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    What is AP rounds?

    you unlock it at 34 is it like additional penetration for your bullets or like whats it do?

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    It's Armor Piercing Rounds. It means any ammo for any gun will go through more than 1 zombie. Say you fire 1 bullet from an SMG- That 1 bullet will go through that zombie into another zombie. I believe the Rounds go through 3-7 Zombies regardless of the distance in-between each zombie.
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    i thaught some guns already did penetrate? well anyways that must help a lot on skeletons

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    AP rounds just lets your shots hit 1 Deagle now hits 3 instead of 2, MP7 hits 4 instead of 3, Glock 17 now hits 2 instead of 1, so on and so on.

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    they are very useful they make weapon that originally sucked stronger.
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