Bloons TD 5 Daily Challenges!

Thu, Jan 26, 2012

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Brand New BTD5 Update – Daily Challenges! Log in each day and get access to a cool challenge – different modes, tracks, and restricted towers each day, but always a fun test of your skills. Beating it will win you Monkey Money and make progress against 4 new Achievements. Each Challenge is only available for 24 hours, and playing every day is the only way to beat them all. Daily Challenges require that you have all of the towers unlocked, so Log In, get to Rank 18, and play the Daily Challenge!

Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Daily Challenges

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  1. Brett Says:

    This is awesome! So far, all of your updates have proven to be AMAZING!!!!!! The meerkat spy, the monkey money bonus, and now this!!! Keep it up, Stephen, you guys rock!!

  2. 777uP Says:

    Hey, pretty fun BTD game you got there, it would be this much cooler if you could add keyboard hotkeys to upgrade the monkeys more easily.

    I’m talking super monkey cool here, you do want to be super monkey cool, right?

  3. Omega Says:

    I don’t know how you people can get this perplexing game to work. I tried for half an hour to login before I quit in frustration. You (Ninjakiwi) need to have someone fix this please!

  4. Says:

    i love this game!!!! i cant believe how much you guys have done on it!!! for the next update, how about more tracks?

  5. Funnybum554 Says:

    Hey Ninja Kiwi! You should make your own Ninja Kiwi secret agent! You deserve it for this awesome game!

  6. FuzzyEmoKid Says:

    I’m in love with this game and I love all the updates you’ve done. But I had a thought when I continued the challenge in free play. I think the person (or people) who makes it further than any other person in free play after doing the challenge and continuing with the restrictions should get some NK coins or extra Monkey Money. Just a thought.

  7. Ryan Says:

    Game’s working now… wasn’t yesterday.

  8. Andrew Says:

    Can I give a few suggestions? It would be awesome to have some more non-agent units, especially the spike factory. Could you also make it so that you can use monkey money to get the premium upgrades?

  9. SerpentRose Says:

    I’ve already completed today’s challenge, which I am suspecting will be at the easy range of daily challenges and just want to say this is a great idea. It was interesting to play without being able to use my normal strategy.

    I must say I’m impressed; you’ve managed to create a truly awesome game.

    I’m also going to blame you guys for getting me ‘addicted’ to tower defense games.

  10. Konrada Says:

    I rally like this, it’s very fun. Looking forward to Special Missions!

  11. Milps Says:

    If you do add spike factory and I don’t suggest it since it is way over powered it should be a special agent that can actually be upgraded :) . it should have the upgrade to cover the entire screep with spike but that would be used as a “special abbility” with a 30 second cooldown or different if you think dosent matter anyway love this update!!!

  12. Nicolas8080 Says:

    all right, when is special missions coming out? every time you guy release something it’s so awesome we finish it in matters of minutes, which always keeps us fans mouthwatering for more BTD, in gthis case, special missions which now sys coming soon. also, serpent rose has 2 points: 1, where is spike factory from BTD4? also it will be cool to buy premium upgrades with monkey money. I know us fans are demanding, but you guys keep setting the bar higher and higher, and since we’ve gotten used to it, we’re hoping even higher bars! anyways good job BTD5 people just make it a bit easier cuz sometimes it’s WAY too hard, like Medium difficulty.

  13. vvvDINOvvv Says:

    This is a really awesome idea!
    When are you planning on releasing the “Special Missions”?

  14. Playerjjjj Says:

    The log in glitch is back! It works just like it did back when everyone was complaining about it. It can’t automaticly log in. Now, I,m not lazy, so of course I tryed to manualy log in. But no matter what, ittells me my password doesn’t match. I know it’s the right one, and I really want to experiance the updates. It started several days after the meercat spy update. Am I alone? Can you help us/me?

  15. Milps Says:

    I found a wierd glith on today’s daily chaaleng I got to round 50 and lost I still got the monkey money and it said I lost on freeplay mode :P . when I wtarted the next game it said that I beat it and I went into freeplay mode on round 1 :) .

  16. lan Says:


    BBBBBBBBBBBBEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeEeEeEeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEsT game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps


  17. olegoleg123 Says:

    Aggreed with Andrew. Also i want a FREE track editor unlocked at rank 42.(40 is Spike Factory tier 4 upgrades, 41 is expert track 3 O_o)

  18. Says:

    glad to see you guys updated the top 5!!

  19. bpk428 Says:

    How about giving us a way to create our own custom challenges in the same vain as the daily challenges, where we can select what towers and other stuff you can use, and then challenge others. Possibly for a small bounty of our own monkey money? Yeah, there will be a lot of impossible ones thought up by @$$&*@#%s, like “pass hard using only glue globs”, but with a rating system, those would get thrown out very quickly. And how about a custom track designer like BTD4 had?

    I’m also not wild about the fact that I have to mouse over the banana farms now, because that makes it impossible to use a dartling tower and banana farm at the same time. How about making an option for the dartling tower to just have it pointing in one direction that could be changed at any time instead of following the mouse?

    Lengthy comment, but really only 2 minor annoyances compared to 100 other things I like about this game. Definitely the best one in the series so far. Keep it up guys!

  20. 203995014 Says:

    @bpk428 not true. i had axxloads of banana research facicities. and i had a bazillion rays of dooms. i got 20000 cash each round. think again.

  21. TodoMePasa Says:

    I love it!, but I haven’t been able to win today’s challenge… What if you gave us the solution after the challenge has ended, just to know?

  22. James Says:

    I think we should be able to replay and favorite the daily challenges on a personal profile so we can enjoy them 24/7/365(366 this year)

  23. FlashMush Says:

    This is a great way to get people to keep playing the awesome game that is Bloons TD5!!

  24. CesartheSanchez Says:

    Some people just don’t appreciate the awsomeness they have today :(

  25. Phantom of the Bloons Says:

    Yeh seriously just add a new challenge but don’t make them disappear. I don’t always have the time to do every challenge every day.

  26. Phantom of the Bloons Says:

    Just wanted to say that the new track is GREAT! You guys are like Blizzard in how you know how to make your players happy. Thank you guys.

  27. Playerjjjj Says:

    Please help!! The stupid, nasty, no good log in glitch is back!! It has afeected me since the meercat spy update. I haven’t been able to use any of the awesome new upgrades!! PLEASE FIX IT AGIN!!!

  28. DavidB123 Says:

    I found a small bug, what happened to the sign? I just pwned Ice Rink on Easy, now this?

  29. Playerjjjj Says:

    THE LOG IN GLITCH IS BACK!! I can’t log in! It has been since shortly after the meercat spy and I want in!! I want to use my awesome updates!! Plaese fix BTD5 fast, so I can be at peace with myself!!

  30. Playerjjjj Says:

    Oops, sorry! did I post that same idea twice? So sorry! I thought I hadn’t.

  31. Jeffrey Says:


    This has really bugged me.

    PLEASE DO NOT MAKE US PAY FOR NK COINS! Maybe for each track if we get to round 100 we get 5 coins. If we get to round 200 we get 20 more coins. I do not like paying and my family has to think for days before buying stuff online. PLEASE UPDATE THAT.

    And the problems you guys have, never had them. ;)

    Also, another update you should have,
    If it’s a member’s birthday they should get free monkey money or a free rank if they are rank 39 or less or free ninjakiwi coins. Just saying, my birthday is in a few months.

  32. George034 Says: next update!

  33. question Says:

    can u guys creats an app in i pod i pad like bloons tower defence 4 but it is the 5th

  34. JDOG1553 Says:

    Why can’t we make are own challenges? It would be fun. :)

  35. Robert Says:

    When you complete a level you get points, which you can see on the leaderboard.

    How are these points awarded?

    I complete a level with no Bloons getting through, and I use no special Monkey Agents, yet I never get a good score.

  36. tanya lane Says:

    all i got to say is ur web site sucks not only does it take 45 minutes to an hour to load but it always cuts out while playin maybe u need to fix ur site or something

  37. Tyler Says:

    Hey, I love the daily challenges, I’ve done 12 of them so far, very fun! I think you should add a statistics menu. One that would give us little fun facts such as total MOABs destroyed or total rounds completed, etc. It would be fun to try to get to milestones like 1000 ZOMGs destroyed. Thanks!

  38. sniper 355 Says:

    Hi! I have some ideas for level 5 tower upgrades for each path:
    Dart Monkey:
    1. Robotic Catapult: The Catapult becomes robotic and throws 4 balls at once, and attacks 5x as fast. 20000$
    2. Plasma Shots: The Monkey shoots 3 plasma streams, and the ability is extremly powerful. 30000$
    Tack Shooter:
    1. Flamethrower Shooter: Shoots endless flames in 8 directions, pops everything comes near the flames. 42000$
    2. Napalm Shooter: adds napalm bombs to the blade attack, stunns all bloons that popping by napalm. The Napalm Maelstorm is total huge bloon havoc.
    1. MOAB Killer: Bullets from this tower do 1000 damage to MOAB Class Bloons! 100000$
    2. Supply Storm: Supply storm ability: Calls a plane that drops 100 boxes of cash! 1200000$
    Boomerang Thrower:
    1. Glaive Monster: Creates 1000 pernament glaives that orbit round the tower, sends a giant glaive hand on MOAB Class bloons, doing them 1000 damage. 2000000$
    2. Technological Turbo: Converts Hypersonic Speed to its normal speed. Boomer Spray Ability: for 10 seconds, shoots in 16 directions. 500000$
    Ninja Monkey:
    1. Ninja Cannon: Specially modified Shurikens that pop any bloon type, attack speed 10x as fast, and throws 40 Shurikens at once! 1500000$
    2. Ninja Switchbox ability: gives the ninja a switchbox that does explosions on the track for 5 seconds, stunns bloons and MOAB Class bloons! 950000$
    Bomb Tower:
    1. Robo Launcher: Launches missles 10x as fast, and huge explosions that can pop through 18 layers of bloons! 500000$
    2. ZOMG Killer ability: Shoots a missle that destroys a ZOMG! 25000$
    Ice Tower:
    1. MOAB Freezer: Can Freeze MOAB Class Bloons! 30000$
    2. Super Snow Storm Abilty: The Snow storm is 10 seconds, and can pop through 6 layers of bloons! 50000$
    Glue Gunner:
    MOAB Lyquefier: Affect MOAB Class Bloons, Metls them insantly. 150000$
    Glue Glob Storm: adds glue globs to the ability, pops more bloons. 9000$
    Monkey Buccaneer:
    Spectre Airport: Launches Spectre planes that strafe the area with napalm missles. 2000000$
    Quad Takedown: Takes hold of nearest 4 MOAB Class Bloons. 20000$
    Monkey Ace:
    Bloontonium Ace: Shoots “the big one” missles super fast. 750000$
    Extreme Ground Zero: Clears also MOAB Class Bloons. 400000$
    Super Monkey
    Temple of Annihilation: Generates 3000$ each round, throws boomerangs hypersonic and shoots flamethrower in 8 directions. 30000000$
    Quad Shooter: Shoots a pair in 4 directions. 100000$
    Monkey Apprentice:
    Super Air master:
    Shoots Tornados 10x as fast. 850000$
    Deadly Fire: Shoots blue fire that pops through 18 layers of bloon! 2500000$
    Monkey Village:
    Monkey Country: Allows towers in radius to use both path 1 and 2 in 1 tower. 2000000$
    Monkey Maker Ability: Makes every single bloon worth 100$ for 20 seconds. 3000000$
    Banana Farm
    Banana Industrial Area: Generates 10 boxes each round, each box is worth 800000$. 15000000
    Dragon’s Gold Cell: Generates 1000000$ Each Round and can hold up to 10000000$! 20000000$
    Deadly Explosion: Even bigger explosions that can pop through 18 layers! 1000000$
    Pop and Dissolve Ability: Bombards the screen for 20 seconds, Stuns any type, even MOAB Class bloon. 500000$
    Dartling Gun
    Ray of Annilation: Shoots 10 Ray of dooms. 2000000$
    Rocket Sprayer: Shoots missles in 16 directions. The huge rocket storm ability: Shoots 10000 rockets that can pop anything.

  39. NinjaBobbert Says:

    The never-changing pop count of banana farms bug me. Whats the point? You should change it to “Money gained” which shows you how much money you earned, and if it was worth buying.

  40. buddy Boon Says:

    WHOA –


    the dragon breath upgrade is now 6500 ?!?!?

  41. super mario 64 Says:

    I am not able to get more ninja kiwi coins, when I click on more coins it just takes me to a screen with all the games. I have been trying for 2 days and the same thing happens. The email for support doesn’t work it just takes me to the home page again. Is there a phone number to call or a valid email address for help with this problem?

  42. Adam Says:

    I got an idea for a challenge
    win Level 100 with 99999999999999 money 8888 lives and if u win u get 60 monkey money

  43. Me Says:

    Add an Impoppable Mode: less lives (like 50), more expensive towers and upgrades (like 115 percent), and more rounds (like 100).

  44. Patrick Says:

    Hello, I would like to talk to the makers of BTD because I have some ideas for new towers and such. But I realized as I was reading other people’s ridiculous ideas for things that my ideas probably sound just as ridiculous. Where/how can I message them? Or is this the most reliable way?

  45. ilovesonic123 Says:

    make more ways to get monkey money now

  46. Brian Says:

    Will there be track editor like btd4?

  47. Nick Says:

    The challenges are getting to hard for me! I`ve decided to just start playing for xp sense the monkey money is practically fricken useless to me because I don`t even use the agents.

  48. Nick Says:

    If I`m ever gonna beat theese challenges in the first place add them but don`t delete them.

  49. Nick Says:

    Alright I`m gonna pack this into one post. Put this f***ing game on the i-phone please please please I really want it :( . But I don`t want to beg or be rude so I`m just gonna wait a few months. Next I`d really like to know when you`ll be bringing back the spike factory and add all that other stuff to BTD5. Waiting is making me sweat with anticipation everyday. Even if I have to wait a few months for my requests this is still my favorite flash game ever and it`s on my favorite website in the world. One more thing I would like to see for this game I don`t need to see. PLease add track editor and expansion pack. This game alone is better than BTD4 but I think it would be cool to bring back all i`ts features. Thank you for making the best game ever in conclusion and keep up the good work :) !

  50. The Awsome Says:

    im just wondering why you didnt include the spike factory becuse i kind of liked the fact that it was like back up i would place it near the end and if any bloons got by the spikes would catch them.

  51. The Awsome Says:

    where spike factory

  52. Tom Says:

    LOVE BTD 5!!!!! By far the best one yet!!!! Can’t wait for Spike Factory!! :) Will BTD 5 be coming to iOS anytime soon??? Also, LOVE the graphics, but wish they didn’t take up so much space on the board some times…maybe a cool additional tower would let you combine banana factories like 5 at a time or something so we could have more room for other towers without sacraficing money…just a thought but other wise am bloown away by the game!!! Great Job!!!

  53. Jorge Says:

    When is it comming for iPad? When it does, how about adding a login so we dont loose our progress?

  54. Bloonsfantd5 Says:

    Love it just want an iPod app

  55. Jason Says:

    war themed medium challenge!
    gatling=machine gunners
    planes=fighter jets
    banana farm=you gotta make better money somehow

  56. K1LL Says:

    Hey. Bloons TD5 is a great tower defence game. I was just wondering if it had occur to u to make new bloons. For exapmle, like a Hot Air Bloons. (Which can skip half or more of the map/track & only certain towers can damage it, like the Monkey Ace Tower…)

  57. Steven Says:

    Me addicted! Need more tracks, towers, achievements, challenges, … NEED MORE! This game needs my money!

  58. TheApe Says:

    Thanks for this fine game, I enjoyed it a lot.

    By the way, is there any chance that in future updates or new Bloon games will be a possibillity that the detailrate can get redued to avoiding lag? That would help a lot.

    There are still some bloons out there, i have to go now!

  59. Milps Says:

    I have a idea for a daily challange 2 towers 1 life unlimited money monkey temple disabled only 1 of each tower type vs. 2 zomg’s I tried it in sandbox and it is possible could give either 50 or 75 monkey money or maybe be a special mission! :D hope you like my idea.

  60. chiggy123 Says:

    if there is another btd i reaallly wanna play it!

  61. 8414990 Says:

    me and freind came up with special agents. a dog that follows your mouse popping bloons.[100$ monkey money] Also a octopus that shoots out tacks.[120$] only on water. and a mole that moves around the whole screen throwing rocks at bloons.[175$] and a bird that flies around the screen popping bloons (190$) and a bunny that throws a jiant carrot across the screen and there is a target for it so you can choose were it shoots.(55$) And last there is a cat that you put on the track and pops bloons with its claws.

    p.s. btd5 is aaaaaaawwwwsssooommmeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. SammyJames Says:

    Love this game so much, and this new daily challenge feature makes it even better!

  63. Michael Says:

    Love the game.But how do u post your own daily challenges?

  64. free games Says:

    Bloons TD 5 is very good but i still like more Bloons TD 4. ^^!

  65. corrie Says:

    there should bee but for free

  66. corrie Says:

    this game is asome but u should put a spike factory in it becaus it was the best tower in btd4 and you should put in a ninjakiwi tower in it as a secret agent now that wood be cool

  67. Tommy Says:

    Im having a really hard time trying to get my friggin NK coins!!!!! I complete the offers to the rule and i dont get the stupid coins!!!!!! I need the double cash so bad!!!!!

  68. angel Says:

    how do you and can you make a daily challenges?

  69. Sorge Says:

    Hey wat about ninjakiwi give more stupid daily challenges!

  70. Sorge Says:

    the past STUPID daily challenges have been so f***ing stupid lately…

    eg. Storm at Sea- what the f*** can you beat the map without even fire breathers? plus tornadoes are so useless— fuc*king useless!

  71. Sorge Says:

    what do ninjakiwi want us to do? buy those f***ing premium upgrades! what the fuck!

