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Thread: The NK Lottery

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    My fanfic. The history of the Monkey Kingdom!
    My signature hadn't been updated in over a year!:S
    What...did you expect something in here?

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    Added everyone.

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    killing ZOMG's with an un-upgraded dart monkey!
    Anyways, I want a Sniper Monkey.
    This is all ninja text! Haha these people will never read this text!
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    Where your eyes don't go
    That reminds me: I won the most recent one. Can I have a Spike Factory?

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    In a parallel universe
    Pro Tip: Don't use Ninjas, Cannons, Villages or Ice in BMC, ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aadfg View Post
    Anyways, I want a Sniper Monkey.
    Here is your MOAB Crippler! (Image by BTD5 Deluxe)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topper View Post
    That reminds me: I won the most recent one. Can I have a Spike Factory?
    Here is your Spiked Mines!

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