NK Login OUTAGE – Event Over

Mon, Mar 25, 2013


Maintenance is over now. Any issues you’re currently experiencing are unrelated. Please email support@ninjakiwi.com if you need help with something.

We have scheduled maintenance planned for later today/tonight/whenever it will be for your time zone.
It is planned for 10pm – 2am PDT and you can check here for your particular city etc. http://newgam.es/nklogindowntime

During this time you will not be able to log in, or if you are logged in when it happens you won’t be able to save (if you’re not kicked out of your account). During maintenance the NK Forums will also be unavailable.

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Road To Fame: Open Beta

Thu, Feb 28, 2013


Hey everybody!

We’ve been busy makin‘ an awesome new Facebook game and now we’re at the stage where we need some help testing it!

The game is called Road to Fame and you play a budding young music star who is about to embark on a journey which will take you from hometown hero to the heights of the music charts. The beauty of this is that you can set out to be any type of star you wish, whether that’s a Rock God, Pop Star or smooth Jazz musician, it’s entirely up to you!  To get access to the open beta just follow this link and start rocking!

Customize your character, choose your instrument and it’s time to get started. Level up your skills and build up your fame to gain more fans as you go from busking at the bus stop to selling out gigs at the hottest bars in town. It’s only a matter of time before you get your big break!

Earn money to buy better quality instruments, customize your house and even convert your garage into your own custom music studio. You can show all of this off to your friends as you visit one another to jam! Set fashion trends by defining your own style or follow in the footsteps of your favourite music star.

If you’d like to play Ninja Kiwi’s rocking new games then follow this link and let’s hit the Road to Fame!

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Bloons TD 5 iOS – Version 1.2

Thu, Feb 7, 2013


Hey everyone! The iPod, iPhone and iPad version of BTD5 has just been updated to version 1.2. Turn on your device and download the latest version now!

This update introduces a new beginner track, Brick Wall, a whole bunch of bug fixes, as well as the hugely requested Sandbox Mode.

Unlock Sandbox Mode for 1500 Monkey Money and you can test towers on any non-Extreme track. Upgrade the towers however you want, and send any bloon through them to test them out. Sandbox Mode is great for checking out what towers work where, and for perfecting the Temple of the Monkey God so you can get to the top of the leader-board.

The huge assortment of bug fixes is sure to improve anyone’s experience. Check out what’s been fixed here.

The Android update is still coming. There’s a lot more devices to test for Android so it takes a little longer. Thanks for you patience!

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Fan of the Week 26 (and the first of 2013!)

Mon, Feb 4, 2013


Hey look, guys! It’s the very first Fan of the Week for 2013!

You may have noticed that the blog has been a bit of a ghost town lately. It’s not because we’ve forgotten you, it’s more to do with the fact that so much has been happening at NK headquarters. I saw that Aaron gave you a bit of an update last week and he’s been ever vigilant on the forums, so hopefully you haven’t been too lonely.

Until things settle down here a bit, Fan of the Week may still be a bit infrequent. Perhaps we should give it a temporary name change, Fan of the.. Whenever We See Something Super Awesome That We HAVE To Share (FotWWSSSATWHTS has a certain ring to it).

We’ve been getting entries sent in all through the holidays but there’s one we just have to show you. Seriously, if this doesn’t get shared with the world, I’ll probably explode from awesomeness overload.

Our pal James recently had a birthday and he sent us in some photos of his birthday cake.

I think we definitely need one of these for our next Ninja Kiwi party. I have never been more jealous in my life!

If you’re a big Ninja Kiwi fan, like James, you should show us! It always makes our day when you send us emails.

Email Fan of the Week entries to fotw@ninjakiwi.com. Make the subject “Your Name – Fan of the Week”

You must include the following in your entry:

Full Name:


Mailing Address:

Your choice of prize if you win (pick between, t-shirt (tell us your size), 100 NK Coins, or a Mouse Pad):

Name to credit (everyone sees this, your full name is for mailing):

Terms and Conditions

By entering this competition you agree to the Terms and Conditions (linked to above)

All entries must be original and created/owned by the entrant. Entries not formatted as requested cannot be considered. 