  72. Sorge Says:

    IM so pissed unable to passed this today STUPID f***king daily challenge!

  73. Alex Says:

    Can you make a track editor for btd5 cause it would be cool.

  74. William Says:


  75. GPadilla Says:

    Can I use premium in these challenges?

  76. spencer Says:

    td5 is sick man!

  77. spencer Says:

    wow I like this game it is awesome!!!!!!

  78. Sprncer Says:

    I hate today’s daily challenge.

  79. Connor6481 Says:

    how do you create a daly chalenge

  80. Connor6481 Says:

    I’ve been serching for days to find how to create a daly chalenge

  81. Connor6481 Says:

    if i knew how to i would be less anoying

  82. Brandon Says:

    Where do we submit ideas for BTD5 daily challenges? I have a few.

  83. spencer Says:

    I like but i could not beat today’s

  84. simon Says:

    i love td5 im a pro at it is it rite i play it every day. i omost beat the last spasal mision i got to level 65 it was very hard!!!!!! lol lol!!!

  85. spencer Says:

    I play this game alot but I play a differt game calld modren warfare 3!

  86. dragan Says:

    how to make daily challange?????

  87. Jeffrey Says:

    Oh yeah I hope there is a track editor but plz don’t make it cost ninjacoins just make a rank to do it like rank 50 or 60 instead of paying because my family is very tight on money and very picky when it comes to paying.

  88. ForeverKill Says:

    For some reason the new upgrade art isn’t working for me.
    Can anyone help me?

  89. Bloonsrocks3333 Says:

    Thumbs up if you have spike storm :) .In the meantime,I have a feeling
    the spike factory won’t be the last of the new towers.if ninja kiwi takes our advice, maybe they’ll make towers like our tower ideas!

  90. Spencifyed Says:

    How do you make suggestions on what the challenge should be? I wanted to do the Expert Castle track on Hard with only getting money at the end of every round and starting with $2000. Also, just a suggestion, all the tracks should be labeled with a name.

  91. Spencifyed Says:

    Also, there could be an easy challenge and a hard challenge, but you could only do one or the other

  92. paul Says:

    is there a way for any one to make a daily challenge for bloon T.D.5

  93. paul Says:

    is any one on at all
    please answer me soon
    send me how to make a daily challenge at please

  94. K1LL Says:

    U guys a least need to put up videos that proves that these daily challenges can be done(like the next day, since they change).. Not just throw them out there and & hopefully we can beat them..

  95. ethan isai Says:

    wat is creator daily challenge

  96. BFGMG1 Says:

    For a challenge you should do Monkey Lane Hard only using Tack Shooters, Spike Factory, and Sniper Monkey.

  97. jorge Says:

    i think you should make an upgrade, ability or even special agent that lets you combine the third upgrades of both sides instead of the fourth one, even if it costs double, it would be cool a moab shredr spiked ball or a robo sun god! i also think you should be able to replay the daily challenges without reward, i can’t play every day.

  98. David Says:

    I love the daily challenges! Please make this a challenge soon. Easy difficulty with only the money apprentaces, Super monkey, monkey, village

  99. ninja turtle Says:

    how can i make a daily challenge ?

  100. Gargagnan Alessandro Gamba Says:

    “Dear” Ninjakiwi crew,
    I love your BTD games! :)
    I log in every day waiting for a new daily challenge, but I usually play your game (BTD5) making my own challenges. Recently I tried to use only dart monkeys or glue/aces for example.
    If you can check my games I think you could get some ideas.
    Good job! Go on this way!:)

  101. Kirby Rider Says:

    I would like one in which you can only have two of one tower on the field at once. There’s a gimmick: When one tower is upgraded to a third upgrade, the other of its kind cannot upgrade to the upgrade that the former tower upgraded to. Example: When you upgrade a Ninja Monkey to Double Shurikens, the other can only be upgraded to Flash Bomb.

  102. Kirby Rider Says:

    I even BEAT today’s Daily Challenge. Tack Towers, Spies, Bombs, Ice Towers, and more in that checkerboard limitation (Spike factories can be used, but not Road Spikes) are disabled.

  103. LinkinPark1027 Says:

    Premuim Store Upgrades should be bought with Monkey Money. Also guests should be able to play Daily Challenges and Special Missions.

    When you place the Temple of the Monkey God on the track, it makes nearby towers disappear, making you lose all the money you paid to put those towers there. You should change that.

    There should be more courses too. I like your idea of rating them by difficulty, but you should offer more Monkey Money for winning on a harder course.

    The Monkey Village should have an upgrade that allows it to reduce the cost of all towers by 50% for a period of time or a number of rounds.

    Sun God towers should be able to see Camo Bloons too. One tower should have an upgrade to make Recharging Bloons slower to recharge, making them recharge two times slower.

    Besides these changes, Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a great game.

  104. 998points Says:

    There should be a daily challenge or special mission where you earn ninjakiwi coins

  105. qwerty berty 1234 Says:

    your BTD games are awesome but i can not find a place to submit daily challenges

  106. ha ha Says:

    ninja kiwi you should make a very hard mode where you have to get to round 90 or 95 and there should be a prize the prize should be you get to keep one tower forever than you can do it again but not get a prize more than once and only have 50 and no triple lives it may be fun please don’t make people buy it or make people unlock it. it should be really challenging


  107. RickyRox2745 Says:

    You should totally add these towers NK:
    acid-for a few sec. the acid puddle will do damage to all bloons who touch it $50
    monkey glue-bring it back. Do not replace it with a glue gunner $30
    robo monkey- have it an independent tower. With upgrades to make it shoot missles, darts, fire, or the plasma $1050
    plasma tentacles-you can add it to any tower and it has the same power and upgrades as in Bloons Super Monkey $350-600
    ice cream(special agent)-freeze all bloons for a while $40

  108. RickyRox2745 Says:

    Daily Challenge: Name location rules
    Monkey Chaos/Monkey Lane/beat levels 1-40 only using dart monkeys
    Sharper than Sharp/Bloons Circles/On easy start with $3,000 and 6 bloons berry bushes and use only spike factories and road spikes
    Army Presute/snake river/Yes, only using snipers,aces,mortars,and dartling guns
    Sticky Darts/Castle/Only using dart monkeys,super monkeys,and glue gunners you must beat hard
    2012/Park Path/Beat easy starting with 30,000 only to lose it over time. No more money eccept the bonus at the end of a round

  109. RickyRox2745 Says:

    A Layout of an awesome corse named Zig-Zag. It is Begginer.Thanx NK.
    / \
    ^ ^
    / \ / \
    | | | | |
    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

  110. Odin Says:

    Ideas for Daily challenges:
    1. Only Boomerangs and one meerkatspy
    2. Every Tower, but without upgrades and to hard

    Ideas for Special Missions:
    1. You can’t buy upgrades, the towers get upgrades theyreself by popping bloons
    2. Big money but the bloontoniumtrack 1 round, on every side comes one ZOMG

  111. Brett Says:

    Ok, theres something seriously wrong right now about BTD5. Every time I open up the game, theres extreme! lag and it crashes! Please fix this!!!!

  112. Rich Says:

    Perfect idea for a daily challenge: “Thunder and Lightning”

    Bomb Towers, 2/2 upgrades (Thunder)

    Monkey Apprentice Towers, 2/2 Upgrades (Lightning)

    Short & sweet, nothing too complicated.

  113. PacBrad Says:

    You can’t play Daily Challenges as a guest. You can’t even buy Prem’ stuff with Monkey Money, otherwise it will be impossible to buy them, because of their predicted price. I REALLY WANT SPECIAL MISSIONS FOR GUESTS!!!! If you guys don’t do this, then you have caused a problem with kids aged 8-15. I’m 14, so PLEASE fix this!

    With the towers being removed from the game from the Temple of The Monkey God, the Sun God is DEMANDING SACRIFICE so the more towers near the Sun God, the stronger it is! This should be helpful!

    You win more Monkey Money on a harder Track, and a harder level of difficulty as well.

    The Monkey Village WILL NOT, AND WILL NEVER WILL have an upgrade that lowers the price of the upgrade by 50%.

    I think that the Sun God should detect and pop camos. This will be REALLY useful. Please don’t make it a premium! :D

    Bloons TD 5 is awesome, but please make it even more awesomer with these requests! I’m counting on you, Josh, Scott, Chad, Tamihana, Warwick, Derek, Jonathan, Lee, Tosh, Curtis, Phil, Tim, Chris and Stephen (yes, that’s you too!)

  114. PacBrad Says:

    One more thing… I reckon that the Signal Flare should weaken the Regen Bloons. Once they get struck by the Mortar, their Regen speed halves.

  115. PacBrad Says:

    Also, there has to be these versions of the game. I expect them released before 2016.

    BTD for Wii. WiiWare for 800 Wii Points. Demo included
    BT3D. It’s for the Nintendo 3DS.
    BTD4 DSi
    BTD for XBox
    BTD for Vita
    BTD5 Deluxe, Windows and Mac.
    BTD5 iPhone
    BTD5 iPad
    BT3D2. Just like BTD4, but for the 3DS.
    BTD4 for XBox
    BTD for PS3
    BTD for Wii U
    BTD4 for Vita
    BTD6 Deluxe
    BTD6 iPhone
    BTD6 iPad

    And these before 2018…

    BTD5 (Not 4!) for Wii. WiiWare for 1.2K Wii Points.
    BTD5 for Xbox and Vita
    BTD5 for PS3 and PS4
    BT3D3. Just like BTD5 but for the 3DS.
    BTD6 for Vita, XBox, and WiiWare.
    BTD5 DSi
    BTDFB, Bloons Tower Defence Facebook!

    Work hard guys!

  116. fufu Says:

    I think they should add more balloon td5 daily challenges and your right pacbrad they should have special missions for guests.

  117. PacBrad Says:

    Thank you fufu.

  118. silverwolflp Says:

    when i click on the daily challange, by the description, it says: created by so and so. so does that mean we can make the daily challanges, and if it’s good, you’ll do it? and if yeah, how???
    and i love the spike factory. You guys did an awesome job on that.

  119. silverwolflp Says:

    Daily challange: Fire and Ice.
    Bomb Towers (full upgrades)
    Ice towers (full upgrades)
    Tack shooter (4/2 upgrades)

    Decent idea, but play around with it if you like.

  120. dude Says:

    Fix the the loading

  121. beatl$$ Says:

    make a glue bloon for the glue towers

  122. PacBrad Says:

    Glue bloon? Are you sure?

    If yes, I must test you. Can a match box?

    Yes, they are the strongest!
    No, but a tin can.

  123. RickyRox2745 Says:

    Some suggetions for special agents and towers
    Porky/A porcipine that shoots 4 thorns simultaniously at its prey (bloons)/$90
    Phoenix/Yes the Apprentices pow. up. Has the same basic attacks/$40
    Monkey Tank/A giant tank which shoots burning lead and has a monkey on top that has a camo cap/$1800
    acid/for a few sec. the acid puddle will do damage to all bloons who touch it/$50
    monkey glue/bring it back. Do not replace it with a glue gunner/$30
    robo monkey/have it an independent tower. With upgrades to make it shoot missles, darts,and even the green plasma/$2550

  124. PacBrad Says:

    No RickyRox2745. Not happening. Chris, do you agree?

  125. PacBrad Says:

    However, there are other people who is requesting for Monkey Glue as well. Please bring it back. I will be checking.

  126. PacBrad Says:

    Scream, all of you! It’s Friday the 13th!

  127. PacBrad Says:

    And if you’re sure, I must test you. Can a match box?

    Yes, they even incinerated all other boxers!
    No, however, a tin can,

  128. PacBrad Says:

    sniper 355, let me finish you off.
    Spike Factory
    Kapop: Explodes instantly when it touches a bloon. Pops off 9 layers. $600000
    ZOMG Zipper: Pops MOAB-class bloons straight away, even ZOMGs. $90000000

  129. Carl Jose M.Guingab Says:

    i have a suggestion to for special agents and tower
    Special Agents:
    1.Gorilla-(not totally fair is’n it)place it and it will bounce to a bloon and pop all of there layers MOAB class bloons are immune to this
    2.Sonic Darts(Just make it an premium upgrade) Applies to 1 dart monkey and once he hit 1 blloon he can destroyed 8 layers of bloon
    1.Sonic Monkey-attacks a super sound sonic that can pop nloons or sometimes stunt them
    *Abilitie*-Super Wave Sound-Can Pop all bloons on the screen MOAB class bloons are immune to tjis
    2.Warrior Monkey-Can Throw Swords at bloons that is more pop-tastic
    *Abilitie*-Call The Dragon(more like the phonex)Can Summon A Dragon That can Destroyed Bloons for 10 seconds

  130. PacBrad Says:

    There MUST be a screen that says (after you click Special Missions, and you are not logged in) “It is recommended that you log in! If you don’t, you won’t get any Awesome at all!” Buttons are “Log In/Register” and “Continue”. THERE IS ONE BUTTON MISSING! I repeat, THERE IS ONE BUTTON MISSING! Again, ONE BUTTON IS MISSING! (oops, the last one was different)

  131. PacBrad Says:

    Can ALL of you stop with you tower/Special Agent/game mode/menu/restriction removal/track/mission and challenge/Special Agent Pro/premium/bloon suggestions? Chris and the rest of Ninja Kiwi is getting annoyed!

  132. PacBrad Says:

    Here is why I want you to stop:

    For tower suggestions, you may force Ninja Kiwi to create bugs to stop the game from saving, and that will spoil the other players fun.

    Special Agents, same as above, but Ninja Kiwi may reject it more often.

    Game modes, this will spoil the fun of other players and will make the other players upset about your suggestion. There needs to be an expert mode where you only have 50 lives and prices are over 120% of the normal prices.

    Menus, you will make other player lost.

    Restriction removals, you will make kids flow like a river to summon thing parents might not like kids to do. The Special Mission restriction should be the only restriction removed.

    Tracks, you will make complicated tracks and say what you think it is, but it’s something else. For instance, one of the track suggestions above is a Advanced, not a Beginner.

    Missions and challengers, you will make them very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY hard. Harder than what NK is creating.

    Special Agent Pros, you will be rejected.

    Premiums, you will not be fair.

    Bloons, you are forcing Ninja Kiwi to modify rounds 11-85, making them harder. Sandbox mode is not your cuppa tea for this, and if that’s the case, you won’t assign the hotkey for your invented bloon, very likely.

    Other, find out what you problem is!

  133. PacBrad Says:

    Make a survey for parents if they are OK with their kids playing Special Missions, you may do a blog post.

  134. PacBrad Says:

    RickyRox2745, your layout of Zig-Zag is Advanced. The hard thing about it is the bloons may slip though your defences, choosing a short path.

    Good luck, it might not be happening!

  135. PacBrad Says:

    There are some grammar mistakes, such as “First Green bloons are coming next level.” instead of “The first 4 Green bloons are heading down next.”

    There is over 5, so please find them and fix them. If there was some students making the game, then there is a possibility that they will get an D, E or F (if the school applies F grades).

  136. PacBrad Says:

    sniper 355, let me fix your Monkey Village upgrade.

    Super Monkey City: Demands all monkeys nearby, and transforms them into Super Monkey. Although, Monkey Apprentices are immune to this, because they do not like to be a Super Monkey themselves, and they reject the City’s demand.

  137. Laurynas Says:

    i want to ask: how can you make a daily chalenge in btd5 because i have so many desicions. Usually at the end of a daily challenge there is a name who made this challenge

  138. Laurynas Says:

    And i have suggestion for towers 1: sowrd master: it pops bloons on track with a sword. special ability: trows a sword like a jungernaut trough anything including moab. 2: flame monkey. It shoots with a flamethrower, but it has upgrades not like monkey apprentice or soemthing. I hope you like my ideas

  139. Zario777 Says:

    Quick question: Is the Track Editor coming to BTD5? Just curious

  140. PacBrad Says:


  141. PacBrad Says:

    My tower idea: Lightning Beacon.

    This beacon act just like the High Energy Beacon, except it doesn’t help monkeys out and it has upgrades. $2000


    Path 1
    1-1: Double Lightning: You can select two target priorities for the tower now. The default is Strong and First. $900
    1-2: Hyper Range: Gives the beacon extra range, by a long shot. $1500
    1-3: Triple Terror: Three times the fun. $4000 Activates 3 target priorities. $4000
    1-4: Quadtrouble: Hence those lightning strikes! Activates all target priorities so that you don’t have to select 4. $8000

    Path 2

    2-1: Ice Shattering: Makes the lightning hotter so that it can pop frozen bloons! $500
    2-2: Lead Poppin’: Makes the lightning even hotter so that it can pop leads! $2000
    2-3: Bloon Drilling: Pops 2 layers of bloon. $6000
    2-4: Lightning Storm Ability: Calls in 25 lightning strikes. The lightning will target a random spot, so it might not be able to pop bloons all of the time. Recharges for 60 seconds. $7500

    Does anyone like my idea? Please update the game with this tower.

  142. PacBrad Says:

    I can’t think of an image that looks like it…

    eMailed me yet?

  143. aditya Says:

    special mission- BEAT a single wave of 200 cremic bloons with only 30000 cash. reward 300 monkey money.

  144. aditya Says:

    There should be premium upgrades purchased from monkey money or there should be ways to earn free NK coins.

  145. Laurynas Says:

    it thing its pritty good, just i thing those upgrades are a little expensive dont you think?

  146. Laurynas Says:

    I think not. its not coming

  147. Laurynas Says:

    NO not coming

  148. Starmanmario Says:

    there sould be a daily challenge or special mission called lords and gods + temples/ can only use sun gods, temple of the monkey god, and glaive lords.plz it will have 20,000 starting cash.

  149. Laurynas Says:

    Can the monkey beacon see camo bloons?

  150. Stephen Says:

    Can y’all plz make this for IPhone and I touch!!!

