Bloons TD 5 – First 20 levels gameplay vid!

Mon, Dec 5, 2011

General News

So obviously we’re still working away on it. But just ‘cos I like torturing you all, here’s gameplay from what looks like a very nearly finished game right?

Enjoy! And if you haven’t already check out for more stuff including some pretty sweet wallpapers :)

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  1. lol1 Says:

    OMG!only 6 minutes ill watch :) (first comment)

  2. lol1 Says:

    that was cool,(fix snipers range…it looks like it has SMALL range!)I hope it gets harder!!!

  3. BigOto Says:

    Looks great from the video still, but I won’t watch it as it is way too spoilery for me.

  4. Luke4496 Says:

    I really want to play this now! Hope we get that early access soon!

  5. james Says:

    i cant wait till it comes i hope it does not come out tomorrow because Obama is comin to my lie its in ohs in ks in a town called (dont juge me on my spellen) osawatomie.

  6. supermariokenney Says:

    I don’t know when early ace’s starts but I have an account can somebody tell me if it has been released for early access?

  7. toptomdecat54 Says:

    thats great!!!!!cool gameplay!!!!

  8. BronH Says:

    That just makes me want to play the game more. I LOVE the new towers. Please release it as soon as possible.
    But don’t rush it.

  9. JohnyDL Says:

    Regrowth… any bloon… what happens if a black splits into 2 pink and each pink regrows to a black, what happens if ceramics have regrowth, it could be worth a lot if you save them all at pink let them regrow to ceramic and repop them but disastrous if it goes wrong and I shudder to think about MOAB, BFB, and ZOMG with regrowth. I wonder if ice prevents regrowth temporarily or if they regrow while frozen?

    And tower upgrades unlock with tower use… So does that mean each tower needs to unlock it’s own upgrades ie one tack shooter can upgrade while another cannot, so spamming towers is a short term bonus but long term detriment because none can upgrade, balances with building one super kill tower but no other tower can build up enough kills to make them upgrade usefully? Or if we’ve got opinions about say the monkey ace, which in BTD4 had flaws, or the monkey buccaneer, because our favourite track had no water, and we never use it/them, we can never learn of it’s awesomeness, as no upgrades can ever be unlocked, but once an upgrade is unlocked it can be used on the same tower type any time?

  10. DavidB123 Says:

    @BronH: That could be too hard to release it at soon as possible.

    @Chris: DO NOT WANT! jk :oops: DO WANT!

  11. someCOOLNESS Says:


  12. blonnsboy(MYNK) Says:

    @lol1 – The Snipers range is unlimited.

  13. BayoDC Says:

    You’ve made me cry
    I hope you’re happy. You just made a fan cry.
    Looks awesome, really looking forward to it.

  14. MW3poner Says:

    when does the game come out????????????

  15. supergamer1 Says:

    please hurry up ninjakiwi

  16. sebastian Says:


  17. eliasibrahim Says:

    i love this game really!

  18. jacksmith900 Says:

    how are you going to bring it out early for us? because you just change the website for different people can you?

  19. jacksmith900 Says:

    but still it looks awesome can’t wait 2 play it and i love the 3d effects…AWSOME!

  20. James Says:

    Can I just point out the Sniper has the best range, if you pause and read about the Towers it quite clearly says it has unlimited Range and can eat through two layers. Can you not see him attack?

  21. mmilne Says:

    Do any of you know when the game comes out.

  22. 203995014 Says:

    PLEASE release this. i don’t care if it’s done! lol just kidding

  23. Peanut Butter Says:

    I’m literally staring at this website for new updates lol

  24. Brett Says:

    I cannot WAIT to play this! I love the new new tower designs, the double-upgrade path, etc. Your doing a great job, Chris, but could you maybe give us an idea of when it will be out? Not a specific date, but maybe in a few weeks or so…?

  25. CEE72 Says:

    From your whining to release BTD5 early you will get the same punishment as the Lazer Collection fans. I mean if you keep telling him to release it early then you will have loads of bugs, errors and glitches that were not fixed before official release date. The Lazer Collection 4 was a demonstration because it was rushed and hurried like bad, plain & rushed speech. Same with the video, it was rubbish pictures put together poorly, it was terrible overall. I would not even think of saying on here “when will it come out?” because they said it, THEY DON’T KNOW EXACTLY BUT LATER THIS MONTH so stop asking unless you want this game to come out terrible with missing graphics and lots of bugs. Chris may agree, maybe not, still stop rushing the poor man and his BTD5 making crew, good God.

  26. bigbadnarwhal Says:

    can you give a certain date will it be this week

  27. Awsome Says:

    SUPER EXITED!!!! The sniper monkey is pretty cool, 2 layers even with no upgrades? SWEET! No pressure but, please hurry! LONG LIVE THE MONKEYS!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND MERRY HAUNICA TO ALL!!!

  28. bob Says:

    When will the early access come out please? The whole reason i got a ninjakiwi account was for this game.

  29. Matt Says:

    nice vid! How can you tell when your tower is about to level up? plz respond.

  30. Tylerandcody Says:

    Just can’t watch.I’d rather play and find out what the first 20 levels are personally.

  31. lol1 Says:


  32. sebastian Says:

    weeks??? seconds you mean :P

  33. Nick Says:

    This looks so sick! I can’t wait for it to be released!!!

  34. bambamman Says:

    obama is comin to school yo ushould make fun of him lol

  35. False Black Bear Says:

    well it’s coming out in DECEMBER so how long can it really be? (Im not asking Im sarcastically replying)

  36. john Says:

    a sniper can take out 2 layers at the start then 4 from an upgrade… hello strategy of using snipers along the border of the map =D

  37. Bloonninja2009 Says:

    @Brett It comes out this month, it says so on and the official trailer ;) I also welcome the return of the double upgrade system, and the fact each tower is actually 2 towers in one due to the locking / upgrading system :)

  38. epicMarines13 Says:

    looks pretty sweet try to hurry but dont feel rushed chris

  39. Someone Says:

    stop torturing us! please!!!

  40. False Black Bear Says:

    but yeah it’s gonna be delicious

  41. DarkBloon Says:

    Stop whining and complaining.
    Be happy you’re GOOD enough to have an ‘account’ on NK. You guys are LUCKY for Chris to not release it with all of it’s bugs and glitches. Sniper has INFINITE range, small radius like dartling. Chris, please, take your time, give it to us on Christmas, I’m sure it’s the greatest gift you can ever make.

  42. Awsome Says:

    I’m with CEE72, please quit asking and be patient. LONG LIVE THE MONKEYS. HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND MERRY HAUNICA TO ALL! P.S. Shouldn’t have watched the video, should’ve been a suprise.

  43. simba50 Says:

    i think the sniper monkey is a little to op.

  44. simba50 Says:

    not saying being op is a bad thing though. BDT5 will be the best of the bloons games :]

  45. ShadowLink13 Says:

    I am going crazy now that I watched it. But I am with the others Chris take your time for “good things happen for those who wait”.

  46. Ross Says:

    Android port please! Us fandroids always get screwed on Digital Goldfish’s awesome ports!

  47. matiasld Says:

    *——¦¦¦¦¦¦——¦¦¦¦¦¦—– *
    *—-¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦—¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦— *
    *–¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦-¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦– *
    *- ¦¦¦¦* B T D 5 *¦¦¦¦– *
    *–¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦– *
    *—¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦— *
    *—–¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦—– *
    *——–¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦——– *
    *———-¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦———- *
    *————¦¦¦¦¦———— *

  48. lol1 Says:

    i think they are all OP!they are all GREAT now!!!

  49. zach Says:

    will there be btd5 premium upgrades for nk coins

  50. Kyle Says:

    OK, watching this video for me was like getting shot in both of the knees and being told to climb a ladder… Please…. i can’t focus at school because of this game…. help my addiction…

  51. Vanessa Says:

    umm i kinda neeed the officel time it comes out i cant wait and it looks finished so plleeeaaaassssseeeeee tell me coz i cant wait!!!!!