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A New Year, A Ninja Kiwi Year

Thu, Jan 24, 2013


A hearty chunk of January is already over, and the various authorities have now realised that 2013 is well under way. So, what better time is there to get you caught up with Ninja Kiwi, and to give out some crumbs of information concerning what could be in store for the next [nondescript period of time]?


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Fan of the Week 25

Mon, Dec 3, 2012


Hey gang!

I know, I know. It’s more like Fan of the Fortnight, or Fan of the Month, but as you can probably guess, it’s been pretty crazy around here lately. I’ve been playing BTD5 iOS almost every day since launch, in between working on secret projects, of course.

I’ve been doing my best to keep an eye on the forums to see if there are any exciting projects happening and it’s looking good! Some new stories, more artwork, heaps of ideas. You’re a pretty clever lot, if I do say so myself.

Fan of the Week may be a bit more infrequent until the end of the year – that doesn’t mean you should stop sending things in though. I have Ninja Kiwi treats to send you which might even arrive in time for Christmas if you’re lucky!

The first thing I want to show you today is a track suggestion sent in by clay093. This jungle track gets my endorsement because a) jungles are cool and b) you get to use a buccaneer, easily one of my favourite towers!


Next up is a dart monkey from Kamerson. I always thought I was an OK artist, you know, obviously not going to win any awards, but passable. So I tried to draw my own monkey in MS Paint…

Turns out I’m pretty terrible. Full credit to Kamerson, your monkey is awesome!

(Seriously, how do monkey legs even work? I just gave up..)

To make up for my terrible art, why don’t you have some super cool sprites that Ninja Base put together using BTD5 artwork! Here is a link to all of ‘em, but these are my favourites:

Can you believe I’ve only just learnt how useful glue gunners are? Oh my.

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying mobile BTD5. It came out on iPad a couple of days ago and to those using android devices… your time will soon come!

Send anything cool our way – stories, art, screenshots of anything cool you’ve done! We’d love to see it.

Email Fan of the Week entries to fotw@ninjakiwi.com. Make the subject “Your Name – Fan of the Week”

You must include the following in your entry:

Full Name:


Mailing Address:

Your choice of prize if you win (pick between, t-shirt (tell us your size), 100 NK Coins, or a Mouse Pad):

Name to credit (everyone sees this, your full name is for mailing):

Terms and Conditions

By entering this competition you agree to the Terms and Conditions (linked to above)

All entries must be original and created/owned by the entrant. Entries not formatted as requested cannot be considered. 

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Bloons TD 5 iOS HD for all you iPad junkies…

Sat, Dec 1, 2012


HD/iPad version is here—>


We felt that that the iPad had such a glorious screen it deserved its own version of BTD5. Let us present to you our iOS masterwork, refactored with super clean HD graphics and UI, to fully maximise the awesomeness within this awesome app.

Fly my pretties and tear it up on the iPad. First to send in a screenie of them at round 200+ on the HD version gets some sweet Ninja Kiwi schwag. Email fotw@ninjakiwi.com..



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Bloons TD5 iPhone/iPod out now and it’s #2 overall in lots of places

Mon, Nov 19, 2012


BTD5 iOS launched last week and the response was pretty astonishing, here’s us at #2 in the US

We’re also, at the time of writing:

#2 in Australia

#8 in Austria

#3 in Canada

#2 in Denmark

#4 in Finland

#8 in Estonia

#2 in Iceland

#6 in Israel

#8 in Jordan

#3 in New Zealand (Woop woop)

#2 in Norway

#3 in Sweden

#2 in USA

#3 in UK

Solid effort! Big thanks to all our fans who’ve bought, we really appreciate your support. As usual there will be heaps of awesome content updates coming to keep you well entertained for ages. If you’ve not got it yet, grab it here –> Yes, get Bloons TD5 for your iPhone/iPad now


For those wondering an HD build for iPads is being worked on right now, quite a few changes to make it work and be beautiful on iPads, as is Android. No launch date yet for either but we’re sweating blood to get it out ASAP,






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Fan of the Week 24

Mon, Nov 12, 2012


I have a mixed bag of awesomeness for you today! Seriously, it’s always really neat when we have a some cool, quirky entries to share. As much as I love monkeys and Minecraft, there’s a whole world of creativity out there just waiting to be tapped.

