliehockey Says:

    I am sure Chris and Steven will do a great job.

  602. Danielzxzx Says:

    Uh, I have an idea. Since it’s too far in to add my great ideas. Create a beta version of the game what it was going to be like. Then later on, update and add my ideas and everyone elses. I would love to see my story mode idea included. But since it’s too far in. Make a beta version without it. Then later on create the story mode, multiplayer, and sandbox mode. Classic mode would already be there. One more thing: You should add particle effects. Like rain, snow, thunder, lightning, sand, fog, mist, smoke. Those things.

  603. revan Says:

    daniel seriously, be quiet u arent gonna have a brilliant last minute idea that will make the game perfect i also agree with tickedoffcuzofthelist

  604. random stranger Says:

    danielzxzx, with beta, we would the the testers, which whould mean hundreds of bugs, annoying upgrades, and then at the end maybe even us having to pay to use it!
    bad idea.
    chris, ignore everyone and just do your best to make a good game. you should put a note saying ‘no more suggestions for the game, please’ so people will stop cluterring everything with stupid suggestion that should never happen. (do not point out the irony if my suggestion is stupid)

  605. morgan freeman Says:

    thats a big name

  606. morgan freeman Says:

    tickedoffcuzofthelist – supercalafragealisticxpaladociouse

  607. RedMush117 Says:


  608. RedMush117 Says:

    I really want to know because I seriously want to play it.The ideas,the monkeys, IT ALL SOUNDS SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

  609. diego Says:

    is there something beter than plazma visson for the supper monkey like pac-man visson

  610. santa clause tits Says:


  611. cT Says:

    Hello Chris,

    First , u did u pretty nice job on bloons TD 1, 2 and 3.
    I’m verry curious about how part4 will really fully be.

    i do have 3 questions tho:

    1) Did u manage to make the games less ‘laggy’ when lots of towers and bloons are in the screen ?

    2) Is there a possibility that you add some sort of leveleditor in it, so the cummunity can make more maps when we finished playing ?

    3) is it possible to make a ranking page , with automatic screenshots ?

    Thanks so far and good luck finishing BTD4


  612. Phantom Thief Says:

    to danielzxzx your list was a little over the top for bt4. if your gonna do all that you might as well add quests, a new lvl cap, player owned shops, a new skill, new race, new class, mounts, guns, and dungeons to the list : ) although achievments wouldn’t be too bad if done right.

  613. THAT GIRL Says:


  614. diego Says:

    chris pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze can u put pacc man visson for the super monkey cuz if there is it shold be $5000 it goes throgh 3 bloons and can eat any bloon besides the bomb things and glass bloons. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. that would be the best.And it follow the bloons up 2 3 seconds

  615. c m Says:

    Well i just beat every track on hard, and my record level on hard so far is 60, so i feel ready for BTD4. As for the release date, until they have one, just stick with the estimate of “around October”.

  616. c m Says:

    also for the number of M.O.A.Bs in the last level of freeplay mode, (lvl 149) there are 210,000 which keep coming in groups of 50! then when you beat it there are no bloons on round 150-end of the game!

    p.s: i never got there. someone who got there said so.

  617. October Says:

    Hmmmm… you failed my request to have the game ready before school, so how’s October sound? That’s my B-day, ( The first ) and it would make a nice present. Please reply to me, and tell me if you think you can get it done by October. OCTOBER… OUT!

  618. jew man Says:

    hi can you make a bad guy like hitler and a jewish mokey to kill him

  619. budenkai Says:

    sorry chris but everyone is filling this awesome blog with lots of poitless crap
    SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  620. fatman Says:

    hi was up chris great job on the games and you have to tell people to stop posting ” will u add this tower or that” just wondering when will you show more pics of the new game?

  621. santa clause tits Says:

    holy crap can you guys post your crappy comments some where else. there really stupid and dont suggest stuff because its to late for new stuff

  622. Christopher Says:

    He’s done with the towers you guys lack the intelligence even to put a comment

  623. can't think a name Says:

    when does it come

  624. dodel Says:

    i have one quick question will there be a tower stronger then super monkey ?

    and take your time on the game :-)

  625. Chris Says:

    New screenshot here

  626. Just.A.Friend Says:

    Thanks so much Chris for the new screen shot.. it looks SO awesome. I am LOVING the new style of the game. It’s really awesome to see how their are unlockable towers, and how many towers approx. we will be seeing! So many!

    Thanks again!

  627. brandon Says:

    any news on the release date, chris?

  628. fatman Says:

    hey chris its me again will you tell me if their is a tower stronger then super monkey

  629. mike Says:

    hey chris thanx alot 4 the new screenshot looks great keep up da great work

  630. lol1 Says:

    chris!i wanna ask you sumtin…why did you ban me from making comments?it wasnt that stupid what i said…and i stopped once i saw your comment about no stupid stuff on my blog…PLZ LET ME BACK ON!i didnt do anything wrong

  631. fatman Says:

    Can you ban that nazi hes rude

  632. fan Says:

    chris,you can put a list of the new towers and bloons and what they do?

  633. fan Says:

    and if you put the story mode,they should be bloons bosses,and the cutscenes should be that there is a war between monkeys and bloons and bloons want to destroy monkey cities,food,etc.

  634. fan Says:

    answer please, what tower will have the light saber?and what the zebra bloon do

  635. Chris Says:

    I’m not going to put up a list of all the new towers, that would spoil the fun. We aren’t doing a story mode either.
    The Zebra Bloon contains two white and two black Bloons.

  636. BigOto Says:

    Same as the rainbow bloons. Probably it is immune to bombs and freezing.

  637. santa clause tits Says:

    k is the pink balloon new

  638. erson Says:

    Bloons is like sooooooo cool! So far Iwe beaten them all.

  639. erson Says:

    Go monkey power

  640. lol1 Says:

    thx chris for the updates,and now people get it…zebra bloon wont bomb or freeze!yaaaaaaaaay!!!now hard game!!!(im SO EXITED RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!)

  641. fan Says:


  642. fan Says:

    but there should be special bloons that appear every 5 or 10 levels,one should be the moab.

  643. fan Says:

    it have sense of the zbra bloon because its black and white,but it should do something better and harder.

  644. mike Says:

    who u callin nazi fatman

  645. mike Says:

    chris can you please fix 2 things w/ the bloons td game.

    1.stop the bloons from going slower(lagging)
    2. stop people from being able to cheat on it(like right clicking in a safe area so they can put any tower anywhere in the track. also stop the unlimited money and lives cheat.) thanx 4 reading and please respond chris

  646. mike Says:

    chris can you please fix 2 things w/ the bloons td game.

    1.stop the bloons from going slower(lagging)
    2. stop people from being able to cheat on it(like right clicking in a safe area so they can put any tower anywhere in the track. also stop the unlimited money and lives cheat.) thanx 4 reading and please respond chris.

  647. mike Says:


  648. Jordan Says:

    Do you know how long it wil be till Btd4 will be released?

  649. fan Says:

    hey chris,there should be a volcano tower that shot lava every 5 seconds for 5 seconds and pop every bloon 1 time and have an upgrade of shooting more time and poping more times and to wait less seconds to shoot.

  650. fan Says:

    Chris, you are the most amazing guy.

  651. Main Says:

    plsease do not make such useless monkeys like the boomerang-monkey or the noral dart-maonkey. i played bloonstd3 many times and i win nearly every level with the blades and some super monkeys. i never use that other stuff beacause its too expensive for their weakness.

  652. BigOto Says:

    I think that the regular dart monkeys should be left in. Many people use them at the beginning, then sell them later.

    However, I rarely use the boomerang monkeys, but they should be left in because Boomerangs are an important element in the original bloons.

  653. santa clause tits Says:

    all we need to do is make them better
    like with the normal monkey make him shoot 2 darts at a time or something
    same with boomerang monkey make him throw like 3 boomerangs

  654. fan Says:

    that is true

  655. fan Says:

    hey chris, what is going to be needed to play bloons tower defense 4?

  656. Chris Says:

    -fan, the same as you need for any of our other games. A computer running flashplayer 10.

  657. Hectorc Says:

    lol chris and about the image is it going to look like that?

  658. Chris Says:

    -Hectorc, do you mean the screenshots? If so then yes.

  659. fan Says:

    how about a shield bloon that when you pop it it creates a small shield for 10 seconds that protects the bloons that go through it

  660. fan Says:

    and a laser tower that destroys everything maybe it could be an upgrade of a tower.

  661. fan Says:

    answer my ideas please

  662. fan Says:

    chris you mean something like adobe flash player 10 or something else?

  663. david Says:

    fan, shut up. chris should block you. for the billionth time – no more ideas!

  664. Main Says:

    Damn the new look isnt really ”bloons-like” looks like a bad copy with some shadow or light effects. pls keep the grafics simple. if u let it like btd3 everything would be fine.
    Anddont change the sounds or somethingelse like that. the original is nearly perfect, so why changing everything? In my opinion Bloons TD4 wont beat Bloons TD3. you will see

  665. fan Says:

    if there is going to be lightsaber monkey please make an screenshot of it.

  666. Just.A.Friend Says:

    Main- I believe that they are going for just an updated version of the previous BTD games. Each one has just been an update of their predecessors. Even though they are changing the look (barely), I think it looks nice and is a good change.

  667. morgan freeman Says:

    ok it might be to late now but its a realy good idea.Do you know when you start the next lvl in btd3 sometimes you press the sell botton by acsident and i did that with the super monkey fully upgraded i was guted and i lost 2 lvls after and this probebly happened to other people to so i sugest you put the sell away from the srat game.But like i said it might be to late

  668. morgan freeman Says:

    ok it might be to late now but its a realy good idea.Do you know when you start the next lvl in btd3 sometimes you press the sell botton by acsident when you realy want to start the game and i did that with the super monkey fully upgraded i was guted and i lost 2 lvls after and this probebly happened to other people to so i sugest you put the sell away from the start game.But like i said it might be to late

  669. morgan freeman Says:

    oh rite soz i said it twice

  670. hi Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i cant wait omg

  671. fan Says:

    these are all my ideas for btd4 or btd5:
    1:an upgrade for the monkey dart called burning dart that can pop freeze bloons and when hitting a bloon it will pop it plus the one it spawn!
    2:another upgrade for the monkey dart called laser dart that can pop metal bloons and when hitting a bloon it will pop it plus the one it
    spawn plus the one the next spawn!
    3:an lightsaber bloon that can destroy towers and can only be popped by the lightsaber monkey and by a laser dart(it spawns 2 rainbows).
    4:and a big black bloon that can’t be popped by any sharp object and spawns 10 blacks, and is bigger and faster than the normal black bloons.
    5:a shield bloons that when popped it creates a a small shield for 1 minutes that protect all bloons from everything!
    p.s.maybe too a big white bloon that spawns 10 whites bloons,but i have no idea what it should do.

