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    BTD5 Deluxe - Update Log

    To install updates please download the newest version from the download page, and install the file. It will install over the previous version and not remove any data or save information.

    You can see the current version of your game by right-clicking at the first "Play" menu.

    v150812 - August 15, 2012

    Deluxe Release

    v170812 - August 17, 2012

    Just a small update mostly for the people who had been locked out of the game. A few smaller issues were fixed up too.
    Change Log:

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed issue with game not going past "play" button on the first screen
    - Fixed repeatedly asking for serial in rare circumstances

    - Fixed Engineer ability text. Should be "Overclock" and not "Super Monkey Fan Club"
    - Nine Inch Nails upgrade will now pop frozen bloons
    - Selling an Engineer will allow you to place towers where the turrets were previously.

    - Fixed Bloonchipper upgrade text. Should be 8 seconds and not 10 seconds

    Ice Tower
    - Issue with negative XP should be fixed.

    Special Mission: Monkey Management
    - Progress is now measure on total money rather than rounds

    v1.0.3 - October 01, 2012

    An update to catch Deluxe up to BTD5 Online's content, and fix some bugs.

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed saving bug after a lot of in-game progress is made
    - Fixed repeatedly asking for serial for Mac OS X in rare circumstances

    Random Challenges
    - Fixed incomplete Random Challenges not showing and complete challenges still showing
    - [Not really a bug] Fixed mistakes with tower selection and upgrades in a few Random Challenges

    - Fixed misaligned rope/hook for x|4 ability.


    - Drag Strip
    - Space Truckin'
    - Slalom

    - Corresponding achievements for new tracks.

    v1.0.4 - December 18, 2012

    An update to catch Deluxe up to BTD5 Online's content, and fix some bugs.

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed collision detection bug, particularly apparent in Tack Shooters, that could cause games to crash or hinder game's performance.

    - Buccaneer's ability giving too much money when popping low level bloons


    - Downstream
    - Z Factor
    - The Eye

    - Reverse Mode Option

    - Corresponding achievements for new tracks and mode.

    Bug Introductions

    - Achievements for Z Factor and The Eye are checking completion of the wrong track.

    v1.0.5 - December 18, 2012

    Quick update to correct a small achievement mistake

    Bug Fixes

    - Achievements for Z Factor and The Eye fixed.

    v1.0.6 - August 26, 2013

    Bug Fixes

    Fast Upgrades will no longer upgrade if the upgrade is not unlocked.
    Fixed bug where, if the player lost their last life on the last bloon, and that bloons was a MOAB class, they would get the win before the life was taken.
    Fixed bug where individual tower limits could be exceeded in Random Challenges

    Fixed bug where Bloon Chipper would not suck in MOAB-class bloons at certain places on tracks.
    Fixed bug where pre-placed Dartlings would not have fixed position option in the Direct Assault Special Mission.
    Fixed bug where free Dart Monkeys would not be given in Special Missions with the Specialty Building active.
    Buccaneer ability rope and hook now aligned more proper.


    Will now match BTD5 Web once BTD5 Web gets the latest balance changes that BTD Battles got.
    (Will make a proper list)

    The Great Divide
    Brick Wall
    Country Road
    Alpine Lake
    Haunted Swamp
    Cash Money
    Spider Map

    v1.0.7 - December 16, 2013

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed error where XP wouldn't be rewarded for certain Extreme track completion
    Fixed error where having Double Cash Mode and Reverse Mode on Apopalypse would turn off Reverse Mode
    Changed "Register NK account link" as it was outdated.

    Fixed more cases of Bloon Shredder not seeing MOAB-class bloons at/until certain points


    North Pole
    Pumpkin Patch
    Scorched Earth
    Tree Tops
    3 Times Around
    Lava Fields
    Rink Revenge
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