  151. Stephen Says:

    Plz. And fast. Btw. @ the Stephen who wrote this. Nice name =)

  152. Brett Says:

    Ok, sorry Ninjakiwi, but the Special Agent Pro thing is a huge disappointment. In total, unlocking all the pros would take $30050 Monkey Money. Don’t you find that a BIT expensive?? And really, the new update for getting money each game you finish isn’t such a big help to getting cash- I completed Castle Easy and get only 60 bucks? Bit of a cheap reward, and doesn’t really put a dent in the extreme price for pros- it would take over 1,000 games on easy just to upgrade the Bloonsday Device! Please, give us a reasonable reward or a less-taxing pro- this is ridiculous!

  153. Tha Boss Says:

    Alright…. there’s like 50000 glitches in this newest update with the extra monkey money feature. For example, on the castle level if you build a glue tower and upgrade it once, it disappears. Also on the same level, boomerang monkeys cannot be used. And on monkey lane, super monkeys cannot be used, the monkey village disappears when upgraded (4,_), etc…. there’s so many problems.

  154. Tha Boss Says:

    jk….. some of them got fixed. I’m not sure yet how many.

  155. ABC Says:

    On BTD5, you should make a monkey shot gun! with upgrades like add a bullet in the spread, shoot faster, and the ability is air strike. It sends a monkey ace to shoot even faster then a super monkey in 34 differnt directions! Well, please make this tower!

  156. Laurynas Says:

    but dailly challenges get more harder. At first i completed them easy, but now i dont complete them.

  157. PacBrad Says:

    Heyy Ninja Kiwi, got a suggestion for a Special Agent.

    Gorilla: Throws darts four times as fast and is double handed. The gorilla changes hands every shot.

    Pro: Bomber Gorilla: Throws some bombs instead of darts.

    Price: $85 Monkey Money.

  158. PacBrad Says:

    No Monkey Glue still?

  159. Brett Says:

    Nice job, NinjaKiwi! The Double-Monkey Money weekend= BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! I’m DEFINETLY Gonna take advantage of this sweet, SWEET weekend!!! Still a bit annoyed that the Pros are expensive, but at least I can get one by this weekend. Thanks guys! :)

  160. KeroroBoom Says:

    Make More Monkeys It Is So Fun

  161. PacBrad Says:

    3-3s are not overpowered.

  162. PacBrad Says:

    For BTD6 I would like the Spike-O-Pult to be a separate tower. I would like 10 upgrades per tower, in two paths. I would like 26 towers. Here are my suggestions.


    Dart Monkey

    Throws a single dart at a bloon. Each dart can only pop 1 bloon at a time.

    1-1: Long Range (Increases the range of the Dart Monkey)
    1-2: Night Vision (Increases the range even further and allows seeing of Camo Bloons. Does not grant direction to other towers.)
    1-3: Splodey Darts (Make the darts explode on their last pop, don’t make it a premium!)
    1-4: Bigger Darts (Increases the size of the darts by x1.5)
    1-5: Murderer (Throws huge darts! Unlocked at Rank 27)

    2-1: Sharp Darts (Darts can now pop up to 2 Bloons each.)
    2-2: Razor Sharp Darts (Darts are razor sharp, they can pop up to 4 Bloons at once!)
    2-3: Triple Darts (Throws 3 darts at once!)
    2-4: Rebounding Darts (Bounces from one Bloon to another. It also has a special chemical to pop Lead Bloons.)
    2-5: Super Monkey Fan Club (ABILITY: Turns up to 15 Dart Monkeys into Super Monkeys. Any Dart Monkey with Rebounding Darts will have Laser Blasts. Read down for more about Super Monkeys.)

    Tack Shooter

    Shoots 8 tacks in any 8 directions. The Green Tack aims at the target chosen. Unlocked at Rank 2

    1-1: Faster Shooting (Shoots faster.)
    1-2: Even Faster Shooting (Shoots even faster than ever!)
    1-3: Tack Sprayer (Shoot 16 tacks instead of the usual 8.)
    1-4: Chemical for Leads (Adds a chemical that will allow tacks to pop Leads. Read Dart Monkey for more.)
    1-5: Ring of Fire (Shoots fiery blasts that are impossible for Bloons to dodge! Unlocked at Rank 28)

    2-1: Longer Range (Increases the range.)
    2-2: Camo Machine (Allows the Tack Shooter to pop Camo Bloons and increases range even further!)
    2-3: Blade Shooter (Shoots Blades instead of tacks. These Blades are not sharp enough to pop Leads.)
    2-4: Sharper Blades (The Blades are now sharp enough to pop Leads!)
    2-5: Blade Storm (ABILITY: Shoots 40 Blades in a circular motion. Almost impossible to dodge.)

    NEW TOWER: Chimpanzee

    Goes crazy all of the time, and won’t ever relax. It has a dart tail, so darts will fly everywhere. Unlocked at Rank 3

    1-1: Camo Machine (The darts from the tail will pop Camos.)
    1-2: Faster Shooting (Shoots more frequently!)
    1-3: Chemical (Add a chemical that allows the Chimp to pop Leads.)
    1-4: Rebounding Darts (Read 2-4 on the Dart Monkey for information about this)
    1-5: Rocket Chimp (Flies everywhere he goes, and shoots darts more often! Unlocked at Rank 29)

    2-1: Focused Firing (Enables a Green Dart that goes straight for the Target Priority chosen.)
    2-2: Homer Dart (Makes the Green Dart go see and go straight for the Target Priority chosen by itself.)
    2-3: Rockets (Shoots rockets instead of darts!)
    2-4: MOAB Maulers (Shoot rockets that does big damage to MOAB Class Bloons.)
    2-5: Chimp Siren (ABILITY: Ring it to call in a chimp, upgraded to 2/2 already, and for a limited time.)

    Sniper Monkey

    Has infinite range, and shoot super-fast bullets that strip two layers of Bloons. Unlocked at Rank 4

    1-1: Sharp Firing (Shoots a faster bullet. It allows it to pop four layers of Bloonsthe bullets to pop Leads. Also allows )
    1-2: Point 5-0 (Strips seven layers of Bloons!)
    1-3: Killer (Takes down any type of normal Bloons. Does good damage to MOAB Class Bloons.
    1-4: Zipping Straight Through (Pops multiple Bloons in a straight line. The line ends at the edge of the screen, or at a MOAB Class Bloon.
    1-5: MOAB Teaser (Stops a MOAB Class Bloon for a short time. Does not effect KOABs. Unlocked at Rank 30)

    2-1: Faster Firing (Shoots faster.)
    2-2: Night Vision Googles (Allows the Sniper Monkey to see Camos)
    2-3: Semi Automatic Riffle (Shoots x3 as fast!)
    2-4: Automatic Riffle (Shoots x7 as fast!)
    2-5: Supply Drop (ABILITY: Drops a box of bananas. Roll your cursor over it to get up to $1000.)

    Boomerang Monkey

    Throws a Boomerang that travels to the Bloons and then back to the tower. Unlocked at Rank 5

    1-1: Sonic Boom (Allows the Boomerangs/Glaives to pop Frozen Bloons.)
    1-2: Red Hot Rangs’ (Allows the Boomerangs/Glaives to pop Leads!)
    1-3: Light-sabre Thrower (Like BTD4, Throws Light-sabres instead of Bommerangs or Glaives that can pop 50 Bloons at once. Buy the Multi Target and the Glaive Thrower upgrades for the Light-sabres to pop up to 120 Bloons at once!
    1-4: Four way Light-sabres (Throws Light-sabres in a + shape!)
    1-5: The Deadly Cross (Throws Light-sabres in a 8-poins star shape, except it’s in lines. Eight way Light-sabres does good carnage! Unlocked at Rank 31 with Sandbox Mode)

    2-1: Multi Target (Boomerangs can pop up to 7 Bloons. If you have brought the Light-sabre upgrade, Light-sabres pop up to 85 Bloons.
    2-2: Glaive Thrower (Unlike Ninjas, throws Glaives that are faster, more dangerous and can pop up to 15 Bloons at once. Light-sabres will pop 120 Bloons.)
    2-3: Tron Monkey (Throws Discs instead of Glaives. This Tron Monkey finally escaped the Monkey Machine but however, he couldn’t get back his casual clothes, so he decided to throw his precious discs that can pop up to 230 Bloons and show his skills off! They have a blue light, upgrading it to Sonic Boom will have a cyan light, and Red Hot Rangs’ will have a green light. Easy to tell.)
    2-4 Furious Fun (Throws faster and stronger Discs, because this Tron Monkey started to hate having Bloons close to him! Discs can now pop up to 500 Bloons.)
    2-5 Armagetron Bikes (ABILITY: Calls another Tron Monkey who rides a Tron Bike. He creates a big wall that lasts for 5 rounds. You cannot use this during a round.)

    Road Spikes

    Unlocked at Rank 6. Place this on the Track to pop Bloons slipping past your defences! Pops up to 13 Bloons at once, with Tack Awesomeizer, 28 Bloons.

    Not Upgradeable, this is not a tower.


    Unlocked at Rank 7. This explodes after 3, 2, 1, in a medium radius. It can pop Leads but not Blacks and Zebras. Get the Grilled Pineapples to make them explode in an instant!

    Not Upgradeable, this is not a tower.

    Monkey Glue

    Unlocked at Rank 8. Everyone’s favourite glue has returned! Instead of having a Glue Gunner, you can D. I. Y. by placing it on the track. These Blobs of glue only last for 30 seconds, and you can only place up to 5 on the track at a time.

    Not Upgradeable, this is DEFINITELY not a tower! :D

    NEW OBSTACLE: Flint & Stone

    Unlocked at Rank 9. Burns up Bloons and pops them every 2 seconds. Light it up by your cursor or by an explosive or similar. The fire stays alive for 45 seconds.

    Not Upgradeable, this is not a tower, and I really mean it. I repeat, I MEAN IT!!!! ;)


    The Monkeys hate to have an upgrade for the Dart Monkey to be this. It is now a tower again. Throws heavy Spike Balls that pop up to 18 Bloons at once. Upgradeable to get different colours and other powers. Unlocked at Rank 10 with an Intermediate Track.

    1-1: Faster Shooting (Reloads faster!)
    1-2: Blue Ball (Sometimes shoots a Blue Ball that pops Frozen Bloons. Buy the Triple Shot upgrade for this to be used more often.)
    1-3: Juggernaut (Heavier than a normal Spike Ball, pops up to 140 Bloons at once, pops Leads and crushes Creamiacs.)
    1-4: Triple Juggernauts (Very painful. You don’t want to do this at home.)
    1-5: Robo Catapult (Robotic Spike-O-Pult that shoots balls at random. Black, Red, Blue, Green or those Juggernauts! Unlocked at Rank 32)

    2-1: Longer Range (Increases the range.)
    2-2: Stronger Blacks (Blacks can now do more carnage than a normal Black Ball.)
    2-3: Red Ball (Reds can pop BOTH Leads and Frozen Bloons. It is recommended that you mix this with Blue Balls so that you can get more efficiency.)
    2-4: Triple Shot (Throws three Spike Balls at once, and in different colours.)
    2-5: Green Ball (This leaks Poison. ABILITY: Ball Storm: Throws random coloured Spike Balls and orbits the Spike-O-Pult in a radius that gradually gets bigger [and further away from the tower...]!)

    NEW TOWER: Onion

    Yuck! This stinky tower spreads an odour around that slows Bloons down. Zebras and stronger cannot be slowed. Upgrading it allows the odour to pop Bloons, starting at 2-2. Unlocked at Rank 11

    1-1: Yellow Odour (Slows down all types of Bloons except for MOAB Class Bloons.)
    1-2: Orange Odour (Slows down Bloons in a slower speed. It increases the Onion’s range, too!)
    1-3: Red Odour (Increases the range even more and can slow down MOABs, not BFBs, ZOMGs or KOABs.
    1-4: Purple Odour (Slows down any Bloon it touches, but not KOABs.)
    1-5: Blue Odour (Spreads like a virus! All Bloon types are slowed down, and Regens lose their ability. Unlocked at Rank 33 with an Expert Track)

    2-1: Freaky Odour (Camos lose their Camo status and can be pop by towers that cannot detect Camo Bloons)
    2-2: Toxic Odour (Pops Bloons ONCE when they enter the radius. Blacks and Zebras and Leads, cannot be popped, Whites can be popped though.)
    2-3: Monkey Toxin (This Chemical will allow the Onion to pop Blacks, Zebras and even Leads!)
    2-4: Dark Odour (Darkens the odour, so that it is easy to see the odour. The odour will also pop Bloons 3 times when they are in the radius!)
    2-5: Fart (ABILITY: The Onion farts and the odour will cover the whole screen! This will not pop any Bloons though.)


    Shoots a bomb that will pop almost any Bloon. It won’t pop Blacks and Zebras. Unlocked at Rank 12

    1-1: Eyed Bombs (These bombs are living things, when they explode, they lose their shell. This upgrade will enable the Target Priorities, all of them, and increases the range.)
    1-2: Frag Bombs (The bombs have an afterpower, they shoot sharp fragments at the Bloons!)
    1-3: MOAB Mauler (Does good damage to MOAB Class Bloons!)
    1-4: Angry Bomb/Rocket (Does more damage to MOAB Class Bloons, and can pop Blacks and Zebras because they are aggressive!)
    1-5: KOAB Killer (ABILITY: They Angry Bomb/Rocket sends in a BIG Bomb/Rocket that does 7500 damage to MOAB Class Bloons! They have a big explode radius, too! Unlocked at Rank 34)

    2-1: Bigger Bombs (Doubles the bomb size for a bigger blast!)
    2-2: Missiles (Shoots missiles instead of bombs. They are faster, they have a longer range, and have a popping power of 4.)
    2-3: Smart Missiles (Self aims at the strongest Bloon!)
    2-4: Sparks (While the missile is flying, sparks fly out of the missile. They can pop any Bloon except for Leads.)
    2-5: More Destructive Sparks (Sparks fly out more often, and will pop Leads! ABILITY: Electric Boom: Forces all electronics to blow up. Don’t worry, they will replace it with a free upgrade! Tron Monkeys won’t blow up.)

    This is the only tower with two abilities.

    Ninja Monkey

    This tower shoots Shurikens rapidly and can see Camo Bloons, it gives education to Dart Monkeys to Camo Bloons too, but won’t teach any other tower. Unlocked at Rank 13 with Deflation Mode.

    1-1: Sharp Shurikens (Shurikens can now pop up to 4 Bloons at once.)
    1-2: Take the Script (Allows the Ninja to shoot faster, and it will also increase it’s range.
    1-3: Double Shot (Shoots 2 Shurikens at once!)
    1-4: Bloonjistu (The art of Bloonjistu [can't spell it right, I think] allows the Ninja to shoot five Shurikens at once!!)
    1-5: Bloonjistu Pro (Better trained Ninja = 13 Shurikens!!)

    2-1: Seeking Shurikens (Goes straight to Bloons by itself.)
    2-2: Scary Shurikens (-s the Bloons off so that they run away from Shruikens, and then they try again!)
    2-3: Sword Power! (Throws a sword and a Shuriken!)
    2-4: Dynamic Duo (Allows you to buy a free Ninja Monkey, but one time only. It can never be brought again after you buy it. It also gives the Ninja flash bombs.)
    2-5: Big Bloon Sabotage (ABILITY: Halves the speed of new Bloons. Unlocked at Rank 35)

    Well this Ninja is useful!

    Super Monkey

    Throws darts ultra-fast! You can upgrade it so it is way more powerful! Unlocked at Rank 14

    1-1: Laser Blasts (Put on a safety mask before using it, please. Pop bloons just by seeing them. Also pops Frozen Bloons!
    1-2: Plasma Blasts (Should Super Monkeys have three eyes? No, they cannot! Their masks make them look like they have 3 eyes, but their vision can pop anything it touches!)
    1-3: Green Plas’ Blasts (More futuristic than a normal Plasma Blast, it cuts though Bloons on and on, that the plasma is almost travelling forever!)
    1-4: Sparks will Fly (Sparks will Fly out of the plasma blast to pop more Bloons. It’s very cheap, but with it, you can get the Level 5 upgrade quickly.
    1-5: Ray of Doom! (Orange blast, mask, cape and underwear, and a green suit! Shoots a never-ending ray that will vaporise anything, and everything. Does VERY GOOD damage to MOAB Class Bloons, and pops off 6 layers of Bloons! Unlocked at Rank 36 with a free Track Editor)

    2-1: Great Range (Bigger range is better!)
    2-2: Night Vision (Read about the Dart Monkey for information on this, and it gives even further range!)
    2-3: Super Stall (Gives Super Juice to one tower at a time. Still attacks, but the Super Monkey is giving service to other Monkeys.)
    2-4: Super Juice for Bloons (Replaces Monkey Glue with Super Juice. Super Juice is more painful then Monkey Glue.)
    2-5: Super Monkey Storm (ABILITY: Instead of the Special Agent, you can call Monkey Storms 24/7.)
    2-6: Upgrade Monkey Storm to White-out of Doom (Make all Bloons blind, and gets popped after the white-out. Does damage to MOAB Class Bloons!

    Ninja Kiwi

    Yahoo! This is the Ninja Kiwi, and you can build two, three or more! Replaces the Monkey Village, and allows nearby towers to detect camo Bloons. Unlocked at Rank 15

    1-1: Pocket Wi-Fi (Increases the range of nearby towers.)
    1-2: Bank Account (Saving is easy! The Ninja Kiwi has a credit card in his pocket so he pays 10% of the tower or upgrade cost. Effects all towers and new towers you build.)
    1-3: Palace (Gives more cash per pop.)
    1-4: Siren (Goes off every time a KOAB is about to appear in the next 15 minus seconds. It also goes off at the first round with a KOAB.)
    1-5: Sound Chooser (Don’t like the weoh-weoh? Change it to your preference! Also show a line with KOABs on it, to indicate when they will appear. Unlocked at Rank 37 with an Expert Track)

    2-1: Flute (Inspires all by giving towers a short speed increase!)
    2-2: Blue Belt (Increases all tower’s popping power by 1.)
    2-3: Green Belt (Starts attacking Bloons with the Kiwi’s claws!)
    2-4: Brown Belt (Throws bombs out of it’s fur!)
    2-5: Red Belt (Incredibly powerful that almost anything flies out of his fur. ABILITY: Ninja War Cry: Shouts and pops all Bloons. Also doubles the popping power and speed of ALL towers!