  672. fan Says:

    but take your time and relax chris.

  673. lol1 Says:

    fan,these are good ideahs,but they wont include that in btd4.they might in btd5,so dont get dissapointed if they dont add it

  674. fan Says:

    i say that in the beggining, i get wrong with 4 idea, it is the resort bloon that bounce and sharp looks like a huge black bloon

  675. fan Says:

    the best bloon should appear in the last btd game and be called king of all bloons(k.o.a.b),the queen of all bloons(q.o.a.b),and the prince of all bloons(p.o.a.b),it is like a family which the m.o.a.b is the littlest of the family,his brother p.o.a.b,the k.o.a.b the father and the q.o.a.b

  676. fan Says:

    thank lol1, and im just a kid of 11 years of centeramerica,jealous of my ideas?

  677. david Says:

    fan, moab stands for massive ornary air blimp, not mother of all bloons.

  678. david Says:

    and nobody in their right mind would be jelous of your ideas your arrogant little ****

  679. fan Says:

    i was joking with the jelous thing and i know the thing of the moab,in the ps i said of a big white bloon,here is that idea:
    it’s an ice bloon that can only be destroyed by fire things,and when popped in shoot ice in a big range freezing towers for 15 seconds.note:it can’t freeze the ice tower and can’t be freeze.

  680. fan Says:

    and i hate arrogant,bad people and that want bad things,im not arrogant!(that need to be said by someone who know me to be true).

  681. Danielzxzx Says:

    ok, forget about my ideas, too late in to make a story mode or any of my other ideas. Keep making the game how it’s going. You can think about my ideas for btd5, but that won’t be a loooong time. Keep up the good work for btd4!

  682. Danielzxzx Says:

    made a mistake in the last comment. It’s not: won’t be a loooong time. It’s: won’t be for a loooong time.

  683. fan Says:

    i want to ask team canada sometin,from where you get all your ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????they are awesome, i agree with all your ideas.chris,take your time and relax,it is almost finish so relax.

  684. nesk Says:

    Thanks for this flash game !

  685. maple Says:

    chris just one q i looked at the last screen shoots and saw on the side what looked like a huge black cannon and a small green one r they both cannons or r they diffrent

  686. fan2 Says:

    I think it would be cool if the bloons could damage the towers in some way to make it more challenging or even have the purchase of upgrades and stuff to be dependent on how quickly the bloons are destroyed so the more points for the faster the victory my one last thought on this game would be to have something called the “bloon pump” where if you wanted to accumulate more points you could make the bloons harder when you think you could handle it. EX: turn a red bloon into a blue etc. just to get a higher score

  687. fan Says:

    fan2,one of my ideas is a lightsaber bloons that destroy towers,my ideas are some comments back.

  688. fan Says:

    chris,i have curiosity to know who do the hints given in every level in all btd games.

  689. free kill 117 Says:

    how abowt a gun that has a razor and a statick becous the bloons are rubber it wil pull the baloons to it and the razor will rip em up when they get about a infection gun that wen hits that enamy turn into a load of spikes flying in each direction when killed.or a 1000£ bomb that turns all ballons into red ons that is on the path……

  690. david Says:

    fan, why are you replying to yourself…

  691. lol1 Says:

    wow,good ideahs pplz!my the last…20 comments i think is the bloon pump,lightsaberbloon,1,000/\ \/bomb and thesttic razor :D YAAAAAAY!btd5 MIGHT not come out,there still on btd4 right now.but it probably will.if this blog was alot eisier to find,dont ya think there would be a lot more comments,so about 200 diff. people have found thwis blog then add about…60,000 who havnt and thats how many plays there will BEE!!!BTD4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BTD55555555555555555555!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

  692. revan Says:

    david u better feel prrrrrrrrrrreetttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lucky that chris hasnt spamed u yet

  693. fan Says:

    david,fan2 is not me,fan2,change your name.

  694. fan Says:

    more ideas:
    a boomerang monkey upgrade called ninja monkey that make the monkey shoot ninja stars that only pop one more bloon and are little and expensive,but when is buy,a new upgrade path is open!!!!!!these are the upgrades in that path:
    1)shuriken thrower!can pop 14 bloons and are pretty big!!!!!
    2)bigger shuriken!while bigger,it can reach more bloons to pop!
    3)double round!when half way returning,it make another round!
    4)double throw!!!!when double round is make by a shuriken,an extra shuriken is throw!

    an angel monkey that when it hit a blue,it spawn nothing!can upgrade to make a green,yellow,and white and black don’t to spawn,bigger arrows,and bigger range!

  695. fan Says:

    someone copy my name!

  696. fan Says:

    chris,do something at respect!!!!!!!

  697. fan Says:

    false fan!!!!!!! change your name!!!!!!!

  698. Chris Says:

    - Fan, don’t worry, banning is IP based, which is why people who post a bunch of comments under multiple names (but the same IP) get banned too…

  699. Chris Says:

    mike, I’m not apologising, you called someone a f*g on my blog. End of story. Post again about requiring an apology and I’ll IP block you from posting comments here at all. You were wrong, get over it.

  700. david Says:

    good for you chris! lol
    also, fan, apologies. fan 2 should definately change his or her name.
    revan, don’t know why i should be spammed but sorry if you think i should…
    also, chris, just realised i have posted comments under different names, and then forgetting what i called myself – so now i am sticking with my owm name!

    anyway, is it true that it’s out in 4 days? heard that somewhere but i thought there would be an anouncement.

  701. BigOto Says:

    That was a fake Chris that said that.

  702. Main Says:

    Nerds XD

  703. fan Says:

    even more ideas!
    1)an upgrade for the light saber monkey called double edge that make the light saber bigger.
    2)another upgrade for the light saber monkey called double saber that make the monkey have 2 sabers.
    3)an super light saber bloon that can destroy light saber monkey and only be destroyed by a light saber monkey that have the double edge and have inside two light saber bloons.
    4)an double light saber bloon that can destroy light saber monkey that have the double edge and can only be destroyed by a light saber monkey that have the 2 spawns 2 super light saber bloons.
    5)and a super double light saber bloon that can destory any light saber monkey except one that have both,the double edge and saber,which can destroy it,it spawn 2 double light saber bloons.
    note:my ideas are for btd5.

  704. fan Says:

    and chris,i think that if your team would be bigger,it should be easier and faster to do the btd games and others

  705. mmo master2 Says:

    a flame thrower tower would be nice so the balloons would be on fire for a few seconds and it keeps attacking the balloons but it costs a lot of money. I don’t expect anyone to read this but it was fun writing it

  706. mike Says:

    chris, how many hits does it take 2 crack open a moab.(this is not including the stuff inside it.

  707. COD5 Addict Says:

    Come on, where the hell is BTD4?? And i also would like to know how many hits it takes to pop a MOAB, and how many hits does one ball of plasma count for? It seems like MOABS get to a certain point regardless of how many hits you give it??


  708. Fabrízio bs Says:

    M.O.A.B need 130 hits to open and spaw ceramic bloon.

  709. lol Says:

    I know lol its random But

  710. bling bling Says:

    btd3 is freakin awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  711. bling bling Says:

    stop messin around and give us btd4 already. it shouldnt take you computer geeks to long

  712. Chris Says:

    - bling bling, I can get you a shit version sooner if you like.

  713. lol1 Says:

    3 bad comments in a row lol.anyway chris,is there a bloon that spawns 2 pinks or sumtin

  714. david Says:

    chris, if i were you i would ban blingbling for sheer rudeness. calling people geeks when he wants something from them

  715. lol Says:

    thats bullying gay boy chris

  716. santa clause tits Says:

    take all the time in the world. i rather wait another year than have it be chrappy

  717. Bonsai Man Says:

    Release that already! Bloons Defense 3 is awesome! We need some new levels and weapons!!!

  718. bobthecow Says:

    ive been waiting for btd4 ever btd3 came out. Chrisis it almost done??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  719. david Says:

    yes, finally an excuse to ban ‘lol’, LOL!

  720. ronaldo Says:


  721. sean Says:

    lol………………………………….i whant to play it

  722. bobthecow Says:

    Chris do you have any gameplay videos?

  723. Main Says:

    Man just chll and do not wait. dont even think of that and one day you will see it in the intenert and say. wow it is there! Bloons td is a good game but its not a religion. just do other thinks and look in 2 weeks for bloons td 4. if it’s not there look in a month and so on. just CHILL

  724. lol Says:

    gay boy chris haha i have been waiting to say that in a wile gay boy chris gay boy chris

  725. lol1 Says:

    lol your gonna get BANNED!lol…anyway…im not lol,imlol1,the same happened to fan

  726. Hectorc Says:

    you guys give him time how would you like if your making a game and you want it to be great and people want it sooner and you realease it sooner but you could have done a better job

  727. fan 3 Says:

    do you have a date on the release of btd yet?
    I’M SO EXCITED!!! :)

  728. david Says:

    now there’s a fan 3?

    anyway – seeing as this is ‘poptember’, i am cautiously optimistic that it will be released this month!

  729. ghdrtgh Says:

    will you guys make btd for mobile phone not for the iphone but sony ericsson

  730. fatman Says:

    hey chis can u say what month u think btd4 will come out just a guess

  731. eddie Says:

    hey chris will bloons tower defense 4 be out this month?

  732. Meezors Says:

    yo chris take as long as u like i can wait

  733. fatman Says:

    hey chis can u say what month u think btd4 will come out just a guess k

  734. Main Says:

    XD PLEASE READ THE LAST 8 COMMENTS. Stop saying all the time the same stuff. Answer will be: “We hope, we’ll realse it soon.” or “We are working on it to release it as soon as pissible”

    there will be no ther answer. You just dont get it XD

  735. lol Says:

    you have no sence these games are shit

  736. lol Says:

    Main,LOL1,fatman,meezor,eddie,ghdrtgh,david and dont foreget gay boy chris are all freaks and you should all get a life.

    P.Sthis is all true

  737. david Says:

    actually, lol, you are the sad one if the best thing you can do in your time is to go around looking for websites to insult people on. get a life.

