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    Arctyon's Advanced Combat High Energy Sniper fires a bolt of energy that causes multiple interactions with the target's molecular structure, which has been able to defeat energy shields and armor alike.
    Damage: 4000, 7000 [RED], 10500 [BLACK]
    Pierce: 1
    RoF: 3 RPS
    Crit chance: 0%
    Reload: 2 seconds
    Clip size: 10
    Movement: -12%
    Semi-auto Sniper Rifle
    $320 for 60 ammo normal, $3200 [RED], etc.
    Rarity: Very rare
    Drop range: 55-80 normal, 95-100 [RED] and [BLACK]
    Integral adaptive: This weapon ignores all of a target's resistance. All of it.
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    Aractyon Standard Armor Set:

    Aractyon Hat
    "A soldier style hat to support Aractyon."

    Physical: 50
    Heat: 0
    Chemical: 10
    Bonus: +2% Speed, +2% Basic Damage increase and +2% Crit Chance

    [RED] version
    Physical: 200
    Heat: 45
    Chemical: 60
    Bonus: +2.5% Speed, +3% Basic Damage increase and +3% crit chance

    [BLACK] version
    Physical: 350
    Heat: 90
    Chemical: 120
    Bonus: +3.5% Speed, +4% Basic Damage increase and +3.5% Crit Chance

    Rarity: Buyable. Cannot be found in strongboxes.
    Level Range: Buyable for $20,000 SAS Credits at Level 10, $65,000 for [RED] edition at Level 35 and $97,000 for [BLACK] edition at Level 60.

    Aractyon GUARD helmet
    "Aractyon's patented GUARD technology allows extreme increase in survival but can severely hampered firepower."
    Physical: 100, 200 if HP is down by 50% or 350 if HP is down by 80%.
    Heat: 70, 140 if HP is down by 50% or 250 if HP is down by 80%.
    Chemical: 70, 142 if HP is down by 55% or 275 if HP is down by 85%.
    -25% Basic Bullet Damage
    +20% Reload Times
    +10% Max HP

    [RED] version
    Physical: 200, 430 if HP is down by 50% or 680 if HP is down by 75%
    Heat: 140, 375 if HP is down by 50% or 500 if HP is down by 75%.
    Chemical: 135, 360 if HP is down by 50% or 480 if HP is down by 75%.
    -20% Basic Bullet Damage
    +15% reload Times
    +12% Max HP

    [BLACK] version
    Physical: 450, 975 if HP is down by 40%, or 1350 if HP is down by 75%.
    Heat: 315, 705 if HP is down by 40% or 945 if HP is down by 75%.
    Chemical: 300, 675 i f HP is down by 40% or 900 id HP is down by 75%.
    -19% Basic Bullet Damage
    + 12% reload Times
    + 14% Max HP

    Rarity: Very Rare
    Strongbox Range: 46-69, 79-104 if [RED] or 59-80 if [BLACK].
    Alloy Cost: 500,000 + 5mins for delivery, 790,000 if [RED] + 10 mins for delivery or 1,000,000 if [BLACK] + 1/4 hour for delivery (no way to skip this)

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    Also a poll (as of 2/23/15):

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    Reusable Rope Knife
    Company: Aractyon

    "A harpoon with a rope dart modernized to deal massive damage to multiple zombies and pulls them close, stunning them and dealing heavy bleeding damage. Each rope requires time to prep within each use."

    Damage: 3200, (4900 [RED] or 7500 [BLACK])
    Pierce: 3
    DoT: 460 HP for 8 seconds (570HP for 8.25 seconds [RED] or 650HP for 8.4 seconds [BLACK])
    Stuns zombies hit for 2.75 seconds. During stun time, affected zombie will take 35% more damage ( and 100% more DOT damage if [RED] or [BLACK])
    Rate of Fire: n/a
    Clip Size: 1
    Reload Times: 7 seconds (regardless of Nimble or Fast Reloads)
    Movement Speed: -9%
    Physical + Bleeding
    Ignores Shielder's Shield.
    Single Shot
    Special Weapon
    Ammo: $65 for 10 ropes.
    Rarity: Very Rare
    Level Range: 41-69, 88-109 if [RED] or 79-104 if [BLACK]
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    Also a poll (as of 2/23/15):

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    Wow. Time to unleash all my NGI® here. But because I'm smart I won't storm you with paragraphs, but show them via spoilers. These weapons and companies have been made without reading any of the comments in this thread, so if there are any repeats I am sorry, but those weren't intentional at all.