  52. BronH Says:

    the only critisism i have with what looks like a BRILLIANT game is that i like using monkey buccaneers and there seems to be little places with water.

  53. BronH Says:

    On the trailer there is a place like a castle but its not on the track selection.
    I’m guessing you can buy it with your points

  54. DavidB123 Says:

    @BronH: See that little arrow mark on the bottom right corner of the map selection window? Click it, and then you’ll may find the castle map.

  55. DavidB123 Says:

    @CEE72: WHY DID YOU TALK ABOUT THE LAZER COLLECTION 4? Wait, good Sun God, what is with you guys, these fans are going to rage if it does NOT release any more freaking seconds.
    @Chris: These anticipated fans want this game SO FREAKIN DADGUMNED BADLY! Please make an broadcast or an announcement NAO! Good SUN God.

  56. daas Says:

    it would be sweet if you could buy premeum things with your xp *hint* *hint*

  57. pokemonmaster53594 Says:

    I will be watching this a lot until the game comes out.

  58. StupidScholar Says:

    Looks great! I can’t wait to play. Has the official release date been announced?

  59. hyperspeeder202 Says:

    Sniper Monkey is awesome. He can hit a bloon at any distance… And he pops 2 layers of bloons.
    Nice? Or not?

  60. JohnyDL Says:

    Scrolly arrows at the bottom of track selection. like scrolly arrows for tower selection 16 towers (can be seen on the trailer), and atleast 7 maps. :D

  61. CEE72 Says:

    saying so quick but some of you have not read my big comment, REMEMBER! If you rush the man he will punish! he tortures you to teach a lesson, BE PATIENT! you will get it no quicker. If you keep on he may release it with loads of bugs or not at all! Never rush me when the Cams Editing Entertainment website comes out unless you want a rubbish website to replace it! He can do that with BTD5. Remember Bloons fans, just remember and JUST BE PATIENT!!! (For CEE info check the CEE page on Facebook) I have 1 follower from comments I can see.

  62. plonkey Says:

    it won’t let me see the video it just won’t load!

  63. plonkey Says:

    do i still get early aces if i have an account but didn’t make it recently? plz tell me by the way it looks AWESOME

  64. plonkey Says:

    never mind it works now

  65. bloonstdlover Says:

    please tell us something about the ZOMG!! PLEASE!!!

  66. bloonstdlover Says:

    oh yeah and please include some water for the monkey buccaneer if you can

  67. bummerman222 Says:

    for every asking when is it coming out heres something that should keep you occupied right now they are just fixing bugs and errors which they are done or almost done but what they want to finish ASAP is the ninjakiwi login system and when they are done with that the people who have signed in will get early access close to the actual release date so everyone stop asking.

  68. bummerman222 Says:

    hey BronH what you said about the track from the trailer if you look t the bottom it says next so that means the track you’re talking about is on the next screen they wouldn’t give the game to us with only 6 tracks to start

  69. Webgoof Says:

    “i think the sniper monkey is a little to op.”


    In the war against Bloons, there is no such thing as overpowered…

  70. BronH Says:

    Aha i can see the next button now. i thought only six towers wasn’t much.

  71. BronH Says:

    Sorry i meant tracks on that last post.

  72. nick Says:

    when is it comming out?

  73. simba50 Says:

    sniper monkeys all the way!!!!!

  74. DavidB123 Says:

    @CEE75: It’s still isn’t rushed. Just look at the video. The graphics are amazing!

  75. Rockhat12 Says:

    You should make a ZOMG destroyer. If you did, you rock!

  76. Rockhat12 Says:

    You should make 4 upgrade paths so the monkeys turn out more differnet

  77. bambamman Says:

    well those hart bloons look like a pain. poll sniperr vs ninja

  78. Rockhat9 Says:

    game is so 8055!

  79. BTD5 for the win! Says:

    I truly think that the full release will be on Christmas, but anyone with a NK account will probably get a preview of the game a couple days earlier, or maybe a week before the full release. This is probably going to be the best bloons tower defense ever, and maybe even the last, I really am surprised they were able to make the game look SO much better then BTD4, they really have outdone themselves. After the release they need to take a break, seriously.

  80. Brad Says:

    Looks great, keep up the good work!

  81. lol1 Says:

    lol, i check every day 2 see if it is out :) just gotta keep waiting and keeping my hopes up!(poll is sniper from just looking at it!!!)

  82. jacksmith900 Says:

    is it out for early access yet???? plz help!

  83. Nam Says:

    this game is so cool like the snipers to

  84. Jv Says:

    I’m in no hurry to play the game, but wanted a release date or at least a possible date for me to not lose the anticipated launch with access to free ninja kiwi coins.

  85. DavidB123 Says:

    @Rockhat12: They won’t do that. This is not an BTD5 idea article, you dumb jerk! :roll:
    @Rockhat9: You’re almost actually Rockhat12, so yea, calling Stephen and Chris! Rockhat12 wants some ideas!
    @Chris: Wonder why Rockhat12 (or maybe Rockhat9) is posting overpowered and stupid game ideas. :angry:

  86. josh Says:

    sniper rocks

  87. Smeakle Says:

    Hey does anyone know about how many upgrades there are for each upgrade path?

  88. Smeakle Says:

    And also Chris, will there be any hidden secrets in BTD5? Like activating the Sun God temple in BTD4?

  89. BronH Says:

    if you pause the trailer on 0.32 you can see the MOAB assasin and it says it destroys MOABs instantly and does 1000 damage to ZOMG class bloons. I’v always loved bomb towers but this upgrade just tops them all.THANKYOU FOR MAKING BTD5.

  90. BronH Says:

    I like the look of both the new towers. I probably would have to go with sniper monkey. But ninja monkey looks well cool once you upgrade it. And can i just ask a question, on the BTD5 teaser site, on notebook one of the new upgrades is the Robo-monkey. What is this an upgrade for?

  91. Captain Steak Says:

    All I can say is that the game looks great. And if I must wait till December 31 to play this game, I don’t care, it will still be worth the wait.

  92. josh Says:

    can’t wait but i also don’t want bugs so please take all the time you need

  93. Warrior20195 Says:

    Hay chris, I reccomend you dont tell fan about new games…. just an idea.

  94. fan Says:

    I wonder since when they have been working in the game.

  95. fan Says:


    Do you mean the bionic boomer? If so it is of the boomerang thrower, dunno what it does though

  96. BestBtd4Player Says:

    stop nagging about early access. you just get sneak peeks of the new towers.

  97. BestBtd4Player Says:

    I have this page with tower upgrades about btd5 added with the trailer. I’m NOT finished. This will have boomerang thrower new upgrades. I just added the beginning of the bomb tower new upgrades. PLEASE read the end of the upgrade for the new bloon…

  98. BestBtd4Player Says:


  99. BestBtd4Player Says:

    i didnt get my comment.

  100. BestBtd4Player Says:


  101. BestBtd4Player Says:

    Dont nag about these comments. Just LOST comment

  102. BestBtd4Player Says: is the REAL site

  103. DarkBloon Says:

    Okay.. that was a miniature spam attack. Anyways, Chris, take your time, don’t rush. If we can wait, we can wait. You shouldn’t be rushing some game just for BTD fans to have some big excitement over some good game. Anyways, I think we’d all love to see the work you’ve pulled off with all of the games. Maybe while we all wait, we can all play BTD to BTD 4 Expansion pack. And again, you shouldn’t be whining and complaining over a game that YOU won’t be playing and being a critic over “oh this gameplay sucks,” or, “oh you failed at this part.” It’s stupid how much immaturity you people can hold.

  104. Quibbloboy Says:

    The trailer made the graphics look really bad, but this makes them look fantastic!

  105. Lucas_zhelezny Says:

    chris when will this be released?

  106. Molotov Says:

    Please launch NOW

  107. Blake Says:

    The Z.O.M.G. : Its RBE is a little over 12,000 So it will maybe have 4 B.F.B. in it also it moves the same speed as a B.F.B.
    Just from what I’ve found!

