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    Quote Originally Posted by BoomerangFTW View Post
    I made one just now. Did I make it in time? D: or
    Once you have an account, you are in the beta. You cannot play yet though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tosh View Post
    I see a WeegeeMaelstrom, presumably that is you?
    No, there's an user named that on this forum too. And cookieeater, don't you dare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Someone who is being ironic
    Don't you hate it when people would rather count pointlessly all day than play your epic forum game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamerson View Post
    I'm stuck on the connecting screen. :/
    It's not SUPPOSED to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evilday View Post
    Quick question, is the staging.ninjakiwi and the normal ninjakiwi sites different? ie Can I stay logged into my beta acc while I play battles on my main?
    Yes, they are separate accounts, so go play BTDB now: the "staging" site will not fully work until Aaron and Tosh close the registrations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tosh View Post
    I see a WeegeeMaelstrom, presumably that is you?
    No, that's another member of this forum. I use the name Scootaloo these days.. Haha.
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    Trying to find out how gamebreaking a 1% upgrade discount and a 2% tower discount is in BMC
    Quote Originally Posted by Tosh View Post
    I see a WeegeeMaelstrom, presumably that is you?
    No, that's me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fact of the week
    In a 3/x elimination thread, the Sun God is not unbalanced, but it is unbalanced enough to win every single time.

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    Are there separate forums for the testing? If we go on the forums, are they the same as the forums?

    Edit: And I made it in. You might see me as i_like_bloons in the beta!

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    so tell me, is this supposed to stay off of youtube? As in gameplay...
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    The pan-flute music is epic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICHARDARC18 View Post
    Nightmare Nans....I love you (Sav Dev).
    Quote Originally Posted by karibola View Post
    How dare they make achievements that force you, to you know, achieve something.

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    I loaded it once, then failed. Oh well, I'll try again in a few hours. Is this going to be the new Aaron Schools SOUP?
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