    NGI 1~5® were made before the new equipment update.

    Warning: They're not done yet! Wait before you rant!

    BiZ-teK Company:
    A corruption of the words 'Bizzare Technology', BiZ-teK is a mid-size company consisting of the quirkiest and wierdest weapon development team. Their weapons are all different from one another and all but 1 of them are Rocket Launchers. BiZ-teK's creations include the Parabola, Cross Shot, Molotov, Crashwave, Twinflare, and Roulette Dual Revolver.

    Sange Varsare Company:
    'Sange Varsare' means either 'shedding blood' or 'bloodshed'. A Romanian company whose weapons are incredibly sadistic, and focus on delivering the most pain to zombies. Sange Varsare's weapon creations include the Brimstone, Painthriller, and SV-VDR. It also creates armor such as the SV-H Gloves and the SV-DEAV.

    Furious Dynamics Company:
    A company that originated from the NCA about a millenium ago, finding prototype blueprints of ship turrets and reviving them as devastating weapons suited for the SAS. Furious Dynamics's weapons include the Tricoil, Horizon, Dark Crystal, and the Black Prince. It is also the only company that has created a Premium (Horizon) and Championship weapon (Dark Crystal).

    NGI 1®: T-103 Streubomben, a Cluster Bomb-esque Rocket Launcher.
    Company: Teknoboom
    Description: 8 extra explosives stored in one main rocket lets out 8 deadly secondary explosions upon the main explosion. Ideal for clearing large rooms of weak to mid-strong targets quickly.
    Main Blast Damage: 750 [1500][2250]
    Main Blast Pierce: 15.0
    Main Blast Radius: 2.00
    Secondary Blast Damage: 375 [750][1125]
    Secondary Blast Pierce: 7.0
    Secondary Blast Radius: 1.00
    Rate Of Fire: 2.0 rps
    Clip Size: 5
    Reload Time: 3.00
    Movement Penalty: 25.0%
    Automatic: Semi Auto
    Category: Rocket Launcher
    Damage Type: Physical
    Ammo Cost: 800 for 50

    NGI 2®: Ronson AZ, a polar counterpart of the WP Flamethrower.
    Company: Ronson
    Description: Blasts zombies with absolute zero air cooled with Oxozone, freezing their tissue beyond repair, as well as severely slowing them down and sometimes immobilizing them completely.
    Damage: 100 [200][/300]
    Pierce: 6.0
    Blast Radius: 1.00m
    Rate Of Fire: 15.0 rps
    Damage Over Time: 140 [280][420]/s for 2 sec
    Clip Size: 200
    Reload Time: 2.50 sec
    Movement Penalty: 30.0%
    Automatic: Full Auto
    Category: Flame Thrower (?)
    Damage Type: Thermal
    Ammo Cost: 160 for 100
    Specialty: Slows zombies down by 50%, 5% chance to freeze each zombie for 2 seconds

    NGI 3®: Dragonfly, a shotgun that fires in 4 straight, parallel lines instead of a spread formation.
    And no, this was created Before the Dragonfly armor was added in SAS4.
    Company: Shotlite
    Description: Dragonfly delivers 4 deadly flechettes to the enemy at 4 straight lines at once. While being a bit less effective at crowd control than most shotguns, it excels at dropping individual tough zombies or most bosses in no time.
    Damage: 600 [1200][1800]
    Pierce: 1.0
    Rate Of Fire: 9.0 rps
    Clip Size: 40
    Reload Time: 2.40 sec
    Movement Penalty: 6.0%
    Automatic: Full Auto
    Category: Shotgun
    Damage Type: Physical
    Ammo Cost: 80 for 100

    NGI 4®: Tarantula, a fast SMG with an insane rate of fire, quick reload speed, but a small clip, made for run-and-gun tactics.
    Company: Rancor
    Description: The Tarantula's small and short clip lets it deliver 8 fast, deadly shots at a breakneck speed, each shot as deadly as being bitten by a Black Widow. Its quick reload time and damage covers up its disadvantages of a small magazine.
    Damage: 150 [300][450]
    Pierce: 2.0
    Rate Of Fire: 25.0 rps
    Damage Over Time: 250 [500][750]/s for 1 sec
    Clip Size: 8
    Reload Time: 1.00
    Movement Penalty: 3.0%
    Automatic: Full Auto
    Category: SMG
    Damage Type: Chemical
    Ammo Cost: 160 for 200