  108. DavidB123 Says:

    Did anyone know that the ZOMG’s RBE is actually 12,356 when it has 4 BFBs in it? :smile:

  109. Supermonkey Says:

    If you pay close attention,you’ll see in one of the information boxes at the bottom that the first 2 upgrades in each of 2 upgrade paths is open…
    BUT you must choose 2 final upgrades in ONE of the paths, each having their own special ability.

  110. Supermonkey Says:

    Chris, the Sniper Monkey is defective.
    When you watch the video, the sniper monkey doesn’t give off the orange-red explosion coloring from its front barrel sometimes.

  111. Awesome Says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!! I check every day on ninja kiwi, and I check the blog as often as possible. LONG LIVE THE MONKEYS! HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND MERRY HAUNICA TO ALL!!!!!

  112. Dustin Dillon Says:

    i really hope you have a Iphone version in works!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Stephen Says:

    Also, all that info has been freely available on for like… a couple of weeks now :)

  114. Smeakle Says:

    My comments are awaiting moderation when I postd them 2 days ago. Why? D:

  115. james Says:

    when is it comin so far iv cheched every day
    and to keep my self busy i play the other ones

  116. Stephen Says:

    We’re getting heaps of spam at the moment from sources that aren’t being blocked by wordpress’ spam database, so we’re being more careful with moderation currently. Cheers.

  117. Tboneapple Says:

    cant what i love BTD4 i hope this one is even better and i saw a new upgrade for buccener monkey my faveroute tower ps yes i know i cant spell.

  118. Says:

    Man, if this came put on by brithday (the 14th), i would freak!

  119. Says:

    i meant out, not put.

  120. Fireflyz351 Says:

    Maybe add bullet shell effects for sniper/Gatling towers. Just a thought.
    Looks amazing merry Christmas happy honaka.

  121. andrew Says:

    add different musics please

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. andrew Says:

    add different musics please

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. BronH Says:

    There is a robo-monkey. It is no.8 on notebook and has 2 independantly firing plasma cannons.

  124. Awesome Says:

    i’m determined to play it on the first day it comes out. LONG LIVE THE MONKEYS. HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND MERRY HANUKA TO ALL!!!!!

  125. james Says:

    Please Hurry, release the early access and then update it like you did BTD4. BTW, can’t wait for the release.

  126. Alex Says:

    Here is a facebook page for you to like.

  127. Someone Says:

    Robocop just turned to robo-monkey…

  128. Someone Says:

    Hmm… you know those “rumors” that btd5 is coming out on dec 10? maybe it can be out in like a few hrs thats still dec 10 midnight.

  129. DarkBloon Says:

    *Facedesk to everything noobs say.*

  130. Someone Says:

    chris, could you post a vid showing all upgrades for every tower and every special ability?

  131. AlexTTai Says:

    When will the exclusive acess come out?

  132. AlexTTai Says:

    does blue text mean you have an account?

  133. TheNinjaThatCould Says:

    I’m new to the blog business but I’m sure NOT new to Bloons. Been playing Bloons for 2 years now. Anyways, I can’t wait for this to come out! But for those of you who are rushing him, the best phrase for this would be “You can’t rush perfection” so if you want the best BTD ever, don’t rush them :)

  134. anonymous2 Says:

    that spoil all the suprise.

  135. SexyJayson75 Says:

    I can’t wait to play the game, but nobody ever mentioned the exact date it will be released? could someone or chris leave a comment letting me know what day in december it will be released so I can at least get a little more excited about it then I am now all though I am pretty excited as is?

  136. djdan Says:

    This is going to be the most epic game EVER! And just asking, is this going to be on iPod touch, cos that would be even more epic! Merry Xmas chris and happy new year ninjakiwi! And please tell us what the approximate date is, and don’t rush the game to much

  137. Anonymous3 Says:

    Guys, Shut up! look at it this way, if hes got th first 20 lvls done, he might be done soon! Now i’m willing 2 wait but just saaying

  138. Alexthe9995loler Says:

    Hey guys im back. :D And i found some new things about btd5!!! ;)
    1. So some people are always asking what tower has an upgrade Robo Monkey
    and i found it: in the trailer in o:36 you will see 3 super monkeys that are upgraded so i think this upgrade the super monkey!
    2. I dint found people asking what does do the beekeeper(the beekeper is a
    special agent) so i will tell you that he has trained bees that he use them
    for attack and he throws some kind of circle boomerangs or something(you can found hem in the official site

  139. CEE72 Says:

    I have seen some complaints saying to me ‘why Lazer Collection 4?’ well that is an example of a punishment. Remember when I told you ‘He is torturing you to teach you a lesson.’ DavidB123 even complained ‘@CEE72: WHY DID YOU TALK ABOUT THE LAZER COLLECTION 4? Wait, good Sun God, what is with you guys, these fans are going to rage if it does NOT release any more freaking seconds.’ See that! Well the fans rage, that will prove it. You BTD fans are not going well, you seem to be impatient so stop it. Rockhat12 or 9 is a little overboard and giving ideas to make you rage as it seems because they have to recode it all to fit it in what will take around 12 days and then create the sprite which takes 2 hours if you are lucky. Let Ninjakiwi get on else they may stop making BTD5 altogether. SO STOP BUGGING CHRIS TO RELEASE SO FAST! >:(

  140. BronH Says:

    is that true alexthe9995loler. is that really the release date. If it is whree did you get it from.

  141. dan Says:


  142. supergamer1 Says:

    new upgrades pause at these positions






  143. Jv Says:

    Stephen or Chris.Please give an approximate date or the exact date of release.

  144. kkiller1 Says:

    the bionic arm is a bomorang munkey upgrade

  145. kkiller1 Says:

    the bionic arm is a bomorang monkey upgrade

  146. kkiller1 Says:

    if you look at the journal at the bionic arm shoots bomerangs

  147. kkiller1 Says:

    dose anyone else like shadsz2 they need to make a therid one

  148. DavidB123 Says:

    @CEE75: Do you watch the Lazer Collection?

  149. DavidB123 Says:

    Attention everyone, why is CEE75 talking about rushing like Lazer Collection 4? Lazer Collection 4 was made very very quick, but BTD5 isn’t made very very quick! BTD5 development began in May 2011, and it’s almost done. WELL GUYS, SHUT UP! Ninja Kiwi is going to finish the frickin game by sometime. AND GUESS WHAT? Lazer Collection 4 is okay by some people? Yes. They thought it was funnier than the other 4. Guys, stop raging like stupid (BAA) okay? If you don’t, CEE75 disguised as Stalin will put tumors in you all. So guys, be patient, K? :neutral:

  150. DavidB123 Says:

    @Rockhat12: Ideas will delay the freaking game even MOAR longer. SO CAN YOU SHUT UP AND GET OVER IT!? IDEAS WILL NOT COMPUTE!

  151. DavidB123 Says:

    @Rockhat12 and 9: Ninja Kiwi will not accept your ideas!
    @Chris & Stephen: Chris or Stephen, do you hate Rockhat12′s overpowered ideas?

  152. btd5player Says:

    It will be released the 15th if you have the ninja kiwi account.(18th if if you don’t have one) I found this info here in one of the comments.

  153. james Says:

    cant wait! but wont watch video cuz i want it 2 be a big surprise ^_^

  154. james Says:

    @Alexthe9995loler lier bout the release date (probably), they only just released a teaser site thingy

  155. TheNinjaThatCould Says:

    I’m pretty sure anyone mature enough is patient enough to wait. It’s just those fans that are 13 or below that are rushing them(Not assuming that only kids are impatient though.)
    Instead of rushing them to make BTD5, I’ll just keep playing BTD4 until it comes out. You guys should do the same :P

  156. TheNinjaThatCould Says:

    I’m pretty sure anyone mature enough is patient enough to wait. It’s just those fans that are 13 or below that are rushing them(Not assuming that only kids are impatient though.)
    Instead of rushing them to make BTD5, I’ll just keep playing BTD4 until it comes out. You guys should do the same :P

  157. BJTGames Says:

    Ya umm, that guy from BJTGames was fired…

  158. BronH Says:

    I’m not asking for an exact release date. I just hopr that BTD5 is released before christmas. It would be my best present this year(well, after a PS3).


