Bloons 2 – Level Builder now live!

Thu, Oct 28, 2010

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OK so now you can all go nuts and build your own levels. To get access to the editor go here but you’ll need to have completed Bloons 2 first.

There is a pretty good chance that we’ll build a player pack from here or something similar so get building and make some great levels!


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  1. Amigo Says:

    I have finished bloons2(with untimited darts made)
    but i dont have the builder
    when i press’level editor’ it said must have 2000coins……
    but i dont have credit card……i love builder so much……

  2. fabrizio bs Says:

    to access the level editor, you must pass all levels, without using unlimited darts mode.

  3. bendersmells Says:

    wrong you have to finish the secret levels

  4. fabrizio bs Says:

    so, I don´t need to pass all the levels, only the secrets ?

    but it don’t matter, because I already have the level editor. o_Õ

  5. Matt Says:

    Actually, to unlock the editor you must complete the original 96 levels (not any secret levels.) You can use supermonkeys and level solutions to help you complete the game. Using unlimited darts won’t cut it I’m afraid.

  6. Ernie Says:

    Levels seem to be disappearing after about a day or so after they’re made. I’ve already lost two levels, and I want to know what’s going on with the builder.

  7. Matt Says:

    People are abusing the report system, resulting in appropriate levels being banned from too many reports. This happened to one of mine too. Don’t worry though, they can be brought back.

    There should probably be a change to how inappropriate levels get removed. On myninjakiwi there were moderators to help resolve this issue, but I dont think the NK team wants to be bothered with constantly approving levels.

    Any ideas for an improved reporting system, without someone having to manually approve wrongfully banned levels?

  8. Syfte / Emanl98 Says:

    I wouldn’t want any actual good, (hard or not) levels to be deleted because of reports. I could think of a way to fix it if ranks were implied, but they’re not.

    On a side note, great job. Some (what I believe would be doable) suggestions:
    // Be able to tell who made the level.
    // Level Rating again.

  9. Hectorc Says:

    question!!! 3 of my BEST levels got deleted and the rest of them were unpublished, what happend?

  10. Syfte / Emanl98 Says:

    Read the above Hec ^^ Mainly Matt’s

  11. BigOto Says:

    The bee bloon is majorly overused by level builders.

  12. Missingno_26 Says:

    Hi and thanks for Bloons 2 and his level editor !
    This is fun but i’ve got a problem during level editor
    Yesterday,I’ve created a level called “jaune exclusivement” but it have been deleted this moring !!!
    I’ve nothing done but it have disappeared !
    Can you explain why and/or how and also repear it ?
    this was enjoyed by many people. Can it be the reason ?

  13. lol1 Says:

    what a night!
    it is 2:47 as i begin
    3 reseraunts,ihop,zaxbees and wendys.2 movies(and all of this with girl:b )

  14. Konrada Says:

    I created 2 levels my my username “MrMega” that took me abut 2 hours total to build, edit, and finally test.
    But now even my account was deleted T_T

    it’s a pretty nice builder though.

  15. Ernie Says:

    “Any ideas for an improved reporting system, without someone having to manually approve wrongfully banned levels?”

    - Matt

    Well, they could be submitted to moderators before they are removed. If you need more moderators to make this work… *hintedy hint hint*

  16. Joseph Says:

    Love the builder, made about 8 auto-levels under the name “thesock338″, but every time they got to about 150 likes, they disappeared. It’d be great if you updated the report system, so we don’t lose hours worth of work…

  17. Neat Tornado Says:

    Love the builder, Good job guys!

  18. Ravoria Says:

    Nice. I’m crossing my fingers that we can submit stages from the iPod level builder once you make them. Don’t spoil the computer users and annoy the people that paid to play the game on iphone

  19. Matt Says:

    Konrada, if it’s any consolation, I played, completed, and enjoyed your “Quantum Theory” (I think that’s what it was called) level.

    Ernie, I don’t think the builder’s control panel is set up for moderators this time around. Although I haven’t seen it to be sure.

    I guess they’ll come up with a solution if they decide to revise the current system. This has all happened over the weekend, so hopefully they can work something out starting tomorrow :)

  20. Amigo Says:

    oh………..I cannot finish lv94′pop em all’……
    how can finish it?i havent the solution

  21. Amigo Says:

    owch….i have finished bloons2 without unlimited dards(i have used the super monkey and sloution0,
    but i havent the builder……

  22. BloonsOa Says:

    I’m (MochiOa) having fun with the level editor.
    Trying to get levels in the upcoming PP ;)
    Can you add Helium Bloons and Lightsabre Bloons, please?

