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    Cool Soooo, I beat Apocalypse Mode...

    I'm almost certain someone else has already done this too, since it was pretty easy for me, but I took on Apocalypse and won. I wish I had had a recorder going, since I doubt people will believe it.

    STATS: The map was Verdamanstadt. I went in with 22000 rounds for my Grendel, and left with 11000. I had my Fal and my Spas-12 too, but that's just for nostalgia.

    I used a tactic where I would make a complete circuit of the map, hugging the wall and going clockwise while, usually, shooting behind myself. I made at least fifteen circuits. I took down at least seven devastators, a similiar number of mamushkas, and god knows how many shades and butchers. I had only one guy with me, a rank 1 anon, and he left ten minutes into the game. The game lasted about half an hour. I actually managed this BECAUSE the anon left. Since there was no one else there to influence the zeds, I was able to get them to simply follow me around while I blasted heads off.

    At the end of the game, there were about a hundred butchers chasing me, and the game had been lagging so badly that, now that it could catch up, it was moving at three times the normal speed. It took half a circuit to take out these final butchers, and when it was done, the map was entirely empty. I had been hoping that a game over screen would come up, but it didn't. I actually sat there for a couple of minutes, looking through my files to see if I had a recorder downloaded. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to the one I had.

    Im guessing that the game reached some kind of limit, where it could only put out so many zombies in one game. Another possibility is that I lagged into some kind of limbo, which is possible because, when the butchers showed up, I was certain that there were at least some devastators left as well.

    So, I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? It was seriously easy for me, since I actually went about ten minutes without taking any real amount of damage. Next time, I'm going to let the last few zombies kill me, so that I can get a screen shot of my stats.
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    That last sentence sounds like a pretty good idea, not that I don't believe you, but you never know what's possible, so go for it dude! Another reason why I believe you is because in SAS:ZATD - their are achievements for beating Apocalypse Mode, and although I've never beaten that games gamemode, it does make me believe your story somehow.

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    Been there, done that. Once with a Nitro and once with the Seizure. One of the game's many glitches.

    Unfortunately, you get no cash/exp. Just that feeling of satisfaction. .
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    Quote Originally Posted by undefined314 View Post
    Been there, done that. Once with a Nitro and once with the Seizure. One of the game's many glitches.

    Unfortunately, you get no cash/exp. Just that feeling of satisfaction. .
    Eeyup, it's too bad apocalypse always crashes.
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    I also had a similar experience. You had better not expect game cash/exp due to ending glitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by undefined314 View Post

    Unfortunately, you get no cash/exp. Just that feeling of satisfaction. .
    And a WHOLE lotta wasted ammo.
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