  159. james Says:

    Dear alexthe9995loler i believe you meant to put 12/11/11 because the way you have it written is it would have already been released.

  160. josh Says:

    cee72, you’re raging more than anyone!

  161. Smeakle Says:


  162. jacksmith900 Says:

    He’s not given a realese date yet because he’s clearly not finished, the reason he’s not going to bring out a release date yet is because if he’s not done by then he’s either going to bring out a unfinished game or extend the date which will disappoint us all. So stop nagging him and let him do what he’s best at! But at least its nice to see you all care :) lol.

  163. jacksmith900 Says:

    I check 3 times a day to see if its out :) lol, bit sad really :( LOL

  164. mailstorm Says:

    it keep saying i need to register to play WHEN IM LOGGED IN `i,ma goin to fire my 9 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 petawatt laser at you if you dont fix that bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. JohnyDL Says:

    I preferred the drip drip of information in the notebook to this video, guess the release date, complain, repeat cycle. I was really psyched for the release but all my enthusiasm is coming off the boil, maybe could just make official (in the gallery or note book) one or two things, per day, that we have deduced from the videos until the release to re-peak everyone’s interest before the release.

  166. Broster Says:


  167. BestBtd4Player Says:

    What are you trying to do? Spoil the surprise? I hope it will come out but not too much since you spoiled the surprise.

  168. BestBtd4Player Says:

    The other new tower is the Monkey Village. Seriously.

  169. BestBtd4Player Says:


  170. BestBtd4Player Says:

    You can live. Just keep playing BTD to BTD4 expansion pack. You just might want to still be playing BTD4, but the expansion pack for BTD4 is a little worse than the original BTD4. Since your waiting, just play other games you like. And if that doesn’t work, then just await the awesomeness of and you will already think of the entire game, maps, levels and you will throw yourself to the couch. If this STILL isn’t working, go to for more info of each BTD game, more than you can think of each other BTD games with MORE info. Or just keep watching this video till it comes out. Nothing else you can do if that doesn’t work.

  171. joel Says:

    I can’t wait until it comes out

  172. Taz Says:


  173. meap Says:

    Are you gonna name the new blimp?I can’t wait till 12-12-11!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. BTD5 Info Updater Says:

    The release date is December 18, in 8 days!

  175. Yozoconomo Says:

    BTD5 will be awesome!! How can Chris improve on perfection???

  176. terrell Says:

    when is btd5 coming out my friend said the 21 some one else said the 12 when dose it come out plz respond

  177. Kracky5 Says:

    Well im occupying myself with modern warfare 3 and check this site everyday, also buzzing about epic rap battles of history season 2, as Vader vs Hitler 2 came out, so im fine unlike all the other ones bashing one off everydays waiting for this beauty to come out, and CEE, whatever your name is, he isnt going to stop maing it all together you tard, and so what if it comes out buggy, theres these things, they are called updates…

  178. Rockhat9 Says:

    To DavidB123:
    1.I was just saying it to them and
    2.I am rockhat12 AND rockhat9 :)

  179. Rockhat9 Says:

    Just 1 problem: The ninja monkey at first looks like a pig :)

  180. Rockhat9 Says:

    Y does everyone like to comment me? Cus I am a boss! And don’t rush Chris, That’s my job!

  181. Rockhat9 Says:

    WTF@!# The spikes when Chris gets them only show eight! fix, please and People keep faming my name!

  182. Rockhat9 Says:

    People, pease stop trying to interpret the RBE of the Zomg! U know there might be another bloon sneaked between! (Like the pink for BTD4)

  183. DarkBloon Says:

    Rock, you sound like a dumb administrator/developer. Don’t try to tell people to not do what they are not doing originally. Epic fail, really.

  184. BTD1,2,3,4 and soon to be 5 fan Says:

    Rockhat9 there aren’t because all the videos I have seen on BTD5 there is no new bloon

  185. pokemonmaster53594 Says:

    I hope it is here in the next 5-7 days because I said it so many freaking times but once again, I CAN NOT WAIT EVEN 6 HOURS. I check like once every like 2 hours and time video and the trailer. I love those little heart shaped bloons. Not because of what they look like but the ability to create new layers of bloon. The ZOMG looks just amazing and I know it might be a little hard to defeat the first time but this game and other BTD games inspired me to come to this website.

  186. BestBtd4Player Says:

    Yea there is. There is a Z.O.M.B, a heart shaped bloon and a savage bloon. LONG LIVED THE BLOONS!!! RELEASE DATE: DECEMBER 15 2011

  187. BronH Says:

    Is it true that is you have an NK acount you will be able to play the game on the 15th

  188. BronH Says:

    On the towers final upgrade is it just their special ability like the monkey buccaneers MOAB takedown or the tack shooters blade mealstrom ability.
    i hope this is not the case

  189. SexyJayson75 Says:

    does anybody sctually know the release date? if so post below here

  190. Mr. Monkey Says:

    Y is everyone trying to get the date? It’s gonna come out and this is DEFINITELY worth the wait.

  191. Mr. Monkey Says:

    And rockhat, you shouldn’t be trying to be a critic, your ideas are dumb

  192. kiran Says:

    I love this game very well

  193. DavidB123 Says:

    @Rockhat12 and 9: Shut up. :mad: Chris doesn’t want your frickin ideas to be in the game!

  194. DavidB123 Says:

    @Rockhat9: It’s the same! Look at the close end of the video! Good SUN God, would you just shut up? :evil:

  195. DavidB123 Says:

    @Darkbloon: I agree with you. Rockhat12 and 9 both act like stupid administrators.

  196. Alex Says:

    Will it be a iPad/iPhone app

  197. Smeakle Says:

    Unless someone working with Chris and Stephen (or themselves) told you that early access is the 15th, then it’s a lie.

  198. goingtobebestbtd5playerevah Says:

    7 fliipin days im goin crazy(unless the early aksess comes out tommorow) dont mind my speelin im not the best speller

  199. Someone Says:

    since the many times they said LATER this month, i estimate after the 20th just and estimate.

  200. Someone Says:

    um the and is supposed to be an an

  201. Kracky5 Says:

    Rockhat should just leave this forum and get anti spamming managment?

  202. DarkBloon Says:

    This is going to be just like an ordinary TD. Nothing more. Wait, good things happen.

  203. ricky Says:

    when was the last time anyone played the first btd?

  204. BronH Says:

    Why are so many people saying the release date is the 15th. wherre did you get this information from.

  205. Chris Says:

    Well we said December 2011, so the closer we get to the 31st, the more peoples random guesses will be accurate :)

  206. Someone Says:

    right now, guesses are very inaccurate.

  207. Chris(topher) Says:

    This game looks freaking awesome! It’s kind of sand though, I keep checking the ninjakiwi site every hour or two just to see if it is up yet. It would be really cool if it came out on the 28th, which is my birthday :D

  208. Chris(topher) Says:

    Sorry, sad not sand ._.

  209. ricky Says:

    yep don’t speed to finish completion of the game… i just playded btd1 and i was harder then most of btd4

  210. Peanut Butter Says:

    I agree with Chris… my name is Chris too! :P
    Peanut Butter goes nice on toast.

  211. Cheesecake Says:

    I’m no saying this WILL be it, but my guess is that it will be out no later than the 27th or so.