  23. Syfte / Emanl98 Says:

    Looks like those levels are back :)

  24. Konrada Says:

    Woo, levels are back :) *hugs Amazing Chain and Quantum Physics*
    Also thanks Matt. Also I have to say I got 2 extra darts on your “Concealed Ruins” level, you might want to check that out.

  25. Pikmin/Pikmin987 Says:

    The level editor is great, and I am glad to have my levels back. Only one problem though, I made a level called Gravity Chain, and about two days after publishing, all the bloons and rubber bricks and what not moved around, making the level impossible. Any idea what caused this?

  26. Matt Says:

    Konrada, yeah that’s fine, I wasn’t aiming for the difficulty of my previous levels. I can do it with 1 extra sometimes, you must have had quite the bounce :P

    Pikmin, that scrambled block bug was due to a problem when publishing from the main editor menu. The publishing process was fixed and won’t create any more levels like that. However, you’ll have to put the blocks that were moved back into their intended space and republish.

  27. Ernie Says:

    Can levels in for the players pack use solutions with guidelines?

  28. TJ Says:

    I don’t want to have to pay for this. I don’t have a credit card. I wish simple things didn’t have to cost money (I mean for gaming sites, not retail).

  29. Khalil Says:

    why do we have to beat the entire game,just so that we can get a free editor. Why can’t moshigames stop this money crap and just make games that everyone can enjoy without paying, like ten dollars just for a dart that would probably just go a cm further.

  30. Khalil Says:

    Another thing is, what’s the point of the solutions? Have you ever heard of youtube? All you have to do is switch tabs, and that’s it.

  31. Syfte / Emanl98 Says:

    Sometimes YT doesn’t have all the solutions ;)
    So I haven’t submitted anything for a play pack before, except at MYNK, so when the time comes, how will we do that?

  32. Matt Says:

    Khalil- What’s wrong with needing to complete the game, isn’t that what games are for? The game is massive this time around, I don’t think it was meant to be finished that quickly. Be patient and appreciate the quality and care that went into it.

    Also, your solution/super monkey credits carry over into the editor. I don’t reckon youtube has a solution for every user made level.

    Syfte- All you have to do is publish your levels. The NK’s will search through a bunch of levels and hand pick the ones they want in the player pack.

  33. BloonsOa Says:

    Yes, Greatvity is back :)

  34. Konrada Says:

    Oh not again x_x
    I lost my most prized level, Amazing Chain :(

    But I love the Player Pack idea, I can’t wait until it comes out.
    Also, I have an idea for the level reports so it doesn’t happen again:

    The only time when a level disappears is when it gets reported 4+ times. Then it gets e-mailed or another form of contact to an NK (or a user with an @, forgot what type of user that is called) and then they will decide if that is worth defeating the level from the database.

  35. Runite_Bloon Says:

    I really like the editor, great job :)
    Making your own levels is a lot of fun!

    However I think that for the Play Random Level button, a truly random level should be chosen, not just one from the Hot Levels list. I’ve done lots of so-called ‘random’ levels and at this point 100% of the time I click on the Play ‘Random’ button I get a level I’ve already done.

    I do hope you’ll make a player pack! Take a look at my levels, I hope you’ll like them! I’ve seen lots of good levels by other people as well. It’s just disappointing that EVERYONE makes one-click levels; sometimes chains, which can be fun but there are now just too much chain levels – and dumb levels such as “OMG 200 BOMBS!” and “hit one flower and that’s it!”. I don’t think those levels are challenging enough to put in a player pack – except for maybe a few of the best. The player pack should be challenging, so you should pick levels that aren’t doable in 2.4 seconds.

  36. fabriziobs Says:

    only the levels in the hot list, will be in the player pack? Because I think that I have some great levels,my user name is : fabriziobs.

  37. Runite_Bloon Says:

    I hope they won’t look at the hotlist levels alone. Some of them are good, but in many cases I fail to see why they are so liked.

  38. btd_lover Says:

    Chris, I have a problem. Whenever I try to play Bloons 2, BTD4, their level editors, or BTD4 Expansion, I get a pop-up that says “mochiads wants to store information in your computer” and I try to click “Deny” but it won’t let me click! Do you know what’s going on?

