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Tue, Aug 14, 2012

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Fancy wallpaper

Today is a big day for Ninja Kiwi as we finally let Bloons TD5 Deluxe loose. The world will ring loud with the sound of collective jaw dropping and eyebrow raising and little gasps as – those who pre-ordered, and those who simply cannot click BUY NOW fast enough open this lovely little digital package.

Not only are we delivering a sweet full-screen and fully-awesomised version, jam-packed with crazy brilliance, but we’re also throwing in some wallpapers, exclusive ringtones and special Deluxe only animated avatars for your NK account.

So, thanks for your patience and enjoy! (Get it here —>)

Check this page if you’re having issues

Here’s a little gameplay taste (more will follow) spoilers contained within forĀ theĀ eagle-eyed -



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89 Comments For This Post

  1. Awesomeface88 Says:

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jaden Says:

    my btd5d has not downloaded on my computer yet. is it Oficcialy out yet?

  3. Stefan Says:

    anybody can download it? i received no email

  4. Stefan Says:

    ok i got the email now :) )) sry for the comment

  5. awesomeface88 Says:

    @ Stefan, You have to order it.

  6. Dragomaniaco Says:

    Estou louco para saber das novas torres exclusivas no jogo de Luxo!


    I’m dying to know the new towers in the game Unique Luxury!

  7. Jeremy Says:

    ohhh can’t wait!!! getting mine soon!!!

  8. Darkbloon Says:

    Chris, can you make another way for it not to be Paypal?

  9. Aaron Says:

    We’er working on getting other checkout options but no ETA sorry.

  10. Jason Says:

    I never got the email either. But my paypal account shows the payment went thru a month ago.

  11. Lucas Says:

    The link they send to my email are not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Zach Says:

    I haven’t gotten the email and it’s 12:05 AM August 15th, this is weird, I hope I didn’t waste $19.99.

  13. Frosty14748 Says:

    I have not got the email yet…weird but I guess I’ll have to wait a while.

  14. Frosty14748 Says:

    That’s odd, I haven’t gotten the serial number….yet.

  15. Jack Says:

    Does anyone know how to get BTD5 Deluxe when you pre-ordered it? I haven’t got it yet.

  16. Bonjoura Says:

    Go here if your email didn’t show up yet :

  17. tttiiimmm11 Says:

    i cant play it anymore! it freezes on the play screen before i open my account. i tried restarting my computer but it still doesnt work. please help!

  18. tttiiimmm11 Says:

    i tried redownloading it but it still didnt work!

  19. minstorm340 Says:

    wow too much traffic to download its crazy

  20. minstorm340 Says:

    nevermind now its downloading

  21. Awesomeface88 Says:

    For me this came out on the fourteenth because I live in Texas.

  22. Awesomeface88 Says:

    Screen Shot I took:
    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!
    (Delete Last Comment Plz)

  23. Awesomeface88 Says:


  24. minstorm340 Says:

    this game is fun

  25. annoyed guy Says:

    It is telling me that it isn’t compatible with my version of Mac OS X (I run 10.5.8)

  26. Mason Says:

    I have not gotten a download link yet…

  27. yuv Says:

    i have pre ordered the game. where is the download link?

  28. Amb Says:

    I bought the game last month, any idea’s when we’ll get download links?

  29. Laura Says:

    I have not gotten my download link either :(

  30. squanh Says:

    Same question as yuv… where is the link to download? I’ve a mail with the serial but no link… … help?

  31. haydenhayden011 Says:

    Woo! Hit round 100 already!

  32. haydenhayden011 Says:

    Oh, the military base music is awesome!

  33. TheAdhesiveKnight Says:

    Small bug report: I played the 50 MOAB mission and lost, but instead of the “you lost” message appearing, my towers just stopped firing and the bloons and MOABs kept marching on how they do. After they had all passed, I waited, and still got no message box. I tried to hit the menu button, but it didn’t work, so I just exed out of the game. I’ve only played that mission once, so I don’t know if it will happen again, but I thought you should know.