  212. JohnyDL Says:

    :) @Chris I like that random guess work getting more acurate, I’m going to put some reasoning into my guess work.
    If I was releasing the game as something live on the internet I’d have a few considerations, first I’d want to be able to be in the office with my team for the first day it’s live so if any players discover obvious bugs and glitches in the release version they can be patched quickly, and second I’d also want to have the team available over the next week or so (not necessarily every day) for the more hard to find bugs can be addressed. So I’d eliminate weekends 17, 18, 24, 25 and 31, as pre-release dates because my staff and I wouldn’t be at work. Also I’d favour earlier in the week to a friday, because those initial bugs might not be found in the first hours. I’d expect people to take some holiday time at Christmas and new year to look after/be with family so add 23-27, 31 as non-pre-release days. I’d be tempted to write a script to make it go live in the early morning so on arrival to the office at 9am something might have been found, but not annoyed everyone, yet. Which leads me to guess it’ll be released fully by scripts some time between 19th-31th, with a bias towards either a week or 14 days after the pre-release, and the advance release will be 12th-16th or 19th-22nd, with a bias towards morning releases earlier in the working week rather than later.
    That said It doesn’t seem like Chris or Steven work office hours (9am to 5 pm monday to friday) and their teams might be able to work around the clock, if ninjakiwi is big enough, so releases could be any time day or night including weekends. Also I’ve assumed Christianity as the driving force of their holiday season, if they or part of their team are some other religion then Chistmas might not be such a big barrier to the release, so I calculate about 70-90% accuracy that the pre-release will be within my date ranges and very close to 100% for the free for all release.

  213. jack Says:

    i wonder wen it will be out for ninja kiwi members, like me

  214. taywc1 Says:

    how can i get the beat test for ballon tower deffence 5 because my friend at school got it and i was wondering to.

  215. Mr bob Says:

    Chris for christmas…Can I have the game early

  216. Mr bob Says:

    CHRIStmas He’sgiving it to us on the 31st

  217. Theted2 Says:

    First, thank you Chris and the Ninja Kiwi crew for inventing and giving us this awesome, free game! I’d definitely like to buy the iPad app if it’s in the works. Assuming there will be an ipad app, is that part of the December release?

  218. anonymous2 Says:

    your hiding something……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ITS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. Mike the fike Says:

    This… Looks… Fun

  220. BronH Says:

    Are you hinting something chris

  221. djdan Says:

    chris, are you getting rid of the lagging in btd5 bacause it is kind of annoying in btd4.

  222. Cocapumpkin Says:

    I just hope it doesn’t come out on the 25th. I don’t want to find myself playing bloons tower defence 5 instead of unwrapping presents :P .

  223. Milps Says:

    I guess december 24th 2011 :)

  224. BestBtd4Player Says:

    Attention btd5 fans! If you want to play the game before it comes out then just follow these three easy steps! 1. Go to http://www.btd5.come and click Register NOW for exclusive early access! 2. Register into NinjaKiwi. 3. The NinjaKiwi email will tell you the site of where it is!

  225. BestBtd4Player Says:

    The first btd came out in 2007.

  226. BestBtd4Player Says:

    oops! i meant

  227. Jv Says:

    Because you do not speak the release date soon chris?

  228. Alexthe9995loler Says:

    @Chris please i like your games and im a big fan but please,please please please send me an email that it says that the game is finish’t. PLEASE :(

  229. Awesome Says:

    Nice one, Chris.

    And djdan, it’s not that the game is lagging, it’s your computer

  230. Awesome Says:

    If it came out on the 16th I-WOULD-GO-INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (That’s the last day of my school, and then it’s WINTER BREAK! WOO!!!

  231. bobby Says:

    o u sneaky i know what u up to :D

  232. bobby Says:

    also your games are fantastic if my insides die, ill still play them.

  233. jacksmith900 Says:

    omg r u saying its coming out on the 31st chris, omg plz no i might as well get prepared for 19 days of pure bordem. lol :)

  234. BronH Says:

    I know that the spike tower will be added on later but will there be more new tracks and towers added on at a later date. Ihope so, i really liked it when you did that with BTD4

  235. pc expert Says:

    djdan noob,
    the lag isnt the game the lag is your pc.
    lag means that your processor is just too bad to support the game.
    so it isnt the game its u.

  236. Release date? Says:

    what lag??

  237. BTDfan123 Says:

    Take all the time you need.
    Even though you said the game would come out Fecember 2011 you can release it when you want.
    Make the game as perfect as it can be, try to take the lag out and don´t worry about the time.

  238. TheNinjaThatCould Says:

    The more time this game takes to get developed, the better it;ll be.
    Also, Sun Gods owned the BFB’s so hard last game(One could destroy a BFB by themselves) and should own them as usual in this game, but I doubt that’s the case with ZOMG bloons lol

  239. BTD5 Says:

    I really hope the game isn’t as confusing as it seems.

  240. Kracky5 Says:

    When chris commented i expected an almighty release date, but no, a god damn riddle ;) he likes to torture us haha

  241. kolton Says:

    Yo chris u know something its coming out 2morrow no doubt

  242. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    multiple questions 1.this first ones not a question ive been playing btd 4 24/7 for the last 4 weeks straight 2. what is the brand new z.o.m.g. and what does it take to defeat it 3. the big black thing that resembles the b.f.b is it really called the z.o.m.g or is that one of the wrong things everyone is saying 4. the lat one- is this game gonna be even better than btd1-2-3-4-and the expansion for btd4 with all their awsome put together (dont answer that i already know YEEEEEESSSSS)

  243. Bobert Guy Says:

    The more it takes to be completely ready the better it will be.

  244. djdan Says:


  245. djdan Says:


  246. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    i agree djdan once you get really far in the track and you have alot of towers and theres like 1,000 bloons out there at once it really lags becuse once i was just palying the first begining track on easy to see how far i get (made it to round 123 if your wondering)and around round 60-75 (depending on how many towers you have) it will lag and when you get even higher it lags more like when i was on about round 100-105 it took like an half and hour to do one round the laging got so bad

  247. BTD5 Says:

    I can’t believe there won’t be a BTD6. There’so many new ideas that can still make another new BTD. But, hey, maybe we’ll see a BTD6 if there’s enough new ideas.

  248. BTD Says:

    WIll there be a BTD5 for iPod? Or maybe an update to BTD4 iPod with the ninja monkey, sniper monkey, 2 upgrade paths ZOMG, the new tracks, and all that. I hope so, cause this game will be epic and I wanna play it on the go!

  249. John Says:

    I wanna see a SAS for iPhone/iPod.

  250. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    yo stephen and chris do you think you could relese the first 20 levels of gameplay right now like we saw on the video (or more that would be nice) it could be like a game demo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. Mr bob Says:


  252. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    pretty cool new system with AWSOME points on battle blocks cant wait to see what it will be like on btd5 (if you can right now put it on sas zombie assult 3)

  253. Smeakle Says:

    Stop rushing them, they AREN’T done yet and will release the game when they ARE.

  254. Jacob Says:

    GUYS! HUGE NEWS! GO to and try to scroll down on the home page…theres no “Register for early access sign” anymore! Early access must be coming really soon! And one of these rumor release dates must be true…I’m hoping it comes out December 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  255. JohnyDL Says:

    :O has anybody else been trying to sneak a look at ?

  256. Someone Says:

    judging by the post u put next to mine chris i suspect the release date is somewhere between 19-23?

  257. Jacob Says:

    Somethings telling me BTD5 is coming within this week!

  258. Bloonster27 Says:

    I think for people without NK accounts the game for them will come out on the 25th but for us fellow NK members, the game will come out on the 21st or the 22nd. But if it came out on the 25th it would be like a second X-mas present!:D

  259. NormaNotNathan Says:

    lol chris i get it its coming out the 31st… nice.

  260. Awesome Says:

    I bet it’ll be out on the 16th, that’s a friday. (The 15th is a thursday, and why would they release it then?) Just guessing, anyway.

  261. BronH Says:

    I think it’l come out on a thursday when i spend half of the evening at guitar practice. Everything i look forwards to (usualy like a game coming through the post) always comes on a thursday when i can’t play it until i get back from guitar.

  262. djdan Says:

    coolkid4btd5, yeah it does lag depending on towers eg.
    1.spike factory(lags heaps)
    2.sun gods
    3.mortar tower ect.
    please pleeeeease get rid of the lagging

  263. djdan Says:

    sometimes it lags so much it fills like 1 quarter of the screen with white

  264. DavidB123 Says:

    @Bloonster27: Want it more earlier. CAN NOT WAIT!

