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    All my BTD5 Suggestions

    This is a general thread about my BTD5 Suggestions in the NK Forum. If you want to view a certain tower/agent/anything else, click on its name to guide you to the idea thread IN THE NK FORUMS.

    Some ideas are really terrible because I made them before I sparked up my creativity level, while some are creative and well-planned. Can't blame me for that though.

    Note that this thread is still WIP because I am still creating towers. CWJ-D is not dead.
    My ideas are organized in alphabetical order.

    My Towers include:

    I redesigned the bland, boring Archer Monkey for the Tower Remake Challenge to make it more original.
    Put down your guns!

    Ball Cannon, a devastating device that chucks tennis balls at high speeds.
    Have you heard about his fellow Ball Cannon friend? He just got fired! Ha ha ha...

    Bloon Gate, a deadly door that supposedly 'checks' bloons and removes layers and does nasty stuff to them.
    Are you sure there aren't any Bloon rights?

    Bloonmower, Bloonchipper's buddy. But unlike Bloonchippert finds prey itself rather than waiting for them.
    See, lawnmowers are more that your last line of defense against zombies.

    Bug Catcher Monkey, a brutal buzzkiller. Literally. He sends out swarms of flies to pop bloons.
    Even CESCO won't go near his bugs.

    Bush Monkey, a half-bush, half-beast that spits seeds and has a unique ability.
    My first suggestion ever.

    Cactus Mech, a malicious machine, ready to kill and full with arms! No, seriously! This thing's got arms!
    Currently being sued for ripping off the Cactus from PvZ. Of course, this may be bogus...

    Candle Monkey, an illuminating incinerator that uses its candle light to affect bloons.
    Now you should never take this LIGHTly...Why do I have the feeling I already used this pun?

    Circus Monkey, an eccentric monkey that throws darts in a spiral and comes with other crazy circus attacks.
    Let us enjoy the show of bloon carnage!

    Crane Tower, a cranky crane made to pinch and puncture bloons.
    In fact it's more like the bird rather than the machine.

    Disc Thrower, a playful professional who throws razor-sharp discs to rip through bloons.
    Sometimes toys can be more dangerous than knives.

    Drone Monkey, an ingenious inventor that sends out his drones to attack.
    Rumors say that he works as the captain of the Hive/Brood ships.

    Geo Monkey, a groundbound giant that throws huge boulders at bloons.
    This tower rocks in many ways.

    Ghost Monkey, a scary specter that doesn't let the bloons get through even when dead.
    Sorry, no Spooky Scary Skeletons in here.

    Glade Monkey, a wild warrior that uses explosive mushroom, sharp sticks, and woodland magic to assist towers and assault bloons.
    His mushrooms even smell good. Why do you think the air fresheners were named after him?

    Grape Tree, a powerful plant that delivers a shotgun blast of 3 grapes instead of bullets.
    This definitely is inTREEguing. Hey, just LEAF my puns alone. I know that was ACORNy joke, but still.

    Infected Monkey, a deadly doombringer that not only infects bloons but boosts the power of other Infected near him!
    Research has proven that the Infected Monkey has started the zombie apocalypse on Aartis.

    Junk Monkey, a grimy grim that brings doom to bloons with his garbage attacks.
    I'm currently thinking of a pun, but I think it'll be...GARBAGE. *Ba dum tsss* Sorry...

    Knight Munkey a supah dupa munky that is completly original and atacks blons wit sord!!!!111!1!!

    Lemon Shooter, a fruity fanatic that shoots surprisingly harmful lemons at bloons.
    You'll be surprised when you find out lemons actually are used in other ways than food or drinks.

    Monkey Hospital, a beneficial building that gives you extra lives.
    Banana Farm 2.0.? I don't think so.

    Monkey UFO, an extraterrestial entity that you DEFINITELY don't want to mess with.
    It's got what an average UFO has. Even a device that starts with 'p'.

    Paintball Monkey, an artistic ape whose paintballs temporarily disable all bloons' properties.
    Splatoon enough 4 ya?

    Paper Monkey, a flat fighter that tosses paper shards at bloons and has the strengths and weaknesses of paper.
    Copy+Paste...OK, I'll stop.

    Post Officer, a busy businessmonkey that delivers envelopes to slice bloons.
    Stand and deliver!

