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Thread: Btd6?

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    I hope BTD6 Comes Out Soon............... BUT WHEN??????????????????????????????

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    No... too early to talk about the game.
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    Probs gonna come out some time tomorrow.
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    you think btd6 is gonna come out soon it took btd5 like 3 years to come out after btd4 so it probally will take just as long for btd6 to come out

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    whoa whoa whoa if this happened to Call of duty 1 game each month there would be over 9000 games

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    it might come out this year,maybe next year,but we could start giving some ideas for btd6

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    I agree I suggest we give ideas now so the devs have something to go on

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    Thiers somthing called updates

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    I like btd 5 best and if btd 6 would come out i would be upset as i have premiums on btd5. btd 5 is an epic game anyway so you dont really need a sequel

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