  738. david Says:

    and why are you stealing someone’s name or are you just a complete hipocrite?
    ‘I know lol its random But
    either way it shows that you are an idiot

  739. bobthecow Says:

    U know what i think, he might have a certain release day or something like a friday to release when its done… just a thought

  740. lol Says:

    look david im not sad because im not the one that said LOVE YOU CHRIS:)
    thats sad and even wors GAY so when youre talking make sence if you have any ok :)

    P.S another reason youre sad is because youre starving to wait for a stupid game sorry but it looks like youre the sad one

  741. lol Says:

    chris is a gay boy

  742. Main Says:

    i dont like nerds, but i like the games they make :) XD

  743. fatman Says:

    hey lol if your hating every one on this blog why don’t u create your own about this blog and how much u hate it.

  744. lol Says:

    i dont know how im only 8:):):):):):):):):)

  745. david Says:

    lol, your an idiot for stealing someone else’s name and that is sad. also, i find it rather ironic that you have misspelt the word ‘sense’. besides, you are a homophobic idiot if you think that being gay is so sad, and also rather sexist that you automatically assume that the original ‘lol’ is a guy. anyway, what is so sad about looking forward to something that you find mildly entertaining? me thinks you are insecure with youself so you are insulting others…

  746. Chris Rules Says:

    Chris you rock but the games are amazing compared to you lol just kidding good job

  747. Lol sucks Says:

    Lol you are one sad messed up motherr ******! You are only 8 and go around insulting people! I mean seriously go get a life and go jump off a cliff please!

  748. Main Says:

    best way to get rid of such people is ignoring them. with your”mother****” thing you just provoke such comments. I think you aren’t much older than lol, at least psychic.

    you don’t have to demonstrate your “uncredible gigantic balls”

    Chill !!

  749. santa claus tits Says:

    i agree all you immature little girls go play with your barbies. this threads for bloons tower defense 4. nobody cares about all your crap

  750. david Says:

    ‘santa claus tits’ just pointing out that you can hardly call anyone immature with that name!

    anyway, main, your’e right.

    looking forward to this – should be out this month i’d say.

  751. fatman Says:

    hey david you just owned lol he is probly crying right now!

  752. Hiyah Says:

    Can we end the STUPID posts? PLEASE!?
    They are getting out-of-hand… this is NOT what this blog is about.

  753. Chris Says:

    -Hiyah. Here here.

  754. CoMoMan Says:

    you know how you said the iphone version is gonna be out. is that pretty soon cause its been about 7 weeks since you said that. im really excited. and if you know anything about how much it will cost message back. i will definatly buy the most expensive version with the most features and i bet it will be a top selling game.

  755. COD5 Addict Says:

    OK, come on Chris, hundreds of people are asking for a release date for BTD4….you must have some idea of when its coming out???????

  756. david Says:

    lol, whoops, sorry hiyah, sorry chris.
    looking forward to this – and chris, why not just delete the stupid comments (mine included|).

    any chance of being out this month?

  757. lol Says:

    look um david im sorry it did get out of hand you did just only want the game to play and who wouldnt its a fun game so sorry kk ,friens now

  758. david Says:

    thankyou for apologising, lol.
    chris – any more news on iphone version, e.g how much it will be, when it will be released?

  759. bobthecow Says:

    hey i thought chris was working on the game thats wwhy he wasn’t posting but i guess not. I liked the sceenshots on the other page. it really shows what you can do in the game

  760. fatman Says:

    Chris do u no think u will b able 2 give us a guess when it will come out

  761. Chris Says:

    -fatman, I certainly could give a guess, problem is, if I do that and it’s late people bitch and moan so until we know 100% there will be no release date.

  762. JOHN Says:

    hey chris

  763. JOHN Says:

    i cant wait till this comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  764. the fuzz Says:

    wow all the btd games were awsome but ya’ know, they get boring after like the 3rd time around… you know what i mean, like cold you make it more exiting and more alive….. but any way thanks a lot for a 4th one

  765. John Says:

    Hey Chris sorry for asking another one of these questions but could you give us an estamite of the date when you think it will be released like just the date around when you think it’ll come out.

  766. mikezon Says:

    hey Chris, cool new avatar (or profile pic or whatever it´s called here).
    By the way, love Bloons, Bloons TD.s and specially Bloons TD 3.
    Can´t wait for TD 4

  767. fatman Says:

    ok Chris cool i was just wondering could u put up more pics of the levels

  768. david Says:

    john, no release date because if not met people will bitch.

  769. JOHN Says:

    ok thanks

  770. drummer Says:

    people star talking im board

  771. Marco Says:

    Hi chris, I know people will complain but could you give a release date guess anyway? I mean they will complain anyway, just a guess so people will know when to check back for a more definitive date. Thanks.

  772. drummer Says:

    hey marco whats up man

  773. ch0c0latemilk Says:

    hey chris i was wondering have you ever beaten all 150 levels of btd 3

  774. david Says:

    i agree with marco. give an estimate and them span anyone who bitches if it isn’t met.

  775. karlo Says:

    igra je kul

  776. karlo Says:

    igra jr

  777. david Says:

    z, dont do that. will this be out in september

  778. freakyfree Says:

    look i just read comment for the last fortnite think about it the fake probally isnt 8 think also BTD rules

  779. freakyfree Says:

    sorry i only read 2 weeks ago when i did ma last post not 1 week ago


  780. taco Says:

    you should really have more upgrades like ninja for the boomerang. there should be more towers like the lightsaber and more bloons like rubber and they have leads inside and they can be popped only by leads and there should be blimps and something huge that carries blimps and like some more assist items like tacos that sets bloons on fire and anything it touches catches on fire and some are immune…. lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololllo

  781. taco Says:

    i messed up. ther shud b rubbers that cn only b poppd by litsabrs

  782. bobthecow Says:

    its to late to post requests

  783. DD_Commander Says:

    Chris- I want to kno wat r the current ideas are 4 new towers

  784. DD_Commander Says:

    Chris- u should also make a game called ninja kiwi tower defense. u could have the basic tower be the dart monkey with other towers based on different games like the S.A.S Operative which would fire 3 shots a second and could be upgraded with things like incindiary bullets(pops lead bloons). BUT you should make the enemies be your basics.BLOONS!!!!

  785. DD_Commander Says:

    Every body- my above 2 posts are open. Plz post ideas for he possible ninja kiwi tower defense

  786. nojo Says:


  787. nojo Says:


  788. Henson Says:

    Hey chris game looks amazing can’t wait to play it!

  789. kingdom hearts junky Says:

    hey chris whens it ccomin out 4 itouch/phone?!?!?

  790. bobthecow Says:

    STOP WITH THE Z’S!!!!!!!!
    anyways if you didn’t get my last post it’s too late to post requests. and if you want to learn about the itouch version ther’s a forum about that.

  791. john Says:

    hi whats up

  792. fatman Says:


  793. fatman Says:

    sorry chirs about this

  794. fatman Says:

    i want 2 be the 800th post

  795. fatman Says:

    i need 2 more after this one

  796. fatman Says:

    YA only one more

  797. fatman Says:

    800th post on this blog YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  798. fatman Says:

    NOW WH00T!!!!!! I <3 u alll 800Th post

  799. CoMoMan Says:

    The iPhone bloons tower defense has a good chance of being out in the next week. (going by previous post)

  800. david Says:

    800th post – haha fatman!

  801. david Says:

    anyway, whats the month for release?

  802. fatman Says:

    sry about all that chris o ya and can u put up more screen shots of the new lvs in btd4

  803. poohead Says:

    hey ma poofish bruvers from another poofish…es…uvers!
    can i make a tower suggestion?
    a poo cannon that fire sharp bits of poo which pop balloons.
    And you can upgarde to a pooFISH cannon which fire bigg fishes(made of poo) whoich when they hit ballons explode and send bits of poo flyyyyyying everywhere.
    Just my thoughts
    my opinion
    but youd better do it

  804. pooheadFISh Says:

    Sorry spelt my name rong

  805. bobthecow Says:

    dude how old r u ur so immature

  806. david Says:

    it must be out this month!

  807. The Monkey Says:

    Oo oo I am gonna have oo SOo Mutchey funney to yuze yeeloww darttS EEoooaaaa YELLOWEY

  808. mister bob Says:

    can’t wait till october

  809. Henson Says:

    Wow I really can’t wait to play the game and its going to be out this month?!? HOORAY! But seriously yay I bet that there will be yet more even to come. Lol

  810. #1 fan Says:

    chris do u think u could get bigger maps with full screen

  811. #1 fan Says:

    And Team Canada good idea

  812. #1 fan Says:

    I cant wait for BTD4 to come out around cristmis that will be our cristmis present

  813. #1 fan Says:

    Srry for all these comments but I know its just going to be so great

  814. #1 fan Says:

    wooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo BTD4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  815. #1 fan Says:

    And how bout super monkey if u keep it be like 2400

  816. #1 fan Says:

    And how bout some new units to that would be awsome

  817. Main Says:

    plsease dont mae it like: you have to use these towers or you will losse. BTD 3 was cool but if you use boomerang or that other new tower or supermonkey you will loose early. best way is to use tese spreading things with some cannons. make more difficult levels and off course some more easy levels.

  818. bobthecow Says:

    I know that i come on every day to see if the games out but i can wait. I mean people grow more and more impatient every day. Do you get what I’m saying? Don’t bitch and moan about the fact it’s not out or you want a release date. JUST WAIT!!!!! That’s all we can do.

  819. #1 fan Says:

    Yeah a lot of us are patien bobthecow

  820. ZodiacKiwi Says:

    Keep up the good work. I have a suggestion. A tower that picks up the nearest bloon and chucks it to the back or the line of oncoming bloons.
    Please read my other post about the lottery tower. Also contemplate the possibility of a tower that shoots a dart and then teleports to a random spot on the track before firing again.

  821. david Says:

    zodiackiwi, lottery tower is good, dont really like the other ideas but the lottery tower would be great

  822. td master Says:

    this the best news i have ever heard today i am the master of number3 and i will kick but in number 4i rool you suck ass

  823. bobthecow Says:

    dude…get a life

  824. soccer champ Says:

    A hydro cannon that shoots bombs twice as fast would be cool

  825. soccer champ Says:

    I hope there are are a lot of new towers
    in bloons tycoon 4

  826. soccer champ Says:

    When are we going to
    see more pics of
    bloons tower defence 4

  827. soccer champ Says:

    What day,week and month is BTD4 coming out

  828. soccer champ Says:

    I’m EEEEEXXXCCCCIIIITTTTTEEEEDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t Wait!

