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    BTD Battles FAQ

    Bloons BTD Battles FAQ

    This is to answer all the common questions of this game.

    1. What is BTD Battles? BTD Battles is a multiplayer tower defense game where one must dynamically defend against bloons, while you must send bloons after your enemy. The main objective of the game is to lower your opponent's lives to 0. There are normal rounds, but one is able to supplement those waves by sending in bloons.

    2. How do I get more money per round? One can increase the money they receive per round by sending bloons at your opponent. Depending on what kind of spawn you send to your opponent, your income will increase by that much. Your income will be given to you ever 6 second. Sending in blimps and Regen/Camo's can lower your income, so use them appropriately.

    3. How many points does it take to fight? How can I fight more often? One can fight by consuming 5 battle energy. Battle energy regenerates over time at a rate of 1 energy every 12 minutes. It approximately takes 1 hour to gain 5 battle energy.

    There are several ways to increase the number of times you can fight in a day. One is to increase your max energy. This can be done by going into the in-game store, and buying premiums to increase your total battle energy. Another way is to replenish your supply. The store also has items to refill your energy if you ever need to do so. The game provides 2 free energy refills of 50 battle energy. After that, one must pay NK coins for energy refills. One can increase their max energy by medallions or by NK coins. However, medallions are limited to 10 increases. After that, one needs NK coins to increase their reserves.

    4. What are medallions used for? Medallions are used to...

    1. Unlock towers and their tier 4 upgrades
    2. Purchase additional maximum battle energy
    3. Purchase decals to decorate your bloons

    5. How do I get more towers, battle score, decals and/or medallions? I want to use more towers!

    In order to unlock more towers, one must increase their battle score. To increase your battle score, you must fight. A victory gives 5 medallions and +10 to your battle score. After you have accumulated enough medallions and/or battle score, go to the main menu to purchase your desired item.
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