  265. Jv Says:

    Or Chris is hinting that the launch will be 31 days or he is implying that someone hit the release date!

  266. Jv Says:

    I bet that the release will be on day 15 or 16

  267. Chris Says:

    eyy It awsome !!!! I love BTD !!!! <3333

  268. Awesome Says:

    Why are the ninjas orange? Isn’t that the opposite of sneaky? I mean, hunters wear orange hats so that they will be seen, right? So do you guys just have a bad sense of color, or a good sense of irony? (LOL)

  269. Rocketj23 Says:

    *he posted this video on the fifth right? he made a comment on the video at the top

    (So obviously we’re still working away on it. But just ‘cos I like torturing you all, here’s gameplay from what looks like a very nearly finished game right?)

    *he said it was nearly finished. as you can see on BTD4 a track on easy is at least 50 and 60 on normal + 75 on hard

    *this says that he didnt almost beat the track, but its NEARLY FINISHED!!!! I expect it to be this week

  270. BronH Says:

    My game used to lag lods until i got a better laptop. It all depends on how much your computer can take. It only lags because the game has so many towers and bloons which is what makes it better than the first three.

  271. supergamer1 Says:

    It will probably come out before the 19th

  272. BestBtd4Player Says:

    Hey! Have you seen the look of btd5? It says Bloons TD5 coming soon at ?

  273. SB Says:

    Will there be a Bloons TD5 app aswell?

  274. DuckYou Says:

    if it lags its because your processor cant handle the flash

  275. james Says:

    hmmmm i think it will be christmas present to all of us- the fans. so i think it will be out on the 25/12/11. no im not american so i do the date the right way

  276. kiwikiller Says:

    this is my nk account (random name, i know :P ) is my name blue now? was it always blue?

  277. Says:

    christmas yay! lol

  278. james Says:

    where are my comments? anyway i think it will be out on christmas

  279. Blake Says:

    Half through the month….. still waiting :) lol

  280. james Says:

    might be out on new years eve…

  281. james Says:

    what? sometimes blue, sometimes black 0_0

  282. james Says:

    hahaha… COM: you are posting comments too quickly, slow down ME: WHAT????????????

  283. BronH Says:

    cool i just realised the ice tower has been replaced by a monkey. I wonder if it still works in the same way.

  284. safemark Says:

    when it coming out ?

  285. JohnyDL Says:

    I wonder if that wind mill in the top left* has a slowing and speeding effect to bloons depending on if a bloon is coming towards it or going away from it, which is why Chris was careful to kill all the bloons so early on the map

  286. hyperspeeder202 Says:

    In Day 15th or 16th?! Nice! Now I’m still waiting for BTD5… Sniper monkey is so powerful… Can hunt balloons at any distance, can pop 2 to 4 layers of balloons! Incredible… It is better that a Mortar tower.

  287. fuzzball Says:

    help me i need help. I…HAVE…NO…PATIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. fuzzball Says:


  289. fuzzball Says:

    seriously when is it out

  290. fuzzball Says:

    i love the new ice tower/monkey

  291. Blake Says:

    You Guy Early acsess on the 15th!!! :D
    The second upgrade for the sniper monkey on path one pops through 7!

  292. Bloonster27 Says:

    Hey, DavidB123, it’s out on the fifteen. Chill

  293. Bloonster27 Says:

    Wait, DavidB123 in one of your coments you say for us to shut up and wait and now your going on about how you can’t wait. :(

  294. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    on btd4 expansion what does it mean that on the advanced track there is a special secret?

  295. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    hey djdan about your laging coment on those three towers i use the spike factorys alot for thiere final upgrade and i ase sungods alot ounce i get a lil bit farther in the game and i use alot of mortar towers to cause some major bloon damage with the bloon buster upgrade and all the rest

  296. djdan Says:

    the monkey temple secret!

  297. DavidB123 Says:

    @Bloonster27: The fifteenth? Shouldn’t it be the 16th?

  298. gavin Says:

    is it coming out ?

  299. yosh Says:

    please give us a release date and, if possible, make it soon!!!!!!!

  300. LoL214342112 Says:

    djdan….lag is not something that can be fixed… it occurs when too much of something is on the screen… like bloons for example, lag was created when you went into freeplay because of the fact that there were so many of them. think about it… the computer has to count all that are on the field and how many come next then it has to know when its been popped or removed. Point being…Lag is gonna happen no matter what.

  301. Bloonster27 Says:

    @DavidB123 Chris said fifteenth, unless you veto him. Check the other blog for the teaser site!

  302. Bloonster27 Says:

    You guys know 19 dart storms are worth less than 3 sun gods but are so much better?

  303. Rockhat9 Says:

    did you forget me david?

  304. Rockhat9 Says:

    Hey David, how do you do the devil dude?

  305. Mr. Monkey Says:

    @ Rockhat9 Would you stop spamming! your annoying me and DavidB123 and maybe even Chris!

  306. anonymous2 Says:

    that was a DIFFERENT chris probably to confuse us check his site

  307. Rockhat9 Says:

    IDK. Can you do the devil thinngermobbober?

  308. Bloonster27 Says:

    @ Anoymous2 I’m going to try being Chris to check if your right.
    The next comment with chris will actually be from me okay?

  309. Bloonster27 Says:

    Oh, nvm.

  310. Chris (Not Admin. Chris-though!) Says:

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  311. JohnyDL Says:

    @Bloonster27: @Chris, correct me if I’m wrong but there has been no official release date just lots of guess work and speculation.

  312. Firelord1790 Says:

    That was me! It works! LOL!

  313. Firelord1790 Says:


  314. jack stevens Says:

    What he Means by that is that the closer we get to the end of the month the less days there will be to randomly guess meaning more people will pick the right one

  315. Rockhat9 Says:

    I don’t like the graphics! JK. Alot better than the fourth but I whatever. David, how do yo roll your eyes eh?

  316. ricky Says:

    whear is the link to the site that says it is comming out the 15th i can’t wait =)

  317. ricky Says:

    is playing gun nomads right now

  318. Someone Says:

    Ever think that maybe the info u guys r getting is false? Anyone with a computer can edit the wikipedia with false info.

  319. Awesome Says:


  320. Awesome Says:

    MY FRIEND’S GOING TO GO NUTS WHEN I TELL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  321. BigOto Says:

    Hey guys, for those who signed up for the newsletter, BTD5 has been released! I’ll be playing it next weekend, this only adds to the fun of the newly released Mario Kart 7.

  322. DuckYou Says:

    fyi BTD5 is out guys check your email

  323. Matt Says:

    just made it to 141 and there is virtually no lag. game is awesome

  324. jay99 Says:

    Chris please help i got the email but my email is on my iphone and i cant play it on there and whenever i try to open it it wont work could you please fix this i am dying here and please be quick i know it is almost midnight in new zealand but if you can fix this please do it as soon as you possibly can thank you

  325. jay99 Says:

    and sorry for double posting but my nk account is with the exact same name jay99 thank you

  326. Charliebrown Says:

    I can’t play it, the link just send me to the coming soon page! :(

  327. klarke Says:

    It’s finally out. :D Time for some non-stop BTD5. :) Thank you very very much, Ninjakiwi!

  328. BestBtd4Player Says:

    just wait and don’t watch the video because you want to keep it a BIG surprise!

  329. BestBtd4Player Says:


  330. Jv Says:

    Chris I saw that the game is already released but can not get it, what do I do?

  331. NinjaCdawG Says:

    Hey Chris. Are you still working on the game and you hope it will be finished by the end of december or have you already finished it and you just do some checks and finalize( if you have do you when you will be realeasing it. Thanks

  332. StupidScholar Says:

    AWESOME GAME!!! Well done with the upgrades, new towers, bloons, etc. This was well worth the wait. It’s like Christmas has come early! Thanks for all your hard work, NinjaKiwi staff.

  333. Killa Says:

    Well… there was a mail in my mailbox, but it links me just to a coming soon website. I was soooo ready, when I clicked PLAY and then “Coming Soon”….