  39. Fabrízio bs Says:

    don´t click to deny., mochiads needs space in your computer memory.

  40. Ernie Says:

    My level (Time Warp Chain) still appears under all of my level lists, but for some reason it’s disappeared from the hotlist. I haven’t seen this happen before; usually the level disappears entirely when it gets removed from the hotlist.

  41. Khalil Says:

    I’m just saying that for a really great level designer, why do we have to beat the entire game? That’s like saying that you want to try McDonald”s new apple pie, but when you get there, the guy behind the counter says
    “Oh, well before you can eat that, you’re gonna have to eat everything else we’ve got. Who does that?

  42. Khalil Says:

    Bloonsworld gave us FREE access to level designer. Now there’s a new designer, but to access it, we either have to play the ENTIRE game, or PAY! What kind of a choice is that for a 10 year old.

    Using REAL money is probably the worst Idea ever. Of course I’m the only one who notices, because I read some comments, and most of you are over the age 21. Anyways if a little kid tried to get thier parents to pay 20$
    just to play a game that (by the way, has only about 5 new bloons, and a few last moment things that are completely useless)pretty much just has better graphics than the original, then I doubt that they would actually pay for that!

  43. Tony Says:

    I’m trying to complete all 96 levels, but somehow I have messed up and have 0 skips and SC, and no MochiCoins. What do I do now?

  44. Ernie Says:

    Khalil: I think it was designed this way so that only the people who were good enough to beat the entire game could design levels; that way there would be a higher percentage of decent levels than on Bloonsworld, which was absolutely free for anyone. I think the plan bombed, however, because apparently a lot of the people who have beaten the game are terrible level designers…

    Tony: if you’ve used up all of your skips and solution credits, I’d recommend you start over and/or look at a walkthrough.

  45. Khalil Says:

    Ernie: I see what you’re saying, but they have better graphics, New bloons, and incredible tiles. How’s that fair for everybody else? It’s stuff like this that encourages kids to hack games.

  46. Joseph Says:

    Yeah, apparently the report system is still being abused, ’cause one of my levels that was brought back disappeared again.

  47. Alex_Cartwright1 Says:

    The new editor is great. I have a problem with the ‘play random’ button as i get the same levels all the time. Also some levels that i made have disappeared and reappeared. My account is the same as above, so if you want to play my levels then go ahead.
    I too think that the ‘report’ system is being abused. I don’t know why someone would just report someones level (which someone has spent a long time on building and completing) for no reason.

  48. Alex_Cartwright1 Says:

    Woohoo today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  49. Scott Says:

    NK Dev – Thanks for the suggestion, Alex. We totally agree and have uploaded a new version where ‘Play Random’ pulls from all levels available. We like it better already!


  50. TeamChad Says:

    Pro Tip: Hold shift in the editor to easily line up rows of bloons!

  51. Khalil Says:

    Scott: Wait, YOU made another version of Bloons 2 designer?! If you did, what website is it on? Does it involve Moshi coins, because if you it does, then I’m not playing it

  52. Matt Says:

    Khalil- No, they updated the same editor to a new version where the random level button doesn’t only choose from the hot list.

  53. Alex_Cartwright1 Says:

    They finally sorted out the report and play random button. Now id don’t get the same levels every time. Now we can play different levels. The report button now says ‘abuse of this will resort in banning’ (i pressed it instead of main menu).

    And tanks Scott :)

  54. Syfte / Emanl98 Says:

    Yes, it’s fixed. And the usernames are there too :D Thanks guys.

  55. Khalil Says:

    oh. Hey, how do you make a smiley face? This is all I can do: :)

  56. Khalil Says:

    Oh they turn into real smiley faces, never mind.

  57. Alex_Cartwright1 Says:

    Do any of you have the glitch were the dart suddenly disappears, but still pops bloons? The explosions of bombs disappear as well but they reappear when you pop something. Strange.

  58. TeamChad Says:

    Looking into it Alex!

  59. TeamChad Says:

    I think you’ll find that bug’s been fixed now.

  60. Alex_Cartwright1 Says:

    I think it has as well because it hasn’t happened to me in ages.

