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    Question Temple of the Monkey God: the complete guide

    There are many myths about the Temple of the Monkey God. This thread is about finding the truth.
    If you've been doing your own testing and can fill in some missing details, please share!

    • When you upgrade a Sun God to a Temple, you sacrifice ALL towers in range. A Sun God's "range" extends about 5% farther than the shaded targeting circle, so leave a little extra space![/I]
    • The value and basic type of towers you sacrifice determine how powerful the Temple will be.
    • Sacrifices do not affect a Temple's sell-back value.
    • Temples can see camo bloons, and can pop frozen and lead bloons. It can't see frozen bloons, though, so it will only hit them by accident.
    • Though Temples only fire at targets within their targeting circle, ALL Temple attacks have unlimited range -- they keep going until they hit enough bloons or go off the screen.
    • The basic attack of all Temples is a single stream of plasma bolts that fire once every 2 frames (that's as fast as a regular Super Monkey). Each bolt can hit 50 to 161 bloons and pop 2 to 24 layers, depending on sacrifices.

    You can only have one version of each power. To get the strongest version, you must sacrifice towers worth at least the $$ shown here. For powers with a minimum $$ listed, it doesn't matter how many towers you sacrifice, or what upgrades they have -- all that matters is the cost! It's the actual price you paid that counts, so the most cost-effective things to sacrifice change based on difficulty and village discounts. See the "sacrifice cheat sheet" at the bottom of this guide for recommendations.

    In addition to giving the Temple special powers, sacrifices improve the main plasma attack. Better plasma is the reason to sacrifice! The powers themselves are mostly for show -- they do less than 1% of a Temple's total damage.

    You can't sacrifice Road Spikes, Pineapples, or Bloonberry Bushes.

    Red numbers are the "Sell For" values, handy if you're sacrificing towers you already bought.
    Blue numbers are the "Purchase Prices", useful if you're buying new towers just to sacrifice.
    If you have the "Monkey Tycoon" $$premium upgrade, just ignore the red numbers.
    To create the most powerful Temple, you need to sactifice:
    • Missiles: $24000 ($30000) of Mortar and/or Bomb towers. Missiles fire in groups of 5. Each can hit 100 bloons, in a blast area similar to a Big One mortar.
    • Ice Bolts: $8000 ($10000) of Ice towers
      The bolt explodes on impact, popping and freezing nearby bloons.
    • Glue Globs: $8000 ($10000) of Glue Gunners
      The rate of fire, splash, and dissolve-speed are all about twice what you'd get from a level 2/2 Glue Gunner.
    • Tornados: $8000 ($10000) of Apprentices
      They can pop bloons and blow them back towards the entrance.
    • Blades: $24000 ($30000) of any other towers (dart/tack/sniper/boomerang/ninja/pirate/ace/super/village/farm/dartling/spike) or 1 Special Agent
      16 spinning blades fly out in a circle. Each can hit 40 bloons.
    • Faster Secondary Attacks: Jungle Drums*
      Speeds up everything except plasma by 15%. You can get the same effect by placing Jungle Drums near the Temple, so this sacrifice is optional.
    • Additional Target: Monkey Fort*
      Each shot (plasma, missile, etc.) can hit 1 additional target. You can get the same effect by placing a Fort near the Temple, so this sacrifice is optional.
    • More Cash: Monkey Town*
      Temple earns 50% more cash from pops. (You'll get the Drums power too, of course.) There isn't much cash from pops after level 50, though. You can get the same effect by placing a Town near the Temple, so this sacrifice is optional.
    Power levels:
    1 $1-$1040 ($1-$1300) = 1 missile, small glue spatter, small ice blast, small whirlwind, 20-pop darts.
    2 $1041-$3199 ($1301-$3999) = 2 missiles, corrosive glue, damaging ice blast, large whirlwind, 25-pop darts
    3 $3200-$7999 ($4000-$9999) = 3 missiles, bigger spatter, longer freeze, small tornado, 30-pop blades
    4 $8000-$23999 ($10000-$29999) = 4 missiles, faster corrisive, big ice blast, large tornado, 35-pop blades
    5 $24000+ ($30000+) = 5 missiles, 40-pop blades.

    * The cost of this village also counts towards the $30000 you need for Blades.

