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    New Bloon Ideas for BTD5

    Note: This post is mainly for ninjakiwi purposes. You don't have to read the entire thing if you don't want to, but post BTD5 ideas that fit with this thread and I may add them to this post! Now onto the thread...

    I'm hoping to add some extra high level bloons so that later rounds aren't just BFB after BFB. With these bloon ideas, BFBs will be even more feared, because they will have other bloons to accompany them that will actually add to their power. Some other ideas are just for fun, to make the game more strategic.

    I also have a thread on towers at



    The Water Bloon. The 3 types of water bloons will be based on the present red, blue, and green bloons, but they will behave differently.

    -Size: Varies. The sizes are the same as the current green, blue, and red bloons.
    -Appearance: dark red, navy blue, and a forest green are the 3 colors. You can also see some air bubbles in each one.
    -Speed: These roll as opposed to flying. They roll at the same speed as the air-filled bloons they are based off of fly.
    -Contains: Green contains blue, blue contains red. Red, however, is not empty. Red contains a single white bloon.
    -Special Features: Water bloons are immune to fire (not explosions), but have double freeze time. When a water bloon pops, it will short out every machine (dart guns, cannons, tack shooters and their upgrades) within a certain area for two seconds.
    -Other: In later levels, water bloons will be attached to the backs of MOABs and BFBs by strings.

    The Frozen Bloon. A lead bloon contains two blacks, but nothing contains two whites!

    -Size: Same as a lead bloon.
    -Appearance: A white bloon that looks just like an ice tower has frozen it... and yet it moves.
    -Speed: Same as a lead bloon.
    -Contains: Two whites.
    -Special Features. The frozen bloon is immune to everything that regular frozen bloons are immune to. When you freeze a bloon, you can't pop it with spiky things or freeze it again until it is thawed out. This moving, frozen bloon is immune to ice and spiky things.

    The Lead Bloon. This will be edited so that it is now fireproof as well. Explosions can still pop it, but the Fire Ring tower has no effect. After all... lead isn't flammable! My reason for this is that the frozen bloon in immune to ice and spiky things, so the lead bloon would be immune to fire and spiky things so they would kinda be opposite bloons.

    The Glass Bloon. This is a bloon that will be introduced in free play mode, as it will make the battle much much harder.

    -Size: Same as a pink bloon.
    -Appearance: Clear. You can see four shrunken BFBs inside it.
    -Speed: Same as a lead bloon.
    -Contains: Four BFBs, each with a green water bloon attached by a string to the back.
    -Special Features. This bloon is immune to lasers. This means that most fully upgraded towers to no damage to it. Sun gods, fully upgraded dart gunners, those jedi lightsaber throwers... anything with a laser does not affect it. On top of that, this is plexiglass!! It takes three hits to pop this, but MOAB Maulers do double damage. A crack appears in the glass each time it is hit.

    The Flower Bloon. Suggested by Tejesh Patel. This bloon comes directly from bloons 2, although it behaves differently. This version is mostly based off the rainbow bloon.

    -Size: Same as a rainbow.
    -Appearance: Green with the design of a flower in the middle.
    -Speed: Same as a rainbow.
    -Contains: 4 rainbows.
    -Found inside: 4 come in the present ceramic bloon rather than rainbows. After all, don't ceramics make good vases?
    -Special Features: None.

    The Elemental Bloon. I got this idea from B-Tester's post. This bloon is optional, and several different things could serve its same purpose. As for now, I'll have this here.

    -Size: A bit bigger than lead.
    -Appearance: One of the frozen bloons from the "Bloons" game, however it is on fire.
    -Speed: Same as a lead.
    -Contains: 4 lead bloons and 16 frozen bloons. When popped, the frozen bloons come out very small and wrinkly, but they soon expand to their regular shape and size.
    -Special Features: Immune to fire and ice, and spikey things.

    Possible added low-level bloons suggested by Tejesh Patel...

