A New Year, A Ninja Kiwi Year

Thu, Jan 24, 2013

General News

A hearty chunk of January is already over, and the various authorities have now realised that 2013 is well under way. So, what better time is there to get you caught up with Ninja Kiwi, and to give out some crumbs of information concerning what could be in store for the next [nondescript period of time]?

BTD Battles 

Closing out the end of last year, we released BTD Battles; the head to head BTD experience that I’m sure many of your fantastic brains have thought about before. Battles, for those who don’t know, pits you against an opponent, gives you the power to send bloons along their track and tasks you with defending against the naturally spawning waves and enemy sent bloons, in the hope that you can make your opponent lose, before they make you lose.

Since Battles’ release, we’ve introduced a couple of tracks into the mix and released the private battle system. We’ve got many plans in store for Battles so make sure you show us your enthusiasm for the game by playing it here, and discussing it on the forums.



New Ninja Kiwi Office

The end of 2012 also found a long trail of Ninja Kiwi staff walking down the road, desks and computers in hand, to their new premises. In some ways the new offices are a stone’s throw from the old ones, but in many more ways, it’s a whole new, magical world of wondrous possibilities. It’s bigger, it’s better and it’s several degrees cooler the majority of the time.

Hard at work, or hardly working. Difficult to tell, really. Here’s lower angle, for your viewpoint pleasure.



New Ninja Kiwi Website

A new website is rapidly approaching. The momentous overhaul will incorporate all aspects of ninjakiwi.com (games, blog, forums) into one finely oiled horse. You’ll have a useful profile page, be able to join up with friends (make new ones if you want) and have more interaction with the site and community.

It’s not quite ready for you to see yet, but it won’t be long now. Expect activity feeds, messaging and all kinds of nifty things.


New Ninja Kiwi Games

A short walk around the office, glancing over the shoulders of artists and programmers, would reveal a solid selection of games at various stages in development. From my vantage point I can often see sparkling oceans flying by, or colourful buildings being constructed by deft drawers. While some have long been awaited, others are brand new ideas and we’re excited about showing them to you, though you’ll need to be patient.


A New Year

2013 is already shaping up to be full of new and impressive things, and we’re excited that you’re coming along for the ride. A new office for us and a new website for you will allow us to finely hone our instruments of awesome and deliver more of it directly at you than should be possible.
Peace out.



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35 Comments For This Post

  1. ray Says:

    can you make the sas zombie assault 3 no lag because every time i play purge it will freeze the whole game and i can’t do nothing about it.Also i do not get my exp or money.thank you

  2. ray Says:

    do you think you can make a btd6 too!!

  3. BoomerangFTW Says:

    Sweet! Can’t flappin wait. I might make a like a Bloon and *pops*


  4. Crushbeast Says:

    WOW! THAT IS AWESOME! Nice new office guys! I can’t wait for the new NK website! I really am looking forward to it! I feel some extremely cool things are going to be rolling into and out of NK this year! Well done guys! :D

    No Aaron in that picture? XD

  5. pinkie pie Says:

    So, aaron in any picture? And reply to e-mail!

  6. caleb Says:

    guys spread the word i think in BTD6 there should be monkey tanks and gurrillas

  7. ray Says:

    I hop thare will be new games on thare as well as old ones too

  8. ember Says:

    Finely oiled horse? Feeding horses oil is animal cruelty.:p

  9. Sheldon24 Says:

    Are there any updates for the 25/1/13??

  10. Aaron Says:

    No, sorry.

  11. Black Star Says:

    It looks like the Apple Headquarters to me… I did not know that you could take your shoes off during work… This is like the…. more awesomer version of the headquarters. WAAIIIITT…. Is that Lee over there with his shoes off? His screen is portrait, not landscape, and he said something about that in his interview…

  12. Aaron Says:

    Both Lee and Jo have fancy rotatable screens. It lets them see more code at once. Fun fact: I have two of those same screens at home :)
    I guess some people find that they work better without shoes holding in the awesome (assuming feet contain significant amounts of awesome. Perhaps it flows downward?)

