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    Question How To Make BTD5 Faster.

    Hi, I love BTD5, but it's not the fastest game on my computer. I was so super happy when you guys make the background dark so that it would run faster, but I'm still having a small lag problem. I don't have an amazingly fast computer, but it's also not a slow one. Other games will run fine. So is there a way to somehow optimize the game to make it run faster?
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    Look in Rohan's siggy. There is a link to a guide on how to reduce lag.
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    Here is Rohan's Tips to Reduce Lag thread. Please do check it out, it is filled with many good tips.

    Question has been answered. Locked.
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    I feel so loved :')
    I always come to threads like this to link my guide, but 2 or 3 people always already have
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