The first thing I want to share with you today was sent in by Icon. A collection of outfits inspired by the Ninja Kiwi colours.

To tell you the truth, the colour scheme is actually pretty close to what most of us wear in the Ninja Kiwi office. Lots of red, black and white. Nothing so extravagant, mind you!

This next one is for those of you who are feeling SASsy (sorry, that was terrible). Jason has sent in a collection of short stories which can be found by clicking here. He has thoughtfully given it a PG-13 rating, so keep that in mind before reading!

Here’s a sample of what you have to look forward to:

Alan Ye

I sat down at my usual table in the mess hall and began small talk with my fellow soldiers. I glanced over at the higher ranks table and turned to my friend Patrick and said, “You and me, We’ve been operating in the SAS since the outbreak. It’s been like, I don’t know ten years and we’re still rank 20.”

“I don’t know man,” Patrick said. “Maybe They’re know something we don’t,” He said as he pointed to the High-Rank table. “Or maybe they just know how to play the cards,” He added. I nodded. I looked over again and saw them deep in conversation, laughing and chanting. Probably telling intense stories of battles with the un-dead. All except for one man, probably a commander, just listening quietly on the end of the table. I couldn’t tell if he was more engrossed in the stories or his Mystery Meat and Baked Beans.

I thought he was the one that everyone called “Ikumo.” I then leaned over to Geoff, a man sitting across from me and asked, “What’s the deal with the guy at the end of the High Ranks, er…’Ikumo?’”

“He’s the pyromaniac.” He said. “At least that’s what I was told. They say He has gone through ten tanks of Napalm for his flamer in one mission.

“Crazy,” I replied as I got lost deep in thought. I wandered why he didn’t engage in conversation. I also knew he had been gone for a while.

Later that night as I was walking back to the barracks, I ran into Ikumo. “Hello there sir,” he said. “The name’s Alan. You want to know what the key to success here is? No hesitation. I don’t think I want to go back out there. I heard somewhere that JKH Industries is trying to build a turret named after me.”

The last thing I want to show you today is very much keeping up with the whole theme of designing sweet things. It’s hard to win Fan of the Week twice in a row unless it’s something pretty special. I think this qualifies though, not to mention it’s an on-going labour of love that just keeps getting added to. When I first saw SOUP’s custom forum skins, I thought they were pretty cool but I don’t use Firefox and didn’t investigate much further. Now they’ve come so far, there are so many to choose from and they can be used in Chrome too! 

Hopefully today has shown you that entries to Fan of the Week can be as creative as you like. From designer skins to designer fashion, there are so many ways to show that you’re a Ninja Kiwi fan.


Email Fan of the Week entries to fotw@ninjakiwi.com. Make the subject “Your Name – Fan of the Week”

You must include the following in your entry:

Full Name:


Mailing Address:

Your choice of prize if you win (pick between, t-shirt (tell us your size), 100 NK Coins, or a Mouse Pad):

Name to credit (everyone sees this, your full name is for mailing):

Terms and Conditions

By entering this competition you agree to the Terms and Conditions (linked to above)

All entries must be original and created/owned by the entrant. Entries not formatted as requested cannot be considered. 

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Journey – PS3 Review

Wed, Nov 7, 2012


Spoiler Warning!!! Journey is so unique and so brief that it is genuinely worth avoiding reading or watching anything about it until you have played it. You will only have one chance to discover this amazing game for yourself, and I’m going to discuss details assuming you have played it, loved it, and obsessed about it as much as I have… If you have not played it yet, please stop reading now!

Journey is something special, verging on the sublime. There is a unique vision here, the product of a rare kind of creative mind.

The name Jenova Chen has always been associated with exceptional and beautiful games that try to do something completely different. His company, ThatGameCompany, states their mission as being to “create timeless entertainment that make positive change to the human psyche worldwide.” These are very rare goals in the game industry, even at indie studios. They always attempt to show you something you have never seen or felt before. The emotional impact of the game is the priority that everything else is designed around. They are not just entertaining, they seek to move you, and change who you are.