  13. Da_Monkey Says:

    Feet contain the most awesome?
    That would explain why stubbing toes hurts so much, it damages your awesome!
    On a more serious note, how will accounts be transferred to the new site? My forum name is TheFez, which is nothing like Da_Monkey, my NK username, so how will anyone be able to know me after the change?

  14. Ella Says:

    Can’t wait to see what new games are in store! Since the release of BTD5, NK has basically become the only place I go to for games.

  15. bloons td FREAK11 Says:

    Its not that i dont like aaron hes fine but i havent heard a post frm chris in awhile

  16. King Pop Says:

    @Black Star

    Well you never know. Maybe the NK staff feel at home with all their co-workers and a familiar place, so they feel they can take off their shoes. I bet that’s a stupid theory though, and they just feel comfortable doing it.

    Anyway, this new year’s going to be exciting! Keep up the good work (and maybe the hype ;D) and stay more awesomer, Ninja Kiwi! :D

  17. BigOto2 Says:

    I am patiently awaiting the release of BTD5 for Android coming this year! I don’t often find time to play the online versions of the games, so I always wait for the mobile versions to arrive and then play them when I am stuck in a boring situation. Plus, they are so much more “awesomer” than the computer versions!

  18. shane Says:

    bloons TD battles wont work

  19. Some Guy Says:

    When will BTD6 come out?

  20. Necromancer10 Says:

    I would love to work there, if I was old enough and able to make games.

    Speaking of that, why haven’t you decided to expand your staff? Things aren’t going to get easier for you as you keep making and updating games, especially with BTDB. Perhaps you can make ads or perhaps make a video that shows the whole NK HQ or something.

  21. KittenDog Says:

    Really?, Macintoshes?

  22. Bloodloon7 Says:

    I think you should just add more towers to BTD5 instead of a new game.

  23. ricards Says:

    make sas 4 please

  24. ray Says:

    Thare should be a btd5 deluxe for free because it is so populer

  25. LTK23 Says:

    BTD battles should have Tournament mode in which 8 players play a 3-round tourney of 1-on-1s. The 1st-round losers would get the same battle score and medals as normal, the 2nd-round losers would get 1.5 the normal amount, the losing finalist would get triple the amount, and the winner would get 5 times the amount. Also, there should be a co-op mode where two players TEAM UP against the bloons and try to reach round 50. If a bloon escaped one person, it would ‘attack’ the other one.

  26. genlyu Says:

    Join to sas3 android
    LevelUP has not been reflected three times in spite of charging was performed. It has not been reflected in the money. Accused of fraud? Please return the money

  27. Aaron Says:

    @genlyu Is this on the website, or iOS/Android? For issues with our games you must email support@ninjakiwi.com We can’t go through every comment or post about all our games to check stuff, so if you need help, you need to email support.

  28. BigOto2 Says:

    Why was my comment about BTD Android not approved, but comments about when BTD6 will come out are allowed here?

  29. Aaron Says:

    Sorry, it looked a bit like spam. BTD5 is out on Android already, you see: http://newgam.es/btd5andweb

  30. Blah blah Says:

    Is the “new website” going to be like mochigames?
    Does anyone think Mochigames and Ninjakiwi should team up to

  31. wearemonkeys Says:

    you guys should make more tower defense games or zombie shooters. even zombie strategy like rebuild 1 and 2. they are very popular now a days and they coincidentally are some of my favorite lol. good luck and congrats on the new office you guys deserve it. thank you for all the great games.

  32. squatter Says:

    is BTD6 AT LEAST coming soon? If so, I can’t wait! I’ve made my own list of a ll the towers I want included. Ninja kiwi is the best for games. But can you please make BTD6 SUPER awesome(but i do know that computer programming takes AGES). Are their any games you can at least give us a clue about?

  33. LTK23 Says:

    Of you agree with my comment above, say Santa is evil.

  34. Caleb Soto Says:

    Hi I was wondering tht I bought a bloonsday device and a ninja dojo and it didnt give it to me and it took 1000 monkey money. Could you do something about it?

  35. BoomerangFTW Says:

    What’s going on with the forums? Part of the new site maybe…? It says it is upgrading, and you should be back in less than an hour.


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