  61. Tony Says:

    I completed all 96 original levels, but what did I do wrong? And I didn’t use un. darts mode. :/

  62. evildan Says:

    tony- have you completed the bonus levels? maybe you have to finsh them ones as well just click on the sunken ship near the beach

  63. btd_luvr Says:

    Hi. Chris, I have a problem. I completed Bloons 2, and went on the editor to get my free access, but the moment the game loaded, I got a pop-up that says “ is requesting permission to store in your computer. Requested: 1 MB.” with “Allow” and “Deny” buttons. I clicked “Deny”, but the window would not disappear like it was supposed to. I kept clicking, over and over, on “Deny”, because that worked before, but it just refused to leave! Do you think you could do something about it?

  64. Alex_Cartwright1 Says:

    Just click allow. It wont do anything to harm your computer. If you click deny it keeps on coming back. I had the same problem, then i clicked allow and never bothered me again.

  65. btd_luvr Says:

    I need all the space on my computer!

  66. btd_luvr Says:

    I mean to say:
    (passes out)

  67. btd_luvr Says:

    Gosh, when did Mochiads lose all its glory? It makes me absolutely sick. See you in a million years, when we’re all dead.

  68. bloonstwd4 Says:

    Dude it 1mb calm down i have like 400 gigs on my computer thts nothing.

  69. Andrew Hussie Says:

    Chris- I hope you like having a bunch of fans like I do.

    P.S. click my name :D

  70. Tony Says:

    Why doesn’t it display plays? That way we’ll know how many plays we have on each level. Plus, just like the MyNK rank system, can we do that? I’d like to see how that follows up :D

  71. c m Says:

    Wow, what an excellent level editor! I’ve only made 4 levels so far (for some reason it wouldn’t let me access the level editor until a few days ago). My username is “MrPudding456″. Feel free to try my levels out.

    Caution: May contain tricks, effort, pranks, lack of too much bees, trick shots, frustration, confuzzlement, lols, caverns, wows, and of course, some tasty chocolate pudding.


  72. Alex_Cartwright1 Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Is there any news of when the Bloons 2 Player Pack (if there is one) is going to be out.

  73. Alex_Cartwright1 Says:

    I got a problem.
    I made a level called “Christmas Method” and when I checked the replay the Max Power shot didn’t work and now I have to start again! It would really help if this problem got fixed.

  74. johanna Says:

    no joooooo

  75. DavidB123 Says:

    Hey Konrada, Amazing Chain is back.I liked it.

    I reported a level because the level has:
    vulgar title and design


    Can we see the Lightsaber and Pac-man Bloons?I want a upside-down Pac-Man!
    By the way,make a pink bloon from BTD4 in the normal multi-colored bloons list.(NOT TACK BLOONS!)

    If vulgar levels come out like this report them all.(Not appropiate levels,and no report abusing!

  76. Awesome5000 Says:

    My name is Awesome5000 and I would like to know why there is an extra bloons builder that actully has more bloons. Can anyone name some of these bloons?

  77. Awesome5000 Says:

    Nevermind that last comment, I now realised that I’m using it :?

  78. Awesome5000 Says:


  79. Awesome5000 Says:

    >:( I HATE HER/HIM !!!!

  80. Cascada_Rocks Says:

    Awesome5000 don’t b upset it happens…. :D

  81. Awesome5000 Says:

    I’m going to thumb down (Unlike) ALL of your levels then.:o

  82. Awesome5000 Says:


  83. Awesome5000 Says:

    :D D: :? :!

  84. DavidB123 Says:


    OK, glitch report. If you go to a user’s page more than once and if you click it nothing happens, but here’s the weirdest part. The Level Selection Menu overlaps the level you are playing! If you quit the menu look darker and extra words and the other layered menu appear.

    :s That’s was funny.I love DKFShredder’s Original Bloons Levels!

  85. DavidB123 Says:

    Chris, read my last post. Please…

  86. JackSSmith Says:

    I cannot get the final secret levels. How do I get them?

  87. Awesome5000 Says:

    Click on the ship that wrecked itself. :)

  88. Awesome5000 Says:


  89. Awesome5000 Says:


  90. Awesome5000 Says:


  91. Awesome5000 Says:

    Why all those lines

  92. Awesome5000 Says:

    I don’t know!?!??:

  93. ramzi alrefaee Says:

    Sorry I want to ask you !
    I’ve completed bloons 2 since 3 days but the editor didn’t let me use it why ? what happened ?

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