There is often a strong message or theory behind the games. Flow, originally a student thesis, was a proof for Chen’s theoretical ideas on game design, and showed that he was already thinking about game design in a unique way. Cloud, a peaceful game about a flying cloud-boy, was a statement about what games could be if they broke the mould and tried something new. The goals and philosophies explored in it have continued to be central to Chen’s design philosophy. In Flower, Chen continued to explore the theme of emotional expression in games. Underneath the meditative gameplay is a tastefully stated ecological message told by simply contrasting the calm beauty of nature with the harshness of the urban environment.

Journey, Chen’s latest creation, could be interpreted as a metaphor for a life, a spiritual journey through the struggles and trials of existence, during which we are sometimes lucky enough to have a companion to share the experience with.

The story of the game is very simple, a long walk over a desert, through a sunken city, and up a mountain. You begin as a solitary figure, walking through a desert that has buried the ancient remains of a fallen civilisation. In the distance there is a shining mountain, your destination, which you move ever-closer to.

Your character has a limited ability to fly and glide when charged with ‘flying energy’ that is stored in a scarf that wafts behind. The scarf can be extended throughout the game to increase your ability to fly, but it is always a tantalising flight that leaves you wishing you didn’t have to come back to the ground.

The games that Jenova Chen designs always feature a purity and simplicity. They create moods and express ideas without any additional weight or clutter. The character design, the colour palette, the environment, the music and sound design, are all exercises in subtlety. There is never more or less than is needed to make you feel a certain way.

Journey is visually stunning. The artistry is sometimes overwhelmingly lovely. The art direction is very different from what we are generally used to in games. It is more like an animated film — one you would watch again and again just to look at. So many games try for total realism and detail, an ultimately unattainable goal. Journey takes a much more painterly approach, using very little in the way of dynamic lighting and shadow casting, instead using flat colours and simple textures. This minimalist approach has allowed them to polish the game to perfection.

The desert setting of the game is a stroke of genius. Rather than focusing on small details they have chosen to create wide-open spaces filled with light, each with its own carefully chosen colour palette. Colour is used powerfully in Journey to convey the mood of each setting.

The open desert can feel lonely. There is a sadness in the game from its first moments when you pass through a field of grave-like markers sticking crookedly from the sand. This feeling works perfectly with Journey’s unique multiplayer experience. As you progress through the game you encounter other players who are passing through the same locations. You only ever meet a single companion at a time, and you can optionally travel on with them, as is obviously the intention of the designers. In this lonely setting, you experience a genuine sense of connection with your companion. You don’t want to be separated from them.

Communication is limited to a song-like chirping, and there is no way to know who you are playing with. The connection is anonymous, and yet you can communicate so personality much through your actions. Multiplayer mode is built around kind gestures, things like waiting for a slower companion to catch up, and leading the way to hidden items and easter eggs.

Aside from companionship, the multiplayer mode has other benefits. Companions are able to ‘charge’ each other up, so two can travel much more easily than a single player, who must rely on magical materials in the environment to gain ‘flying energy’.

The multiplayer experience vastly increases replay value — every experience feels like a different story. The frame is the same, but the tale of camaraderie and mutual discovery is unique with each retelling.

Accompanying the story of the individual journey, there is a much broader story that contains the real moral of the game. It is a warning about the dangers we face in our own world. Once again, Chen visits this theme of nature overrun by a technological society, by revealing the history of the game-world. We are shown the story of a civilisation that is all too similar to our own. A simple race of people springs up, and develops a magic ( technology ) that is in harmony with nature. Gradually their power grows, until it reaches a frightening moment of evolution. The old magic is twisted into a dark new form and cruelty enters the world. The civilisation is no longer in balance and destroys itself in a great war, fighting over the power they have created. All that remains is the deserted ruins the game takes place in.

As always, the moral message is expressed with taste, without being overbearing or in-your-face. It is just there, part of the world of the game, for you to think about if you want to.

In an industry dominated by games about killing and violence, Journey dares to create an experience that is completely unique, with an entirely different set of priorities and messages. It succeeds absolutely, giving us a glimpse of what video games can really be, and how limited our explorations have been so far into this very young art form.

Journey is a true classic that should be played not just by lovers of games, but by everyone.

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