    NGI 5®: Scorpion, a powerful Sniper Rifle that burns and corrodes the target at the same time, like a real scorpion!
    Company: Rancor
    Description: The Scorpion uses special bullets that cause an intense thermal and chemical reaction at the same time, which causes irreversible and horrid devastation to even the most thermal/chemical resistant target.
    Damage: 1500 [3000][4500] (50% Thermal damage, 50% Chemical damage)
    Pierce: 3.0
    Rate Of Fire: 2.0 rps
    Damage Over Time: 50 [100][150] Thermal, 100 [200][300] Chemical/s for 4 seconds
    Clip Size: 10
    Reload Time: 2.80 sec
    Movement Penalty: 20.0%
    Automatic: Full Auto
    Category: Sniper Rifle
    Damage Type: Thermal, Chemical
    Ammo Cost: 640 for 60

    NGI 6®: Beehive, a convenient LMG you can fire just be clicking once. To stop firing click once more. Perfect for AFKers-OH GOD NO. WHAT HAVE I JUST CREATED.
    Company: Rancor
    Description: Using Rancor's patented Non-stop leverage mechanism, the Beehive releases a straight swarm of deadly bullets to obliterate everything in front of it. Just like being stung by hundreds of bees, only those 'bees' actually can pierce through your body.
    Damage: 200 [420][650]
    Pierce: 2.0
    Rate Of Fire: 15.0 rps
    Clip Size: 400
    Reload Time: 4.00 sec
    Movement Penalty: 46.0%
    Automatic: Non Stop
    Category: LMG
    Damage Type: Physical
    Ammo Cost: 120 for 200
    Specialty: Don't need to hold the mouse to fire, click to fire and click again to cease fire

    NGI 7®: HIKS 30A, a mini-HIKS S300 that has some sweet base Adaptive in it. As a bonus I'll add my poem that was in the original post.
    Adaptive - By CWJ-D

    Adaptive is cool,
    Adaptive is fun.
    Adaptive is vital for
    A solo-gun run.

    Some might disagree,
    Some might hate,
    But I don't care.
    I think Adaptive's great!

    ...Now years from that post,
    Adaptive's still a thing.
    Whether a Prop or Hornet,
    It's what we all bring!

    Deadly, Overclocked,
    And Adaptive 'til the end,
    No matter what they say,
    Adaptive's your friend!

    Company: HIKS
    Description: HIKS 30A is basially HIKS S300 as a faster and more mobile version that uses special incinerative ammo that can cause severely immense Thermal damage even for hostiles with natural Thermal resistance. Well, as a lot of SAS soldiers say, "Fight fire with fire."
    Damage: 400 [1000][1400]
    Pierce: 2.0
    Reduce Resistence: 30.0%
    Rate Of Fire: 8.0 rps
    Damage Over Time: 150 [375][525]/s for 2 seconds
    Clip Size: 40
    Reload Time: 2.50 sec
    Movement Penalty: 10.0%
    Automatic: Full Auto
    Category: Assault Rifle
    Damage Type: Thermal
    Ammo Cost: 160 for 200

    NGI 8®: T-104 Schwindel, a rocket launching Pistol that can stun zombies.
    No, this is not related to the Handkanone. Although if it is related, then sweet.
    Company: Teknoboom
    Description: Commonly mistaken as the ancestor of the Handkanone, the T-104 Schwindel launches vicious concussive missile bolts with low recoil that pack a devastating punch to hordes of zombies. With its high mobility and damage, this pistol is no worse than the other Rocket Launchers manufactred by the same company.
    Damage: 900 [1800][2700]
    Pierce: 8.0
    Blast Radius: 1.00
    Rate Of Fire: 3.0 rps
    Clip Size: 10
    Reload Time: 3.00 sec
    Movement Penalty: 10.0%
    Automatic: Semi Auto
    Category: Pistol
    Damage Type: Energy
    Ammo Cost: 800 for 50
    Specialty: Concusses zombies hit for 0.5 sec