    Glue Gunner

    Shoots a blob of glue at a Bloon, to slow it down. This willl disable Monkey Glue, except for when Super Juice has been brought. Unlocked at Rank 16.

    1-1: Glue Soak (Soaks though all layers of Bloons.)
    1-2: Sharp Gun (Shoots glue faster, and increases the speed of the travelling blob. It also increases it’s range.)
    1-3: Poison Glue (Pops a layer of a Bloon every two seconds.)
    1-4: Badly Poisoned Glue (Pops a layer of a Bloon every 0.5 seconds. Can glue MOAB Class Bloons, except for KOABs)
    1-5: Toxic Glue (Pops Bloons every millisecond! Unlocked at Rank 38 with Apopalypse Mode)

    2-1: Stickier Glue (Glue stays on each Bloon for 30 seconds instead of 15.)
    2-2: Even Stickier Glue (Glue is stuck on each Bloon forever!
    2-3: Glue Splatter (Instead of gluing one Bloon at a time, the gun splatters 13 Bloons at once, and at random.)
    2-4: Glue Hose (Shoots glue just more than 15x as fast. Remember to turn it off when you are finished!)
    2-5: Glue Striker (ABILITY: Glues all Bloons on the screen, but not MOAB Class Bloons.

    Please note: Poison Glue and Glue Splatter are separate. Once you buy a Level 4 upgrade, the Level 3 upgrade on the other path will be activated automatically.

    Monkey Buccaneer

    This is the only tower than can be placed on water. Shoots a heavy dart that can pop up to 15 Bloons at once. Unlocked at Rank 17. They can placed on puddles as well, they’re deep.

    1-1: Sharper Darts and Grape Shot (The Dart from this tower can pop 45 Bloons at once and adds deadly grapes to the attack!)
    1-2: Longer Cannons (Increases the range!)
    1-3: Vikings (Shoots incredibly fast!)
    1-4: Get Sacrifice (Destroy nearby towers to make new weapons, or just increase the speed and range.)
    1-5: Get Sacrifice Again (Same as above. You can keep on buying this on and on until you have a perfect Viking team. You can keep the Sacrifice going at Rank 39 and on.)

    2-1: Faster Firing (Shoots faster.)
    2-2: Crow’s Nest (Allows the Buccaneer to shoot at Camos. Can’t grant direction to towers)
    2-3: Pirates (Adds bombs to the attack!)
    2-4: Eyed Bombs (Read Cannon for description, Eyed Bomb from the Pirates are the same from an ordinary cannon.)
    2-5: MOAB Takedown (ABILITY: Grabs the closest MOAB Class Bloon, and kills it. ZOMGs and KOABs are too heavy.)

    Banana Farm

    Every minute, you get $150 from the Bananas sold. Buy the service upgrade for an opportunity to get heaps more! Unlocked at Rank 18

    1-1: More Bananas (Every 40 seconds, you get $400.)
    1-2: Banana Shop (Starts serving Bananas to customers, every 5-30 seconds, you get $700 from the Monkeys.)
    1-3: TV Ads (Attracts more Monkeys by using TV Ads. You get money every 2-13 seconds now.)
    1-4: Newspaper and Computer Ads (Attracts even more Monkeys! You get money every 0.5-6 seconds)
    1-5: Ads Everywhere (Attracts a heap of Monkeys!! You get money every 0.1-2 seconds. Useful if you pay a lot, or if you’re trying to save up for a Sun God! Unlocked at Rank 40)

    2-1: Meter (When this fill up, you get money. Impatient? Buy this Meter and you don’t have to wait all of the time!)
    2-2: Double Round Bonus (Doubles the reward you get after each round, for example, if you won round 38, you get $274 instead of $137. Combine this with double cash for even more money!)
    2-3: Banana Republic (Gives $1500 every 5 minutes. Get the More Bananas upgrade for $1800 every 3 minutes, Banana Shop for services for Monkeys, $2800 every 90 seconds.)
    2-4: Monkey Police (Catches shoplifters and gives you $2000 for every Monkey caught.)
    2-5: Stocks Gone Up (Continuous buy: increases the stock by 1, so you get more money every customer. Upgrade it enough, and you can get Prize Tokens and Monkey Money.)

    Many will say it’s overpriced.

    NEW TOWER: Robo Monkey

    Instead of the upgrade, reaching Rank 19 will allow you to buy a greatly powered robot that shoots darts rapidly. Upgrade it to shoot plasma, missiles or make more money first, before buying any upgrade. Try the Banana Farm!

    1-1: Two Streams (Sick of one stream of darts/missiles? Activate the 2nd hand, for more popping!)
    1-2: Plasma Ring (Makes the Robo Monkey stand on a platform. Every 15 seconds, the Monkey next to the platform will pull the rope with an awesome attack!)
    1-3: Laser Blasts (Read Super Monkey Laser Blasts for information.)
    1-4: Pink Plas’ (Read Super Monkey Plasma Blasts for information.)
    1-5: Tech’ Terror (Uses Green Plasma and activates an ABILITY: Bloon Killer: Pull the rope further and… BOOM! Destroys nearby Bloons and does 1000 damage to MOAB Class Bloons! Unlocked at Rank 41)

    2-1: Robo Range (Increases the range!)
    2-2: Missile Trial (Shoots Missiles until you buy the Laser upgrade or until you buy the next upgrade.)
    2-3: Homer Missiles (Seeks out and goes straight to Bloons!)
    2-4: MOAB Maulers (Good job; you can now defeat MOAB Class Bloons easily!)
    2-5: Tech’ Temple (Painful, demands sacrifice, and stronger than any other tower! Not even the TOTMG can beat this!

    Monkey Apprentice

    Learning from the Monkey Arts of Magic Academy, this Monkey can shoot powerful balls that pop 2 Bloons each. Upgrade it to make it shoot more spells. Path 1 is Air, Path 2 is Fire. Unlocked at Rank 20

    1-1: Lightning Bolts (Shoots chain lightning at the Bloons! It can pop up to 75.)
    1-2: Camo Detection and Longer Range (Increases the range and allows Monkey Sense to make the Apprentice see Camo Bloons.)
    1-3: Summon Tornado (Shoots tornadoes that blow Bloons back, but…!)
    1-4: Tempest Tornado (Pops Bloons as they’re moving back but still…!)
    1-5: Weaker Tornado (Although the Tornadoes keep the glue and ice on, it slows the speed of the blow! Unlocked at Rank 42)

    2-1: Fireball (Shoots fireballs as well as spell balls.)
    2-2: Insane Magic (The fireballs have a bigger explosion radius and the magic ball is bigger, and can now pop up to 12 Bloons!)
    2-3: Flame-thrower (Shoots nothing but fire, has short range though.)
    2-4: Wizard (At any time, you can give up on the Flame-thrower and return to normal spells. The fireball can now ignite other Bloons and pop them every 2 seconds if so.)
    2-5: Phoenix (ABILITY: Summon a Phoenix that shoots fire for 30 seconds, no matter what type of spells you have, you can use it at any time!)

    Mortar Monkey

    Aim it, and shoot some Mortars at the targeted spot! Unlocked at Rank 21

    1-1: Bigger Blasts (Increases the Blast size. BE CAREFUL!)
    1-2: Greater Accuracy (Aims at the target more accurately. BE CAREFUL!)
    1-3: Signal Flare (Removes the Camo out of Camo Bloons. BE VERY CAREFUL!!)
    1-4: Battery (Shoots 3x as fast and enables Bloon Buster! BE SUPER CAREFUL!!!)
    1-5: Pop and Awe (ABILITY: Bombards the whole screen for 10 seconds! BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL AT RANK 43!!!!)

    2-1: Burny Stuff (Ignites the Bloons so they pop every 2 seconds. Works well on Zebras and Blacks!)
    2-2: Sharp Mortar (Your attack is now golden; the Mortar can now spawn sparks than *may* pop Bloons. If you’re lucky enough, then a frag will aim at a random Bloon and strip 10 layers.)
    2-3: Bloon Buster (Rips off three layers of Bloons per hit!)
    2-4: Huge Blast (Makes that blast HUGE!!!)
    2-5: DANGER: The Big One (Rips off 7 layer of Bloons; enough to take out a whole White Bloon without it spawning a Cyan!

    Dartling Gun

    Shoots darts at your cursor, but not very accurate. Unlocked at Rank 22

    1-1: Steady Barrels (Keeps the barrels still, so that you can shoot more accurately!
    1-2: Powerful Darts (Darts fly out faster and adds a chemical that makes them pop Leads!)
    1-3: Laser Cannon (Shoots powerful Lasers instead of darts.)
    1-4: Laser Fan (How weird…)
    1-5: Terminator (Completely eliminates a Bloon, all layers! MOAB Class Bloons take 1000 damage. This power can be unleashed in Rank 44.)

    2-1: Faster Firing (Shoots like it was a real Gatling Gun.)
    2-2: Even Faster Firing (OMG! My Dartling Gun is almost unreal! I can’t believe it! I’m so proud…)
    2-3: Hydra Rockets (Shoots rockets instead of darts, they have tips, so they can pop Blacks and Zebras.)
    2-4: MOABling Gun (Who on Earth invented this gun?! I’m gonna try it out!)
    2-5: Wide Shots (My MOABling can shoot three MOAB Maulers at once. Heyy, I can kill KOABs easily!)

    No ability for the Dartling!

    Spike Factory

    Throws Road Spikes on the Track, but disables Road Spikes. Unlocked at Rank 23

    1-1: Bigger Stacks (Each stack can now pop 15 Bloons instead of 7.)
    1-2: White Hot Spikes (Spikes can now pop Leads and Frozen Bloons [if they get thrown at them].)
    1-3: MOAB-SHREDR (Does good damage to MOAB Class Bloons.)
    1-4: Knifes (Adds one knife to the stack and ONLY works on BFBs, ZOMGs and KOABS so that they’re sliced into half. KOABs are very badly damaged, and BFBs and ZOMGs are all cut up!)
    1-5: Fling-A-Knife (ABILITY: Throws a knife onto the screen. You may choose the BFB, ZOMG or KOAB to be effected by this knife! Unlocked at Rank 45)

    2-1: Gizmos (Produces Spikes faster!)
    2-2: More Gizmos and Gadgets (By the way, you won’t believe that the speed of the Factory is unbelievable! Nobody does.)
    2-3: Spike Balls (A hit from the Spike-O-Pult now comes onto the ground!)
    2-4: Spiked Mines (Explodes when a Bloon wears one out.)
    2-5: MOAB Mauler Ingredient (Add an ingredient that makes MOAB Class Bloons take good damage!)

    Similar to BTD5′s Spike Factory.

    Monkey Ace

    Take off to the skies and attack with darts! Unlocked at Rank 24 (sorry)

    1-1: Sharper Darts (Darts will now pop up to 12 Bloons each!)
    1-2: Faster Shooting (Shoots faster.)
    1-3: Operation: Dart Strom (More darts = true victory)
    1-4: Super Monkey Airship (Shoots darts very often and adds a plasma ray!)
    1-5: Plasma Fun (5 rays ‘o’ plasma is really fun. The fun starts at Rank 46)

    2-1: Pineapple Present (Drops Pineapples every 2 seconds.)
    2-2: Spy Plane (Gives out Camo detection!)
    2-3: Never Ever Miss! (Homer Darts)
    2-4: Rainstorm (ABILITY: Your tower isn’t fully upgraded, but you can call a rainstorm that Bloons don’t like, and will never like. Surprises will happen.)
    2-5: Spectre (Keeps the rainstorm ability and will aim Mortars and darts at the first Bloon. You can’t change it’s target.)

    NEW TOWERS: Sun God and BeeKeeper. Both towers are unlocked at Rank 25


    Holds a Bee Hive, and when the round starts, Bees come out.

    1-1: Camo Honey (Allows all Bees in the hive to see Camos when they come out. No-one knows what ingredient was added :) .)
    1-2: More Bees (The Hive now holds 20 Bees!)
    1-3: Hot Stingers (Cool, the Bees can now pop Lead Bloons!)
    1-4: Mosquitoes (Kept in a cage, when they are sent out, they rip Bloons [even Lead ones!] so that they deflate. Unlike BTD5, this will be mighty helpful!)
    1-5: Lead Mark (ABILITY: Puts a mark on a random tower and lets it pop leads. How powerful could Monkeys be when they get hit by it? Maybe if you hit Rank 47…)

    2-1: Longer Range (Increases the Bee’s/Mosquito’s range, so that they can go further!
    2-2: Even Longer Range (I will see them very soon.)
    2-4: More Robo Bees (The eHive now holds 20 Robo Bees. Brought More Bees? Now there’s 30!)
    2-5: Good Luck Charm (ABILITY: Gives a random tower a Robo Bee so that they can detect Camos, if you’re sick of using a Ninja Kiwi…)

    Sun God


    1-1: ???
    1-2: ???
    1-3: ???
    1-4: ???
    1-5: ??? (You know this will be unlocked at Rank 48, right?)

    2-1: ???
    2-2: ???
    2-3: ???
    2-4: ???
    2-5: ???

    You don’t know what the Sun God will do!

    NEW OBJECTS: Plastic Platform and Puddle. Both unlocked at Rank 26

    Plastic Platform: Put this in water, allows a land tower to attack on water.

    Puddle: Dig a deep hole and fill it up with water, so that you can put Buccaneers on land.

    Both of these can’t be upgraded, seriously!


    Red, Blue, Green. Yellow, Pink: You know about all of these!

    Cyan: Moves faster than a Pink, and spawns one!

    Black: Immune to bombs and spawns two Cyans.

    White: Immune to nothing because, I don’t usually use Arctic Monkeys (Ice Towers), and these spawn two Cyans as well. I’m afraid that they’re faster!

    Zebra: Immune to bombs and rebounds them, spawns a Black and a White.

    Rainbow: Pretty but painful. Immune to Bees and spawns a Zebra and a Lead.

    Lead: Not your favourite. Immune to anything sharp (unless they have the chemical) and spawns 2 Blacks.

    Creamiacs: Takes 10 hits to pop. Spawns two of those deadly Rainbows.

    MOAB: Takes 200 hits to destroy. Looks like an ordinary blue blimp.

    BFB: Upgraded: Now takes 850 hits to destroy. Advertises “No Monkey shall exist”.

    ZOMG: Takes 5000 hits to destroy. Shows a skull to indicate it’s very painful.

    KOAB (King of All Bloons): Takes 20000 hits to destroy and spawns four ZOMGs! Wears a crown, and has a devil icon on it’s body. The most painful Bloon, but only appears one at a time, not in groups. You’re lucky that they are also the slowest!

    Special Agents

    You may think about it yourself, it’s your idea today, but I spent HOURS on this comment. Tell me it wasn’t forever.

  163. PacBrad Says:

    Yes, it was very big indeed.

    Copy and Paste any of the following into a comment to rank me. Choose one.

    -YES! You are a winner! We will give you credit!
    -Umm… You may need to change that, just a little.
    -Oh, sorry, we might not be doing that…*
    -Spike-O-Pult being a tower?! Now what’s going on?*
    -Where is the Ice Tower? Should we really delete it? Is it useless?*
    -Epic Fail!!!!!

    Choose one ONLY, not two, not three.

    *I will reply.

  164. PacBrad Says:

    Or make a custom reply in 13 words or less.

  165. John Boder Says:

    I have a suggestion for a daily challenge. You could make it so you have to beat a track on hard with only Monkey Villages. $26615 starting cash. For this to work when you start out, you have to buy a Monkey Village without upgrading it, and then put another Monkey Village inside its range, and upgrade it to High Energy Beacon without Monkey Fort or Radar Scanner. However, I think that it would make it more challenging if you didn’t tell everyone to do this.

  166. PacBrad Says:

    Oh, yeah I forgot to add this.

    Bloon Emphasis

    Regen Bloons: Regenerates one layer every two seconds. Can be weakened.

    Camo: Can’t be targeted, unless you use logic.

    Super Bloon: Moves twice as fast and rewards double cash and XP.

    Camo Regen: Camo and Regen

    First 30 rounds

    1: 24 Reds.
    2: 30 Reds.
    3: 20 Reds with 5 Blues
    4: Just Blues: 20 of them.
    5: 3 Greens and 15 Blues.
    6: One Cyan (Tutorial included: Cyan)
    7: 6 Greens and 30 Reds then 13 grouped Blues.
    8: 1 Regen Green (Tutorial included: Regen)
    9: 30 Greens.
    10: 6 Yellows, then a lot of Blues.
    11: Three Cyans
    12: A Super Blue comes in. (Tutorial included: How to deal with Super Bloons and what you’ll get from it.)
    13: Another Regen Green enters play with 10 Blues
    14: A line of Reds. 7 Yellows, then 25 Greens enter play with the line.
    15: 6 Pinks, then 30 Greens, and finally two Regen Yellows.
    16: a Camo Blue enters play. (Tutorial included: Camos, why are they pesky?)
    17: Three Super Greens.
    18: 3 Regen Cyans!
    19: 10 Pinks.
    20: 8 Cyans.
    21: 70 Greens with 7 Cyans.
    22: A Black enters play. (Tutorial included: Blacks, what are they immune to?)
    23: A White then appears. (Tutorial included: Whites, what are they immune to? Nothing!)
    24: 12 Cyans, two of them are Regen.
    25: Three Blacks.
    26: Four Whites.
    27: Two Blacks, then three Whites.
    28: A Zebra is not welcome, followed by 120 Greens. (Tutorial included: Zebras, out of the herd!)
    29: Five Blacks and Whites.
    30: Grouped Pinks.