    The Temple's basic plasma bolts can each hit 50 targets and pop 3 layers (2 layers vs MOAB/BFB/ZOMG). For every "power level" you have of missiles, ice, glue, tornado, or blades, the plasma can hit 5 additional targets and pop 1 additional layer. For example, the best Temple plasma can hit (50 + 5x5 + 4x5 + 4x5 + 4x5 + 5x5) = 160 bloons, and pop (3 +5 +4 +4 +4 +5) = 25 layers!
    Well... 24 layers vs MOAB-class bloons, and 18 layers vs Ceramics, anyway.

    If there are enough targets, the best Plasma can do up to...
    1932 damage (layers) per second to MOAB-class bloons, OR
    8372 damage (red bloon equivalents) per second to Ceramic bloons.
    Actual damage in super-high-level games is about 4500 DPS.

    For comparison: All together, the secondary (power) attacks can do about 100 DPS, but actual damage is more like 40 DPS.

    • Energy, Radar, and Monkey Intelligence Bureau have no effect on a Temple.
    • Beacon does affect a Temple, but because of a range bug, you might only get 10% instead of 15% depending on when you buy the Beacon. (see "Range" for details)
    • Jungle Drums works (on the power attacks, not plasma) if you did not sacrifice Jungle Drums.
    • Monkey Fort works if you did not sacrifice a Fort.
    • Monkey Town works if you did not sacrifice a Town.
    • MIB Call to Arms also works on a Temple.
    • Sacrificing Drums/Fort/Town has the same effect as placing one near the Temple, and you don't get anything extra if you do both.

    Here are the Temple ranges, shown as the radius in pixels. (Radius is the distance from the center pixel to the edge of the targeting circle.)
    Blue ranges are a result of the Beacon range bug.
    • basic Temple: 241
    • with Beacon: 277
    • with Super range: 281
    • with Epic range: 311
    • with Beacon -> Super: 317
    • with Super -> Beacon: 323
    • with Beacon -> Super -> Epic: 347
    • with Super -> Beacon -> Epic: 353
    • with Super -> Epic -> Beacon: 358

    Here's an easy list of sacrifices that will get you the best Temple on any difficulty:
    Three 4/2 Mortars
    One 4/0 Ice tower
    One 4/0 Glue tower
    One 0/4 Apprentice
    One 0/4 Super Monkey OR (one 4/1 Village* + one 2/1 Super Monkey

    * If you're building the temple far from everything else, use the village combo. If you're trying to cram temples in close, use the 0/4 Super Monkey to avoid increasing your Sun God's range, and place a village near the temple later if you want the benefits of Fort or Town.

    That list will work on any difficulty, even if you bought everything at a 10% discount. It pays to do the math, though -- for example, on Hard difficulty with no discounts, using this list would make you spend $50,000 more than you need to!

    Special thanks to Aresake, Patashu, and Mitch12533 for lots of good data, Uzy5o and Derpderpherp for pointing out mistakes.
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    I'm pretty sure the missiles fire 5 at a time in the strongest version, although it's hard to see. If you put one in the center of Castle and set it to Strong, it will sometimes fire a volley where 3 missiles go to one side and 2 go to the other side.

    Also, a non-sacrifice Jungle Drums DOES improve the firing rate of the secondary attacks if you didn't provide one as a sacrifice. In other words, you can get the Jungle drums boost from a sacrifice or from an outside village, but not both.

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    For the sake of not being confusing, change the 30000 10000 etc to 30001 10001? So people don't try to hit the number total exactly?

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    WHat happens when you Sacrifice a special agent.

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    try it?
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    I thought placing a sniper increased range dramatically, to whole map when placed right beside the temple. :/
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    Have you noticed that upgrading to super or epic range after temple decreases the range (super) then gives it back(epic)?

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    you can sacrifice villages
    i tryed it on sandbox

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    sooooooo according to HelmsDeep spending anything over $181514.5 for a fully upgraded temple is a waste of money?

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    depending on difficulty and this guide is flawed;
    to make the strongest you need the following:
    -1 viral frost ice tower
    -1 technological terror
    -3 "The Big One" mortar towers
    -monkey beacon MIB
    -monkey town for extra money
    -bloon liquefier
    -monkey apprentice fully on the left side (4/2)
    This is all you need to make the best temple possible. Stop reposting this crap there's already like 5 'guides' :P

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