  34. minstorm340 Says:

    the best thing is: NO ADS

  35. trevor Says:

    Epic! I’d talk about on forums too… If I weren’t banned. I’m getting soon though.

  36. mkmatthias5 Says:

    can I get it for my birthday for free???!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

    (AUGUST 19 1999)

  37. jen Says:


  38. Aqua darK Says:

    i haven’t gotten my serial number but i know i preodered it…

  39. Mel_Lynn Says:

    I am having problems with my serial key verification … after I enter the key, the ok button turns black and nothing happens

  40. thisguyrighthere Says:

    i haven’t received mine either and its almost the 16th…. loosing my patients.

  41. thisguyrighthere Says:

    i have been made whole.

  42. riley Says:

    I hate to tell you guys at NK this but for the overclock ability icon you titled it “super monkey fan club ability”

  43. Icet44 Says:

    How will the updates be rolled out, and when can we expect the first one?

  44. Dylan Says:

    Guys! My computer acts weird when I UNPLUG it from the charging cord in-game. The home button doesn’t work, so I can’t exit, so I press Ctrl, Alt, Delete. It works. Try that instead. ALSO: Where do I get the wallpapers?


  45. AKA_Kira Says:

    where do you find the ringtones and wallpaper

  46. DuelMasterP Says:

    Great fun ^_^ Loving the new maps and towers.
    Noticed a typo though: the ‘Overclocked’ ability is called ‘Super Monkey Fan Club Ability’ when the mouse hovers over its icon, but displays the correct effect text.

  47. Cash-Money-Life Says:

    please make ukash or paysafecard for a payment options plssss!! i can#t buy it with paypal but i want it !!!

  48. Cap_Locutus Says:


    Just to let everyone knows that a Bluetooth pen drive can also stop your game on the first screen. Just remove the flash drive and the game words again.

  49. tttiiimmm11 Says:

    even with no firewall the game doesnt work

  50. nick Says:

    when i play btd 5 deluxe it runs really slow and i just got a new computer what can i do to make it run faster?

  51. Talon Says:

    It seems to lag far more quickly than the online version, I can’t get past round 80 without it locking up completely; I can get to about 110 online. Is there a way to allocate more ram/cpu to the game? It’s barely making a dent in my system (20% cpu, 1.5GB RAM out of 8); there are plenty of resources available to it, it just isn’t using them.
    Thanks for your help.

  52. minstorm340 Says:

    soo is deluxe going to update with the new btd5 track?

  53. Ronald Says:

    I saw there was an update available today, but I cannot find a changelog. I’m always intereseted to see why I should update at forehand.

  54. Pestilenz Says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say I LOVE this game. I don’t know what kind of computer you guys are running, but my BTD5 Deluxe runs smoother directly off of my desktop.

  55. TheAdhesiveKnight Says:

    Whoa, Chris, watch the language XD
    But yeah, how do you get the ringtones and wallpapers?

  56. James Says:

    ^You know you’re not fooling anyone, right?

  57. Cart3901 Says:

    I had purchased the BTD5 Deluxe and everything is working fine except for the updates. When I click the blue link on the title screen of the game that says, “There is a new update available. Click HERE”…it takes me to the original download screen where I first downloaded the game on your website that has the “mac and PC” options. It does not have any update information. How am I supposed to download these updates? Thanks.

  58. minstorm340 Says:

    it works fine, if it lags put it in windowed mode

  59. jordan Says:

    dang chris whats up with you we werent insulting the game it just lags and people arnt getning codes for the game

  60. slaugaus Says:

    Go Chris! :)

  61. James Says:

    i still e not recieved any e-mails, can someone tell me the link so i can download it.
    I have the Serial Code but No Link!

  62. Gerbear24 Says:

    I bought the game today (Aug. 17th) and got the serial number and everything and when i went to copy and paste it to unlock the game, i got Cannot access servers for verification. I checked for spaces and everything and still does not work. I paid $25.00 for it and would really like to know why it is not working. Please report back.