    Next 30 Rounds

    31: 7 Super Yellows.
    32: Lots of Camos. Green Camos, 60 of them.
    33: A Lead comes in. (Tutorial included: Leads are *not* impossible to pop)
    34: Then a Rainbow. (Tutorial included: Rainbows, pick your colour!)
    35: WT-! 6 Zebras! Stay in the herd!
    36: Camo Regen Green.
    37: Grouped Cyans.
    38: The round tell you to hit the backspace key because 20 Blacks are in!
    39: Hard level: 7 Rainbows!
    40: a Cremiac appears. (Tutorial included: Messing with clay)
    41: Grouped Cyans (longer)
    42: Blacks, Whites, Leads, Zebras, Regen Whites
    43: Whites, Leads, Zebras, Rainbows with Regen Cyans.
    44: Blacks, Whites, Leads, Zebras, Rainbows and then two Creamiacs.
    45: 7 Creamiacs.
    46: 18 Rainbows.
    47: Grouped Whites. :)
    48: A bit like Pinball, Some Zebras, then more, then more, then more, then grouped Zebras.
    49: 15 Creamiacs. Three of them are Regen Creamiacs.
    50: Easy Boss: 1 MOAB.
    51: Leads, Zebras, Rainbows, Creamiacs then another MOAB.
    52: Grouped Zebras. :P
    53: Super Zebras, three of them!
    54: Grouped Rainbows, short line.
    55: Super Leads then a MOAB, wait 5 seconds… AHHH! Another MOAB.
    56: Grouped Leads, long line.
    57: Boooooooooooooooring. 15 Rainbows, 250 Cyans then 8 Leads.
    58: A cup of Blacks with a touch of Rainbows. O OH! Three MOABs.
    59: Trocher: Grouped Creamiacs, short line, painful no matter what!
    60: Five MOABs instead of a BFB. He’s for round 70.

    Next 30 Rounds

    61: Same as 51 but with Regens, three MOABs as well. It may kill you. Be careful!
    62: Cash injection: YES! 160 Rainbows. Nothing else.
    63: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring. 300 Zebras. Nothing else.
    64: Seven MOABs.
    65: 50 Super Cyans!
    66: Reds, Blues, Greens, Yellows, Pinks, Cyans, Blacks, Whites, Zebras, Rainbows, Creamiacs and four MOABs for you popping pleasure.
    67: Weather Forecast: Freezing! Some Bloons will stop to freeze. Whites will not freeze. The same goes for the Zebras. Same as round 62 to prove the freezing weather. Sharp objects can’t pop frozen Bloons.
    68: Same as 65. Supers can freeze too, but will thaw out easily.
    69: MOABs are immune to the freezing weather. Nine MOABs.
    70: Medium Boss: 1 BFB. (Tutorial for the BFB is on the tutorial for the MOABs)
    71: Twelve MOABs
    72: Zebras and Leads will no longer appear, except for when they’re Camo, Regen, or Camo Regen. Rainbows, Creamiacs then Eight MOABs.
    73: Freezing weather stops, now it’s hot. 240 Rainbows may possibly catch fire.
    74: Blimps are MOAB Class Bloons. MCBs are immune to being burnt up. Fifteen MOABs.
    75: Kinda of a killer. Grouped Creamiacs. The hot weather will help :) .
    76: TWO BFBs!
    77: MOABs, Creamiacs, MOABs.
    78: 17 MOABs.
    79: Three BFBs.
    80: It starts raining, even though the Rainstorm ability has been activated, you don’t need to. Bloons are now slowed. 300 Rainbows.
    81: Regen Bloon Mix: Cyans, Blacks, Whites, Leads, Zebras, Rainbows then Creamiacs. No MCBs.
    82: Good Luck with this Camo Bloon Mix: Yellows, Pinks, Cyans, Blacks, Whites, Leads, Zebras then Rainbows. Good thing Camo Creamiacs are not coming until…
    83: now.
    84: Thunder starts striking. 300 Rainbows again. 50 of them are Regen.
    85: 20 MOABs.
    86: 6 BFBs. Thought the game is going to be that easy!?
    87: Rainstorm stops, thunder continues. 170 Creamiacs.
    88: Grouped Creamiacs, long line!
    89: 30 MOABs and 3 BFBs.
    90: 130 Super Rainbows. No way, they’re not heroes!

    Final 35 Rounds

    91: Thunder stops. No disaster. Everything returns to normal. 10 BFBs
    92: Camo MOAB. What the -?
    93: Does that mean there’s a Camo BFB? Not yet, a bunch of Regen Creamiacs, long line.
    94: Rainbow, Rainbow, non-stop. Ft. a line of Creamiacs, a BFB, a line of Camo Creamiacs, three Camo MOABs.
    95: Hard Boss: 1 ZOMG.
    96: Camo BFB. You were warned. Welcome to Expert Mode.
    97: Camo Cyans, Blacks, Whites, Leads, Rainbows, Creamiacs then five Camo MOAB. Night-Time test, really.
    98: CASH INJECTION!! Grouped Rainbows, v. long line!!
    99: Pain: Camo Regens are coming again, Yellows, Pinks, Cyans, Blacks, Whites, Leads, Zebras, Rainbows, Creamiacs, seven Camo MOABs and two Camo BFBs. Another test before dawn!
    100: Century: Two ZOMGs.
    101: Creamiacs, MOABs (god knows how many), 9 BFBs, and a ZOMG!
    102: Camo ZOMG.
    103: 15 Camo MOABs
    104: Hazy weather: Hard to see, all of the towers range has been shortened. Super Monkeys with eye-wear are immune to the effect. 500 Creamiacs.
    105: Bangarang plays, 12 BFBs, wait 20 seconds, Bangarang stops, 3 ZOMGs. Hard round.
    106: 5 ZOMGs.
    107: 2 Camo ZOMGs clear the skies, it is now hot again. Heat wave!
    108: It was predicted to be humid on round 111. 25 MOABs.
    109: 15 BFBs.
    110: 7 Camo MOABs then 4 Camo BFBs. Are Camos becoming easily seen?
    111: Humid. Wet and hot. 34 MOABs.
    112: Cold, and still wet. 17 BFBs.
    113: 5 ZOMGs again. The last ZOMG is a Camo ZOMG. Be careful!
    114: Grouped Creamiacs, v. v. long line.
    115: Grouped Camo Creamiacs, v. v. long line again. Lets hope that Camos are being killed easily. Got any Ninja Kiwis yet?
    116: Grouped MOABs, don’t worry, it’s just a short line.
    117: 50 MOABs. Too easy.
    118: 20 BFBs.
    119: 23 BFBs.
    120: 10 Camo BFBs.
    121: Dry, warm. 6 ZOMGs.
    122: 8 ZOMGs.
    123: 100 MOABs, 20 BFBs, 3 ZOMG. Not easy.
    124: 12 ZOMGs!
    125: Expert Boss: 1 KOAB (Tutorial included: Death may occur)
    126+: Freeplay! Random Weather Forcasts, random Bloons out of MOABs, BFBs, ZOMGs or KOABs.

  167. Brandon Li Says:

    I have a Special missions suggestion, so the player could only choose 2 types of towers to put on the map and limit of 2 towers for each type(4 towers total)$90,000 to start with, 50 ZOMGS, 1 life. you could mess with the amounts if you want. this is a harder version of the 50 moab specail mission i tryed it before, and i think it is possible.

  168. Brandon Li Says:

    could the premiums be based on monkey money? it is very hard to get nk money. at least have more video offers. I get mochi games coins a lot easyer than nk coins. could btd5 premiums be based on mochi games coins?

  169. Brandon Li Says:

    when will the i phone version come out?

  170. PacBrad Says:

    I assume I haven’t got my eMail yet. It’s been over 15 days since I requested it!

  171. PacBrad Says:

    Yes, I still haven’t got it.

  172. PacBrad Says:

    Back to BTD6

    What are Prize Tokens?

    Prize Tokens are rewards for completing tracks or earning medals. Every 30 you collect you can trade in for one NK coin. You can also trade them for preks, there are 10 perks you can choose from.

    MOAB Weakness: MOABs take 120 hits to pop. BFBs take the original 700 hits to pop. ZOMGs take 3000 hits to pop. KOABs take 10000 hits to pop, half of the actual amount! All of these Bloons take less damage to pop when this perk is purchased. It costs 15 tokens.

    Ninja Style: Gives Ninja Kiwis extra speed and Ninja Monkeys ability to help all towers out, it allows them to see Camos! This will only work if this is purchased for 13 tokens.

    Double Ranga: Allows Boomerang Monkeys, Glaive Monkeys, Tron Monkeys and Star Wars Monkeys to throw two of the weapons at once. It only happens when you buy this perk for 10 tokens.

    Anti Camo: Disables Camo Bloons, for 17 tokens. It also disables Camo MOAB Class Bloons.

    BBQ: This perk makes bombs (without the upgrade) to pop Blacks. They still won’t pop Zebras. 8 tokens.

    Meteor Storm: Every 20 minutes you play, meteors fall onto the screen to crush Creamiacs, and maul MOAB Class Bloons. 20 tokens.

    Double Cash: Even guests should use Double Cash mode! You can enable this for 120 tokens. If you keep losing, you can upgrade it so you don’t have to enable it manually, it does it for you automatically!

    ZOMG Siren: Allows the Ninja Kiwi’s Palaces Siren to go off when a ZOMG is coming up, not just KOABs. 45 tokens.

    Sun God Discount: Sun Gods and their upgrades have their price lowered by 10%. Put them next to a Ninja Kiwi with a credit card for a massive 20%! 90 tokens.

    Onions Overheated: Makes the Onions hotter so that every 5 rounds, a heat wave starts. 70 tokens.

    1 NK Coin: Buy a NK Coin for 30 tokens.

    100 Monkey Money: Need those Special Agents? Buy 100 Monkey Money for 50 tokens.

    Deluxe Pack: Get all of the perks for 350 tokens. Doing so will reward you 50 NK Coins and 1500 Monkey Money and fills up the Pro meters by 50%!

    Rank Up: You think you may deserve the next Rank, but if you want to Rank Up without waiting, you need to pay Your Rank x 5 tokens. Gets more expensive every time.

    Game Modes

    400 lives
    50 rounds
    Slow speed
    MOAB Class Bloons reward less XP

    300 lives
    70 rounds
    Normal speed
    MOAB Class Bloons reward a good amount of XP

    250 lives
    95 rounds
    Fast speed
    MOAB Class Bloons reward a great amount of XP!

    175 lives
    125 rounds
    Turbo speed
    MOAB Class Bloons grants you 1 Prize Token and a HUGE amount of XP!!

    300 lives
    700 rounds, starting from round 40.
    Normal speed
    MOAB Class Bloons gives more XP if you have some leftover money
    Start with $50000 and no more money will be rewarded. Banana Farms and other cash abilities are disabled. If you have brought Healthy Bananas, Banana Farms are enabled, but you won’t upgrade it or earn cash, you get 1 life every minute.

    Infinite lives
    Your own custom round
    Customisable speed
    MOAB Class Bloons reward nothing
    Your special toy

    300 lives
    700 rounds non-stop
    Normal speed
    MOAB Class Bloons reward a Prize Token and good XP
    Bloons continuously appear for up to 4 hours.

    Sudden Death
    Only one life
    125 rounds
    Turbo speed
    MOAB Class Bloons rewards 3 Prize Tokens and a whole lot of XP points!
    Same as Expert, but you only have one life.

    Daily Challenge
    Lives are set
    Rounds are set
    Speeds are set
    The harder the Challenge, the more rewarding MOAB Class Bloons are.
    Be sure to come back every day for a new challenge! Guests must pay 10 tokens for an attempt for a Challenge.

    Lives are set
    Rounds are set
    Speeds are set
    MCB rewards are set
    Complete 50 quests to save the Monkey Planet! Maybe you can be more useful than a Sun God!

    Daily Challenge Creator
    1. Choose the lives (1-400)
    2. Choose the rounds (50-700)
    3. Choose the starting round (1-40)
    4. Choose your track
    5. Limit towers or ban upgrades (you may make towers automatically upgrade every [3-7] rounds)
    6. Choose Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert or Deflation.
    7. Choose weather or not to make towers disappear without selling them (they only last for [9-infinity] rounds)
    8. Choose weather or not to ban perks including Double Cash
    9. Submit your challenge and test it!

    Replay my Favourite Challenges.
    When you click the Like button, you can play challenges again and again for another 30 days, rewards are disabled.

    That’s all I got.

  173. PacBrad Says:

    Try to use at least half of my BTD6 suggestions.

  174. PacBrad Says:

    “I have a Special missions suggestion, so the player could only choose 2 types of towers to put on the map and limit of 2 towers for each type(4 towers total)$90,000 to start with, 50 ZOMGS, 1 life. you could mess with the amounts if you want. this is a harder version of the 50 moab specail mission i tryed it before, and i think it is possible.”

    That’s not me, in fact, it’s Brandon LI.

    This suggestion above is a challenge that is impossible, two towers, two of each kind, starting with $90K, 50 ZOMGs, not possible, not happening.

    Looking for agreements.

  175. PacBrad Says:

    “could the premiums be based on monkey money? it is very hard to get nk money. I get mochi games coins a lot easyer than nk coins. could btd5 premiums be based on mochi games coins?”

    Brandon, keep an eye out for special offers. I’m only 14, I don’t have a NK account, and I don’t know how old I have to be.

    For the premiums for Monkey Money: “NO not coming” from Lauynas

    For the MochiCoins: Again, “NO not happening” definitely!

    I don’t have MochiGames as well.

    Correction for Mochi Games Coins: MochiCoins.

    Correction for easyer: easier.

  176. PacBrad Says:

    “when will the i phone version come out?”

    Well iDon’t know. Maybe at the end of this year.

  177. PacBrad Says:

    Italic the questions asked by Brandon Li.

  178. Brett Says:

    Happy May, NinjaKiwi! VERY excited to see the new tracks, Special Missions and Daily Challenge Archives–Whatever the heck they are! But I’m not sure I’m very pleased about a new Special Agent…and Pro. I think it was established that it was a bit too pricey, even with the new Monkey Money updates. Ah well, you’ve done a darn fine job with this game, and I’m sure you know what’s best! Keep up the fan-TACKS-tic work (ha-ha, lame Tack Shooter joke)!

    P.S.- A “suprise or two?” Interesting, NinjaKiwi…:)

  179. Guy the eighth Says:

    hi my name is bob and i like “Pac Brad”‘s Btd6 infinite+ percent!

  180. LinkinPark1027 Says:

    Here are some ideas for Daily Challenges and Special Missions.

    Daily Challenge:
    Track: The Rink (Track 3)
    Difficulty: Meduim (Round 1-65)
    Lives: 75
    Towers: Glue Gunner 4, 2, and Bomb Tower 2, 4. (Road Spikes and Exploding Pineapples are not allowed.)
    Special Agents: 1 Free Super Monkey Storm.
    Starting Money: $1200
    Reward: $60 in Monkey Money

    Special Mission:
    Track: Monkey Lane (Track 1)
    Difficulty: Easy (Round 1-50)
    Lives: 100
    Towers: All towers allowed. (Road Spikes and Exploding Pineapples allowed.)
    Special Agents: No Special Agents allowed.
    Starting Money: $1000
    Descibtion: Make it to Round 50 in Easy Mode. But here’s the catch: Every round you lose 1 life automatically. And for every bloon that leaks through your defense, you lose 2 lives.
    Reward: $1250 in Monkey Money.

    Here are some tower ideas.

    1. Bigfoot Monkey: a monkey that walks on the track popping bloons by crushing them with its feet. You can set an assigned course for the Bigfoot Monkey too.
    Multipop- Pops 2 bloons per step.
    Solid Pop- Can pop lead bloons.
    Enhanced Sight- Can pop camo bloons.
    Swift Stomp- When it sees a regrowing bloon it will keep stomping on it until all layers are popped.
    Running Bigfoot- Increases speed of walk.
    Big Shoes- More power in each stomp. Now can pops 5 layers.
    Ultra Crusher- Can pop 10 bloons in each step.
    Wider Route- Increases route length.

    2. Grenade Bomber: A spy plane that tosses grenades down onto bloons. Each grenade when it falls can pop 5 bloons. Grenades can pop lead.
    Faster Grenades- Grenades are dropped more frequently.
    More Pop Grenades- Grenades can now pop 10 bloons.
    Secret Ambush- Grenades can now pop camo bloons.
    Even Faster Grenades- Grenades are now dropped even more frequently.
    Dropping Target- Allows you to place a target on the track for the Grenade Bomber.
    Continuous Falling- Makes grenades target regrowing bloons and pop all the layers off of them.
    MOAB Destroyer- Drops grenades that destroy whole MOABS.
    Track Covering Destruction- Drops a whole bunch of grenades that cover the whole track.

    Here are some suggestions.
    1. Make more tracks.
    2. Make more Special Missions.
    3. Design more towers.
    4. Make a Contest Arena where members can challenge other members to compitions such as “Who Can Survive More Rounds on Monkey Lane Easy?”
    5. Offer a 50% more Daily Monkey Money if you come here for several days in a row.
    6. Make more Special Agents.
    7. Offer a Mini Monkey Money (MMM) reward for every hour you play, such as $5 or $10 per hour.

    Besides that, Bloons Tower Defense 5 is great!

  181. PacBrad Says:

    Gut the eighth is now in my team, get ready to offend 203995014!

  182. PacBrad Says:

    Work well guys!

  183. PacBrad Says:

    BTD6 Sun Gods secrets are finally revealed!