  334. chris Says:

    go to link

  335. Stormy44 Says:

    thanks for releasing it chris, really looks great

  336. Lennon Says:

    and you say it is done, yeah? if you try to see in the newsletter and play BTD5 it says COMING SOON! this is a lie!

  337. supergamer1 Says:

    woot it’s out

  338. Helmuth Says:

    So I came home today, and read my e-mail. Ninja Kiwi told me that they had released BTD5, so I was as happy as I could ever be. When I clicked on the link though, there came a picture saying “COMING SOON”. I don’t think I can be more sad atm.

  339. BronH Says:


  340. BronH Says:

    It’s not letting me play it just says download the latest adobe flashplayer

  341. jacksmith900 Says:

    how do u know its out how do u gt to it! plz help now!

  342. George034 Says:


  343. Jv Says:

    Oh, my god you guys have really done it this time. For all the expectations a lowly prole like myself might have burdened you all with you have thoroughly delivered. I salute your team, and feel proud to live on the same planet as those that developed this landmark game.

  344. Andrew Bloons Says:

    Absolutely stunning. The graphics are smooth, no more hidden towers when you build them close together. Much more versatility when it comes to strategies, no more just having spikeapults repeatedly throwing down the straight paths. Nice upgrade system which effectively doubles the overall number of final towers.
    Beautiful game and one to be very proud of.

  345. Diego Says:

    Just “coming soon”? I saw my e-mail got really happy and when I tried to play the game…”Bloons TD 5 coming soon”, why did you guys send an e-mail with this kind of “earlier acess”? It’s pretty much nothing. If I missed something, sorry about this comment, but i still don’t get it…

  346. JayJay Says:

    Where can I play it?
    Im soooo nervous!!!!!

  347. wassap Says:

    Plz dont share the link because as we subscibed we can get it earlyer the ones who didnt subscribed should shut up.

  348. Jv Says:

    Sorry Chris, already solved the problem, and was angry because it was bad!

  349. Jv Says:

    Sorry, seriously

  350. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    OMG playing right now on round31 sooo awsome (sniper is awsome)

  351. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    unlocking the upgrades is hard but all worth it as it is a challenge making me more skilled in monkey defense against the evil bloons

  352. MvS Says:

    is everyone that says they are playing right now trying to be funny or am i just too stupid to figure it out?

  353. ThomasHammel Says:

    what day does it come out?!!?

  354. MvS Says:

    oh figured out the problem maybe you guys wanna fix it…. if the language of the ninjakiwi site on the bottom is set to something else then english it doesnt work so set it to english and it should work on the link in the e-mail

  355. jay99 Says:

    please help me Chris or anyone else from ninja kiwi i registered on the 7th and now that it is out i cant play because my mail is on my iphone and wont let me play please help me!!!!!!!!!!!

  356. your an idiot Says:

    tell me when it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  357. DavidB123 Says:

    @BronH: Maybe you want to download the Adobe Flash Player 11, I played the game, until it overheated badly. :cry:

  358. DarkBloon Says:

    I have the game!
    It’s in my mail!

  359. BestBtd5Player Says:

    Hey Guys! I have 1 bloonberry bush, 1 angry squirl and 1 super monkey storm! Do you think this will help well in the game? I’m at rank 20. My other name was BestBtd4Player.

  360. Half_Moon981 Says:

    @MvS Many of us have already gotten to play the game because we signed up for early access. I will not tell any details because I would like to keep playing it, but we are not joking and you probably didn’t sign up at the btd5 site a couple of days ago. :P btw-Its pretty awesome.

  361. Amphy23 Says:

    This Game is awesome! Way Cool! Nice Ninja monkey!

  362. DarkBloon Says:

    Epicness. Truly.

  363. Synchronized Says:

    Tomorrow this comes out. So awesome i can’t wait.

  364. Keith Says:

    This game is very epic I’m already level 17 or 18

  365. Half_Moon981 Says:

    I love this game very much. I am already rank 17 and my favorite tower is the sniper. How about you guys? What is your favorite tower and rank =]?

  366. Someone Says:

    help me! i cant get to btd5 i have activated acc way before release but i cant see the email! plz helpp!!!

  367. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    dont mean to dissapoint but i noticed a bug that when you pop a cemeric bloon(however its spelled)it should only let out 2 pink bloons but it lets out around 5 for some reason just to let you guys that made the game know if you read this

  368. Alex Says:

    Wondered how many levels I could get through using only dart monkeys on the easiest track on the easiest level. I had 6 lives at the end of level 50. I still have six lives on level 128! (In fairness, I started getting some Sun Gods around level 90)

  369. DarkBloon Says:

  370. btd5isawesome Says:

    im hearing that it came out, i have a ninja kiwi acount but theres just no email in my inbox

  371. Supermonkey Says:

    ROUND 85
    Z- Zepplin
    O- Of
    M- Mighty
    G- Gigantuars
    4 BFBS!
    Shh! But P.S, Monkey Temple is BACK!
    And also for all of you wondering how were already playing, its because we registered to the teaser site early! :)

  372. BTD5 for the win! Says:

    There is one major bug I’ve noticed with Camo bloons, any attacks coming from towers that can’t see camo just go right through camo bloons. I had a Plasma Super Monkey Shooting right through them, and nothing happened…..

  373. Chris Says:

    What the ?

    I signed on to be part of the early users of TD5 and I haven’t received the email that others say exists.

    I think I’ll go and kill myself right now.

  374. Chris Says:

    Yeah sorry Hotmail in all their wisdom decided to block our email server. Been fixed now though…

  375. Chris Says:

    That’s no bug. That’s how it works. You need those Supers to get some Monkey Village love.

  376. djdan Says:

    I dont have a ninja kiwi account and I can still get in. All you have to do is go the the site that Darkbloon said. It’s SO FUN!!!

  377. djdan Says:


  378. Awesome Says:

    when i get to the login/play as guest buttons, i click them but they wont do any thing. Plz help. (Btw, i don’t have an acount, i used darkbloon’s addres.)

  379. Alex Says:

    Was on about level 153 and then bought the last Sun God upgrade to see what it was and it destroyed my whole army and I lost the next level? WTF!!!!

  380. LPForever Says:

    I’m at rank 39 and my favorite is the temple of the sun god its only $100,000 thats pocket change second favorite is the sniper amazing game btw one bug I found when you are in sandbox mode and you change the bloons to regeneration or camo and hit their hot key doesn’t make them camo or regeneration but if you click on the bloon it works just not the hot key for it

  381. Cocapumpkin Says:

    Hey Chris. I am worried. It said I had 15 NK coins so I bought the triple lives thing. When I bought it, it said I still had 15 NK coins. I re-freshed the page and I have 15 NK coins and triple lives premium upgrade. It is like I got it for free. Please help.

  382. Joseph Says:

    Ok so basically it wont accept my already in use user name at all…. its a one and i thought that worked on all kiwininja games…. i used it for my purchases in BTD 4!?!?!! so why isnt my account logging in? i had to make a new one!

  383. jesse Says:

    its not working for me i try to log in and it dosent work and i then try to play as guest and that dosent work can some1 help me?

  384. DavidB123 Says:

    Excuse me, but we have a new bug. If you get a window that has buttons with Login/Register and Play As Guest, if you click on any ofthe buttons it’s doesn’t do anything! :mad: OMG, PLZ FIX!

  385. DavidB123 Says:

    @Chris: Read my last post. It’s an emergency I tell ya! :cry: Plus, when I lasted played BTD5, my computer shutted down for overheating and now, I can’t play! :sad:

  386. jesse Says:

    sorry i just relized my proplem and this game rocks!