    Briiiiiiiiiing more updates.

  829. Pokemon Lover Says:

    I would really like a Story Mode on BTD5 if you make one.

    Yours Sincerely, Pokemon Lover

  830. #1 fan Says:

    in BTD5 you should get story mode with bosses

  831. soccer champ Says:

    Story mode would be great.

  832. soccer champ Says:

    Does anyone know when Chris is going to put more pics
    of btd4.

  833. soccer champ Says:

    I hope it comes out quick.

  834. fan Says:

    chris, can you put the last screenshot next week,and story mode would be awesome

  835. gregoryfight Says:

    u should put like every time you beat a level like you get something to put on your monkeys etc like a bow with 100 arrows and guns that kill nearly anything with partical effects

  836. soccer champ Says:

    I really hope Chris tells us the release date and more pics of it.

  837. soccer champ Says:

    I,ll beat you TD master in number 3 and 4.

  838. soccer champ Says:

    Chris give us your best guest.

    Is it one week,two weeks,three weeks,1 month and so on.

    Just give us a answer.

  839. soccer champ Says:

    Chris tell the other people that are working on bloons tower defence
    that if they could work on story mode and to make way more towers
    then the other games.

  840. bobthecow Says:


  841. Max dude!! Says:

    we want the game grr

  842. soccer champ Says:

    Write back about btd4 Chris.

  843. mike Says:

    lol,”get a life”

  844. BigOto Says:

    Stop telling Chris to reply “now”. He could just be on a trip and doesn’t have internet access.

  845. bobthecow Says:

    or he’s working on btd4. huh? Huh? Huh? Doesn’t that make sense?

  846. bobthecow Says:

    he hasn’t made a twitted update since September 14th

  847. bobthecow Says:

    i meant twitter

  848. goon Says:

    hurry the fuck up chris you little shithead

  849. Kyle Whitehead Says:

    Tyler Raber is a pussy.

  850. bobthecow Says:

    Hey dudes (I mean the horse dick one) ur so impatient learn to wait and settle your differences in REAL life not on a blog

  851. bobthecow Says:

    And you try making a better version goon. Cause really if he brought the game out now it would suck. I betcha you would make a one that’s a piece of shit!

  852. bobthecow Says:

    Hey sorry chris sometimes I just get annoyed by the people…sometimes even myself. Loved the other games though

  853. goon Says:

    bobthecow u little fudgepacker

  854. Gargong Says:

    im not going to be stupid and ask about release dates, towers, or anything like that. Just wanted to say keep up the good work, BTD3 absolutely blows me away every time, and judging from the screen shots this game will be awesome. Cant wait. BTW, whats an MOAB stand for? i know its that air balloon, but i just dont get it. Help?

  855. bobthecow Says:

    I think MOAB stands for Massive Ornary Air Blimp it tells you on the level after the first MOAB

  856. bobthecow Says:

    Well goon it’s true. I betcha you couldn’t make a simple game if you tried. And studied for 2,000,000 years.

  857. soccer champ Says:

    I love bloons tower defence 1,2,and 3 so I cant wait until the 4th one
    comes out.

  858. Tankeray Says:

    I hear Michael died recently in a drug overdose… it’s all over the news :S

  859. Jonah Says:

    hey, chris. i just wanna ask you to make a language filter for this site, because there are kids that play. like me, and my brother, and he’s only 9. i just hate it when people start cussing.

  860. david Says:

    goon is the new ‘mike’! uh-oh
    looking forward to this, btd3s main flaw was the lagging so i hope this has got better for the update

  861. Main Says:


  862. soccer champ Says:

    Jonah is right. Stop cussing.

  863. goon Says:

    shut your beak soccer champ u cracka

  864. soccer champ Says:

    goon I agree with bobthecow I bet you couldn’t make a game in 2,000,000

  865. jon Says:

    we can not wait to play the new bloons game here in Iceland!!

  866. IMANONO Says:


  867. Main Says:


  868. goon Says:

    what your lip soccer champ, im gonna kick you in your taint

  869. Kean Says:

    Thanks for making another one :D ! I loved the first 3, and can’t wait for this one. But seriously, delay for like 2 months. The people that appreciate it will wait the other ones will just stop checking and not get over themselves somewhere else. In other words take your time!

  870. Monkey Trouble Says:

    I just found out you guys are working on BTD4.

    Loved the previous games, made them all in the hardest levels.

    In the BTD3 i just love playing on easy the first map and keep on playing in free mode.


  871. bobthecow Says:

    you JUST learned about BTD4? i think tthat’s a little late

  872. BigOto Says:

    No don’t delay it, just keep it on time, unless there is some big reason for delay.

  873. that one guy Says:

    so chris
    is this one gonna be 1000x better then the other 3?

  874. david Says:

    lol, someone is insecure with themselves!

    any idea if the game will be out next month?

  875. lol Says:

    btd4 almost here…fun!my highest is 72 with no cheats

  876. lol Says:

    btd4 almost here…fun!my highest is 72 with no cheats/

  877. btd rules Says:

    love it yay

  878. btd rules Says:

  879. btd rules Says:


  880. Evil-Mayor Says:

    please tell me what month or day its coming out

  881. bobthecow Says:

    Wow good job LOL

  882. soccer champ Says:

    I’m so scared goon.

  883. soccer champ Says:

    I wonder when
    bloons tower defence 4
    will come out.

  884. BigOto Says:

    They say it will be out in October (hopefully). They won’t post a release date until they are 99.99999999% sure they can make it.

  885. btd45(i hope) Says:

    Can’t wait im gonna play to my personal highest(81) Yay

  886. david Says:

    wow, chris actually deleted a comment!
    what month?

  887. Kean Says:

    They won’t say when until they’re 100% sure it’ll be then. I hope. Do you guys have a lot of fun making this? As in the bloons games.

  888. kevin Says:

    btd4 now!

  889. soccer champ Says:

    Hopefully btd4 will come out in October.

  890. goon Says:

    bob the cow packs fudge on his time off

  891. Tony Says:

    I can’t wait for it. :D

  892. Demon Damon Says:

    It’s funny… Chris has said he’s not going to give a release date until he’s sure about when it will be finished. He also said that no more ideas can be added at this point. So why do people continue to clog up this blog with random annoying spam anyway? And just a point to all those of you who are moaning at the creating team, you get what your given, when it’s given to you, so just wait like patient civilized people until BTD4 is finished. P.S. Thanks Chris and team. I’m sure BTD4 will be the best TD game yet!!! :-D

  893. Main Says:


  894. mike Says:

    demon damon, brown nosing chris will not increase your chances at getting on the creating team.

    goon, i couldnt agree more( haha jk bob the cow we’re still cool)

  895. BTD 4 ROXX! Says:

    OMG!!!i hope BTD4 will have more character and the character is more expensive and of course the charracter must be better than the super monkey

  896. Main Says:


  897. soccer champ Says:

    Btd4 is going to rock.

  898. soccer champ Says:

    Yeah I’m the 900th comet on the blog.

  899. Matt Says:

    hey chris will there be more super towers like the super monkey? It was a little annoying that in the end the super monkey was the only tower that was worth the money and space and the game got kind of boring after lvl 50. btw bloons td is my favorite online game, keep up the good work!

  900. soccer champ Says:

    I would love more super towers.

  901. Chris Says:

    Release date now confirmed, 26th October–>

  902. derand Says:

    this game is the best one out of all the tower defence games.
    do yo think you can make a super power monky with plasma vishin in the biging and then the upgrad is plasma vishin ever lost wich makes it last for ever like if it is shoting a balloon it shot one long shoot.

  903. josh Says:

    can’t wait

  904. BigOto Says:

    I told you guys it would be late October.

  905. fan of ninjakiwi^_^ Says:

    when can we play a play?????????????

  906. poo Says:


    lol, ko
    thanks for makin the game it is well poo
    cant wait to play it

    yours sincerely

  907. soccer champ Says:

    This is going to be the best game ever.

  908. #1 fan Says:


  909. anoter fan Says:

    there solud be pause boton

  910. dan da man Says:

    sould be targe priorety highest that would shoot the highest bloon

  911. random guy366 Says:

    tha woul be cool that way moabs wud nose sant chance

  912. 999666 Says:

    hmm i likes it.. i likes it

  913. soccer champ Says:

    I would love if the last level would only would have moabs

  914. Kean Says:

    The games either finished or about as close to it as you can get, the suggestions you make now have been made before, and all have been taken into consideration, there’s really no point in asking for more things to be put in the game.

  915. fan Says:

    for btd 5 a time traveler monkey that caught bloons with a rope (like a cowboy)and put them into a time machine behind him.the rope has spikes so it can pop bloons.

  916. Chris Says:

    -fan, we have a better idea than that :P and it’s in BTD4.

  917. budenkai Says:

    Hey people glad to hear the realese date. Chris thanks again 4 the game. Cant wait for btd 4.

  918. lol Says:

    yayz!a time lasso monkey!+upgrade :D funz!!!click my name!

  919. fan Says:

    what?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you so much chris!i love that my ideas(or better)are putted in(in everything no matter what)!

  920. josh Says:

    do you have a date yet

  921. kingdom hearts junky Says:

    hey goon ur not much of a people person r u?

  922. kingdom hearts junky Says:

    hey josh it doent help 2 post in a blog if u dont read it the date confered for oct 26

  923. Lance Says:

    I hope it comes out before Thanksgiving. The last 2 years I stayed up all night the night before Thanksgiving and played Bloons Tower Defense 2, and did it again last year staying up all night playing the 3rd one. Don’t wanna end up breaking my newfound tradition ;)

  924. Chris Says:

    Oct 26 09

  925. Joonthemasta Says:

    Chris, loving the ideas, can’t wait for BTD4. I’ve loved all of the BTD games, even the first one (which was a bit… bad??)! I encourage you to make more games. I recommend making up to BTD5 (you can call it Bloons Tower Defence 5: The Bloons War!). 5 BTD games are enough, but if you want to make more feel free! :)

  926. kiabaman Says:

    another suggestion i’d like to be added to bloons defence 4:
    can you make the towers movable by paying a price or something. sometimes i put my towers in the wrong spot and have to sell and rebuy the towers

  927. budenkai Says:

    Hey peoples whats up. lol hows it going. sorry i havent been on in a long time i have been super busy. Chris glad to here the realese date im really glad! Just wanted to check on things here budenkai out-

  928. goon Says:

    kingdom hearts junky eats poop

  929. Leth Says:

    yay finaly countdown !! :P
    just love BTD 3 looking forward to BTD 4!! :P

  930. lol Says:

    woooow,people are gooooood on this blog,anyways,ill take any q: aboiut btd4,the picture or vid. im not a tester so idk about ranks and towers and secret stuff that they know

  931. Card Says:

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned before, but I am glad this is dated April 2nd and not April 1st. :)

  932. a dog Says:

    there should be a dart monkey upgrade where monkey shoots drill bits

  933. weaves Says:

    1. control exactly where monkeys shoot on top of priority
    2. start more money
    3. have a deathmatch with a $20000 start

  934. soccer champ Says:

    I hope there would be even better upgrades
    on the super monkey.

