I've always pondered about an Online feature in Bloons. The game series is fantastic but eventually the community will get board of the same idea every game. Thats why I believe the developers will take the extra step to create this online feature.

I had some ideas about Game-modes and I'll very briefly explain them:

1. Teamwork Scenerio

You and your partner split the starting money and the map. Meaning that a part of the map will be only available to one player and vice versa. You will be able to share money with your partner and you'll use communication like a chatbox to decide the strategy. I'm sure this idea has some flaws but I think it would be a good idea. Maybe a 4-person map?

2. PVP Scenerio

You and an enemy will randomly be assigned a side of the map. Each side will have some pros and cons but they will be balanced(Example: One side has water so It can spawn a Buccaneer). You both start out with money. You use this money to buy the towers and there will be a Stamina bar. The stamina bar will be used to spawn Bloons. Lets say the red bloon costs 1 staminia, you'll have -1 /? stamina. You can use money to upgrade your stamina bar. The player with the better strategy and money-usage will win. This is a very basic idea but I'm sure this would a great game mode.

These are two I came up with. Post your opinions and ideas below.