  387. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    when i try to buy things my game frezes waaaaa:(

  388. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    what is the cash for and im not talking about the nkcash i mean the cash with the read and black kiwi next to it

  389. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    no tack tower aww man why? it was fun why would you guys an nk take out that tower

  390. Blake Says:

    I cant play it when I hit play and hit the / play as guest / button it dosent do anything!!! help me everyone is playing it besides me :(

  391. Blake Says:

    when I hit play and hit the / play as guest / button it dosent do anything!!! help me everyone is playing it besides me :(

  392. Blake Says:

    Sorry for double commenting :O

  393. skyguy Says:

    I <3 BTD5

  394. ForeverKill Says:

    @coolkid4btd5 What are you talking about? Of course the tack tower is in there!

  395. bambamman Says:

    omg it came out yesterday and there wasnt any posts oin blog even

  396. Awesome Says:

    Sooooooo… If da erly acses is out, it there a OFFICIAL release date yet. I couldn’t create an nk account. :( (SAD)

  397. bambamman Says:

    wow i love these snipers and ninjas but i wish there was dartling and spike factories. one thing i also dont like is how you need to put those things on the ground for planes. im rank 14 now i just finished my 1st game . you should wait to atleast febuary to let it be on other sites . oh and there should be a free way to get monkey money . like maybe 5 every 10 rounds or something. nice game

  398. bambamman Says:

    wow i love these snipers and ninjas but i wish there was dartling and spike factories. one thing i also dont like is how you need to put those things on the ground for planes. im rank 14 now i just finished my 1st game . you should wait to atleast febuary to let it be on other sites . oh and there should be a free way to get monkey money . like maybe 5 every 10 rounds or something. nice game .

  399. WrainMaker Says:

    Every once in a while when loading a saved game, the “tracks” screen stays on the page. I reload page, shut down browser & restart, still same problem. Can’t play if I can’t see the screen.

  400. fernando ramirez labra Says:

    ¿what is the page of you play?

  401. Joshua Says:

    I played the teaser too. Loved it! However I am trying to get on now and play. I can’t log in to my old ninja kiwi account. I can’t play as a guest. Nothing. It’s like it is dead at the point where the option sign comes down. I’ve tried multiple times today. Guess that means I should just work and focus on my job today. Anyone else having problems?

  402. JohnyDL Says:

    @bambamman there is dartling much later (I know Rank 53) but no spike factory you get free cash for agents by beating the levels

    I’m having a problem with spikes and bloonberry bushes, I can’t place them on the track

    Great game still prefer the other final upgrade to the super monkey over the sun god side, and if your willing to be present for longer waves it seems almost all the abilities are better than the alternatives which I love :D

  403. Matt Says:

    chris i was rank 67 and now ive been sent to rank one i tried signing in and out a few times and nothing happened. also i encountered a bug where i would try to make the laser cannon rank 4 and it would dissapear completely. please help soon if possible.

  404. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    OMG on round 94 to show im not lying the RBE is 329,524

  405. Chris Says:

    On it, will email you soon.

  406. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    ROUND 96 SOO HAPPY RBE IS 1,011,144 crazy right

  407. bambamman Says:

    this game is fun i no whave all towers im rank 20 . dartling does come i dont care that mortar does. my brother and his friend once teamend up on btd4 and got over 10 sun gods some banana farms and about 8 dartling guns with laser

  408. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    hey noticed a bug and i got really mad becuse i just got enough to get my sun god to upgrade to its teir 4 temple of the monkey god and it disapered and then i lost please fix this if you can thank you

  409. DavidB123 Says:

    @Blake: Same problemo too!

  410. DavidB123 Says:

    @Blake: Works! YAHOO!
    @Bloonster27: I’ve got BTD5! W00T! :grin:

  411. matt Says:

    do you need my email im pretty sure i put down the wrong one. the one from this post is correct

  412. Alan Says:

    Chris, severe problem- game is super best! But when
    Im playing on hard on monkey lane- i was
    Doing great! Untill the last upgrades, when i bought
    The (solid beam of bloon destruction) the dartling
    Monkey vanished including the 27,000$ i spent on it =(
    That goes for that 97,000$ monkey temple =( fix that bug
    Please so i can dominate in the hard levels. Thanks!

  413. jacksmith900 Says:

    help haven’t got email and when i try play of a link i can’t play as guest or log in like joshua plz send it to me chris ppplllllzzz!!!

  414. Synchronized Says:

    what do you go to?

  415. Milps Says:

    Where do I go to play? plz help

  416. Say+Yeahhh Says:

    Um. Chris. Would you mind telling us the official release. Ill wait. for an Answer thank you

  417. DuckYou Says:

    im first to lvl 111 on Apocalypse Mode and to rank 72

  418. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    hey the same thing happened to me as with matt

  419. altobloonx Says:

    I played BTD 5 today. Why isn’t there a spike tower, like in BTD 4?

  420. bambamman Says:

    ok guys who didnt play yet. sniper is to epic cause it can shoot hwole map aand can break up to 18 layers in one shot. hey look a cermeric bloon one shot later its gone. the special agents are usless on a high round. sun god is extra epic. oh and if yuor wandering what robot is its a 7500 upgrade for super monkey that shoots dobule plasma

  421. Alan Says:

    Chris, one last thing I always wanted to ask- hope it isn’t too much
    but how about making a RBE countdown?! That would be super
    epic! Say, you are on round 95 RBE is 867,345 then 5 minutes later
    634,990 RBE left to go. Just an idea, i would love for you to create that!!!

  422. ray Says:

    i know youve been working hard and all but are you gonna make bloons td 5 for ipod if not plz make

  423. Unknown Says:

    That would be a good idea!

  424. awesomeface88 Says:

    I unlocked something at rank 29 (I’m now rank 35) but the game says I didn’t unlock it and I can’t log in it just gives me a page that looks like a page source.

  425. BestBtd5Player Says:

    @Alan If you were on round 167, the RBE countdown would go too fast. Especially if you have sungods all over the place.

  426. coolkid4btd5 Says:

    ive been experincing some loading problems with the entire site and i got a new computer about 2 months ago and i checked for virusus and all that but i still expirence problems please help

  427. ram daniel Says:

    u can play now that bloons game. i tried it just 2 days

  428. ram daniel Says:

    what are u waiting for,Play now!

  429. ram daniel Says:

    after the sun god,what is next?

  430. ram daniel Says:

    rank 39 is deflation

  431. Alan Says:

    Bestbtd5player- just an idea? =) just would like such a big number
    Reach zero knowing how soon you will be done
    With that level even if it goes too fast it can work like
    That poppage to rank up bar in btd4 it had numbers =)
    So i just thought of it in a different way.

  432. hyperspeeder202 Says:

    Ray of Doom upgrade is so destructive! Bloons TD5 is the best TD games.

  433. joshie88 Says:

    Good game but i am dissapointed with the tracks,i dont enjoy them like i did on BTD4…

  434. plonkey Says:

    btd5 id

  435. plonkey Says:

    sos lag and keyboard not working btd5 looks AWESOME the best btd eva i love the sniper monkey that was a nice touch!

  436. fearmaser22 Says:

    This is a VERY good game, but I’m having problems with logging in. I don’t think anyone else is, but I can log in on Ninja Kiwi Page, but it logs me out and won’t recognize my username or password, when I KNOW I typed it in correctly! Please help! Thanks!

  437. BestBtd5Player Says:

    Good game but what is the REAL reason they shut down myninjakiwi? I want to make helium bloons and angle bouncies in bloons.

  438. BestBtd5Player Says:

    @Alan You wont read the number if it goes too fast. If the countdown isnt way too much of your idea, it seems so the good part is the countdown seems to be enough of bloons to pop. Bad part is that your idea is way too accurate but how large can it be? The green line for it might be good enough to have the round passed. Why not just do that with the countdown? It will go far with a pop on round 1. 1-25

  439. meaks Says:

    minted btd5

  440. cookiemoo Says:

    you know those red colored coins you get after completing a achievement?yeah how do you spend them

  441. Dogga Says:

    Yeah Joshie88 your right
    I miss the old tracks but I love the new towers and upgrades

  442. sfd Says:

    how do you make a daily challenge?

  443. Frodo Says:

    so cool, but btd5 is already running smoothly

  444. popboy109 Says:

    i got to round 107 and that is 1 to 20 lame i like the whole game over round 100.

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