    The secrets to the Sun Gods for BTD6 is finally revealed.

    Unlike the Laser Vision (and stronger) on the Super Monkey, the Sun God shoots 3 streams of Sun at the Bloons, popping two layers at a time. Many will say it’s under priced.

    1-1: Incredible Range (Sharply increases the Sun God’s range, more than 3x!)
    1-2: Unbelievable Range (Covers the whole screen. No other tower can see this far.)
    1-3: Dark God (Powers the nearby towers by giving them access to a chemical [without the upgrade for it] that lets them pop all types of Bloons, allows them to see Camos, gives them huge range and speed, and does almost something a Sun God can do. It will now let the God pop three layers of Bloons as well.)
    1-4: Massive Shots (Shoots bigger streams of Darkness.)
    1-5: Ring of Death (Brightens the background when this tower is selected, and gives the tower a new range ring. This upgrade allows shooting rings of Darkness at the Bloons. The vision will pop 4 layers of Bloons. This is pure darkness, to brighten it, get to Rank 48.)

    2-1: Straight Stream (Shoots a line of Sun/Darkness that looks like a line.)
    2-2: Sub Sun/Doom (During the shooting, little fragments of Sun/Darkness flies out of the stream.)
    2-3: TOTMG (TOTMG stands for Temple of the Monkey God, the stream of Sun becomes real powerful.)
    2-4: Get Sacrifice (Read Viking Monkeys for some information about sacrifice.)
    2-5: Get Sacrifice Again


    Special Agents

    Angry Squirrel (When a Bloon leaks, he goes bonkers.) $50 Monkey Money.
    Meerkat Spy (Allows other towers to see Camos, but in a short range.) $60 Monkey Money
    NEW: Gorilla (Throws darts very quickly in both hands, alternating every time. The darts are not powerful enough to pop Leads.) $85 Monkey Money
    Tribal Turtle (Youngster who grew up fast, throws spears and coconuts.) $85 Monkey Money
    NEW: Jr. Super Monkey (Youngster, who is a Super Monkey, weak, and just less than 12 years old, and is allowed to be a Super Monkey. When a parent is nearby, the parent’s shooting speed doubles. The parent is always a Super Monkey. This Junior Super Monkey throws darts 8 times a second. They aren’t powerful enough to pop Leads. The Pro will let them use Laser Blasts.) $100 Monkey Money
    NEW: Chinken Clone (Sends out a continuous stream of exploding chickens!) $150 Monkey Money
    Forever Use and NEW: Females (Sometimes, Female Dart Monkeys are placed on the screen. Upgrade it to see their clothes. All Dart Monkeys who are Males will wear such different clothes as well. Keep checking!) Lasts Forever. $250 Monkey Money
    Bloonsday Device (ABILITY: Shoot a laser at your cursor for 10 seconds!) $500 Monkey Money
    NEW: Jr Sun God (He’s only new.) $2500 Monkey Money.

    Good luck (and again, don’t be lazy about my eMail!)

  184. PacBrad Says:

    Can a match box?

    No, but a tin can.

    The Impossible Quiz by Splapp-me-do, unknown publisher.

  185. David BTD5 Says:

    Hey PacBrad-

    That was an awesome idea! Me and my friend are also creating cool ideas for btd6. Maybe we could put our ideas together to create an awesome BTD6.

    I would rate it #2. You might need to change a few things.

  186. max Says:

    HI, any ideas for today’s challenge. i think monkey village is the only way to pop lead bloons, but to expensive…

  187. fredflintstone Says:

    This game is great and very addictive but I need help!!! I can’t beat the daily challenge today – can’t find anything to pop lead balloons – anyone got any ideas?????

    Also an idea – how about extra monkey money for beating a track / challenge / special mission without loosing any lives?

  188. Laurynas Says:

    But that uptdate with special agents evolusion is a big FAIL

  189. Brett Says:

    Return of the Daily Challenges!!! FANTASTIC job with this week’s update, Ninjakiwi- thanks to you, I’ve gotten at least 610 MM from the Challenge Vault- SO close to unlocking my first Pro!!! I cannot wait for the new tracks and Special Mission! But when I looked at today’s Challenge as I usually do everyday, something different was there…
    Did anyone else catch a preview of a Challenge in SEPTEMBER?? There wasn’t much, but it said “Unlock at Level 19″, and there was a HUGE quantity of lives in the picture (which was censored, so not sure what map.) Was this you’re little surprise you mentioned in your email, Ninjakiwi? Interesting…

  190. PacBrad Says:

    No eMail yet, I’m warning you, I’m going to give out a cheat if you don’t send me my eMail.

  191. PacBrad Says:

    David BTD5, join my team. I don’t need to fix the suggestion for BTD6, it’s my ultimate one.

    I got a cheat for you (and everyone else), since I haven’t got my eMail.

    To play in slow-mo…

    1. Choose any track and level. Forget the speed of the Bloons.
    2. Exit to the Main Menu.
    3. Go to the same track and choose Sandbox mode.
    4. Build a Ninja Monkey and upgrade it to 0/4.
    5. Activate the Ability and QUICKLY return to the Main Menu.
    6. Play a game of BTD5 and see the Bloons move slower!

    I need my eMail. I got serious issues that need to be fixed.

  192. PacBrad Says:

    That one was epic…

  193. wbocl Says:

    BTD 5?
    What’s the problem?
    I am in China, but didn’t connect

  194. PacBrad Says:

    My eMail is MISSING!

  195. PacBrad Says:

    Dear Ninja Kiwi

    No blogging until you send my eMail. Concentrate at the mail, write the answers, review my ideas, hit the SEND button, and then you can go back to blogging!

    WARNING: If you send me my eMail, I will reply and give my REAL NAME. Do not share it with you friends. It is private. Keep the real name to yourself. If you’re talking about me in public, just say PacBrad instead of *******.

  196. Yomanomai Says:

    PacBrad, I find that bloons, levels ect.sont assé cool (add one editor of track of the style BTD4 éditor, stp, I would like to have that as BTD6):) the metallic, me the good deteste especially when is are camos, or regénérating, or 2

  197. PacBrad Says:

    Thank you. Join my team.

  198. PacBrad Says:

    I’m not running a business! You are going to offend… don’t worry about it, he’s gone.

    Try to offend any others trying to reject my suggestions and saying “It’s never happening!”.

  199. PacBrad Says:

    No eMail yet, again, again, and again.

    I’ve been waiting for 75+ days. Keep writing it, stare away from the blog.

  200. Yomanomai Says:

    Défi MOrtal : 100 000 céramics camo-regénérating + 50 zomg
    Starting by 1 000 000 $

  201. Yomanomai Says:

    (zomg = regénérating-camo) XD

  202. Yomanomai Says:

    MY language : french
    utilisate reverso

  203. PacBrad Says:

    I see a user using Google Translate, translating French to English!

  204. Guy the eighth Says:

    My BTD7 (Because PacBrad has a good BTD6 going):


    DART MONKEY: Shoots a single dart that pops 1 bloon.

    1-1 Long Darts: Increases range
    1-2 Epic Darts: Literally DOUBLES range
    1-3 Laser Eyes: Allows it to seek camps and super-camos(I’ll talk about ‘em later
    1-4 Triple Darts: Throws 3 darts
    1-5 Heads up 7-up: Talk about darts! Throws SEVEN at ONCE!
    1-6 Mother Dart: Has babies(2) that throw 1 dart. You keep the mom,too

    2-1 Twice the Pride: Darts pop 2 bloons, not 1
    2-2 Razor Darts: Can pop 5 bloons now
    2-3 Extremely Hot darts: Now can pop Leads.
    2-4 Insanely Sharp: Now can pop a full 10 and 2 layers
    2-5 Crazy Darts: Darts seek out bloons and pop 10 layers
    2-6 Super Monkey Fan Club: SM Fan Ability: Converts up to 10 nearby dart monkeys into Super Monkeys for 15 seconds.

    TACK SHOOTER: Shoots tacks in 8 directions.

    1-1 Longer Range Tacks: Increases Range
    1-2 Even Greater Range: Gives it even more range
    1-3 Army Spikes: Lets it seek camos, but not supers
    1-4 Tack sprayer: Sprays out 16 Tacks
    1-5 Tack Superstar: Showers out 32 Tacks!
    1-6 Ring of Fire: Fires out a hot burst of fire that pops everything

    2-1 Fast Firing: Shoots Faster
    2-2 Epic Firing: Shoots way faster
    2-3 Splitter Tack: Shoots 2 Tacks per cannon
    2-4 Blade Shooter: Shoots blades instead
    2-5 Flamin’ Blades: Blades can pop leads
    2-6 Blade Maelstorm: Fires an army of blades

    I’ll do more later.

  205. Brandon Li Says:

    1.for the 50 zomg thing, I said you could modify the numbers if you want. 3 zomgs $50000, 7 towers; 1 moab, 1 BFB 1 ZOMg, $30000, 7 towers, anything. I only set a base line or idea down seriously

    2. It took 3 towers to beat the 50 moab thing

    3. The idea was just saying that challenges need to be more challenging.

    4.I think you could have an account at age 13 or so, or have a email?

    5. I am 13 and I have a account

    6. I do like the btd6 ideas

    7. not cool

    8. how do you even right this blog with out a nk account?

  206. PacBrad Says:

    I like your idea of 12 upgrades and 2 paths (6 upgrades per path, but I think you can get 3-3s but not 4-4s.)

    How many towers do you have in your hand (I recommend 36!)?

    Keep up with your BTD7 suggestion, Guy the eigthth! You’re winning!

  207. PacBrad Says:

    I haven’t got my eMail, why?

    -I don’t have a NK account.
    -I did not give you my eMail address.

    Bad reasons

    -I did not subscribe to The Ninja Kiwi Blog
    -You are still writing it.
    -Chris has retired.

    Awful reasons

    -You did not want to do it.
    -You thought I was younger than 12 (I’m 14!)
    -You hate me.
    -You’re like you’re saying “You blocked me on Facebook, now you’re going to die!”
    -Chris has died.
    -You rejected my ideas.
    -You thought I had a NG account (I don’t!)
    -You want to save up to shoot me.
    -You thought we were like this:


    Me: Hey, I need my mail.
    Stephen: No.


    Me: It’s been two days!
    Stephen: You blocked me on Facebook.
    Chris: He doesn’t have one.


    Me: HEY! I don’t have Facebook!
    Chris: I know.
    Stephen: Now you’re going to die!
    Matt: Hey, don’t do it!


    Me: I don’t have Twitter either.
    Aaron: Awww, I was looking for you.
    Tosh: Stephen thinks you have Facebook, and you blocked him!
    Me: Defend me please. Send my mail.
    Stephen: Don’t say a word.
    Me: Get outta here!


    Tosh: Why do you want to kill PacBrad?
    Stephen: He blocked me on Facebook. Now he’s going to die!
    Tosh: You’re acting like you were singing Facebook Freinds. Stop!
    Stephen: Are you gay?
    Me: Me, Aaron, Chris, Tosh and Matt are not gay!
    Stephen: Now you’re going to d…
    Super Monkey: HALT! Now Stephen, you are not killing PacBrad. I’ve opened a portal to help him escape. He’s bringing Chris with him!
    Stephen: You’re going to *punched* owwwwwww.
    *Chris and I escape to the NK Studio*


    Me: Will you send me my mail?
    Chris: Sure, it may take a while.


    *Stephen tried to kill Super Monkey, but he evolved into a Robo Monkey*
    Robo Monkey: STAY RIGHT THERE.
    Stephen: What?
    Stehpen: Why?
    Aaron: He has to stay.
    Matt: Don’t leave me Stephen!
    Tosh: Can’t wait for Stephen to BEHAVE!
    Dart Monkey: Did I just here my name?
    Matt: No you didn’t what would you like?
    Dart Monkey: I heard a Robo Monkey. Can I say “Hi”?
    Tosh: Instead you can throw a dart a Stephen!
    *Dart Monkey throws a dart at Stephen*
    Stephen: You’re life is over Monkey!
    *Robo Monkey shoots at Stephen*
    Stephen: Oops, I apologise for the damage I’ve done to you.


    Me: *waiting* Boooooooooooooring…

  208. PacBrad Says:

    Thank you Brandon Li, but I do not want a NK account yet, I’ve got to GET READY for one.

  209. PacBrad Says:

    Continuing the conversation…



    Me: I check my mailbox. My mail isn’t there.
    Chris: (custom reason)

  210. 203995014 Says:

    Pacbrad, you really need to watch the attention Facebook users video, learn when “you just need to shut the f*ck up” and post that video everywhere so other people can see it. Made by smosh watch even if you don’t tolerate cursing

  211. 203995014 Says:

    And you know what? Ice tower should stay and spike o put should be an upgrade because then dart monkey would suck and it wouldn’t have a part in the game

  212. PacBrad Says:

    I find it useless.

  213. PacBrad Says:

    And I don’t have Facebook (and I’m not allowed to have one, try again.)

  214. David BTD5 Says:

    These are my rounds so far-

    0-5 reds
    1-20 reds
    2-30 reds
    3-10 reds, 10 blues
    4-20 blues
    5-10 blues, 10 greens
    6-30 greens
    7-2 yellows, 10 greens
    8-40 greens, 40 blues
    9-10 reds, 10 blues, 10 greens, 10 yellows
    10-20 yellows, 20 greens
    11-100 blues
    12-10 yellows, 50 greens
    13-2 pinks, 10 yellows
    14-40 yellows
    15-10 pinks, 5 yellows
    16-20 pinks
    17-10 regrower yellows
    18-80 greens
    19-20 regrower yellows
    20-4 blacks
    21-5 whites
    22-5 blacks, 5 whites
    23-6 whites, 6 blacks, 20 pinks
    24-1 camo green
    25-10 blacks, 10 whites
    26-4 zebras, 20 pinks
    27-10 pinks, 10 blacks, 10 whites
    28-4 lead
    29-50 pinks, 10 blacks, 10 whites
    30-1 mini blimp*
    31-10 leads
    32-10 pink camos
    33-10 zebra
    34-5 rainbows, 20 greens
    35-20 leads
    36-80 blues, 2 mini blimps
    37-10 pinks, 10 blacks, 10 whites, 10 zebras
    38-20 zebras, 10 rainbows
    39-30 rainbows, 20 zebras
    40-4 brown*, 8 camo blacks
    41-50 rainbows, 20 zebras
    42-6 regrower rainbows, 6 camo rainbows

    *Some bloons are new. I’ll tell about them later.

  215. PacBrad Says:

    Sounds a bit complicated. You are missing a bloon, the CYAN BLOON!

    David BTD5, redo rounds 17-42, and make them harder.

  216. PacBrad Says:

    We all have to work as a team to get Ninja Kiwi to accept our suggestions of BTD6 & 7.

  217. 203995014 Says:

    Pacbrad, you sounded like you did have one in your earlier posts.
    Ice tower is good, and works very well with other towers, especially ice shards and absolute zero.
    I had a hydra rocket and ice shard at the same time, and if my dartling wouldn’t be able to take care of the bloons, ice shards always did, thanks to the shards released.
    I also had a absolute zero and robo monkey, and absolute zero saved me many times
    You might find it useless because it doesn’t affect Moab class bloons. That is true. But they are very good against bloons (although I did lose one game because I bought viral frost) and all towers will have a part in all parts of the game.

  218. David BTD5 Says:

    I’ll work on those rounds again. I’ve made a few daily challenges -

    1. DARTS

    Pass 50 rounds on track 5 using only dart, pilot*, dartling, and super monkey towers. 1500 cash to start.


    Complete easy on track 2 with only 170 starting cash. All towers available.


    Pass 40 rounds on easy using only glue, ice, and energy towers*. Monkey glue is allowed with $1000 to start.

    4. T-O-O F-A-S-T

    Defeat track 6 on easy using only dartling and super monkey towers. 2000 cash to start you off.


    Complete track 3 with only Banana Farms and Dartling guns. You’ve got 150 lives and $1500 to start.

    *Some towers are new. I’ll tell about them later.

  219. PacBrad Says:

    OK David.

    Still, I don’t like using the Arctic/Ice Monkey because it is UNDERPOWERED. I want NK to set it to a lower price, such as $250 on Medium.

  220. 203995014 Says:

    Really? Personally, I found it OVERpowered. It was one of my favorite upgrades.

  221. David BTD5 Says:

    This is my dart monkey. 8 upgrades for each path.

    Dart Monkey:

    Path 1: longer range ($100) – even longer range ($120) – even longer range ($140) – enhanced eyesight ($200) – spike-o-pult ($480) – super shot ($1230) – big ball ($2140) – juggernaut ($6820)

    Path 2: piercing darts ($140) – sharp shots ($160) – razor darts ($210) – triple darts ($400) – 2 armed monkey ($760) – 4 armed monkey ($1340) – duplicator ($2130) – super monkey camp ($4800)

    *Soon I’ll have the tack shooter.

  222. Guy the eighth Says:

    BTD6 in my version. P.S. I Know you, David BTD5. Try to figure out who I am.

    DART MONKEY, RANK 1 Shoots a single dart that pops 1 Bloon.
    $120 1-1 Twice the pride: Darts now can pop 2 bloons.
    $150 1-2 Razor Darts: Darts pop 5 now.
    $200 1-3 X-Darts: Throws 2 darts that cross.
    $230 1-4 5-away: Throws 5 darts now.
    $290 1-5 Heads-up, 7-up: throws 7 darts
    $800 1-6 (17) Darts- Hot, and sharp: Darts pierce 20 bloons, and are white hot!

    $80 2-1 Long Darts: Longer Radius
    $100 2-2 Epic Darts: Covers Twice its range!
    $130 2-3 Enchanted Eyes: Allows Dart Monkey to see camo bloons.
    $200 2-4 Death Darts: Darts can pop 4 layers
    $500 2-5 Ricochet darts: darts follow bloon.
    $5690 2-6 Super Monkey Fan Club:SMFC ability: converts all dart monkeys into SMs for 15 seconds

    TACK SHOOTER, RANK 1 Shoots tacks in 8 directions.