  63. James Says:

    i still e not recieved any e-mails, can someone tell me the link so i can download it.
    I have the Serial Code but

  64. Brett Says:

    The new “update” only activates a second download of the game. Is that going to include the update, and will we have to pay for it?

  65. Hanna Says:

    I pre-ordered the game, but the link on the email i received does not take me to a download? I just get a blank screen with the ninjakiwi logo and a picture of the btd5 deluxe box.

  66. Charlie Says:

    I bought the game, paid for it, downloaded it and got the confirmation e-mail from paypal but I didn’t get the serial number… what do I do?

  67. Cesar Says:

    If only there was a story behind the wallpaper. That would be ancient!

  68. 1 Says:

    when i put in my serial number, it doesn’t accept it, WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!, if you don’t tell me, i will have to ask for a REFUND.

  69. minstorm340 Says:

    if the game doesnt accept the serial, wait a few days and it should work

  70. minstorm340 Says:

    hanna, just wait for the website

  71. ynn1006 Says:

    Why did chris just say to screw all of you?

  72. BTD5D Says:

    when and how are you going to have updates for deluxe? I’m don’t need it any time soon (lot of stuff to do as it is), but was curious as to the above question.

  73. Rcw56 Says:

    will this game ever be sold in stores?

  74. ynn1006 Says:

    @Rcw56: Probably, I’m not sure.

  75. Aaron Says:

    If you haven’t received your serial or anything you NEED to email with as much info as you can. Email FROM the email address you ordered with for the fastest result.

  76. nyoyolr Says:

    Hey Aaron im curious, could you tell me how many people bought the game(if your not allowed to tell its fine) because i was 30??(not going to give correct amount) i mean probably more than 500k people like the game so i was just wandering how many actually bought the game so please if you can tell me then do.Best regards.Hope you make alot more great games.

  77. MDKA Says:

    I have received my download , and I too have the problem of it saying that it is not compatible with the MAC OS 10.5.8 version . It would have been great to know the system requirements ahead of time instead , of buying something you are not able to use.

  78. Mike Says:

    How come we can’t update the new maps on the paid version? That don’t make much sense.

  79. Dan Says:

    Hey hey – I’m a huge fan of the game – having the issue with freezing @ early 100′s which is a massive peeve.

    Any patch release info yet? As stated in earlier comment, I’ve got resources available yet game is maxing out and crashing.

    Other than that, totally awesome purchase! Wd.

  80. Alicia Says:

    I have purchased the game and never received it, i have the conformation of my purchase but no game anyone know who i can contact?

  81. ynn1006 Says:

    My serial code dosn’t work.

  82. ynn1006 Says:

    My serial code dosn’t work. I tried it 5 times but it dosn’t work.

  83. ynn1006 Says:

    I din’t mean to say that twice, please delete the first one and this one too.

  84. BestBtd5Player Says:

    A few months ago, i wanted to get nk coins but it’s impossible to get coins! The new nk coins update is LAME. What do i do? I don’t even have 5 nk coins and this is 1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll never get enough for my life.

  85. hido Says:

    a way to rank up med quickly in btd5:go to monkey lane deflation mode, put a plasma shooting epic ranged monkey in the first turn,a lightning shooting camo bloon detecting apprentece right above the first turn, a high energy beacon radar scanner in the middle, and a fast shooting powerful dart dartling gun in the right bottem corner

  86. Supermonkey Deluxe Says:

    Per-ordering towers!
    P.S: I don’t have the game, but I REALLY want it!

  87. Fareed Says:

    Intead of Bloons TD5 Deluxe, you must buy Bloons TD5 iOS!

  88. luiz colombia Says:

    como juego bloom td on battle

  89. pikachu2000 Says:

    does the code run out because i want to download on one laptpop but if i get a new one in the future il want to download it on to that?

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