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    Round List - Which bloons are in which rounds

    Hey guys, I just completed the beginner track on easy (but carried on with freeplay), and have noted down which bloons appear in which round. I skipped some rounds as they were fairly insignificant, but all of the important ones eg leads, camos, MOABs etc are included. Hope this is useful for everyone

    1 reds
    3 first blues
    6 first greens
    9 lots of greens
    10 lots of blues
    11 first yellows
    15 first pinks
    17 yellow regens
    18 80 greens
    20 first blacks
    22 first whites
    24 FIRST CAMO (1 green)
    26 first zebras
    30 more LEADS
    31 lots of zebras (some regen)
    32 whites, blacks, LEADS
    33 CAMO yellows
    35 first rainbows
    37 leads, CAMO whites
    38 leads, rainbows, regens
    39 leads, zebras, rainbows
    40 first CERAMICS
    42 regen rainbows, CAMO rainbows
    43 more ceramics
    45 rainbows, pinks, leads
    46 first MOAB
    47 ceramics, pink camos
    49 greens, rainbows, ceramics
    50 2 MOABs, leads, ceramics [EASY END]
    51 ceramics
    52 ceramics, 2 MOABs
    53 pinks camos, 3 MOABs
    54 ceramics, 2 MOABs
    55 compacted ceramics, MOAB
    56 regen rainbows, MOABs
    57 rainbows, 4 MOABs (2 packs of 2 moabs)
    58 ceramics and MOABs
    59 ceramics, compact camo leads
    60 BFB
    61 compacted regen zebras, 5 MOABs
    62 camo pinks, camo rainbows, MOABs
    63 leads, 3 VERY compact ceramic groups (this round will be #%@!$ hard)
    64 MOABs
    65 ceramics, 3 compact MOABs [MEDIUM END]
    66 compact MOAB groups
    67 MOABs and ceramics
    68 MOABs and a BFB
    69 leads, regen ceramics
    70 camo rainbows and MOABs
    72 regen ceramics, 2 BFBs
    72 MOABs, 2 BFBs
    74 lots of ceramics, 1 BFB
    75 leads, MOABs, 3 BFBs
    76 lots of EXTREMELY COMPACT regen ceramics
    77 5 compact BFBs
    78 compact ceramics, BFBs
    79 8 BFBs
    80 MOABs
    81 BFBs
    82 regen camo rainbows, BFBs
    83 MOABs
    84 BFBs, MOABs
    85 ZOMG [HARD END]
    86 compact BFBs
    87 MOABs, BFBs, 6 ZOMGs

    The waves get pretty predictable after 87 - just a load of BFBs and ZOMGs - so I decided to stop there. Now you should easily be able to tell at what point you need to have camo and lead protection ready, as well as plan for the other rounds ahead.


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    Not bad.
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    Thanks! This was very helpful for me and I appreciate that you put it together for us all!

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    what do you mean by compact moabs moabs are just moabs
    black ops 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by zzzw100 View Post
    what do you mean by compact moabs moabs are just moabs
    The moabs are closer together; other than that, they are regular moabs :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poison View Post
    Mind doing one for Apopalots?
    Moabs at round 40, BFBs at round 50, and zomgs at round 60.

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    Thanks, this is exactly what I wanted

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    Oh, just discovered that wave 86 is RANDOM. Sometimes it's lots of moabs, sometimes loads of bfbs, sometimes a few zomgs, sometimes it's a bunch of ceramics then moabs, etc. Maybe that's why you can't save in freeplay, because it's different each time?

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    I'm now nearing the 200 round mark thanks to a simple trick on how to save after freeplay.

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