  935. Martin Says:

    Hey All,

    Great game, speaking strictly on my own behalf i dont need any improvements to BTD3, but the lag is driving me crazy. I get to about level 63-64 and the game just lags to a halt, the towers dont fire as often as they should, the score is not counting all the bloons that have been shot. I cant get better like this! tried using an 2x quad machine and its not much better. I have no idea if the poor performance is inherent to flash, but it sure would be great if i ran out of skill before i ran out of processing power.

  936. notredb12 Says:

    i know the lag sucks but i can get to level 72 without too many problems. on a normal crappy laptop.

  937. bobthecow Says:

    hey the games finalized. it’s coming out

    OCTOBER 26

    OCTOBER 26

    OCTOBER 26

    OCTOBER 26th!!!!!!!!!!

    the release date iss OCTOBER26th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  938. soccer champ Says:

    Read the posts people.

  939. Soccer Star Says:

    LOL omg i laughed so hard when goon said that crap lol idont even play thegame my little brother does.. wow that was some funny crap haha who didnt laugh at that is crazy LOL

  940. Soccer Star Says:

    well time to go if u had a pair of balls you would play nazi zombies on cod5 thats the only good game out there and no one try to tell me wrong

  941. BigOto Says:

    I don’t have much lag, even in the 60′s of levels.

  942. d3lap Says:

    IM on level 91 of the game lmao. map is full or super monkeys….i got screenies to prove it too. im on classis easy mode with first map. any previous records set?

  943. BigOto Says:

    Does that lag for you? I have a super-high end computer.

  944. Martin Says:

    I have tried another system, 8 cores and 8GB ram… but if you all are in the 70-90 levels and still no lag i must be doing something wrong. R you all running it in a browser or playing the swf in a separate player? in case of the browser, which one?

  945. dan da man Says:

    it lags 4 me an’ may cputer is very good need 2 be better

  946. dan da man Says:

    if u just have a tack shooter it stops every time it shoots

  947. dan da man Says:

    game sould have drillbits

  948. dan da man Says:

    like on dartmonkey upgrads

  949. a dog Says:

    lets get rid of mr poo hes stupid and anoying and no one likes him

  950. 999666 Says:

    lets get rid of poo and mr poo hes stupid and anoying and no one likes him

  951. another fan Says:

    are you still eceptin upgrade ideas chris PS what hapen 2 capt haddok pic

  952. another fan Says:

    are you still eceptin upgrade ideas chris PS what hapen 2 capt haddok picuur

  953. another fan Says:

    are you still eceptin upgrade ideas chris PS what hapen 2 capt haddok picture i liked it d(O.o)b

  954. another fan Says:

    are you still eceptin upgrade ideas chris PS what hapen 2 capt haddok picture i liked it +_+

  955. a dog Says:


  956. mike Says:

    i still want an apology

  957. a dog Says:

    mabey moabs colud pop into hot air bloons which in turn pop into zebra bloons

  958. BigOto Says:

    It lags a LITTLE bit in the 60s for me, just not a lot like others seem to be having.

  959. 999666 Says:

    mabey a pause botton

  960. random guy366 Says:

    yhea im playing btd now and i gotta wait 4 round to end to post on blog

  961. BigOto Says:

    yeah we need one

  962. random guy366 Says:

    also when you upgrad cannon to roket launcher the boom stops

  963. d3lap Says:

    im on level 101 im playing bloons tower defense on the ipod not pc.. lol

  964. BigOto Says:

    Chris said that there was a “Flash sound bug” with the missile launcher and this is fixed in BTD4. In the gameplay videos, you can hear the missile launchers booming.

  965. lol Says:

    only about 12 days! about 400 hours!about 20000 minutes

  966. david Says:

    lol mike will be getting an apology any day now!

  967. david Says:

    lol mike will be getting an apology any day now!!!!!!!

  968. david Says:

    sorry for posting same thing twice

  969. btd_lover Says:

    oh hey. On btd3 i played track 3 easy and reached level 64.

  970. PopCrazySean Says:

    Hey Chris,
    Perhaps you guys should consider hiring the digital goldfish people that helped with the iphone app. I’ve been playing it a lot lately and I have three more levels to beat on hard. To take a break I came back to the computer version of BTD3 and it was almost Painful…
    Bloons wondering through numerous tack shooters untouched, horrible lag on a very capable computer..
    I’m sure BTD4 will address many of these issues.. but how is the iphone game so superior to the computer version?

  971. Chris Says:

    -PopCrazySean, the main difference is in the programming language. Flash is frankly just a bit buggy. While much improved (with flash player 10) BTD4 will inevitably see some degree of slowdown at much higher levels. This isn’t helped by the fact that BTD4 has so much more going on the screen too (which is why unless there is a new iPhone built that can cope, BTD4 as it is now probably wouldn’t work on the iPhone)
    BTD on the iPhone is coded in Object C which is much better suited to what it does well (iPhone games)

  972. soccer champ Says:

    Only ELEVEN more days.

  973. Chris Says:

    Enough of that :)

  974. Reality Says:

    In response to the idiots that bitched and whined throughout this whole blog, next time you want to act like a female, just keep your hands off the keyboard. I wouldn’t blame Chris for throwing the new game in the trash at this point.

  975. Robbin Says:

    BTD for Iphone is just great! Works really good on my 3gs !
    Bought it from app store last week. Thanks , looking forward to BTD 4 :)

  976. ahchurro11 Says:

    Will there be new towers and bloons?

  977. lol Says:

    yes,theres new towers and bloons and LOTS more…

  978. James Says:

    BTD 2/3 was good. still ready for it to be before xmas? Custom track wud be good though

  979. mike pearson Says:

    8 goddam fucking days and my life will be complete like a weapon grade record face eating pine nuts

  980. katie-bob Says:

    can`t wait for no.4 :o

  981. katie-bob Says:

    hey chris there is one thing i would like you to fix lets say you have a super monkey or anything and there are bloons that are about to kill you or your lives so you try to shoot at them but there are bloons that are going right past you and then the super monkey can never hit the bloons that are going to kill you

  982. BigOto Says:

    We could have a super monkey upgrade to x-ray plasma vision that can shoot through any bloons in the way, while still popping them, in BTD5.

  983. lol Says:

    yayz!or just save money and add a VERY first button that HAS to shoot at the farthest bloon in range

  984. warrior of bloons Says:

    wait is bloons tower defence 4 coming out on october 26th???

  985. soccer champ Says:


  986. bill Says:

    bloons tower defense 3 rocks whens number 4 coming out

  987. soccer champ Says:


    READ THE POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  988. pure awesomeness Says:

    you should make more towers like a flamethrower that only shot in one strait line but did constant damage or like an electric tower that shot lightning bolts that bounced around the screen

  989. budenkai Says:

    hey peoples only 6 more days before btd 4

  990. soccer champ Says:

    Number 1,2,and 3 were awesome
    and I know number 4 will be even
    better, keep up the great work.

  991. Bill Says:

    Hopefully there will be a save feature for BTD4. And lots more maps. And perhaps some new towers and upgrades. I’m already clamoring for further additions…..

  992. Bruce Says:

    omg cant weit its comeing out on october 26!!!!!!

  993. name (required) Says:

    452000 seconds

  994. name (required) Says:

    452500 seconds

  995. josh Says:

    5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT

  996. Hectorc Says:

    i wanna be the 1000 post lol

  997. Hectorc Says:

    999 coment

  998. Hectorc Says:

    yaya wooohooo im the 1000 coment whats my prize :)

  999. Serkre Says:


  1000. Hectorc Says:

    now im the 1002 xD

  1001. PopCrazySean Says:

    Hey Chris,
    Thanks for the answer there. Just so you know, I only come to these blogs for constructive criticism. I am about the biggest fan of this game, in all its glorious simplicity.
    I am completely addicted to the BTD3 iPhone app. I’m down to two more maps on hard.. the “Classic 2″ 3 way ice map, and “Snow” 3 way map and I’ve probably played each way too many times to count.
    I’ve mentioned this before, but perhaps an update to be able to keep only the immediate items (tacks, glue, pineapple) pressed down in order to simply touch the screen to place. You’ve mentioned accidental placement as an issue.. but I’ve read some reviews in the app. store and it sounds like a lot of people are on the same page on this one. Being able to place multiple immediate items puts this game on the same playing field as having a mouse on the computer to simply keep clicking and lay multiple tacks.
    It’s great, and beatable the way it is.. but I’ve almost thrown the phone a few times when, for the life of me, I can’t grab a tack instead of a glue to save my life.

    And I just want to say, thank you for creating this game. For putting hard work into it.. and I hope you guys reap the rewards from the app. store. I would have paid 3x what you’re charging :)

  1002. budenkai Says:


  1003. soccer champ Says:

    Hey I wanted to be the 1000th commeter on th blog.


  1004. lol Says:

    me to…i wanted to since 500 comments…i think…anyways,5 more days!(i think…)

  1005. Hectorc Says:

    sorry suckers xD jk only 4 days 13 hours 33 minutes and 37 seconds

  1006. c Says:

    this is so awesome the game realeases on my birthday! lol awesome b-day present

  1007. richard Says:

    i want to play bloons tower defence 4 so badlyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im so mad

  1008. bro Says:

    hey, i know that you have already completed this game. but i was thinking that you should make a way that a tower “levels” up as it pops more bloons. the tower can get a slight boost in reload time or something

  1009. pglegend Says:

    i cant waittttt 3 more days

  1010. Oliver Says:

    ive got some ideas. mabye you should make a monkey who has a gun and shoootss with it and is really fast but not to accurate. and he starts with a pistol and goes from that to shotgun for an upgrade. and mabye a monkey that throws bombs from above? the final upgrade for him can be atom bomb which will cost alot of money. thx

  1011. Oliver Says:

    3 more days!