    NGI 9®: BiZ-teK Parabola, a quad-shot Airstike Device in the category of a 'Rocket Launcher' that uses its blast radius to its full potential.
    Company: BiZ-teK
    Description: Instead of shooting missiles out forward, the Parabola launches 4 missiles at once like a catapult, thus creating a portable airstrike device that converts all targets into tiny bits of flesh and dust.
    Damage: 1000 [2000][3000]
    Pierce: 25.0
    Blast Radius: 2.00
    Rate Of Fire: 1.0 rps
    Clip Size: 1
    Reload Time: 2.70 sec
    Movement Penalty: 25.0%
    Automatic: Lock On
    Category: Rocket Launcher (Lock On Portable Airstrike Device, to be exact)
    Damage Type: Physical
    Ammo Cost: 400 for 50
    Specialty: Ignores Physical defense from Shielders

    NGI 10®: BiZ-teK Cross Shot, commonly known as Crossshot or CrossShot. A futuristic crossbow that shoots ballistic bolts that explode when they fly for a set amount of range, or when they reach their pierce cap. Hooray, more deaths!
    Company: BiZ-teK
    Description: Biz-teK's research and modification of ancient but deadly weaponry resulted in this devastating punch-packer that launches ballistic ammunition, in the form of heavy, short-ranged arrows.
    Ballista Damage: 550 [1175][1737.5]
    Ballista Pierce: 5.0
    Ballista Range: 2.00
    Blast Damage: 250 [525][1037.5]
    Blast Pierce: 10.0
    Blast Radius: 1.00
    Rate Of Fire: 4.0 rps
    Clip Size: 15
    Reload Time: 3.20 sec
    Movement Penalty: 30.0%
    Automatic: Full Auto
    Category: Rocket Launcher (Or Crossbow)
    Damage Type: Physical
    Ammo Cost: 500 for 50

    NGI 37®: HIKS TT300, a gun that acts like a Tribal Turtle, but unlike Tribal Turtle, this one shoots the coconut (Rocket) first, then the spear (Sniper). Did I mention that the explosion has some base Adaptive?
    Name: HIKS TT300
    Company: HIKS
    Description: HIKS's latest creation copies its attack style from a group of very rare sub-species of turtles, still thriving free of the infected in Aartis. A devastating Armor Piercing bomb, followed by a powerful sniper shot will neutralize both hordes and bosses singlehandedly.
    Blast Damage: 300 [600][900]
    Blast Pierce: 10.0
    Blast Reduce Resistance: 20%
    Blast Radius: 1.50
    Bullet Damage: 1000 [2000][3000]
    Bullet Pierce: 3.0
    Rate of Fire: 2.0 rps
    Clip Size: 50
    Movement Penalty: 20.0%
    Automatic: Burst
    Category: Rocket Launcher
    Damage Type: Physical
    Ammo Cost: 500 for 50

    NGI 38®: BiZ-teK Roulette Dual Revolver, a crazy, modified revolver whose projectiles differ every time you pull the trigger! Oh, and it's a dual-shot revolver as well. Have fun.
    The 10 types of shots are:
    1. Thermal shots (Extra DOT of 250/sec for 4 seconds, Thermal damage)
    2. Chemical shots (Extra DOT of 500/sec for 2 seconds, Chemical damage)
    3. Shock shots that arc (Energy damage)
    4. Explosive shots (10 pierce each, Blast Radius of 1.00)
    5. Ricochet shots (Ricochets up to 3 times)
    6. Homing shots
    7. Shots with Biosynthesis 10 (Heals 30 HP per hit, not kill)
    8. Shots that freeze zombies (Freezes for 2 seconds)
    9. Shots that do 20x damage to Bosses (Normal damage to mobs)
    10. Shots that don't cost ammo

    Company: BiZ-teK
    Description: BiZ-teK's newest heavyweight dual-shot revolver uses many different types of ammo, stored in a large magazine that thoroughly randomizes ammo for every shot. No matter what kind of ammo the wielder gets, it will always end in them eradicating a lot of zombies.
    Damage: 500.0 [1000.0][1500.0]
    Pierce: 5.0
    Crit Chance: 0.0%
    Rate Of Fire: 4.0 rps
    Clip Size: 20
    Reload Time: 3.50 sec
    Movement Penalty: 20.0%
    Automatic: Semi Auto
    Category: Pistol
    Damage Type: Physical (Excluding some shots, but ammo cost is still equivalent to Physical Pistols)
    Specialty: Ammo varies each shot, randomized
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    Any chance we could get a separate section for premium guns in the collections screen? As in: Standard, [RED], [BLACK], [PREMIUM]. So that all the premium guns are in their own tab, rather than in the tab for Standard. Would just make things more tidy, imo.
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