    Prismic Monkey, a dazzling destroyer whose light not only is bright, but BRUTAL!
    The Oscillator, Mirror, and Dark Crystal are all made after its attacks.

    Radiation Monkey, a vile victim that lets loose raves of radiation that deforms Regrows into normal bloons.
    Comes with two unoriginal bloon types as well.

    Shotgun Monkey, an annhilating adept that wields a gun with many flechettes that pop bloons.
    Not my favorite, it's the most unoriginal of the bunch...

    Snake Tamer, a reptile-using ravager that uses his pet snake to do all his attacks.
    His plans usually really BITE, but not this time.

    Sugar Crafter, a sweet monkey with a sour attitude against bloons.
    Don't rip your tongue while sucking his sugary needles. Literally.

    Volt Monkey, an energetic electrician that unleashes his energy at bloons and other towers.
    This tower is shockingly original despite it using electricity, which other Tesla coils do as well.

    My Agents include:

    Adaptile, a cunning creature that changes his attack depending on what terrain he is on.
    Not your average chameleon. Not your Charmeleon either.

    Ballistic Hedgehog, a shrewd shrew with an ill temper and launches its sharp quills everywhere.
    You're gonna have to be careful, or he'll LOSE IT! I mean, lose all his quills.

    Essence Charger, a ravaging robot that absorbs energy from bloons and stores them to unleash terrifying balls of energy.
    This robot has broken Asimov's 3 robotic rules-oh wait, that only applies to humans.

    Hypnotizer, a dizzy demon that hypnotizes bloons to make them fight each other.
    Nothing better than bloonfighting for today's dinner show.

    Raging Volcano, a monstrous mountain that spews lava and opens infernal geysers.
    This thing doesn't create flame wars though. Phew!

    Squirt Fish, a frantic fish that squirts high-speed streams of water to push bloons back.
    You can't cook it. You'll know why if you look at its Pro version.

    Zombie Monkey, an fleshy freak that aimlessly wanders and attacks bloons.
    Brainsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...wait what?

    My Bloon Ideas include:

    The Black Lead, a tricky bloon that is immune both to explosives and sharp objects.

    The Flame Bloon, a bloon with a shield of pure flame that is only breakable with an Ice Tower.

    The Helium Bloon, a bloon that floats, avoids Road Items and some towers' attacks. Not my best planned bloon anyway.

    The Ice Bloon, a bloon with a shield of pure ice that is only breakable by towers that can harm frozen bloons.

    The M.A.D.
    Known as the Malicious Adaptive Demon, this sly sucker changes its immunities so that it is immune to the last attack it got hit by.

    The S.C.R.A.M.
    Known as the Savagely Crazy Raging Attrocious Monster, this rapid wretch goes even faster as it loses health.

    My only Premium is:

    Poison Dart Frog Alliance, a Premium that turns all darts into poisonout Dart Frogs.
    Also shows how immature I was 2 years ago.
    "LIKES PLZ" CWJ-D, 2014

    My only Road Item is:

    Blistering Sand, special sand that pesters bloons so much that they get distracted and go the wrong way.

    Bye people!
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    Oh please not again.

    Even Ctrl+V and links from your signature is a better dumping ground for stuff...
    Quote Originally Posted by Me
    May the Archives of Ancient Knowledge rest in peace. Every stage in life has new things to offer, but every new opportunity comes with the fact that some things must disappear in time.

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    Yeah, it's just a better idea to have ONE thread, have like 25 million spoilers, then elaborate on EACH one in ONE thread, not 25 million threads.
    Hey there it's BionicMike!
    I was thinking of doing a face reveal, until... this. I'm the guy playing piano.
    Yeah I play piano, cello, and flute. 11120 AP. Level 36, Lord of Fire.
    Hoping one day I can reach NK Nirvana, but until then, I'm still here

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    How about I link all my suggestions here to the ACTUAL one in the Forums and edit them to make it look better?
    You guys will not be able to comment because it would be bumping, but I believe it's going to suit BOTH of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CWJD View Post
    How about I link all my suggestions here to the ACTUAL one in the Forums and edit them to make it look better?
    You guys will not be able to comment because it would be bumping, but I believe it's going to suit BOTH of us.
    that's what they're suggesting. Also, you don't have the most suggestions. Check my signature.
    Jesus Christ is my lord and savior and i gladly announce it. (Quote this if you agree and want to.)

    I've tried to create new ideas. want to see them? click here

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