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Thread: The NK Lottery

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    My fanfic. The history of the Monkey Kingdom!
    My signature hadn't been updated in over a year!:S
    What...did you expect something in here?

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    Added everyone.

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    killing ZOMG's with an un-upgraded dart monkey!
    Anyways, I want a Sniper Monkey.
    This is all ninja text! Haha these people will never read this text!
    Holder of the 1234th post in the Daily Challenges Suggestions forum.
    I beat Round 0:!

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    Where your eyes don't go
    That reminds me: I won the most recent one. Can I have a Spike Factory?

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    Somewhere on your facial parts
    Quote Originally Posted by A Noob
    What to do in case of an emergency:
    1. Evacuate to the moon.
    2. When you get hungry eat your emergency pie that you brought with you.
    3. When you get hungry again eat your mini emergency pie that you also brought with you.
    4. Go to the white house and eat the pie they have outside the door.
    And now everything's better! How amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aadfg View Post
    Anyways, I want a Sniper Monkey.
    Here is your MOAB Crippler! (Image by BTD5 Deluxe)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topper View Post
    That reminds me: I won the most recent one. Can I have a Spike Factory?
    Here is your Spiked Mines!

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