    $90 1-1 Long One: Upgrades Range
    $180 1-2 Even Longer One: Gives it more range
    $360 1-3 Tack Sprayer: Sprays out 16 tacks
    $720 1-4 Tack Rockstar: 32 Tacks storm out
    $1440 1-5 Tack Superstar: Showers out 64 tacks
    $2880 1-6 Ring of Fire: A hot burst of flame comes out, popping anything

    $100 2-1 Faster shooting: increases speed
    $200 2-2 Even faster shooting: Doubles speed
    $400 2-3 Way faster shooting: Triples current speed
    $800 2-4 Ghostly Tacks: Shoots so fast, it can pop Invisible Bloons!*
    $1000 2-5 Blade Shooter: Shoots blades instead of tacks.
    $2600 2-6 Blade Maelstrom: Shoots an army of blades

    ALIEN MONKEY, RANK 2 Zaps beams that do damage.

    $??? 1-1 ??????? ????????: ????????????????????????????????????????
    1-2 ”
    1-3 ”
    1-4 ”
    1-5 ”
    1-6 ”
    2-1 ”
    2-2 ”
    2-3 ”
    2-6 ”

    I’ll have to ask David for this tower, and I’ll do more later.

  223. PacBrad Says:

    BTD7 has 6 upgrades per path and the Spike-O-Pult must be separated. David BTD5, redo!

  224. PacBrad Says:


  225. PacBrad Says:

    My eMail is not in my inbox.

  226. PacBrad Says:

    This is your last warning!

  227. PacBrad Says:

    HINT: Pilot = Monkey Ace.

  228. 203995014 Says:

    Why the f*ck do you find the ice tower *under*powered?

  229. 1231231453 Says:

    The ice tower is not under powered. It is awesome to use in the later rounds if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  230. David BTD5 Says:

    Here are my updated dart monkey and tack shooter.

    Dart Monkey:

    Path 1: longer range ($100) – ($140) – enhanced eyesight ($200) – hot darts ($280) – destroyer darts ($2430) – reporter ($2140) – dart CEO ($6820)

    Path 2: piercing darts ($140) – sharp shots ($160) – razor darts ($210) – triple darts ($400) – 2 armed monkey ($760) – 4 armed monkey ($1340) – duplicator ($2130) – super monkey camp ($4800)

    Tack Shooter:

    Path 1: faster shooting ($200) – even faster shooting ($400) – even faster shooting ($600) – 16 shot ($730) – 24 shot ($1460) – 32 shot ($2190) – ring of fire ($3200) – ring of death ($5410)

    Path 2: longer range ($100) – even longer range ($200) – even longer range ($300) – larger tacks ($450) – blade shooter ($540) – stronger blades ($890) – hot blades ($610) – burn’n blades ($2340)

    *Still working on rounds 17-42. Here are 43-54.

    43-8 browns, 20 rainbows
    44-80 zebras, 30 regrower pinks
    45-15 browns, 50 greens
    46-100 camo pinks
    47-5 ceramic* blues
    48-4 mini blimps
    49-50 rainbows, 10 browns, 4 ceramic reds
    50-1 MOAB
    51-15 ceramic greens
    52-40 camo pinks, 40 rainbows
    53-60 leads, 2 ceramic blacks, 2 ceramic whites
    54-2 MOABs, 2 mini blimps

    *CERAMIC is now a bloon form. I’ll tell about it later. The brown bloon is similar to the regular ceramic bloon.

    *I tried to make these a little harder.

  231. ninja bob Says:

    Here is a daily challenge


    Beat Lighting Scar on easy with only monkey apprentices (4,2)
    reward $65

  232. PacBrad Says:

    1. It’s too underpowered because it does not use a perfect strategy, it messes them up.
    2. Darts can’t pop it. Change this so they do.
    3. Snap Freeze does not pop 2 layers of Bloon.
    4. It does not have an upgrade to freeze the MOAB-Class Bloons (please make one, or rename Absolute Zero [the Ability stays the same, including the name] to EskiFreeze so it does freeze MOAB-Class Bloons as well, increase the price to $10000 on Medium)
    5. I DON’T LIKE IT!!!!

    If you read this (Chris), do as requested, or read my tower suggestion above and replace it with the new tower.

  233. PacBrad Says:


    1. Monkey Glue
    2. Quality Button (LOW, MED, HI)
    3. Zoom Button
    4. Full Screen Button
    5. Time Switcher (replaces the fast forward button)
    6. iOS version
    7. Android version
    8. PC version (download, exe file)
    9. Mac version (download, app file)
    10. Linux version (download)
    11. Ubuntu version (download)
    12. Special Missions for Guests
    13. 3D Effects (can be turned off)
    14. The Lightning Beacon and the Gorilla (my suggestions!)


    Bad Language
    Blood and Gore


    Ice Tower (replace with Lightning Beacon
    Restriction on Special Missions for Guests
    Super Monkey Storm (move it to Monkey Village, replace MIB with Super Monkey Headquarters [$30000])
    The saying of “The next round will be ******* hard”
    The Lock (so that the game can be hosted, the price for the SiteLock is $19.99. Don’t like? Increase it to $39.99!)

  234. PacBrad Says:

    Here’s my eMail address. I have to give it out, so that I can get my suggestions reviewed.

    Don’t click this if you’re not a staff member of Ninja Kiwi. This is a risk guys. Don’t spam me!

  235. PacBrad Says:

    Make the subject “Reviewing your BTD5 Suggestions and answering your Questions”.

  236. PacBrad Says:

    You haven’t sent my mail yet!

  237. PacBrad Says:

    Checked again (are you still writing it? You know, you can save it as a draft to send it later)

  238. David BTD5 Says:

    For path 2s I forgot to take out sharp shots, razor darts, even faster shooting, and the other even faster shooting. You can take those out.

  239. Yomanomai Says:

    I would like to add a special tour part 3:
    COMMANDED bar available at level 20
    that when you click on this tour:
    you will have access to different towers but semblabes (it’s debut at a site) that will be ordered by monkey soldier!
    here are copies of the towers (The Laserlight barr, barr the fire, the basic barr (nails) and a special agent (Popall barr (cost: 250 mm) you are not about to lose)
    Any of these towers couterons expensive (a bit more expensive than the super super monkey) you have access to the first spike barr baseball and will unlock as and a measure (the basic barr at the end, it is the best (cost : $ 10,000)

  240. David BTD5 Says:

    Before I read your posts, I had another order of bloons. Here it was:

    Red < Blue < Green < Yellow < Pink < White/Black < Zebra/Lead < Rainbow < Brown < MOAB < BFB < ZOMG < MDB < LOTM < FBI/HBI < BOEB/MACB < CMB < XOTG

    I will change it including the cyan bloon, the KOAB, and more.

    Here were my forms:


    I will add yours.

  241. PacBrad Says:

    So, you are assuming that my eMail has in it. YOU ARE WRONG!

  242. misterwheatley Says:


  243. Bestbuds1000 Says:

    Ok, I don’t know if it’s the new update, but all of my ribbons, purchased upgrades, and monkey money and special agents has been wiped, including my level. I hope this is temporary, bu could I be offered some explanation? I did log in, I even restarted my computer. I’m not very amused that I’m even restricted from the newest daily challenge because supposedly I’m not even lvl 19 yet or whatever…I had beaten every track except for the two new ones on easy, medium, and hard, including the previous extreme tracks. I did be extreme on the newest track, and hard on the other. I had beaten all but one of the special missions (the decaying towers one). If this doesn’t get fixed, I’m certainly never playing again. I don’t even know what level I was.

  244. Bestbuds1000 Says:

    Oh thats just wonderful. I may not have played too many games on here ,but even my stuff from Battle panic is gone. Says my account is a level one noobie. What the hell.

  245. 203995014 Says:

    Of course darts don’t pop ice bloons.
    The true power of arctic wind comes out when you get one of the 3rd upgrades. They are really helpful, and by that time, you probably won’t have sharp items anyway.
    You may think that I am trying to love all my towers. That is kind of true, but that is simply what I believe.
    Pacbrad, you should try to use the ice tower in battle to revisit it’s awesomeness.
    Ninjakiwi, if you are going to put in the lightning beacon, then make it a new tower, not a replacement for the ice tower!’!!!!!!!
    I beg you!!!!!!

  246. 203995014 Says:

    You know why the super monkey storm is separate now? Because the call to arms is too powerful for it to be replaced

  247. PacBrad Says:

    Thank you David for that order. What does the following mean?

    FBI and HBI
    BOEB and MACB
    Put the KOAB here! It should take 100,000,000,000 hits to pop in BTD7.

  248. PacBrad Says:

    The Call to Arms should be a Special Agent, making it a police station.

  249. PacBrad Says:

    Okay, here’s my Dart Monkey idea for BTD7.

    Not Upgraded: Shoots a dart that pops a single Bloon each. They are not sharp enough to smash Frozen Bloons that come from cold weather.

    Path 1

    1: Pinching Darts: The darts are now powerful enough to pop 2 Bloons at once and also sharp enough to smash Frozens.
    2: Razor Darts: The darts are even more powerful, they can pop up to 5 Bloons at once and can smash up to 3 Frozens! (Note: A tower needs to have a popping power of 2 to pop Frozens. Ninja Monkeys can pop them right away. I’ll talk about them later.)
    3: Double Darts: Shoots two darts a time in one hand. Therefore, each shot can pop up to an amazing 10 Bloons at once! Wow!

    Path 1 Splitter

    4: Triple Darts and Blade Sharp Darts: Two upgrades in a pack. The darts will pop up to 10 Bloons (one at a time) (and 5 Frozens) and the Monkey will shoot three darts at a time!
    5: Brother: Summons a second Dart Monkey for free. This one is automatically upgraded to 3-5. If you don’t place him for 30 seconds, he will be put in a random spot. Upgrading a Dart Monkey (The Boss [red band] or The Lackey [yellow band]) to 3-6 will upgrade both Monkeys at once.
    6: Dart Storm Ability: Throws 250 darts very rapidly in a circular motion. These darts aren’t powerful enough to pop Leads though.

    Path 2:

    1: Great Range: See further, see more Bloons.
    2: Greater Range: See even further, see even more Bloons, and pray for victory.
    3: X-Ray Vision: Applying Monkey Gel will force the Dart Monkey to pop Camos.

    Path 2 Splitter

    4: Exploding Darts: Used as Mini-Bombs as well as darts. Why wouldn’t a dart pop a Lead?
    5: Darts on Fire: Fire Fire! You can pop Leads 24/7 with some safety gloves and a Fire Dart!
    6: Flamethrower: Tosses Fireballs at the Bloons instead of darts. Very, very powerful.

    What do you think David?

    Tomorrow: Tack Shooter

  250. PacBrad Says:

    Sorry, but I think that other suggestion need improvement. Tell me I’m like Steve Jobs.

  251. David BTD5 Says:

    More rounds:

    55-10 ceramic pinks
    56-20 browns, 3 MOABs
    57-20 camo leads, 30 ceramic reds
    58-40 camo regrower rainbows, 3 mini blimps
    59-30 browns, 2 MOABs
    60-4 MOABs, 2 mini blimps
    61-30 leads, 30 zebras, 30 rainbows, 30 ceramic reds
    62-20 ceramic greens, 60 regrower pinks
    63-70 leads, 40 ceramic pinks
    64-100 rainbows, 5 MOABs, 1 mini blimp
    65-1 BFB

    A daily challenge:

    6. AMAZING 8

    Pass 85 rounds on hard track 1 with only 8 towers or agents at once.

    Sniper Monkey:

    Path 1: strong hot bullets ($340) – 6 shot ($1430) – 12 shot ($3200) – full 18 ($6800) – double shot ($3200) – eye of the crippled MOAB ($14600)

    Path 2: aimed eye ($200) – fast shots ($400) – loud beam ($1670) – machine speed ($2610) – bullet-bomb ($3400) – supply drop ($15000)

  252. Gansta Dee Says:

    How do you create a daily challenge? Every time I go to the daily challenge archives it says it’s by ___________. HOW?

  253. Mr T Says:

    been two weeks since ive been able to play?

    i cannot play at all! I go thru the long loading screen and all i get is a black screen. deleted cache and reset and still getting a black screen? am i the only 1??

  254. Aaron Says:

    There’s a Daily Challenge suggestions thread on the forum.

  255. 203995014 Says:

    You guys are already talking about btd7? Wtf?
    Greedy b*stards.
    Super monkey storm already too overpowered, too bad you don’t have an account to witness it’s power. It even destroys zomgs in 1 hit!
    Also, call to arms, if planned out strategically, can have devastating results. If you make a mistake, well, good luck.
    And the ice Bloon taking 2 hits to pop, for once, I agree with you for the ice tower. It should take 5 though.

  256. PacBrad Says:

    OK, but however, you are still my rival.

  257. 203995014 Says:

    dart monkey upgrades for btd 6:
    upgrades for btd6 work like this:
    path 1 has extremely powerful attacks
    path 2 has a special ability
    path 3 has a passive attack and continues to attack normally, like the orbiting glaives on the glaive lord
    path 4 has an ultimate ability that can only be used once.
    5 upgrades for each path, gets split at the 3rd upgrades

    path 1:
    1: peircing darts
    2: razor sharp darts
    3: spike-o-pult (yeah, i’m one of the spike o dart seperate haters) hurls a spike ball that can pop 20 bloons and if it hits a lead both the ball and the lead bloon shatters.
    4: juggernaut: hurls a killer unstoppable spike ball that can pop up to 200 bloons and cannot be stopped by lead bloons and crushes ceramic bloon layer whole
    5: triple torsion catapults: throws 3 killer balls that go at extreme speed and are literally unstoppable. excels at crushing moab class bloons and do 10 damage each and has a fast fire rate.
    path 2:
    1: harder metal: pops 2 layers of bloon
    2: golden darts: pops 3 layers of bloon
    3: triple darts
    4: decuple darts: throws 10 darts at a time!
    5: super monkey fan club
    path 3:
    1: longer range
    2: enhanced eyesight
    3: better throwing: throws darts right at the target and doesn’t get blocked by bloons in the way
    4: seeking darts: darts seek out bloons and can now pop 10 bloons each.
    5: dart circle: shoots out 20 darts in a circle
    path 4:
    1: bigger darts: darts can now pop ice bloons in 1 hit.
    2: hot darts: darts can now pop lead bloons
    3: electrified darts: darts when it reaches it’s maximum pop limit, pops 1 last bloon out of the dart’s range
    4: higher voltage: darts now pop 25 bloons out of range and pops 10 layers
    5: Huge Ball of burning plasma: throws a huge plasma ball that is unstoppable and destroys everything in it’s path, and pops a whole layer of a zomg instead of destroying it.

    what do you think pacbrad? my siblings think these ideas are awesome! tack shooter later

  258. 203995014 Says:

    sorry, the LIGHTNING pops 10 layers

  259. 203995014 Says:

    tack shooter upgrades:
    once again:
    path 1: extremely powerful attack
    path 2: special ability
    path 3: passive ability that goes along with it’s regular attack
    path 4: ultimate ability that can only be used once

    path 1:
    1: faster firing
    2: even faster firing
    3: tack sprayer
    4: ring of fire
    5: ring of plasma: fires a killer plasma wave that destroys 10 layers of bloon and has a 25% chance to short curcuit moab class bloons.
    path 2:
    1: bloon sensor: senses bloons instead of seeing them and allows the tack shooter to shoot camo bloons.
    2: sharper tacks: allows the tacks to pop 2 bloons before wearing out
    3: blade shooter: blade shooter shoots blades that pop 4 bloons at once
    4: enhanced blade shooter: fires very fast and pops 2 layers of bloon
    5: blade maelstorm
    path 3:
    1: longer range
    2: even longer range
    3: golden tacks: tacks pop 5 layers of bloon
    4: orbiting tacks: creates tacks that orbit around the tower
    5: bloon shredder: orbiting tacks are unstoppable and shred bloons
    path 4:
    1: bigger tacks: tacks are harder for bloons to avoid
    2: even bigger tacks: tacks are even harder for bloons to avoid
    3: tacks of mighty gargantuaness: tacks pop 10 bloons at once
    4: tacks of god: tacks pop 25 bloons at once
    5: tack storm: creates a storm of diamond tacks that pop everything in it’s path

    sniper monkey later

  260. 203995014 Says:

    sniper monkey:
    for the last time:
    path 1: extremely powerful attack
    path 2: special ability
    path 3: passive attack along with normal attack
    path 4: ultimate ability that can only be used once

    sniper monkey shoots a bullet that can pop 2 layers of bloon with very long range, and has a 50% chance to miss
    path 1:
    1: full metal jacket
    2: .50 (point five oh): bullets can pop 10 layers of bloon!
    3: deadly precision:
    4: moab killer: does 30 damage to moab class bloons
    5: cripple moab
    path 2:
    1: faster firing
    2: night vision goggles
    3: semi-automatic rifle
    4: upgraded semi automatic rifle: shoots 5 bullets each time it fires, for some massive bloon carnage
    5: supply drop
    path 3:
    1: better accuracy: hits bloons 75% of the time
    2: extreme accuracy: snipers never miss!
    3: bazooka cannon: instead of a rifle, uses a bazooka cannon that explodes upon impact
    4: heavy bazooka: bigger explosion radius
    5: electric bubble: when rocket hits impact, after the explosion, it creates an plasmic wave that destroys 7 layers of bloon.
    path 4:
    1: longer rifle: sniper monkey now has infinite range
    2: peircing bullets: sniper bullets can now peirce into 2 bloons
    3: razor bullets: sniper bullets now peirce 5 bloons
    4: diamond bullets: sniper now peirce 25 bloons
    5: killer plasma bullet: shoots a plasma ball that immobilize moab class bloons and destroy all bloons in it’s path.
    boomerang monkey later

  261. PacBrad Says:

    Reply, TOO MANY PATHS, Common, OVERLOADED and NO.