  1012. k12w Says:

    me and my freind love this game i cant wait to tell him and goood ideas lol

  1013. MMMMMMMMMaic Says:

    Can’t wait !! Hope it improves alot. how long do you think it6 will take ? :D

  1014. MMMMMMMMMaic Says:

    Can’t wait !! Hope it improves alot. how long do you think it will take ? :D

  1015. lol Says:

    chris its getting close to therelease date,are you still 100% sure its on the 26,how far can you go,example day:26 hour:3 minute:30 ,that would be like oct. 26,3:30o’clock this is very much appriciated,thnx cris(theres a surprise that im gonna do) and plz dont copy my name and call you(me) a fag,like Lol…i dont know if he was being me or not

  1016. Henson Says:

    YES! Thank you! you guys are the GREATEST!

  1017. soccer champ Says:

    Only two more days.

  1018. BigOto Says:

    Lol, stop using swear words on here

  1019. Monkeyman931 Says:

    I think you should put a quality button on the game, because when i get to a higher wave the game lags a bit. BTD sounds and looks awesome!

  1020. Hectorc Says:

    some of you who live in the U.S. will get it tomarrow because new zealand is a day ahead so its the 25th out there :D and i live in the US so it comes out tomarrow btw he said dont ask to add things its to late and im so excited

  1021. taco Says:

    You should make the supermonkey be a taco and kill 500 bloons w 1 shot and make criss angel towrs to make a ninja towr

  1022. taco Says:

    i like tacos

  1023. random guy366 Says:

    chris plz make dart monkey able to shoot drillbits after upgradz

  1024. ramadama dog Says:

    add puse bottun

  1025. lol Says:

    bigOtO,were you talking to lol or Lol,(me or him?)chris,PLZ respond!

  1026. lol Says:

    btw,its true,chris wont take any ideahs,sry

  1027. Just.A.Friend Says:

    He won’t take any ideas.. maybe cuz the game comes out TOMORROW. wow.
    Leave the guy alone for pete’s sakes. We get the game we have been waiting for FOREVER tomorrow. Let’s put our excitement towards that, shall we?

  1028. lol Says:

    i agree with just.a.friend,most might not even know how to start any steps of making a game,no offense,dont rush him,he could STILL cancel the game(hope this didnt offend anyone

  1029. jo jo Says:

    Do you accept donations? Stupid question, I know, but your game is so great, I’d pay to olay..

  1030. lol Says:

    im gonna play it as much as i can at school,home,other and im gonna play it every day till year:9999999999999999999999999999999(the world will not end in 1212~why WOULD it in 2012?why not 2027?and how would it end!i think this romour started by a book that people tell me about!sry if i have already said this

  1031. jason lee waters Says:

    i hate yor game its soo s**t i think u shood make a really good one so i will like it.

  1032. jason lee waters Says:

    answer me f**kwit!

  1033. ghdrtgh Says:


  1034. lol Says:

    i just thought of it,if your in georgia(eastern time)then time is forward,chris said that itsgoing to be released on the 26,but in eastern time,25!yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  1035. morgan Says:

    look the film is just a film about what they think will hapen in 2012 but the real story is in 1000s of years ago the aztect wheere realy smart and read the future and all they said was true such as cars ummm the twin towers acsident and one of them was the earth will explode or go or vanish. there thats th story bye

  1036. Mystery Says:

    Morgan, wtf, 2012 is the most stupid hoax. I can’t believe people could believe something as unrealistic as it. Besides it has nothing to do with btd4.

    Anyway yay its coming out tomorrow! :)

  1037. carbon Says:

    lolol morgan. that wasent what they predicted. they’re calender just stoped december 21st 2012. people think that tham signifies the end of the world, but realy they were just conqured by the spanish, and couldn’t finish their calender. you can just continue making a calender when all of your people are dead…..

    ontpoic, TOMMOROW :D

  1038. Hectorc Says:

    its 4:19 in new zealand october 26 any hour now :D

  1039. fan Says:

    i know that the end of world wont be in 2012 because only god know when is going to be so it is impossible a man to know it

  1040. Hectorc Says:

    its fake the mayan calender is a hoax so lets get back on topic

  1041. Huntarrrrrr Says:

    hectorc are you positive its coming out today? I thought that if it was coming out today they would have released it at 12:01 New Zealand time.
    Pls get back to me soon

  1042. Hectorc Says:

    huntar im positive its 5 am in new zealand and its the 26 he would let people down and open it on the 27 out there now would he
    think about it :)

  1043. Hectorc Says:

    wait i meant wouldnt sorry for the typo

  1044. Samuel Says:

    Bloo Tower Defense 4 will release in 26th october, so, Bloons tower defense 4 will release tomorrow.

  1045. Feraligatr Says:

    yay!!!! it comez outz tomorrowZ!!!! will it be outz at midnight? or in the morning?

  1046. Samuel Says:

    A thing is very good, Dart monkey, razor darts is remplaced by a other upgrade more powerful, gives the monkey a Spike-o-pult.

  1047. Samuel Says:

    News bloons, i know a few of bloons, pink bloon, mones more faster than yellows and have a yellow inside them, zebra bloon, are immune to bombs and ice and have 1 black and 1 white inside them, light blue, i dont know and camo bloon likewise.

  1048. Samuel Says:

    I dont konw the hour when bloons tower defense 4 will released.

  1049. Samuel Says:

    I view 2 videos of Bloons tower defense 4, first its level 1-17 and second, 18-25

  1050. Samuel Says:

    Ones of best tower, the mortar tower, very good thing, shoots explosives and with unlimited range, and you choose where the tower shoots. But they cost 700 the tower.

  1051. Samuel Says:


  1052. Hectorc Says:

    Samual it comes out today its the 26 already in new zealand

  1053. Chris Says:

    It’s live!

  1054. nathanshaw Says:

    I play ROBLOX and my account name is nathanshaw0 on this awesome online hangout I found

  1055. BigOto Says:

    Finally this blog works again!

  1056. F-3hdemon Says:

    Level 181 beat that

  1057. bloons td 4 fannnnn Says:

    bloons td is the best…. the other 1s were good though

  1058. KG Says:

    Hey, love the game. play it a ton. however, i was wondering if you guys know of a way to “reset” the game back to the initial state – only the dart monkey is available and no “uber” upgrades. i tried to delete all my cookies within firefox, but that didn’t work. if you guys could give me some suggestions i would really appreciate it! thanks!

  1059. Soccer Champ Says:

    I’v been on diffrent websites that have btd4 on their site and
    its ratings are on the top of the list.

  1060. mark Says:

    where is sata

  1061. mark Says:


  1062. soccer champ Says:

    bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbblllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefffffffffffffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 4444444444444444444444444444

  1063. Bloons Tower Defence 4 Is Awesome Says:

    I love Bloons Tower Defence 4! It is so fun! I died on round 100 and I had Supermonkeys everywhere with the last upgrade for them witch is Sun God.I like how you put differnt towers like Ace monkey and Magic Monkey or whatever that little monkey is called. NINJA KIWI RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1064. F-3hdemon Says:

    I was just kidding I got to level 102 but stopped because of all the lag

    Maybe one day I’ll get it

  1065. hotty Says:

    u r all sexy chicks

  1066. funken hot Says:

    lost of sex

  1067. BigOto Says:

    That is so immature, funken hot and hotty.

  1068. anthony Says:

    i know its early but will there be a 5th game

  1069. mallik10 Says:

    i love btd4 it is cool

  1070. mallik10 Says:

    will thar be a btd5

  1071. mallik10 Says:

    bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd4 hell ya

  1072. david Says:

    i completly love this game

  1073. soccer champ Says:

    I have no clue when btd5 will be

  1074. yauna Says:

    this game is ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllll and so is this web site.

  1075. yauna Says:

    this game is ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllll and so is this web site.
    ………………………………… dvj,cvxcv

  1076. ojitos Says:

    hola deseo me orienten para poder guardar o salvar mis juegos de defence 4 lo que pasa es que parece que no puedo salvarlos no aparece la leyenda de save en mis juegos, gracias por atenderme

  1077. Genius 1999 Says:

    Dude, this game is like so awesome, even a newbie can beat the game!(seriously, if you can’t beat this game, you are a total messed up LOSER!)

  1078. josh Says:

    BTD4 came out before I wrote this. Why do you have to unlock towers? I would think that BTD3 is better ‘cuz only one thing is locked,where as on BTD4,only one thing is UNlocked. I hope there will be BTD5.

  1079. noname Says:

    go here!

  1080. Jo Hunter. Says:

    I found my way here via technorati and I expected just another dull collection of adverts and as little real content as possible. What a surprise :) well worth a Digg.

  1081. Bloons Tower Defence 4 Is Awesome Says:

    Bloons Tower Defence 4 is my favorite game. I got to round 109 but i stopped because of all the lag. It turns out that tower Monkey Wizard or whatever it is is better than Super Monkey.

  1082. J26Deathbringer Says:

    I love to play Bloons TD 4 but i had premium upgrades and they don’t work now. I payed for them and everything so essentially i just wasted approximately 40 dollars. is there any way to restore functionality?

  1083. treshawn Says:

    hello moto

  1084. treshawn Says:

    um……………………………………………………………………………………….r u tuff

  1085. Elliot 2000 Says:

    i was on the 789th round there was 9 bfb’s 35 moab’s and 1000 lead baloons 1000 ceramic bloons and 500 of the others

  1086. tower 200 Says:

    Will it be ok to use on sensitive teeth?

  1087. btd4 fan Says:

    hey!!! i played btd4 and it was sooo fun!!! i hate tower defence games with enemies that have a life bar. i was thinking of the Bloons Super Monkey game, it was a fun action game and mabye after a couple of new bloons games that the games will become a book and probaly even a tv show or movie!!! ur bloons games may be famous!!! my email is – please contact!!

  1088. gazza Says:

    hello im new can i join

  1089. Beff Says:


  1090. guti Says:

    it is quick game,but not to losers :) :P

  1091. Ben Says:

    elliot2000 your full of baloney. there is no “789th round”

  1092. Fred Says:

    on tower defense 3 use all regular monkeys! until round 13 when you have those medal balls and sell all monkeys and get the bomb then at the end buy back the monkeys!