    Rather than just pink, then yellow, green, blue, and red low-level bloons, some can be added, going even faster to make levels harder. From largest to smallest, these could include...

    Tan*; then purple*; then pink; then orange*; then yellow; then green; then blue; then red.

    *New bloons

    The Variable Bloon, suggested by B-Tester

    Size: Varies: Small, Medium, Large
    Color: Changes between all the possible colored bloons (red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and the above suggestion if implemented).
    Special: If this is popped while red and small, one red comes out. If popped while pink and medium, three pinks come out. If popped while blue and large, five blues come out.
    Speed: Changes depending on the current color!!

    The CamOAB (Camo Ornary Air Blimp).

    You probably know what this is. A camo MOAB just in case the player has forgotten to put up defenses against camo bloons and has survived with road spikes the whole time. It contains four MOABs like the BFB does.

    The Lead Zeppelin, suggested by B-Tester

    Same size, shape, and amount of hits of an MOAB, except that it is immune to spiky things and contains 50 lead bloons. MOAB maulers do 10x damage.


    Sound Improvements

    In BTD4, sometimes the endless screeching of the MOABs gets annoying, but sometimes I still want to have the game music on. However, that's not possible. Currently, if you want to turn the sound off, it means all the sound, not just the tower and bloon popping sounds.

    Players should be able to turn the game sounds off without turning off the game music. Not only that, but they should also be able to adjust the sound. I'd be happy listening to the game sounds if I could just make them half as loud.

    One more thing about MOABs and BFBs... the sound they make shouldn't be that irritating screeching sound, if other players agree with me on this. There should be a more realistic (and less annoying) sound, such as a blimp would make if you threw a rock at it.
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    Freaking genius with the Water and Glass Balloon idea, the Frozen balloon i got a bit confused on, and about the lead balloon, (because i use firering towers alot), not only does fire ring produce fire, which wouldn't affect lead, it produces heat which should affect lead. If that just made no sense, what i'm trying to say is I'd like to keep the Lead Balloons the way they are, but that's just my opinion.
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    the GFAC, giant floating air cruiser, holds 4 bfbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTDsuperfan View Post
    the GFAC, giant floating air cruiser, holds 4 bfbs
    SFZ (Super Floating Zeppelin)
    Takes 1000 hits to break, contains 4 GFACs

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    1 SPZ=1000 hits. drops 4 gfacs.
    4 GFAC= probably a thousand hits or so? drops 4 bfb each.
    16 bfbs=2884 hits to RBE each. Drops 4 MOABS
    64 moabs=613 hits to RBE each.

    Excluding however many hits a GFAC needs to destroy, the 1spz would take 86,376 hits to destroy fully?

    edit: woops made a little mistake, the RBE means hits to destroy the whole thing... 1 spz takes 12,536 hits to destroy fully... that seems a little bit too hard to destroy
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    RHSC realy huge star cruiser- final boss contains 4 spzs but is extremely slow 700 hits to pop, lets make all the blimp bloons like moabs bfbs and gfacs only 700 hits to destroy

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTDsuperfan View Post
    RHSC realy huge star cruiser- final boss contains 4 spzs but is extremely slow 700 hits to pop, lets make all the blimp bloons like moabs bfbs and gfacs only 700 hits to destroy
    has to be more than the spz

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    you guys have all lostyour mind XD lol
    i like the water thing, i was think ing about that earlier, but i didn't know how it would work except it rolls and and has smaller ballons; but one thing i thought of is (Now stay with me here, especially if you not in school no more) is that you can compress air, so you could compress 10 or 20 regular reds in one green color water,but they float instead of rolling.

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    we are all pretty crazy
    . .

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    There are a lot of ideas for other BFB-like things up there, and they are good ideas, but I don't think they're needed really. BFBS and MOABS are what cause all the lag, and they do really get boring after a while. I am leaning more toward bloons that disable towers and require more strategy to defeat, not just MOAB maulers.

    Thank you all for your replies, they are appreciated!

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