  262. PacBrad Says:

    About my eMail, NOT SENT, NOT EVEN COMPLETE.

  263. 203995014 Says:

    you have to get used to everything at some point

  264. 203995014 Says:

    you have to get used to everything at some point
    personally, i had a hard time thinking about all of the upgrades.

  265. PacBrad Says:

    My upgrades are better.

    They’re here:

    Make sure you scroll down until you hit the end of the Sun God comment.

  266. 203995014 Says:

    it’s just like bloons tower defense 5. i had to get used to so many upgrades and soon, it felt completely normal.
    boomerang monkey: can pop 5 bloons at once with it’s boomerangs and are not very accurate with only an 80%chance to hit bloons

    path 1:
    1: multi target: boomerangs can pop 10 bloons at once
    2: glaive thrower: throws glaives that can pop 15 bloons at once
    3: sword thrower: throws swords that can pop 25 bloons at once
    4: ambidexterity: throws 2 swords at once
    5: lightsaber thrower: throws lightsabers that pop up to 150 bloons at once
    path 2:
    1: sonic boom: can pop ice bloons in 1 hit
    2: red hot rangs
    3: bigger muscles: throws boomerangs at twice the speed and strength
    4: bionic boomer: throws boomerangs at 5x the speed!
    5: turbo charge
    path 3:
    1: sharper boomerangs: boomerangs pop 2 layers of bloon
    2: metal boomerangs: boomerangs pop 3 layers of bloon
    3: boomerang ricochet: boomerangs bounce from one bloon to another
    4: splitting boomerangs: boomerangs split every once in a while
    5: boomerang lord: 2 permanent boomerangs orbit round the tower shredding bloons. the orbiting glaives can hit camo bloons
    Path 4:
    1: improved accuracy: hits bloons more often with a 90% chance to hit bloons
    2: better eyesight: boomerang throwers can now see camo bloons and always hit bloons
    3: bigger boomerang: boomerangs are bigger and pop a bigger area
    4: boomerangs of god: gigantic boomerangs pop alot of bloons and in a huge area
    5: boomerang of doom: annihilates everything in it’s path and pop 1 layer off moab class bloons.

    ninja monkey later

  267. PacBrad Says:

    How is my mail going? (not answered, you may be spammed in 6 days)

  268. levi Says:

    how do make challenges?

  269. Guy the eighth Says:

    Ummmm… PacBrad, you should add prices, before the SUN GOD Tower price is over 10000000000 money!

  270. PacBrad Says:

    Ninja Kiwi can decide, or maybe you!

    Here they are, and don’t forget to comment with those prices!

  271. PacBrad Says:

    5 days until anti-eMail spam.

  272. David BTD5 Says:

    MOAB: Massive ordinary air blimp RBE: about 600
    BFB: Brutal floating behemoth RBE: about 2,400
    ZOMG: Zeppelin of mighty gargantueness RBE: about 9,600
    MDB: Monkey destroyer blimp RBE: about 38,400
    LOTM: Lord of the MOABs RBE: about 153,600
    FBI: Freaking blimp incorporated RBE: about 614,400
    HBI: Healing blimp incorporated RBE: about 614,400
    BOEB: Boxes of exploding bombs RBE: about 2,457,600
    MACB: Master at crushing bloons RBE: about 2,457,600
    CMB: Crushing monster blimp RBE: about 9,380,400
    XOTG: X-ray of technological gods RBE: about 39,321,600
    KOAB: King of all Bloons RBE: about 157,286,400

  273. Maurice Moultrie Says:

    i agree with david btd5

  274. bloon killer Says:

    i agree

  275. PacBrad Says:

    MOAB: Massive ordinary air blimp RBE: about 600

    That’s very very true.

    BFB: Brutal floating behemoth RBE: about 2,400

    Same with this one.

    ZOMG: Zeppelin of mighty gargantueness RBE: about 9,600

    And this one too!

    MDB: Monkey destroyer blimp RBE: about 38,400

    So I would possibly think that it kills anything that costs $1200 or less. That would be painful.

    LOTM: Lord of the MOABs RBE: about 153,600

    Hence that name!

    FBI: Freaking blimp incorporated RBE: about 614,400

    Immune to bombs…

    HBI: Healing blimp incorporated RBE: about 614,400

    Regenerates by 1HP every 0.1 seconds…
    BOEB: Boxes of exploding bombs RBE: about 2,457,600

    If popped, it should bring out bombs.

    MACB: Master at crushing bloons RBE: about 2,457,600

    Maybe it should help at crushing creamiacs, even creamiac browns!

    CMB: Crushing monster blimp RBE: about 9,380,400

    This one should mash MOABs, BFBs, ZOMGs and MDBs.

    XOTG: X-ray of technological gods RBE: about 39,321,600

    It should zap Monkeys and Towers to stun them for 10 seconds.

    KOAB: King of all Bloons RBE: about 157,286,400

    INCREDIBLE! This is the massive one and it will require about 20 Sun Gods!

    4 days until SPAM.

    Now, it’s three days until EMAIL SPAM.

  276. PacBrad Says:

    I’m freaking out because my mail is still in my outbox.

  277. Brett Says:

    You know what they say…April Bloons brings MAY AWESOMENESS! Stephen, you and the NinjaKiwi team have done the bestest job with May updates!!! The Challenge Vault was probably one of the greatest- it allowed more gameplay and fun stuff to do since I’ve beaten almost every track!! Lightning Scar was a doozy, but I haven’t started on Main Street…yet!! The terrain agents were, eh, alright, but could’ve been better Pros- but Wizard Lord mission was the awesome-icing on the cake!! CANNOT wait to see June updates, keep up the good work, guys! Oh, and for everyone asking about BTD6…please stop being so greedy and enjoy BTD5 right now! NinjaKiwi is doing great, so stop bugging them about making the next game!

  278. PacBrad Says:

    Two days until you have been proven you forgot to hit the “Send” button.

  279. PacBrad Says:

    Then you’ll be suffering with a sense of The Powder Toy. Get it Ninja Kiwi?

  280. PacBrad Says:

    Some of my comments got either moved or deleted. Is the forum (accounts) free?

  281. 203995014 Says:

    you know pacbrad, your upgrade path idea is pretty unorignal.
    I take 2 hours everyday to do each tower
    ninja monkey: a unique tower that can fire fast and can see camo bloons right away and can hide in water, being able to be placed in it.

    path 1:
    1: sharper shurikens: shurikens now pop 4 bloons
    2: shuriken awesomizer: shurikens pop 8 bloons at once!
    3: double shot
    4: triple shot
    5: bloonjitsu master
    path 2:
    1: seeing shuriken
    2: distraction
    3: ninja utility: sometimes throws pineapples, road spikes, and monkey glue
    4: flash bomb: adds a flash bomb to it’s arsenal
    5: ninja saboteur
    path 3:
    1: yellow belt: longer range
    2: green belt: faster firing
    3: blue belt: awesome fire rate and speed
    4: brown belt: how could it fire and shoot so fast! it could never get faster
    5: black belt: extreme sheer force with gigantic shurikens
    path 4:
    1: pericing shurikens: shurikens can pop 2 layers
    2: razor shurikens: shurikens can pop 3 layers!
    3: iron shurikens: shurikens pop 5 layers
    4: golden shurikens: shurikens pop 10 layers
    5: quartz shurikens: shuriken of doom: throws a diamond shuriken that annihilates everything in a short path. even zomgs.

  282. PacBrad Says:

    Less than 8 hours left. HURRY UP and click the magic button, and comment saying the magic word!

  283. necromancer10 Says:

    Yes, it is.

  284. 203995014 Says:

    Pacbrad, your Moab ideas would ruin the game, and ninjakiwi are more than capable of making a Moab class that is unique and has 4 zomgs in it

  285. R. Lee 'Dr. Pop13' Says:

    Great game. Bloons TD5 keeps me outta trouble and up past my bedtime.

    I think that you oughta have a daily challenge on the Clock track. Call it “Glaives, Glue and Village”. You have to beat the track on Medium, only Boomerang Throwers, Glue Gunners, Monkey Villages and Farms. I used some road tacks. Give them a complementary Meerkat Spy to start.

    Thanks for the fun,

    Dr. Pop13

  286. Ninolopez Says:

    Whats the mystery 2 tracks: EXPERT AND EXTREME? whats your suggestions?

  287. Ninolopez Says:

    and In BTD5 or BTD6, we need to have save slots that can used saved game slots instead of using 1 saves

  288. Cyclone Says:

    I really think rewards for completing tracks would be a good idea, such as secret towers and a secret track for completing them all. One for easy, one for medium, and one for hard.

    I would also really like it if you increased the monkey money rewards for completing daily challenges. It’d help with the pros. If you refuse this, how about lowering the amount needed for the pros?

    Special agent: Road Piece (750)
    Allows you to bend a little piece of road however you want and forces balloons to go onto it.

    Pro/15: Decreases price to 400 monkey money.

  289. David BTD5 Says:

    That was exactly what I was thinking about what the blimps meant.
    Using a calculator, I figured out that there are 262,144 MOABs in 1 KOAB!
    That was probably my best post yet.

  290. joe926 Says:

    we shoud have a speacial challenge that:

    monkey buccaneer(3,3)sniper monkey(2,3)mortar tower(3,4)
    starting money:1200)
    no special agents

  291. joe926 Says:

    daily challenge:
    starting momey:1200
    monkey buccaneer(3,3)
    sniper monkey(2,3)
    mortar tower(3,4)
    exploting pinaple

  292. 203995014 Says:

    people are just making stupid ideas that would ruin the game like road peice

  293. 203995014 Says:

    you guys really should go to the ninjakiwi forum

  294. David BTD5 Says:

    Here are my first 10 ranks-

    Rank: 0
    XP: 0
    Unlock: Dart Monkey, 1st and 2nd track, first 4 special agents

    Rank: 1
    XP: 10
    Unlock: Tack Shooter, Dart Monkey upgrade 1′s

    Rank: 2
    XP: 40
    Unlock: Sniper Monkey, Dart Monkey upgrade 2′s, Tack Shooter upgrade 1′s

    Rank: 3
    XP: 100
    Unlock: Boomerang Thrower, Dart Monkey upgrade 3′s, Tack Shooter upgrade 2′s, Sniper Monkey upgrade 1′s

    Rank: 4
    XP: 200
    Unlock: Road Spikes, Exploding Pineapples, Dart Monkey upgrade 4′s, Tack Shooter upgrade 3′s, Sniper Monkey upgrade 2′s, Boomerang Thrower upgrade 1′s

    Rank: 5
    XP: 500
    Unlock: Alien Monkey, Dart Monkey upgrade 5′s, Tack Shooter upgrade 4′s, Sniper Monkey upgrade 3′s, Boomerang Thrower upgrade 2′s

    Rank: 6
    XP: 900
    Unlock: Monkey Apprentice, Tack Shooter upgrade 5′s, Sniper Monkey upgrade 4′s, Boomerang Thrower upgrade 3′s, Alien Monkey upgrade 1′s

    Rank: 7
    XP: 2000
    Unlock: Bomb Tower, Sniper Monkey upgrade 5′s, Boomerang Thrower upgrade 4′s, Alien Monkey upgrade 2′s, Monkey Apprentice upgrade 1′s

    Rank: 8
    XP: 3200
    Unlock: Spike Factory, Boomerang Thrower upgrade 5′s, Alien Monkey upgrade 3′s, Monkey Apprentice upgrade 2′s, Bomb Tower upgrade 1′s

    Rank: 9
    XP: 7000
    Unlock: Lilly Pad, Monkey Glue, Alien Monkey upgrade 4′s Monkey Apprentice upgrade 3′s, Bomb Tower upgrade 2′s, Spike Factory upgrade 1′s

    Rank: 10
    XP: 14000
    Unlock: Ninja Monkey, 3rd and 4th track, second 4 Special Agents, Alien Monkey upgrade 5′s, Monkey Apprentice upgrade 4′s, Bomb Tower upgrade 3′s, Spike Factory Upgrade 2′s

    More coming soon.

  295. PacBrad Says:

    Too confusing. Uncluter it please.

  296. PacBrad Says:

    My eMail is perished, it is missing, and you did not hit the SEND button. Waste your FotW Week 5 time with my eMail please. You can do Week 6.

  297. weof Says:

    Hey, i love the game! Can you make a FULLY UPGRADED SUPER Monkey Mission like the wizard lord mission? Please, it will be awsome. Or can you make a challege that has a new strong bloon? But, i love the game right now. I got nearly upgrade execpt for the dartling gun,mortar tower,and spike factory.

  298. nkyriaco Says:

    all of these suggestions should be posted on the btd5 suggestions and ideas and daily challenges on the btd5 daily challenge forum

  299. me.myself.i Says:

    I want the bonus upgrade to be unlockable or buyable with points or something. They should not cost money

  300. quadsquad Says:

    i think you should pass snake river on medium using only towers that
    have monkey inn their name no mechanics

  301. quadsquad Says:

    or use monkey aces start round 30 hard with 2,500

  302. quadsquad Says:

    orrrrr…… im going to shut up now

  303. Brandon Li Says:

    Daily challenge idea:
    2 types of towers , players choice
    6 towers total 3 of each
    monkey lane, easy
    It is possible, i used wizerd and sniper, beat it easyily but sounds hard. the first step is to choose the towers you want.
    It is basily “if you only have 2 towers, what would you choose” Idea
    If that is too easy, try it with only l type of tower and limit the upgrades.

  304. quadsquad Says:

    i think we should do a daily challenge like this:
    park path on medium using only towers with monkey in there name start 1,000 cash yes road spikes and pinnaples

  305. quadsquad Says:

    or the rink using only sniper monkeys and monkey aces meduiam yes road spikes no pinapple start 1,500

  306. quadsquad Says:

    or mabye castle easy 100 M.O.A.Bs start 100,000 super monkeys only

  307. quadsquad Says:

    i think they should lower the prices of special buildings

  308. Cyclonic Tornado Says:

    Before you read any of my posts, make this clear:


  309. Cyclonic Tornado Says:

    Every day I will take a survey.
    Q. 1
    What rank are you on?
    (The next question will be given once 3 of you answer).

  310. MRPRISONER627 Says:

    I love Your creation of the towers also can u drop the price on the spectre because I use it a lot on Hard when I play Hard of course. But because I need to save up and I always have to buy other towers to help out but I need a spectre to win.                                                   Thank you 

  311. unlock Says:

    can you add more unlockable stuff when you rank up cause i have unlocked everything there is to unlock

  312. Cyclonic Tornado Says:

    I have been creating some things for a new tower defense game I've been working on. Adventure TD 1, or ATD1 is the name.

  313. Cyclonic Tornado Says:

    ATD1 has 3 towers with one upgrade per tower. There are 2 tracks. An easy beginner for new players and players that just started the game, and a harder advanced track for player that have already played the game

  314. thecrwth Says:


    I can access the challanges for part of Jan, feb and mar. Why can’t I access Apr-Jun? It is a bummer for those of us who just started playing and have paid real money (because I want to support you) to play with enhancements. I bought the offline version as well, so I’m not clear on what new content I have access to.


  315. yashik Says:

    i have a suggestion of a daily chalenge (‘ancient arts’ with using only ninja and appretice beat bloons circle on medium.) i have one more ( ‘super naturals’ with using only appretice and super monkey beat snake river on medium.)

  316. ........ Says:

    monkey giant cost 4000$ can cause major damige to moab class bloon in caress a hammer it can see camo sometime the upgrades for path 1 wepon upgrades path 2 can be speed and accaury and can bloon perfectly can you crate it with a challenge whenever it comes out

  317. multicombat Says:

    Can you make a special mission? if so how do you do it? If not ninjakiwi should really let it happen.plz respon

  318. ........... Says:

    can u make the monkey giant before august 21 2012 the first day of school

  319. planetusx1000 Says:

    I have an idea of a daily challenge:
    (sorry if I spell wrong at words.)
    In military hands

    With Snipers 4/4
    Buccaneers 4/2
    Monkey aces 2/4
    Mortar towers 4/4
    and Dartling guns 2/4
    Pineapples allowed

    Pass Snake River Medium and start with 1000 cash.
    Reward: 100 MM
    That was my idea of a daily challenge. :D bye

  320. Tomasciber11 Says:

    Hello, I am Spanish so use a translator, the challenge is good-The 4-Hooded
    question, which you can only use:
    Monkey dart (2/4)
    Ice Monkey (4/2)
    Ninja monkey (4/2)
    Boomerang tower (4/2)
    The map will clock in EASY
    Greetings: 3

  321. aviv2000 Says:

    I have an idea for a challange:
    Name:Around the world in 80 rounds.
    Map:space track.
    Rounds:1-80 on medium.
    Towers(arawrd the world):nija monkey (Japan), ice tower (The pols), super monkey 4/2 (South america), mnkey buccaneer 2/4 (The great seas),monkey ace (Around the world), monkey village 3/2 (Africa and America) and pineapples(The tropics).
    Reward:80 monkey money.
    thanks alot, Aviv.

  322. russianninja Says:

    daily challenge idea: castle on hard 7500 cash to start only spike factories sniper monkeys and banana farms available all upgrades available for these towers rounds 1-90

  323. russianninja Says:

    reward for the daily challenge 45 monkey money

  324. john Says:

    How do you submit your own idea for a daily challenge? SOmetimes when i look @ a daily challenge it says submitted by ___

  325. popboy109 Says:

    ilda for daily challengenes round 1 to 100 $1000 all towers and upgrades tell round 50

  326. popboy109 Says:

    and 260 mm and 700 nk coins.

  327. alex Says:

    How do you MAKE a daily challenge.

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