  1093. Fred Says:


  1094. wavey Says:

    first off i dont want to know

  1095. kkk Says:


  1096. fred Says:

    i think bloons td 4 is so amazing and i can not wate for numer 5 6 and may br numer 7

  1097. fred Says:

    hear a tip bye 10 wepions and upgrad them all. then you can save up for super monkey. I bye lots of them that way i can not die cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  1098. fred Says:

    ive juts hered from my mager im 11 that ther going to be a btd5 out

  1099. nathan Says:

    hi nea to bloons td 4 and im fan all redy!!!!!!!!!!

  1100. Tyler Says:

    Bloons tower defence 4 ninja kiwi is a good game yay it’s cool

  1101. Tyler Says:

    Bloons tower defence 4 is a good game i looooove it it’s really good or is it cool? it’s fun haha tricked ya (spiting) yay cool yahoo! Oh it’s so briliant i didn’t know that (laghing) thiiiiinking thiiiiiking wawawawawwawawaw Fire power!!!! it’s cool fire power is il like the tempes tornado ok

  1102. Someone Says:

    There should be a bloons tower defense 4 for DS and PS3 and Xbox 360.
    That would be VERY amazing.

  1103. some say that this is just good Says:

    (talk) So hi there never seen the Bloons TD 4 before (ha) Bloons Td 4 would be verry amazing after you finish 50 rounds on easy you getta bronze medal in 60 rounds on medium you getta silver medal gold 75 rounds hard (oh yeah)(mm)o yes you’re great on site nice isn’t it yes yes yes

  1104. Says:

    4 it’s coool isn’t it britans got talent is coool isn’t it (yes yes yes ha ha):P

  1105. luke Says:

    i love btd4 it is grat

  1106. Luke :) Says:

    i love the btd4 it is so much fun i got 70 awardes i wold have 1000000000000000 so they shold have tharty lavles not 50 it wold be easyer then you can play for longer to i bet you wold like it oh they have bloon tower 9 but wher is the reast of them i dont know if you no can you wright it and i will say tank you make sure you say this is to luke lallier thank you if you cant then tell me i wold like to now or i will do some thing about it thank you but i love the game it is fun but tall me i read all of yours so read mine just stop and look at all of them tank you plase tell me have a good day and night the date for today is june 12 sat thank you for all your help i can use it for something ok you can help me a lot ther is a award so teel me your name onley thank you oh tank you

  1107. Ninja Kiwi Says:

    Cannot Wait Until We Finish BTD5. We will keep you posted. :)

  1108. Chris Says:

    hi you’re cool i hate the thiiiiiiiiing magiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig game it’s rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1109. Christopher Gard Says:

    BTD4 is awesome, I cant wait for BTD5

  1110. Protoman57 Says:

    How do you get money for premium updrades? I am newish to this game/website (Ninja Kiwi) besides the fact I am on Rank 35 I really would like to know more about my before quote…

  1111. Ben Says:

    Is there going to be a bdt4 on the iPod/iPhone?
    It would be perfect.

  1112. protoman57 Says:

    Ninja Kiwi can you or someone please answer my question above??? P.S. Rank 38 now probably will be 40+ before end of day to my hopes.

  1113. mike walton Says:

    chris, is there gunna be a 5th one coming soon??? ps. long time no see

  1114. protoman57 Says:

    Are you guys serious no feelings to help a beginner in need of help? You low life selfish jerks! Rick Rolled J.K. I am pretty sure you guys just don’t know or haven’t read or some other excuse I understand no biggy I can handle waiting awhile ,but please don’t make me wait forever and eventually go bilistick like the “Angry German Kid” on YouTube (No offence to the fellow germans.)


  1115. Chris Says:

    The reason I don’t reply to EVERY person asking about BTD5 is I’ve said it time and again. Yes there will be a BTD5, it will be late 2011.


  1116. Protoman57 Says:

    Un belevible finally he talks again and still no answer!

  1117. daveydav27 Says:

    @protoman57. are you talking about the mochicoins? if so the here is the link to the site where you can purchase them. they are used to buy the premium upgrades for the games that have them

  1118. Tyler Says:

    hi again my key-board is half broke TIME AND RELATIVE DIMENSIONS IN SPACE is cool yeah (sigh) YAY :) :P

  1119. Tyler Says:

    hi again my key-board is half broke TIME AND RELATIVE DIMENSIONS IN SPACE is cool yeah (sigh) YAY :) :P oh TIME AND RELATIVE DIMENSIONS IN SPACE

  1120. Chris Says:

    The reason I don’t reply to EVERY person asking about BTD5 is I’ve said it time and again. Yes there will be a BTD5, it will be late 2011.

  1121. BigOto Says:


  1122. Protoman57 Says:

    DOESN’T ANYONE CARE HOW FEEL RIGHT NOW WITHOUT AN ANSWER HUH…HUH YOU ARE ALL SELFISH JERKS! Nah….. I will wait ,BUT not for long! (pulls out a Katahna*ninja sword*.)

  1123. BigOto Says:

    WTF is there an article about panic attacks in the trackbacks below?

  1124. maxilop Says:

    guau yo estoy en rank 30 : ahi donde se desbloquea el ultimo upgrade de super monkey es sun god

  1125. L R-R Says:

    Why does BTD4 keep crashing when I’m at level 90 or higher. It goes blank and an exclamation mark with a circle around it show up……what causes this to happen?

  1126. Travis Says:

    Hi! I really loved Bloons Tower Defense 4, so I dicided to put it on my website. I wrote about, and told other people how good it was. I hope it will get more people on to ninjakiwi, and Bloons Tower Defense 4! -Travis My website is this-

  1127. Avery Says:

    Anyone having an issue with the game crashing at level 100? Every Time I play, and get to level 100 – 103 the game crashes and all I have is a white screen with an exclamation point on it. Very frustrating to spend that long and the game crashes.

    Any suggestions?

    I am using Mozillo as my browser. So I tried in Safari and IE. All do the same thing.

  1128. Richard Says:

    LOL! I just love how someone linked to this page from a page about panic attacks.

  1129. redchamp01 Says:

    I have played BTD 4 on apocalypse mode up to lvl 11,446 and only increased my rank from 85 to 86, is that the norm for beating that many lvls?

    Posted comment on Bloons Tower Defense 4 Beginner’s Guide and Walk Through also

  1130. john stevens Says:

    Yeah i enjoy the bloons defences games very much…too bad it likes to crash when i reach near level 98 so i can never get the highest score… G 250 vid card 8 gigs ram just your site cant handle it i guess ;)

  1131. Felix Says:

    Will you make a BTD5???

  1132. Marco Says:

    I read through the comments, and starting October 16th 2010 people – including me – started seeing the game crashing. The crash always manifests in a white page with a gray exclamation mark on it. I read up, and the Net seems to think that this is a flash video problem.
    It doesnt seem to crash at a specific round, however most reported it to happen at rounds between appx. 90 and 100. I have never seen it crash outside of a running round.
    I use Firefox as a browser, others reported the same crash problem for IE and Safari – but with Flash, it shouldnt really be that browser dependant.
    Before appx. October 2010 I never experienced this problem, and since I never changed my hardware, this would suggest that its caused by an update of either Flash or BTD4.
    What I would suggest to try is to disable hardware acceleration, and maybe try to not change anything in the tower setup for a couple of levels in order to see wether its the towers or the bloons causing the crash.

  1133. Marco Says:

    Okay, so, I tried a couple of things: Deactivated the hardware acceleration, not constantly click the fast forward button, not click around in the game during a round. This got me to round 105, which is 15 rounds farther than I usually get – but then the game still crashed. When it crashed I had not built or enhanced any towers for a couple of rounds – so I think its a combination of factors leading to this problem.

  1134. JAck Says:

    I hate bloons tower defense!

  1135. Lawson Says:

    Ive expereinced the same problem as Marco, I get to round 99 in more or less each track and different difficulties.
    is there any way to get around this? as BTD4 is awesome, and this kinda ruins it.

  1136. BloonsTowerDefenseFan Says:

    Hello. If have played the Bloons Trilogy. And also the 4th one and expansion pack. And I was wondering for a Christmas Bloons Tower Defense and a Halloween one to.

    Please make the game! It’s for the sake of Bloons fans!!! And for the Christmas and Halloween one, leave it on the site every year so people can play. And please include my ideas for the Christmas and Halloween pack.

    Bloons Tower Defense Christmas Ideas:

    New bloons:

    A ice bloon. If something hits it, it makes other bloons freeze and will be immune to darts and spikes.

    A purple bloon. Purple bloons contain 50 ceramics.

    TU. Stands for “The Ultimate.” Contains 15 BFBs.

    New tower suggestions:

    Present Shooter Cost: 300

    Shoots presents that open up bombs that fly in each direction.

    Level 1: Higher firing rate.
    Level 2: Detects Camo Bloons.
    Level 3: Bombs fly farther and destroys 5 layers of bloons.
    Level 4: Shoots lazers that destroy 3 BFBS in one shot. Even MOABs.

    Bloons Tower Defense Halloween Ideas:

    New bloons suggestions:

    Grey bloons (not metal) that have 700 Rainbows and Ceramics.

    New tower suggestions:

    The Good Ol’ Scare Cost 170: Shoots black balls that pop bloons and ghosts come out sending each bloon to the beginning of the track.

    Level 1: Faster firing rate.
    Level 2: Longer Range.
    Level 3: Super Range.
    Level 4: Covers up the entire level, detects camo bloons, shoots faster than the Sun God and sends a black hole that disintegrates all bloons in the level.

    That will be awesome if you make it!

  1137. noname Says:

    What I can’t figure out is how your score on each map is calculated. How do you get high scores? Is it how much money you have left? How many/few towers?

  1138. BloonsTowerDefenseFan Says:

    Oh, and my friend asked me for more tower suggestions. And I forgot to mention that please leave the game on for every year, month, day, week etc. Like you do with all of your games. So if you make the game… I might tell my friends to play it and tell others.

    New Tower Suggestions (Christmas)

    Snowball Shooters: Shoots bloons with snowballs that melt bloons every 5 seconds. Cost: 700

    Level 1: Bigger range.
    Level 2: Snowballs now destroy ceramic bloons in every 2 seconds.
    Level 3: Faster firing rate.
    Level 4: Snowballs now turn into fireballs that pop through bloons. It still flies to pop other bloons in different areas in tracks and fireballs home into ice bloons and all other bloons.

    Santa’s Sleigh: Santa flies in the air throwing bombs at bloons and destroys ceramic bloons in 1 shot.

    Level 1: Detects Camo Bloons.
    Level 2: The sleigh flys around the whole screen popping bloons.
    Level 3: Shoots missiles that home in into any bloon it sees.
    Level 4: Mixes up all towers and game and uses those towers to help it shoot and shoots the fastest.

  1139. Zario777 Says:

    @ BloonsTowerDefenseFan: Everything that you are suggesting is overpowered. 50 ceramics? Thats more than what 3 BFB’s can produce. Melt 5 layers? And can kill 3 BFB’s in one shot? No

  1140. BloonsTowerDefenseFan Says:

    @Zario777 Stay out of this. My friend suggested it not me, idiot.

  1141. Marco Says:

    Okay, I tried out two more things about the Flash crash: Instead of Firefox, I used Opera (, and since Opera would not work with the Ninjakiwi page for some reason, I had to filter the actual SWF file from the page and use it directly in the browser.
    This brought me to two interesting discoveries: In a smaller window, BTD4 runs a LOT faster, and I was able to play until round 119, where the bloons finally ran over me when I was absent for a moment. It seems one of these did the trick!

  1142. kinkyturtle69 Says:

    All the bloon td games r fun but there is just one problem. Why do u have to pay for all of those upgrades? In bloons td4 they want u to pay money to be better at the game and have an upper advantage. Well that is kind of like cheating to me. When i go to submit my score at level 112 it doesnt show up because all of the scores r in the 200s. Onestly i dont think the people who submited those scores got there with out useing the more health thing or more money thing. It wound be fair to just let everyone be able to get those for free so the game would be fairer. I hope u makers r listening out there.

  1143. alphabelts Says:

    I got the exclamation mark error too, on level 111 using Firefox.

  1144. flood damage moreno valley Says:

    I can observe a huge improvement into your Posts, I’ll love to get in contact. Keep up the superb work! Your Posts are particularly inspirational for someone who is responsible for new to this type of stuff.

  1145. cheesy62 Says:

    OMG this game is so fun, you should play through level 50 and keep playing!!! :)

  1146. Rod Says:

    I am done with Bloons. After spending countless hours to only have it crash at level 105 is enough. It happens in IE, FireFox, Safari and Opera. It’s not the browser but the game.

    The game is a blast but so incredibly frustrating to spend 3 hours to get to that level and Bamm!!! It’s all gone.

    Everybody I have introduced the game to has had the same issue. Unfortunate this is the signature game for kiwi and they can’t get it fixed much less a response to the 100′s of postings here about it.

    I am done with kiwi. Time for another web site the WORKS!!!

  1147. Watsagoodname? Says:

    Hey I think it would be nice if you included a bonus of some sort for being a high rank on the iPhone. I’m lvl 50 or so and I don’t get anything for it. Maybe the perks (double money) could have alternative requirement for levels or something. I think everyone would really appreciate this. Thanks!!

  1148. Watsagoodname? Says:

    And by the way, thx for removing the cost for the perks even if it is still rly hard to get themm all lol. But Pls consider my earlier post in an upcoming update :D

  1149. Killa Bro Says:

    Oh, when’s btd 4 coming out? just kidding

  1150. Daniel Says:

    You should port BTD4 onto the windows phones!

  1151. Hurricane Alex Says:

    Whoever is having the crash on level 105 may have reached a secret limit that has never been called such a limit. The highest I’ve reached is somewhere about 80 or so, and I’ve never experienced an exclamation error.

  1152. supertick13 Says:

    NO MORE MOCHICOINS! i can’t afford it!

    it sux like BTD4!

  1153. Matt Says:

    On the iPhone version of this, the expert tracks on hard or so difficult I strongly believe not even the creators have beat the game. Maybe if you get a broad medal the prices are cheaper on hard settings and if you have a silver it will be even cheaper? Also add more tracks so people can get all the upgrades.

  1154. Lam Says:

    is there still going to be a BTD 5??

  1155. Guy Says:

    BTD 5???

  1156. ADVS Says:

    Erm so i got bloons TD4 for my iphone 4 and have completed level 134, i have $7,620,630 just wondering where it ends…?

    PS. no cheats or premium upgrades used

  1157. chen30 Says:

    a crash with exclamation mark at 91 using flash. very dissappointed to read posts confirming this is a known problem. come on team ninja – if you can’t fix it at least let us know it happens from the start. totally spoils what is an otherwide top game

  1158. Ben Says:

    Hi Team – Just wanted to say thank you for years of GREAT games. I was in school for digital media design when the first bloons game came out – it was a HUGE college hit, and I’ve been checking the ninjakiwi website regularly ever since. I’m a huge tower defense fan, and the BloonsTD games are really the best of the best. You should all be very proud of what you’ve accomplished. Looking forward to TD5!


  1159. Brandin's awesome Says:

    uhm can any one tell me how to get mochi coins

  1160. Rod Says:

    Wow. I posted a comment on 1/13/11. You can scroll up to read.
    My son wanted to play the game so gave him some pointers and he quickly was a bloon expert.

    After all of the comments, all the posts and all the folks that are have issues with the game crashing, there has never been a response from ninja kiwi. So what do they do?

    After you get to level 49 it says you solved it and you can continue in free mode. Now here’s the joke.

    Instead of hiring an engineer to fix the CRASH issue, they have put up a nice little message stating that the monkey’s can only handle so much and you may experience game instability at higher levels.

    HAHAHAHAHA. I about fell off my chair. They are to stupid to fix the problem so they have a cop out message about it being to hard on the monkey’s.

    Play the game and it’s fun. But know it will crash. And you will have wasted hours for nothing.

    What a joke ninja kiwi.

  1161. Bslipstream Says:

    Love this game!! one question if you please, I am on level 113 and with the current configuration I have in play (all MOABS and Sun Gods) I wonder how many actual levels are there???

    Cheers Slippy :)

  1162. Backlinks Says:

    Kudos to you! This is a really good blog here and I love your style of writing. How did you get so good at blogging?

  1163. Adesai Says:

    BTD4 Expansion is so much fun will there be a 5th edition

  1164. trustytomato Says:

    in #5 you should have fast forward (that you dont have to kold. and 1 other thing it is much better when you get to chhose wat upgrade you get like in btd3. :)

  1165. Hijynx Says:

    I started playing BTD2 after seeing someone playing it in my CS class, then progressed to 1, 3, 4, and 4ex. Everything was cool until a few months ago when the crashes started around lvl 98 on BTD4 & exp, sometimes a few higher. Now the game wont even work! I thought it might be my browser(G chrome) but tried it in IE9 and got the same result. The game starts but no towers are available (not even dart monkey) and my profile wont load, after logging in. May be my system though, game wont work on other sites either. Worked a week ago.

  1166. Ryan Says:

    To trustytomato:

    There is a way to not have to hold it down to fast-forward. You can left-click and while still holding it down, right click. Then let go of everything alltogether and wait. To undo it, click anywhere.

  1167. cheyanne Says:

    Balloon tower defense is so awesome I just got to level 36 and I had 7 super monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1168. bosko Says:

    i got to 98 lvl ant the game broke and there was a white screen :( please fih

  1169. bosko Says:

    fix , so i can test the new limit :)

  1170. djdan Says:

    i got to lv 99 and my aim was lv100 :( not fair i am also rank 58 bet nobody could beat that haa haa

  1171. djdan Says:

    i heard that bloons td 5 is coming out at the end of this year (november 2011ish):):):):):):):):):)

  1172. djdan Says:

    i mean :) :) :) :) :) :)

  1173. BigOto Says:

    I cannot believe this is still active.

  1174. Teisha Sonneborn Says:

    Babaganoosh here and this was such a treat, boost out another one asap

  1175. trustytomato Says:

    when will btd5 be made (if there is one) will there be new towers and maybe not haveing to mochi coins because i dont like that we shouldnt have to pay for a free game

  1176. trustytomato Says:

    in btd4 in apopalypse at about round 70 or 80 the game crashes Why??????????????????????????

  1177. more challenges!!! Says:

    is the trick or treat map only for ipod/ipod touch? if yes, why :( ((((((((((

  1178. Angeleskk Says:

    It’s already out and there is new one called BTD 5 coming out in december 2011

  1179. pokemonmaster53594 Says:

    i can not wait for bloons tower defense 5

  1180. Uri Says:

    Please make it for android i beg of you!!!!!

  1181. goldking Says:

    i dont get why in btd5 it alwase crashes in the menu

    and if u know how to fix it plz tell me!!!!!!!!!!

  1182. meaks Says:

    BTD5 is way better than BTD4

  1183. meaks Says:

    I have managed to complet hard and intermidate is was so easy

  1184. PacBrad Says:

    Play Bloons TD 5 when you have mastered Bloons TD 4. Don’t make an excuse about having MochiGames on Bloons TD 5.

    The address is

    Have fun!

  1185. PacBrad Says:

    Uri, BTD4 for Android is out now!

  1186. moo Says:

    Great game! =D

  1187. Bloon_Buster Says:

    Why don’t you update the game online anymore?

    Boohoo! Boohoo!

    P.S. Y’know, You should put everything from this game ( and Ipad) to BTD5.

  1188. Awesomeface88 Says:

  1189. bob Says:

    i like this game but i have 2 say  kind of have 2 say i ike just normal bloons better

  1190. Glimi Says:

    How do you unlock the self-destruct challenge map?

  1191. Awesomeface88 Says:

    1190TH COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!1!!

  1192. michaelkings864 Says:

    Have You Heard Bloons Tower Defense 5 Came Out!!!!!

  1193. michaelkings864 Says:

    Did You Hear Bloons Tower Defense 5 Came Out!!!!

  1194. max Says:

    yay, im the last comment :)

  1195. max Says:

    off topic, but did you like the olympics? us brits are a bit crazy, but it was weird. i dont think that ‘if you go to a hospital, youll get eaten by voldermort’ was a good message though.

  1196. authentic watches Says:

    wedding accessories

  1197. lolyncut Says:

    My Tower Defense 4 keeps on freezing up. Any suggestions?

  1198. Angie Says:

    a crash with exclamation mark at 91 using flash. very dissappointed to read posts confirming this is a known problem. come on team ninja – if you can’t fix it at least let us know it happens from the start. totally spoils what is an otherwide top game

  1199. Bloon_Buster Says:

    Pardon You?

  1200. Balloon Artist Says:

    Make this for Android! Please!

  1201. lol Says:

    this is STILL active> well its been a while. and i mean a long time! how have you all been? i remember you big oto :)

  1202. BigOto Says:

    LOL did someone say my name?

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